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Each week I find interesting, sometime bizarre and even provocative websites. I've decided that this would be a good place to share them with you!


‘Iron Man’ pilots race in jet suits against a backdrop of Dubai skyscrapers!

Humpback whales photographed having sex for first time – and both were male!

Small but Loud: How a Tiny Fish Makes a Noise as Loud as a Gunshot!

Caught at border with pythons in his pants, New York City man fined and sentenced to probation!

Doctors Remove 150 Live Bugs From Florida Man's Nose!

Hiker kills coyote with his bare hands after attack; tests confirm the animal had rabies!

Police surprised to encounter kangaroo at Texas park!

CBP dog sniffs out something unusual in passenger’s luggage — mummified monkeys!

Stingray With No Male Companion Still Manages To Get Pregnant!

Delta flight rerouted after maggots fall on passenger!

Danish man sticks 68 matches up his nose for world record!

Sheriff’s deputies corral wayward kangaroo near pool at Florida apartment complex!

World's largest balloon dragon assembled in Hong Kong!

Guinness World Records reverses course, accepts matchstick tower!

Alabama Radio Station Off The Air After 200-Foot Radio Tower Is Stolen!

Toddler gets stuck after climbing into a claw machine looking for a toy in a shopping mall!

Tesla plunges into Norwegian fjord  rescued by occupants in towels from a floating sauna!

Amateur archaeologists uncover a mysterious ancient Roman artifact in England!

New Orleans thief steals 7 king cakes from bakery in a very Mardi Gras way!

A blast of cold lets gators show off a special skill to survive icy weather!

6-Legged Spaniel Has Extra Limbs Removed!

World's smallest escape room is a coffin!

Viral video shows snake on plane during AirAsia flight in Thailand!

Kentucky city beams message into space inviting extraterrestrial visitors!

Why dogs may wag their tails so much - according to experts!

The Tale of Frank Hayes, the Only Jockey to Win a Horse Race While Dead!

Parasitic Worm Manipulates Host into Drowning by Stealing Its Genetic Code!

Camera catches mouse-proud rodent tidying man's shed!

Bizarre case of 'non-human alien corpses' has been solved!

'Nightmarcher' demon spotted in unsuspecting photo with terrifying consequence!

Florida Woman’s Driveway Stolen While She’s at Work!

The largest male specimen of the world’s most venomous spider has been found in Australia!

Child padlocked in Polish grave reflects ancient Vampire beliefs!

Video shows hundreds of blackbirds mysteriously plummet from the sky!

Florida Man Sues Dunkin' Over Injuries Following Toilet Explosion!


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