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This week  I bring you a tale of horror that was the first full blown director assignment for Francis Ford Coppola.

It's the story of a scheming widow who hatches a bold plan to get her hands on an inheritance, unaware that she is targeted by an axe-wielding murderer who lurks in the family's estate.

Yes, it's "Dementia 13" and I invite you to watch it in The Lab.







For the second and final week I bring you another award winning sci-fi short. This one is from Raphael Rogers and is called "Beyond!"

It's the tale of Arya, the last remaining member of her family, a lineage with a unique genetic code that grants the ability to survive the folding of temporal and spatial boundaries... In short, she can teleport. Tasked with exploring new planets, she is in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from.

You will be completely engrossed when you watch in my New Blood Showcase!





The TombKeeper of Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature the horror web program

Your TombKeeper is kicking out both old-style horror and new-style steampunk! Take your pick or pick up both—these are grand entertainments for genre fans of all tastes. Enjoy!

The books are: ASH by James Herbert and THE SIX-GUN TAROT by R. S. Belcher

You'll find them in The Tomb!






Dita Dirt Nap continues her exploration of Blaxsploitation films this week with "Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde!"

You'll find her review in Dita's Den!







My "Christopher Lee" Contest!

The prize is one of my NEW DVDs..."The Satanic Rites of Dracula" hosted by yours truly, Count Gore De Vol!


You'll find the mystery question, some possible answers, as well as the entry form and instructions in The Game Room!











You only have ONE more week to watch the 10 February Videos on My FREE Roku Channel!

4 Classic Hosted Movies: "Gammera," "Creature," "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" & "Sound of Horror."
4 Classic Celebrity Interviews: Actor Conrad Brooks, Actor Ken Foree, Actress Lynn Lowry & Actress Ashley Laurence!
2 new outstanding horror shorts: "From Darkness Theatre" and "Witch Girl!"

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Gore Stuff is merchandicse Count Gore De Vol sells in the Market

Our Market has Re-opened!

I've added SEVEN exciting new DVDs
Satanic Rites of Dracula - Creature - King of the Zombies
Revenge of the Zombies - The Most Dangerous Game!

My "Glow in the Dark Ts" are back along with a NEW Color Photo!

Check it all out in The Market!


Christopher Lee & I are coming to the AFI Silver on March 21!


Tickets are now available!




Mark J. Gross and Renee Grindlinger of Celebrity Biograph are back with another new contemporary celebrity interview!

This week Mark & Rene interview Larry Wilcox of "CHiPS"

You can watch the interview in The Atrium!






The Unimonster is person with a questioning mind This week he shared FIVE Questions he you like to ask of famous people in the world of horror, who are no longer with us..

You can read his essay "Five Questions I’d Like to Ask" in The Crypt.






While the big national political election is still seven months away (I know it seems like it never ends) there is voting going on RIGHT NOW for fans of Horror! It's the 18th Annual Rondo Awards! This is totally based on fan votes and that means you. There are tons of categories. I've been nominated in Multi-media sites and Favorite Horror Host. But the neat thing about this contest is that you don't have to vote in every category! If you are not familiar with a specific category or the people nominated you can skip it and your other votes count! Now that's cool.

Casting your vote is a bit convoluted, but just follow the instructions.  You can find the ballot and vote HERE or by clicking on the graphic to the left!






As many of you know, I am a supporter of the Scares That Care Charity. Every year they hold a wonderful event to raise funds for their work in fighting real monsters. But in 2020, they are going to hold TWO events and for you who live in the mid-west, please pay attention!

On April 17 - 19, 2020 you're invited to the Scares That Care Charity Weekend Wisconsin! It will be held at the Delta by Marriott in beautiful Racine, Wisconsin. Te early guest list includes: Pruitt Taylor Vince, Diane Franklin and Danny Lloyd with more coming. Get more information and purchase tickets HERE!



Where Count Gore De Vol will be appearing

***I have just booked my THREE personal appearances, live hosting movies at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring Maryland! Here are the dates and the tentative titles, which are subject to availability from the studios.

Saturday, March 21, 2020: "The Horror of Dracula!" The first Dracula Hammer film which stars Christopher Lee!
Saturday, July 25, 2020: "The Day the Earth Stood Still!" Yes, it's time to bring unknown terror from space to DC!
Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020: "The Shining!" In 2020, Halloween falls on a Saturday, so prepare a costume and be ready to party!

***Scares That Care Charity Weekend, July 31 - Aug. 2, 2020 at the Doubletree in Williamsburg, VA. Guests include: Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Chris Mulkey, Patricia Velasquez, Erick Avari, John Anderson, Jonathan Fuller, Felissa Rose, Tuesday Knight, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Alex Vincent, P.J. Soles and more coming soon! Stay up to date and buy tickets at:

I am now booking conventions and events for 2020.  Interested in having Count Gore De Vol at YOUR convention? Just contact me at:

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Mysterious Bermuda Triangle ‘Ghost Ship’ Discovered 95 Years After It Vanished!
Teen gets entire harmonica stuck in mouth and plays music when she breathes!
North Carolina man run over by deer in McDonald's parking lot!
Alligator caught window shopping outside Florida stores!

You'll find links to these and other strange things when you explore The Skullery!


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"The Unquiet!"
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The TombKeeper Reviews the Book "Impulse!"

A Culty DVD Review By Dita Dirt Nap!

The Unimonster Has Five Questions to Ask!


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