The Count Gore De Vol Television Filmography . . .

"Greetings!  I am the Count Gore De Vol!"

It is 11:00 on a random Saturday night in the Washington D. C. area and you are a horror junkie.  These words of welcome (and invitation) emanate over the airwaves from WDCA Channel 20 and you are tucked in tight for a night of fright, innuendo and hometown satire.  The light from the TV throws a blue-white glow into your darkened room.  As you munch a handful of Joe Namath Air Popped Popcorn, a suave vampire sips a dubious concoction from a Redskins mug between political jabs and attempts to pick up centerfolds . . .

But what year is it?  1973?  78?  84?  87?

For those trying to trace that particular memory, I offer the following:  This list of films shown on WDCA's Creature Feature hosted by Count Gore De Vol from 1973-79 and later from 1984-1987 as archived from the Washington Post.  No guarantees are made for the veracity of these entries, but they are made in good faith.  In other words, if you find errors, let me know at and we will try to take care of it.  Until then . . . may all your blood be warm!


What an exciting time to live in DC!  Watergate, Deep Throat (both of them), Vietnam, the Skins losing the most boring Superbowl of all time and the arrival of a vampire exiled from Paducah.  It began in the dead of winter . . .


February 3: The House of Frankenstein
February 10:  Dracula
February 17:  Frankenstein
February 24:  Werewolf of London

March 3:  The Raven
March 10:  Bride of Frankenstein
March 17:  The Mad Doctor of Market Street
March 24: The Mad Ghoul
March 31:  Murders in the Rue Morgue

April 7:  The Crimson Canary
April14:  Captive Wild Woman
April 21:  The Cat Creeps
April 28:  House of Fear

May 5:  Frankenstein meets the Wolfman
May 12:  Black Friday
May 19:  No Show . . . "Boris Karloff presents"
May 26:  House of Dracula

June 2:  The Mummy's Tomb
June 9:  The Human Monster
June 16:  Calling Dr. Death
June 23:  The Invisible Woman
June 30:  The Frozen Ghost

July 7:  Son of Frankenstein
July 14:  She Wolf of London
July 21:  Mummy's Curse
July 28:  The Invisible Man

August 4:  No Movie
August 11: Horrors of the Black Museum
August 18:  Giant Leeches
August 25:  Giant Gila Monster

September 1:  Screaming Skull
September 8:  Dracula's Daughter
September 15:  House of Horrors
September 22:  Ghost of Frankenstein
September 29:  The Invisible Man Returns

October 6:  Dracula
October 13:  The Mummy
October 20:  Man Made Monster
October 27:  House of Frankenstein

November 3:  Planet of Blood
November 10: Invisible Ray
November 17:  Frankenstein
November 24:  Horror Island

December 1:  Horror Hotel
December 8:  The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock
December 15:  Invasion of the Body Snatchers
December 22:  The Crimes of Dr. Hallet
December 29:  Jungle Captive


January 5:  The Leech Woman
January 12:  The Wolf Man
January 19:  The Creature Walks Among Us
January 26:  The Thing that Couldn't Die

February 2:  The Bride of Frankenstein
February 9:  Curse of the Undead
February 16:  Monster on Campus
February 23:  Tarantula

March 2:  The Creature from the Black Lagoon
March 9:  No Movie (700 Club Telethon . . . very scary!)
March 16:  Cult of the Cobra
March 25: Son of Dr. Jekyll
March 30:  The Black Castle

April 6:  The Black Cat
April 13:  Black Friday
April 20:  Calling Dr. Death
April 27:  Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

May 4:  House of Frankenstein
May 11:  The Invisible Man
May 18:  House of Dracula
May 25:  The Mummy's Curse

June 1:  Revenge of the Creature
June 8:  The Mummy's Hand
June 15:  The Mummy's Ghost
June 22:  The Mummy's Tomb
June 29:  The Mummy

July 6:  Screaming Skull
July 13:  Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow
July 20:  The Raven
July 27:  Little Shop of Horrors

August 3:  Castle of Evil
August 10: The Unearthly
August 17:  Human Monster
August 24:  Satan's Satellites
August 31:  Captive Wild Woman

September 7:  The Man in Half Moon Street
September 14:  Gorgo
September 21:  Island of Lost Souls
September 28:  Murders in the Rue Morgue

October 5:  Dr. Cyclops
October 12:  Supernatural
October 19:  The Monster and the Girl
October 26:  Beast with Five Fingers

November 2:  4-D Man
November 9: House on Haunted Hill
November 16:  Queen of Outer Space
November 23:  Bride of Frankenstein
November 30: House of Horrors

December 7:  From Hell It Came
December 14:  Not of this Earth
December 21:  No Movie--NCAA Basketball
December 28:  Lost Woman


January 4:  Dismembered
January 11:  Creature From the Black Lagoon
January 18:  Frankenstein
January 25:  Dracula

February 1:  World without End
February 8:  Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
February 15:  Macabre
February 22:  The Invisible Man

March 1:  Horror Castle
March 8:  The Creature from the Black Lagoon
March 15:  No Movie--NCAA Basketball
March 22: Leech Woman
March 29:  Tarantula

April 5:  Curse of the Undead
April 12:  The Black Cat
April 19:  Calling Dr. Death
April 26:  The Terror

May 3:  Beast of Hollow Mountain
May 10:  Day of the Triffids
May 17:  Astro Zombies
May 24:  Castle of the Living Dead
May 31:  The Creature Walks Among Us

June 7:  Fearless Frank
June 14:  No Movie--"Victor Spots Awards"
June 21:  Gog
June 28:  Beast of the Dead

July 5:  Death Master
July 12:  War of the Planets
July 19:  Magnetic Monster
July 26:  Horror Express

August 2:  Wasp Woman
August 9: Brain From Planet Arous
August 16:  Son of Dracula
August 23:  Werewolf of London
August 30:  House of Frankenstein

September 6:  No Movie--NCAA Football
September 13:  Fiend without a Face
September 20:  Corridors of Blood
September 27:  Hunted Strangler

October 4:  Black Sabbath
October 11:  NCAA Football (also SNL debuts)
October 18:  Night of the Blood Monster
October 25:  Crimson Cult
October 31 (Halloween!)  WDCA ran Theater of Death at 9:00 pm hosted by Gore DeVol

November 1:  Horror Express
November 8: Castle of the Living Dead
November 15:  Night of the Living Dead (First showing un-edited)
November 22:  Little Shop of Horrors
November 29: Giant Behemoth

December 6:  Dracula
December 13:  Frankenstein
December 20:  The Invisible Man
December 27:  The Mummy


January 3:  House of Frankenstein
January 10:  Giant Behemoth
January 17:  It Came From Outer Space
January 24:  Torture Chambers of Dr. Sadism
January 31:  No Show

February 7:  Genesis II
February 14:  Terror in the Crypt
February 21:  The Tingler
February 28:  Two Faces of Dr. Jeckyll

March 6:  Circus of Horrors
March 13:  No Movie--"Streams of Faith"
March 20:  Curse of the Swamp Creature
March 27: The Mummy's Tomb

April 3:  Billy the Kid vs. Dracula
April 10:  The 27th Day
April 17:  It, Terror from Beyond
April 24:  The Uninvited

May 1:  The Day the Earth Caught Fire
May 8:  Burn Witch Burn
May 15:  Curse of the Demon
May 22:  Invasion of the Body Snatchers
May 29:  Curse of the Vampires

June 5:  Tarantula
June 12:  Beast of the Dead
June 19:  The Black Cat
June 26:  The Snow Devils

July 3:  Monster on Campus
July 10:  Horror Hotel
July 17:  Snake People
July 24:  Curse of the Demon
July 31:  Invisible Ray

August 7:  Face of Terror
August 14:  Dr. Orloff's Monster
August 21:  Human Monster
August 28:  Space Monster

September 4:  Human Duplicators
September 11:  NCAA Football
September 18:  Torture Garden
September 25:  Curse of the Demon

October 2:  The Day the Earth Stood Still
October 9:  Black Sabbath
October 16:  The Tingler
October 23:  Night of the Living Dead
October 30:  Horror Express

November 6: No Movie--NCAA Football
November 13:  Day of the Triffids
November 20:  The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism
November 27: No Movie--The 700 Club

December 4:  Terror in the Crypt
December 11:  The Crimson Cult
December 18:  Dracula vs. Frankenstein
December 25:  Panic in the Year 0


January 1:  Hatchet for a Honeymoon
January 8:  Castle of Fu Manchu
January 15:  Theater of Death
January 22:  Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
January 29:  Island of Lost Souls

February 5:  The Invisible Man
February 12:  The Mummy
February 19:  Frankenstein
February 26:  The Bride of Frankenstein

March 5:  Island of Living Horrors
March 12:  Vampire Men of the Lost Planet
March 19:  Blood and Black Lace
March 26: Castle of Terror

April 2:   The Terror
April 9:  The Zombies of Mora Tao
April 16:  Planet of Blood
April 23:  Castle of the Living Dead
April 30:  Countess Dracula

May 7:  The Mummy's Revenge
May 14:  Horror Express
May 21:  The Fury of the Wolfman
May 28:  Murder Mansion

June 4:  Tomb of the Living Dead
June 11:  Konga
June 18:  The Creature's Revenge
June 25:  Tower of Terror

July 2:  The Day the Earth Stood Still
July 9:  Horror Rises from the Tomb
July 16:  Night of the Sorcerers
July 23:  Black Sabbath
July 30:  Night of the Living Dead

August 6:  Hand of Power
August 13:  Satanik
August 20:  Brain that Wouldn't Die
August 27:  Astro Zombies

September 3:  Three Stooges in Orbit
September 10:  Equinox
September 17:  Dr. Who and the Deleks
September 24:  Invasion Earth 2150

October 1:  The Inn of Frightened People
October 8:  Curse of the Vampires
October 15:  Genesis II
October 22:  Gorgo
October 29:  Witches Mountain

November 5:  Torture Garden
November 12: Return of the Fly
November 19:  The Skull
November 26:  Inn of Frightened People

December 3:  Torture Chamber
December 10:  The Witch
December 17:  The Death Master
December 24:  Christmas Eve . . . No Movie
December 31:  Crucible of Terror


January 7:  Theater of Death
January 14:  She
January 21:  Shattered Room
January 28:  Snake People

February 4:  Vampire Circus
February 11:  Horror Express
February 18:  Horror of the Black Museum
February 25:  The Incredible Two Headed Transplant

March 4:  Supernatural
March 11:  Frankenstein
March 18:  Bride of Frankenstein
March 25:  Little Shop of Horrors

April 1:   No Movie--Easter Seals Telethon
April 8:  Beast of Morocco
April 15:  Carnival of Souls
April 22:  The Innocents
April 29:  Dr. Faustus

May 6:  Dracula
May 13:  Countess Dracula
May 20:  Castle of the Living Dead
May 27:  Night of the Living Dead

June 3:  I Was a Teenage Werewolf
June 10:  Brides of Fu Manchu
June 17:  Horror of Frankenstein
June 24:  The Mad Doctor

July 1:  The Boogie Man Will Get You
July 8:  The Omega Man
July 15:  Horror Hospital
July 22:  House of Dracula
July 29:  Night of the Sorcerers

August 5:  Tower of Terror
August 12:  The Sorcerers
August 19:  Nightmare Castle
August 26:  The Death Curse of Tartu

September 2:  Night Star, Goddess of Electra
September 9:  Horror Castle
September 16:  Voyage to the End of the Universe
September 23:  Tarantula
September 30: 
Corridors of Blood

October 7:  The Man with X-Ray Eyes
October 14:  No Movie--Boxing
October 21:  Beast with Five Fingers
October 28:  Vampire People

November 4:  The Crimson Cult
November 11: No Movie--Boxing
November 18:  Son of Godzilla
November 25:  Island of Lost Souls

December 2:  Inn of Frightened People
December 9:  No Movie--Boxing
December 16: The Mummy
December 23:  Frankenstein
December 30:  The Black Cat


January 6:  The Raven
January 13:  No Movie--International Children's Appeal
January 20:  Scars of Dracula
January 27:  Carnival of Souls

February 3:  Conqueror Women
February 10:  The Pit and the Pendulum
February 17:  The Oblong Box
February 24:  Mask of the Red Death

March 3:  House of Dracula (6th Anniversary Show)
March 10:  Curse of the Demon
March 17:  Zombies of Mora Tao
March 24:  Easter Seals Telethon
March 31:  The Invisible Man's Revenge

April 7:  Horror of the Black Museum
April 14: No Movie--The 700 Club
April 21:  Crucible of Terror
April 28:  Day of the Triffids

May 5:  Night of the Living Dead
May 12:  The Frozen Dead
May 19:  My Blood Runs Cold
May 26:  Chamber of Horrors

June 2:  Black Friday
June 9:  The Mad Ghoul
June 16:  Deadly Mantis
June 23:  The Mole People
June 30:  Man Made Monster

July 7:  No Movie--baseball
July 14:  Corridor of Blood
July 21:  The Flesh Eaters
July 28:  Horror Castle

August 4:  Beast of Hollow Mountain
August 11:  Invisible Invaders
August 19:  Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism
August 25:  The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll

September 1:  Little Shop of Horrors

September 8:  Programmers drive a stake through the heart of Count Gore De Vol and all his loyal fans by replacing him "temporarily" with re-runs of NCAA football.  But as we all know it isn't that easy to slay a vampire and the Count returned in 1984


October 31 (Halloween) Fright Night Special: Bugs Bunny "Broomstick Bunny," Little Rascals "Hide & Shriek" and "Dracula"


October 31 (Halloween) Special: "Dracula" and Twilight Zone "Living Doll"


October 27Pit and the Pendulum (Count Gore De Vol returns to his regular Saturday night time slot!)

November 3Earth vs. The Flying Saucers
November 10: Theater of Blood
November 17 Spirits of the Dead
November 24
Frankenstein Meet The Wolfman

December 1Monster on Campus
December 8 Terror of Mechagodzilla
December 15
Graveyard of Horror
December 22Invaders from Mars
December 29
Calling Doctor Death


January 5:  The Raven
January 12:  No Show
January 19:  The Thing (From Another Planet)
January 26:  Dark Star

February 2:  Mystery of the Wax Museum
February 9:  Them
February 16:  The Mummy
February 23: 
Brides of Dracula

March 2:  The Crazies
March 9:  The Wolfman (12th Anniversary Show)
March 16:  Masque of the Red Death
March 25: Son of Frankenstein
March 30: 
Curse of the Demon

April 6:  Tarantula
April 13:  The Black Cat
April 20:  Star Pilot
April 27: 
House of Frankenstein

May 4:  Beast with Five Fingers
May 11:  Mothra
May 18:  Dracula
May 25: 
Zardoz (DC's First Discrete Stereo Broadcast!)

June 1:  No Show
June 8:  Phantom of the Rue Morgue
June 15:  The Incredible Two Headed Transplant
June 22:  Evil of Frankenstein
June 29:  No Show

July 6Attack of the Mushroom People
July 13:  The Leech Woman
July 20:  Yog, Monster from Space
July 27: 
The Giant Claw

August 3:  Astro-Zombies
August 10: Monster from the Surf
August 17:  Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster
August 24:  Zontar, thing From Venus (The only 'live' show!)
August 31:  Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

September 7:  Tales of Terror
September 14:  The Mole People
September 21:  The Oblong Box
September 28: 
The Bride of Frankenstein

October 5:  It Came From Outer Space
October 12:  Tomb of Ligeia
October 19:  Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
October 31The Monster Bash - Live Party from the Bethesda Cinema & Draft House! Showed the movie "Damien: The Omen 2" on air.

November 2:  Son of Dracula
November 9: Silent Running
November 16:  The Crimson Cult
November 23:  The Shuttered Room
November 30:
Curse of the Swamp Creature

December 7:  The Alien Factor
December 14:  It Came From Beneath the Sea
December 21:  20 Million Miles to Earth
December 28: 
Man Made Monster


January 4Return of the Fly
January 11 Invaders from Mars
January 18The Tingler
January 25
Creature from the Black Lagoon

February 1:  Yor, Hunter from the Future
February 8:  Them
February 15:  Destroy All Monsters
February 27: 13th Anniversary Party - AMC Academy 6 in Greenbelt. Movie: "House"

February 22:  Tarantula

March 1:  Broadcast of 13th Anniversary
March 8:  The Mysterians
March 15:  One Million Years BC
March 22: The Black Castle
March 29: 
Ghosts of Frankenstein

April 5:  The Mummy's Hand
April 12:  The Deadly Mantis
April 19:  The Brain That Wouldn't Die
April 26:  Assignment Terror

May 3:  Blood and Lace
May 10:  Curse of the Undead
May 17:  Horror House
May 24:  She Wolf of London
May 31:  No Show

June 7:  Frankenstein's Bloody Terror
June 14:  Dracula vs. Frankenstein
June 21:  Die Monster Die
June 28: 
No Show

July 5:  Luicfer Complex
July 12:  Last Man On Earth
July 19:  Revenge of the Creature
July 26:  The Invisible Man Returns

August 2:  Dracula
August 9:  Frankenstein
August 16:  The Bride of Frankenstein
August 23:  The Wolfman
August 30:  The Mummy

September 6:  The Angry Red Planet
September 13:  The Evil of Frankenstein
September 20:  Night Creatures
September 27: 
Dark Star

October 4:  Curse of the Werewolf
October 11:  The Manitou
October 18:  The Crimson Cult
October 25:  Curse of the Demon
October 31: 2nd Monster Bash at the Draft House. Movie on air: Damien The Omen 2

November 1:  Brides of Dracula
November 8: Theater of Blood
November 15:  Earth vs. The Flying Saucers
November 22:  King Kong
November 29:
Planet of Blood

December 6:  The Skull
December 13:  Atom Age Vampire
December 20:  Deathmaster
December 27: 
Mystery of Monster Island


January 3:  Equinox
January 10:  Two on a Guillotine
January 17:  The Tingler
January 24:  My Blood Runs Cold
January 31: Creatures of Destruction

February 7:  The Thing (From Another Planet)
February 14:  Godzilla vs. The Thing
February 21:  The Giant Claw
February 28: 
20 Million Miles to Earth

March 7:  Fearless Frank
March 14:  The Alien Factor
March 21:  Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
March 28 Dinasaurus

April 4Voyage Into Space
April 11Where Time Began
April 18Man Eater of Hydra
April 25
Curse of the Swamp Creature

May 2Incredible Two Headed Transplant
May 8:  Last Man On Earth
May 15:  It Came From Beneath the Sea
May 23Invaders From Mars - Count Gore's Last show on WDCA until 1999!


December 31: Count Gore De Vol returns to WDCA for the "Countdown With The Count" Special showing two movies.
The Last Movie of 1999: Arachnophobia
The First Movie of 2000: Graveyard Shift

Movies Count Gore De Vol Has Live Hosted at the AFI Silver Theatre

2013: House of Frankenstein, Phantasm, Scream! Blacula Scream!

2014: Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, Them!, The Hills Have Eyes

2015: The Bride of Frankenstein, Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers,
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein

2016: King Kong, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Thing, Thing from Another World

2017: Young Frankenstein, Tarantula, Alien, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, An American Werewolf In London

2018: Night of the Lepus, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Halloween

2019: Son Of Frankenstein


Creature Feature D. Dyszel 2023

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