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My Alternative Title Contest is Over!"

This time I was giving away the NEW "Every Other Day Is Halloween" Blu-Ray Disc!
This Awesome Disc Is also available HERE!
It includes the full and acclaimed version of "Every Other Day Is Halloween."
The New "50 Years and Counting" a documentary covering the past 12 years.
There are new audio commentary tracks.
A slew of extended and deleted scenes.
The Full Length documentary: "Bald Headed Blues," the story of Dr. Sarcofiguy!
And your own "Channel 20 Club Card!"

To win all you had to do is select the correct answer to our mystery question from the provided list, completely and correctly fill out the form and submit it by Friday, March 24 2023.  On Saturday, March 25, 2023, I had a random drawing from all the complete and correct entries to select the winner. Only ONE ENTRY PER PERSON was permitted! All entry information provided was used only to send the prize to the winner. No names were distributed to anyone and no one was added to any mailing or call list.

What was the alternative title for "The Manster?"

The Correct Answer Is: The Split!

Our Lucky Winner Is:

Jeanette Minor
San Francisco, CA


Thanks to all who entered.
Please come back next week for a new contest!


The questions and answers for many of my contests come from "The Way-Out Wonderful World of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Trivia" by Keith Hedges

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