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This week I bring you an award winning short from Craig D. Foster, entitled "Overtime!"

Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall... or his terrible secret will be let loose.

You can watch "Overtime" in my New Blood Showcase!






For the second and final week I bring you a tale of robbery, stolen gold, a ski resort and a haunted cave. 

Yes, it' guessed it...."Beast from the Haunted Cave!"

I invite you to watch this Gene Corman (Roger's brother) movie in The Lab.






The TombKeeper of Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature the horror web program

The TombKeeper's is presenting a pair of extreme screamers from specialty publisher Permuted Press.!

The books are: THE INFECTION by Craig DiLouie and WINDS OF CHANGE by Jason Brannon!

You'll find them in The Tomb!






Mark J. Gross and Renee Grindlinger of Celebrity Biograph are back with another new contemporary celebrity interview!

This week it's actor Matt Frewer who started as "Max Headroom," appeared in "Eureka" and let's not forget "Orphan Black!"

You'll find them in The Atrium!






It's a NEW Month and my February Videos are NOW on My FREE Roku Channel!

4 Classic Hosted Movies: "Sisters of Death," "Horrors of Spider Island," "The Demon," & "Festival of Horrors Vol. 1!"
4 Classic Celebrity Interviews: Film Maker Daniel Boyd, Actor/Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, Special Effects Guru Ronald B. Moore & Lovely Actress Suze Lanier!
2 new outstanding horror shorts: "Kevin McCarthy: Lights, Camera & Pods" and "Closet Space!"

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It's My "Tales of Frankenstein Contest!

The prize is the DVD of the exciting and thrill packed new film from Don Glut called, "Tales of Frankenstein!"

This is an anthology of FOUR unique tales taking place in various time periods and each story is told in a unique style!

This DVD is even Autographed by Writer/Produce/Director Don Glut!

You'll find the mystery question, some possible answers and the entry form in The Game Room!









Dita Dirt Nap is celebrating Black History Month with  one of here favorite film!

It's "Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde!"

Read her review on this culty classic in Dita's Den!





Congratulations to the Newest Members to be voted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame!
Count Scary
The Creeper
Frank & Drac
Karlos Borloff
Marlena Midnite
Mike Nelson
Nigel Honeybone
Professor Griffin

Behind the Screams
Andy Copp
Rebecca Paiva
Scary Monsters Magazine


Lady Pam De GraffLady Pam De Graf reviews a film called, "The Exorcism of Molly Hartley!"

Occult poster child Molly Hartley again finds herself in a web of black magic when Satan steals her body on her 24th birthday.

She'll tell you all about it and let you watch the trailer just go to The Screaming Room!






This week the Unimonster share his memories of The Monster Models of Aurora!

If you ever built a plastic model of anything, this is a must read essay!

You'll it in The Crypt!






Makeup plays an ever growing role in our lives. Just think about it. Almost all women wear some sort of makeup, but every single TV personality, male and female, wear makeup. Every movie star wears makeup and I can't think of a Cos-play person who doesn't use makeup. That's why I was thrilled when one of our viewers by the name of Cindy, who is involved with a school production of "Alice In Wonderland" found and shared with us a very informative article on the HISTORY OF MAKEUP! I invite you to check it out!



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Looking for a unique and contemporary holiday horror treat?
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Bizarre links on Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature horror program

Hundreds of 'witches' marks' - including entrance to 'hell' - found in caves!
‘James And The Giant Peach’ Stage Prop Looks A Lot Like A Giant Something Else!
Standoff Ends Between Unmanned Cruise Ship And Railroad Bridge!
Jet Ski launch ends with Porsche in the water!

You'll find links to these and other strange things when you explore The Skullery!



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"A Bucket of Blood"
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The TombKeeper Reviews the book "Man Lus!"

A Culty DVD Review by Dita Dirt Nap!

Mark J. Goss and Renee Grindlinger Interview Aron Eisenberg
Nog of "Deep Space 9"


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