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This week, I bring you an award winning short from Atomic Rabbit Productions. It's called "Wash" and was directed by Kiggs!

Being a mother is supposed to be joyful. Being a child is supposed to be fun. Having a family is meant to be life-affirming. But nothing in this home is like it's supposed to be.

I invite you to watch it in my New Blood Showcase!






For the second and final week, we join a group of actors who, led by a rather tyrannical director, go on an excursion to an abandoned island that is home to an also abandoned cemetery!

Why you may ask?  Because he want to play with his actors. But, it turns out the joke is on him!

Yes, it's that classic with a very long title, "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things!"

You to watch it in The Lab!






The TombKeeper of Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature the horror web program

The TombKeeper wants to know if you're ready for summer reading? Blockbuster novels! Entertaining poolside reads! Great big doorstop books! It's still several months off, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your brain in park when you open the cover. Here are a couple of blockbuster novels by blockbuster authors that are anything but brainless!

The books are: SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson and FINDERS KEEPERS by Stephen King!

You'll find them in The Tomb!






It's My "Mystery Movie" Contest!

This time around I was giving away TWO DVDs with FOUR Movies!

Just to be clear, these movies are NOT hosted by anyone, but they are unique titles from Alpha Video!

You'll find the mystery question and the entry form in The Game Room!









DITA DIRT NAP wraps up her exploration of Black History Month with one of her favorites, "DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE!"

You'll find Dita and her review in Dita's Den!








The Unimonster likes models! He also likes making models!

Now before some people get all bent out of shape, the models I'm referring to are made out of plastic and some of his favorites are models of MONSTERS!

I invite you I invite you to read his essay "The Monster Models of Aurora" in The Crypt!







It's March, but that's also Monday and as Mondays go we have technical problems!

So, You can still watch my February offerings on My FREE Roku Channel for a bit longer!

4 Classic Hosted Movies: "Bride of the Gorilla," "The Demon," "Festival of Horrors #2" & "Attack of the Giant Leeches!"
4 Celebrity Interviews: Actor Corbin Bernsen, Actress Toni Hudson, Actress Teri McMinn & Actor Chris Sarandon!
2 Outstanding Horror Shorts: "Quick Bites" and "Rare Finds!"

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Czech diver sets record for under-ice swim!
Lost cat reunited with California owner after 15 years!

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