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Vampire horror host Count Gore De Vol brings you Creature Feature, a weekly program of horror movies, stories and films about
vampires, monsters, witches, ghouls, goblins, gargoyles, zombies and horrors of all sorts!

This week I bring you an a cold war tale of carefree teens, inept Russian spies and an evil scientist.

It's that summer time classic, "Teenage Zombies!"

Pour yourself a long tall alcoholic drink and enjoy this film in The Lab.





For the second and final week I bring you a frightening tale of a young girl who sees some sort of blurry monster, but her mother can't believe her.

This award winning short horror film comes to us from Chris Abaya and is called "Blur!"

You can watch the story come into focus in my  New Blood Showcase!







The TombKeeper of Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature the horror web program

The TombKeeper points out that one of her favorite authors of horror fiction is classing up the Tomb tonight! There are two fabulous downloadable digital books from award-winning horror writer and fellow Virginny gal, Elizabeth Massie!!


You'll find them in The Tomb!





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Mark J. Gross and Renee Grindlinger of Celebrity Biograph are back with another new contemporary celebrity interview!

Mark & Rene Interview Patrick Duffy who stared in Dallas, Man From Atlantis & Trafficked

You can watch the interview in The Atrium!







Dita Dirt Nap is off to the beach this week as she kicks off her summer of horror.


Don't miss her review in Dita's Den!






This week the Unimonster wants to shake things up this week when it comes to the king of bad movies!

Yes, we all know Ed Wood and his movies, but the Unimonster makes a case for a director who is far worse!

And, I completely agree with his choice!

Find out who it and and why he was selected when you read the essay "FLAG ON THE MOON" in The Crypt!



Don't Miss This Family Friendly Horror Weekend!




Welcome to my NEW "Last Movie" Contest!

The prize is my soon to be released DVD, "Last Man On Earth" hosted by yours truly and Tampa's horror host, Dr. Paul Bearer!

You'll find the mystery question and the entry form in The Game Room!











July brings us 10 NEW Videos on My FREE Roku Channel!

4 Classic Hosted Movies: "Night of the Living Dead," "Amazing Transparent Man" "Invasion of the Bee Girls" & "The  Day The Sky Exploded!"
4 Classic Celebrity Interviews: Horror Host The Bowman Body, Comic Book Writer Jason Crowley, Actor Julian Sands & the late actor Robert Dix!
2 new outstanding horror shorts: "Twilight Concludes" and "New York Ripper!"


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Bizarre links on Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature horror program

Woman finds 'terrifying, cursed' object days after moving into new home!
Chicago Police Confirm There’s An Alligator In Park Lagoon!
Family orders 'Moana' cake, gets 'marijuana' cake!
Headbanging cockatoo Snowball knows 14 different dance moves!

You'll find links to these and other strange things when you explore The Skullery!


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"Holy F__K!"
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The TombKeeper Reviews the book "Blood Ocean!"

Dita Dirt Nap Reviews "Blood Beach!"

And Other Strangeness!

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