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This is the place to look for links to all sorts of horror related resources!

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Horror Host Sites:

Egor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts: This is the definitive site when it comes to Horror Hosts. You'll find all you ever wanted to know and more about your favorite host.

Prof. Griffin's Midnight Shadow Show: Prof. Anton Griffin, Dan-Dan and Usher host horrors and terrors CARNIVAL STYLE from Griffin Manor in Austin, Texas!

The Dark Vault of Public Domain: The Cult Movie Program Your Parents Warned You About!

THE LATE DR LADY SHOW: The home of DR LADY's horror hosting video!

World of the Weird Monster Show: Where Every Day is Halloween.

Doc Zombie:

Penny Dreadful´s Shilling Shockers: Horror films hosted by the mysterious witch Penny Dreadful and her werewolf companion Garou.

Monster Madhouse: The home of Karlos Borloff and his entire crew of monstrous characters!

Vampi:     A vegetarian member of the living dead.

Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre: a Cable Access Show, featuring movies, short subjects, cartoons, guests and skits. Crimson Theatre is broadcast in SE Wisconsin, NE Illinois and NW Indiana with other locations added frequently

The Horror Host Hall of Fame site is live!!! Click on the graphic to visit the site!


Sites for & About Magazines

Rue Morgue: This is a classy and incredibly informative magazine from our friends up north in Canada.  It's published every two months and the depth and quality of the articles is unsurpassed! The website is also definitely worth a tour.

Classic Horror: This is another example of the fine Zines you'll find on the Internet dealing with the weird world of Horror!

Astounding "B" Monster:  This is the coolest web magazine I've ever seen dealing with the monsters from those great "B" movies. 

Scary Monster: A clever and intriguing e-zine that shouldn't be missed.  I also have contributed some vocal greetings.  Check it out!

Strange Magazine:   The title say it all about this intriguing electronic magazine!

Sites for & About Writers

Gorelets: Creative Horror by Michael Arnzen

The Chancery House:  This is the brain child of writer Lisa Mannetti. It's a great big old house full of rooms to discover and explore. Set aside some time to enjoy this fascinating excursion.

FeoAmante: This is a hot website for horror writers and readers alike. Don't miss it! This is another really hot place for writers to congregate!

Horror Writers Association: If you write horror you need to know about this site and organization!

Stories You Don't Always Take Home To Mother: The website of horror writer Gerard Houarne.

Moonlit Road: If you enjoy listening to a good ghost or other horror story now and then, this is the place to go!

Midnight Marquee: They publish fiendishly good books on horror films and their stars.  They also have many cool links!

Sites for and About Artists:

Joe's Cartoons: Neat things to do with Flash technology!

Vampire Sites:

Sarco's, Blood Bar & Grill: A clever site where vampires feast!

Dark Commandos: This is a regular on going web video presentation about a group of vampires who work undercover of Uncle Sam! It is really well done.

Goth Sites:

GothWire: Goth social network! After many years of neglect, GOTH.NET has re-launched it's main website. For many years the forums have been the life blood keeping the GOTH.NET community alive, and giving the site purpose. However we hope to change this with the new website.

Movie & their Memorabilia Sites:

Every Other Day Is Halloween: The Official site of the fangtastic documentary about my career! The site is exactly as advertised! The home of Writer/Director and Producer Don Glut, who brought you "The Mummy's Kiss" and "Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood!"

Brain Damage Films: The folks that brought you "Terrortoons," "Hollywood Vampyr," and "Massacre," along with lots of other indie films.

Brimstone Media Productions: A very prolific maker of independent sci-fi and horror films!

Eagle Films: A top quality computer graphics and film company owned by Philip Cook the man you brought us "Despiser!"

Savage Film Group: Rock Savage and his fearless band of Maryland film makers now have their own domain. Chekc it out today.

Ain't It Cool News?:  If you want the latest rumors and stories about upcoming films, this is the only place to go....before they shut it down.

Bloody Cuts: The home of some of Britain's most creative new film makers.

Dr. Shatterhand's Botanical Garden: This James Bond site features interviews and lots more concerning the world of 007! 

Music Sites:

Midnight Syndicate:   This is the home of Midnight Syndicate, creators of some of the finest "Dark" music I've ever heard. It's perfect for a Horror House or just plain old listening!

TV Sites:

Share TV: Place to look for your favorite TV Shows online.

Kaptain Kidshow: This site give a very complete and fascinating look at all the kid's shows that aired in the Washington/Baltiomore are during the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Check out Bozo and Captain 20.

Solarguard: If you remember the days of "Tom Corbett", "Rocky Jones" or "Space Patrol" you will want to visit this huge and fascinating site.

The House of Frightenstein: This was a wonderful little TV show from the 70's that's being rediscovered again.  Visit this very complete sight for a bit of nostalgia!

Radio Sites:

Dug Graves: Is a true horror host of the Internet radio coming your way every Friday night!

Horror Travel Sites:

Draculatour:   So, you want to visit the old country, where the real Dracula roamed?   The best way is with this annual tour that includes everything to make a horror fan's heart bleed!

Real Haunted Houses To Visit: Just what the title says!

Sci-Fi Sites:

The SyFy Channel:  The rather impressive site for "The Sci-fi Channel."

Sci-Fi Station: An interesting little site dealing with, what else, science fiction stuffs.

Funny Sites:

Fresh Victims: the most dangerous show on the Internet!

Strange Sites:

The Museum of Hoaxes: Find out about some of the greatest hoaxes of today and of all time!

MORBID CURIOSITY: Celebrity Tombstones Across America: The title tells it all.

Ain't No Way To Go: Former "Bizarre Web Site of the Week".  What more can I say?

Weekly World News: Oops, you missed it at the supermarket checkout? Never fear, you can get the "real" news here.

Totally Absurd: People are always coming up with new ideas...that no one needs.  This site highlights some of the strangest!

The Ad Graveyard: This is where ads that are so bad or in such poor taste go!

Corpses For Sale: The title almost says it all, but look for the "made to order" features.

Find a Grave: You say you misplaced your grave, or want to locate the final resting place of someone rich and/or famous.  This is the place to look.

News of the Weird: Again a site perfectly described by the title!

Grim Rides: This is the site for those interested in the hobby of hearse collecting!

DNA Weekly: This website provides In-depth and impartial reviews of leading DNA test kits, user-generated reviews of every DNA test kit tested, and detailed kit comparisons.

Halloween Sites:

Halloween Alliance  Halloween ideas so fun, they're scary! The best FREE DIY ideas for costumes, makeup decor and recipe Plus get Halloween news and fun facts that will chill you to the bone!

Salem Witch Trials Timeline: This link was sent in by a middle school summer camp groups and the title tells it all! This site feature neat free greetings cards for Halloween. Check them out!

Ultimate Haunt: This is a really great Halloween site brought to you by the experts at Knott's Scary Farm!

Countess Blood: One of the first places you should stop when preparing for Halloween....a must!

Halloween Online: This is a great resource for all things relating to this holiday!

Halloween On The Net: Another great holiday resource site.

History & Customs for Halloween: More extensive history with graphics and music

Halloween:   This is THE site for Halloween related stuff.  Bookmark it for next year!

Make a Ghost: Step by step guide on how to create a ghost!

Halloween quotes, greetings, sayings and jokes!

Halloween costume ideas!


Costume SuperCenter: Just what the name says!

Buy Costumes: Here's one of the bigger sites for buying costumes online!

Misc. Sites:

The Best Movies to Test Your Surround Sound! Get the most out of all those spearkers!

Spooky Unique Ghost Stories and Folktales For Kids: This site links to lots of great scary stories for kids! An open source encyclopedia of Comic Books! 

The Encyclopedia of Mythica: This is a huge depository of knowledge about all the great myths of history! If you always wanted to know about a myth, this is the place to go!

Worst of the Web:  The title says it all!

Ultimate Taxi: There a line in a Harry Chapin song that says something like, "it's the going, not the getting there that counts". This is the case with this far out incredible taxi in Aspen, CO.

Dumb Laws: Believe it or not, there are laws on the books you just won't believe and you can find most of them right here.

Insect Cookbook: Be daring...they're in your house anyway!

Doombuggies: This is a fabulous site dedicated to The Haunted Mansion at the Disney Parks.  It's almost as much fun as the ride!

LA Coronor: The unofficial site where you can buy all sorts of strange things.

Here's a site with an incredible list of links that should make any Horror Fan Happy!


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