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It's My "Ohio Horror" Contest is Over!

The Prize was this 3 Disc "The Dead Matter" Collection!

This prize package includes the complete film, "The Dead Matter," the Midnight Syndicate CD Sound Track for the film and the CD  "Halloween Music Collection" from Midnight Syndicate. And, you'll have it by Halloween!!

For a chance to win this awesome prize all you had to do is correctly answer the mystery question using the drop down menu, completely fill in the entry form, and submit it by midnight (EDT) Friday, Oct. 23, 2020. On Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, I had a random drawing from all correct and complete entries to determine the winner and mail out the prize!

Only ONE entry per person was permitted. Entry information was only be used to contact the winner and send the prize.  Decision of the judge was final.

"The Dead Matter" is primarily set in Ohio! It was actually shot there too, but that's just a bit of trivia.

The question is: Which of these movies is NOT set in Ohio?

I got a bit tricky on this one. Of the five titles listed, THREE were NOT set in Ohio!
So, the correct answer could have been either The Relic (Set in Chicago), Deadly Blessing (Set in Texas), Dahmer (Set in Wisconsin)

I had a random drawing from the entries with those selections and the winner is:

Kerry Fuller
Churchville, NY

For the record, Scream 2 was set at the fictional Windsor College in Ohio and Baby Sitter Massacre was set in Dayton, Ohio.
Thanks to all who entered, come back next week for a new contest!


The question and answer for many of my contests come from "The Way-Out Wonderful World of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Trivia" by Keith Hedges

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