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Next Saturday!
50 Years In The Making!
he 50th anniversary Celebration of my first show on WDCA will be at the AFI On Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023 @ 6:30pm.
It will include a live hosting of "The Shining!"
Tickets are now available HERE!

This week I bring you a movie that revolves around a strange religious icon and the demonic sexual influence it has on a young art student!

It's called "The Eerie Midnight Horror Show" or you might also know it as "Enter The Devil" and I invite you to watch it in The Lab!







For the second and final week I bring you a short horror film directed by Aaron Morgan that is important for those who take long road trips.

It's called "Seek" and a gothic delight. It's about two sisters on a road trip who need to make a rest stop and come across a dilapidated roadside bathroom. Horrific events follow when a strange message is found and a mischievous resident wants to play a terrifying game.

I invite you to watch "Seek" in my New Blood Showcase!




This week, the Horror Nerd, Todd Staruch interviews interviews actress Mimi Craven who starred in "Nightmare on Elm Street."

 You can watch it in The Tower!









DITA DIRT NAP love horror animation especially the kind that used to play on Saturday mornings!

So, this week she reviews for you a classic from the Filmation Company called, "Groovie Goolies!"

You can read her very entertaining review in DITA'S DEN!








The Unimonster explores the possibility that we may be tuning our monsters into.....HUMANS!

He'll explain that to you in an essay called "Humanizing the Monsters," which you'll find in The Crypt!








Only 2 Weeks Left to enter the 'John Agar'  Contest!

This time I was giving away an 8 X 10 Autographed Anniversary Commemorative Photo!
These photos will not be available until February 4 at the 50th Anniversary Event at the AFI Silver!

You'll find the mystery question concerning a movie that John Agar starred in, a number of potential answers to choose from and the entry form in The Game Room!









You Only have till Jan. 31 to watch the current 10 Videos on My Free Roku Channel!

4 Classic Hosted Movies: "Spooks Run Wild,"  "Plan 9," "I Eat Your Skin" & "Festival of Horror #1!"

4 Celebrity Interviews: Actors Danielle Harris, Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas & John Anderson!

2 Outstanding Horror Shorts: "Ghosts Aren't Real" and "Strings!"

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Where Count Gore De Vol will be appearing

2023 will be a convention year for me....and hopefully YOU!

Saturday, February, 4, 2023 @ 6:30 pm will be the BIG 50th Anniversary Celebration of my first show on WDCA, channel 20.  This will be a sold out event at the AFI Silver Theatre and will feature many local celebrities, shout outs from many national celebrities, some surprises and a live hosted showing of "The Shining!" 

Tickets are NOW Available! Just Click Here!






The Weekend of March 31, April 2 and 3, 2023, I'll be returning to the Spring Cinema Wasteland Show! I love this show because it's so much fun for both the fans and the guests. It will take place at the same hotel that is now called the Best Western in Strongsville, Ohio, right outside of Cleveland. The list of guests is coming, but tickets and hotel rooms are now available HERE!




I'll be the Guest of Honor at RavanCon 16, April 21 - 23, 2023 in Richmond, VA! Joining me will be Special Author Guest: Charles Pellegrino as well as Author Guest of Honor: Esther Friesner.

There'll be costuming, artist, and podcast guests with load of entertainment. It takes place at Virginia Crossings by Hilton, Glen Allen, VA. You can get full information HERE!




There have long been rumors that Count Gore De Vol was some how related to the other characters that appeared on WDCA-TV between 1972 and 1987.  You can learn the truth using these links!

For a complete history of Captain 20, Click Here!

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Results released in girl’s request for DNA evidence of Santa!
A&W Announces 'Polarizing' Bear Mascot Will Now Wear Pants In Hilarious Troll!
Illinois police hunt for man charged with stealing funeral home van with body still inside!
Dog shoots man!

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The Horror Nerd Interviews Barry Bostwick!

Dita Dirt Nap Returns with a Culty DVD Review!

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