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Rat plague hits an Australian coastal town & thousands more wash up on shore!

Florida newspaper will print your grievances for Festivus!

Indian woman has the longest hair in the world!

Crash covers Ohio highway in chocolate and caramel!

15-year-old breaks his own Jenga stacking records, inspires Hallmark film!

Plane returns to New York when horse gets loose on board!

Missouri Woman Freaked Out By Nickel-Sized Spider Stuck In Her Ear!

Man takes venomous snake home to show children, ends up in hospital!

Crew aboard a U.S.-bound plane discovered a missing window pane at 13,000 feet!

Colorado funeral home owners arrested following the discovery of 190 decaying bodies!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Spills On His Shocking X-Rated Career Contemplation!

Toy hall of fame inducts Cabbage Patch Kids, baseball cards!

Why scientists are reanimating spider corpses!

Australian police charge a woman with 3 murders in alleged mushroom poisoning!

Scientists discover 'origin story' of Great Sphinx of Giza!

3-foot tegu lizard found living under Georgia woman's porch!

Utah Officials Tell Resident To Strip Naughty Halloween Display From City Property!

First Ever Florida Man Games To Feature Beer Belly Wrestling, ‘Evading Arrest’ Obstacle Course!

Worker At Chinese Brewery Filmed Peeing In Tank!

Deer charges through crowded Wisconsin restaurant!

A $1.4 million speeding ticket surprised a Georgia man!

Nearly 200 bodies recovered from a Colorado funeral home accused of improper storage!

Australia's famous 'Chrome Gnome' moved to new sculpture park home!

South Carolina Pepper Expert Scorches His Own Guinness Book Heat Record!

Absolute Monster Of A Pumpkin Sets New World Record!

36 Weird Halloween Costumes That Would Be A Treat To Wear!

Clown 'stalking village streets and leaving residents terrified' dares police to catch them!

Truth behind why Friday 13th is thought to be unlucky!

Teenager's playing card structure breaks Guinness World Record!

Bear climbs onto sailboat in Florida harbor!

Pennsylvania mummy 'Stoneman Willie' to receive proper burial after 128 years!

Giraffe Feces Seized By US Customs Officials At Minnesota Airport!

Phillies Deny Entry To Man’s Emotional Support Alligator At Citizens Bank Park!

Ride passengers rescued after dangling upside down, 75 feet up, for half an hour!

Flamingos in Wisconsin? Tropical birds visit Lake Michigan in a first for the state!

Woman rescued from outhouse trying to retrieve Apple Watch, Michigan police say!

Hot dog! The Wienermobile is back after short-lived name change!

In the global community of extreme chili pepper eating, this Ontario man is the one to beat!

Crocodiles save dog stranded in river instead of eating it!

Seagulls rescued after flying into vat of used cooking oil!

Enough to make your skin crawl: 20 rattlesnakes found inside a homeowner’s garage in Arizona!

People stunned after learning plane oxygen masks aren't connected to an air tank at all!

Circus performer breaks world record with eight flaming hula hoops!

Woman shares mystifying trick to ‘delay her voice’!

Coast Guard arrests a man trying to run a giant hamster wheel across the Atlantic!

China authorities arrest 2 for smashing shortcut through Great Wall with excavator!

'Glittering gold blob' found on sea floor baffles scientists!

Suspected ‘Ritual Mass Murder’ Turns Out to Be a Yoga Class!

Police stop Nebraska man for bucking the law with a bull riding shotgun in his car!

Chicago TV news crew robbed at gunpoint while reporting on a string of robberies!

New Hunt For Loch Ness Monster Leads To 'Bizarre' Sounds, 'Unexplained' Footage!

Humpback whale 'scoops up and spits out lobster fisherman'!

Parents warned after cracking eggs on toddlers' heads in TikTok trend!

'T. Rexes' Race To Photo Finish At Washington State Track!

Eerie images show the places you may have seen in your dreams!

Mystery as naked 'wolf man' spotted in mountains 'holding a spear'!

Angela, the 'fake' bear: Zoo in China attracting 20,000 visitors a day after video goes viral!

Our bears are real, a Chinese zoo says, denying they are ‘humans in disguise’!

Florida Aquarium Blames Manatee’s Death On ‘High-Intensity Sex’ With Another Male!

My mom accidentally hired a stripper for my Barbie-themed 5th birthday party!

Beetlejuice II filming set in Vermont is haunted by souvenir seekers!

Alligators in sewer myth is true: Workers find out in jaw-dropping video!

Mammals May Have Hunted Down Dinosaurs For Dinner, Rare Fossil Suggests!

Singer divorces 'devilishly handsome' ghost of a Victorian soldier after less than a year!

Truck hauling load of bananas catches fire on Florida highway!

Millions freak out over woman who appears frozen in time: 'What the f--k?'!

Divers encounter enormous ‘doomsday fish’ riddled with shark bites!

Viral Video: Octopus steals GoPro camera from Australian diver in playful encounter!

Atlanta Man Attempts To Rob Nail Salon, Gets Ignored By Everyone!

Iowa Man Tastes Sweet Victory In Key Lime Pie Eating Championship!

A record-breaking Burmese python - as long as a giraffe is tall - caught in Florida!

'Aggressive' sea otter caught on camera stealing surfboards in California!

I arrived at prom in a coffin — I’ve never wanted to fit in!

Roller coaster riders were trapped upside down for hours after mechanical failure!

He had a plane to himself after an 18-hour delay. What happened next was a wild ride!


Bus 666 No Longer Goes To Hel, Poland, After Protest From Christian Conservatives!

Video Shows Police Investigating 911 Call About UFO, 'Not Human' Creatures!

Woman who was declared dead knocks on her coffin at her funeral!

Velociraptor heist ends with 3 arrests in South Dakota!

From a sausage roll to vacuum box: funeral firm's quirky coffin designs!

Did the 'Barbie' movie really cause a run on pink paint?

28 Weird Father's Day Gifts For That Cheesy Pop Of Yours!

Peregrine Falcons Dive-Bombing Chicago Pedestrians To Protect Chicks!

A driver's car soared 120 feet after vaulting off of a tow truck's ramp in Georgia!

The obscure 11-letter word which secured teenager's US National Spelling Bee contest win!

Maryland Students Prank School By Listing It On Zillow As 'Nice Half-Working Jail'!

Man's 'optical illusion' tattoo looks like he has a massive hole in his bald head!

Man steals backhoe for 10-mile drive to Illinois airport to catch flight!

Commission Votes Against Georgetown Transformers Statues!

Alligators in sewer myth is true: Workers find out in jaw-dropping video!

Crocodile farm boss eaten alive after 40 of his own animals ‘pounced’!

Speeding driver tried to switch places with his dog to avoid arrest!

Bear Stuck In A Tree Keeps Traverse City, Michigan, In Suspense On Mother's Day!

Scientists Puzzled By Mystery Tremors Off Danish Island!

Scary video shows snake slithering onto dad at Texas restaurant!

‘Freaky-looking’ fanged fishes found on Oregon beaches!

25 Weird Mother's Day Gifts Perfect For Your Weird Mom!

Car crash results in wild dangle over bridge as passenger finds novel way to escape!

Sewer truck spill covers cars in poop on Colorado highway!

A woman gets 21 years for trying to kill her doppelganger with poisoned cheesecake!

Vampire straw gets passenger arrested at Boston airport!

Shark Jumps On-Board a Fishing Boat!

How Vinyl Records Work (Amazing electron microscope video)!

Littlest intruder: Toddler crawls through White House fence!

Mystery spiral in Alaska sky was likely SpaceX rocket fuel!

Bloke dressed as Gandalf stunned after bumping into Sir Ian McKellen on pub crawl!

Cannabis Company Makes 420-Pound Chocolate Bar In Honor Of 420!

Police came to pull a Jeep out of a lake. They found a woman inside, alive!

Furby connected to ChatGPT reveals plan to ‘take over the world’!

Prehistoric ‘river monster’ reeled in by kayaker after hourlong battle!

A rare fireball flew over Maine. Now there's a $25K reward for pieces of space rock!

Alien-like creature that shoots tree-like web to take over prey is absolutely terrifying!

Australian Company Makes Mammoth Meatball Using Actual Mammoth DNA!

Snake on a plane! South African pilot finds cobra under seat!

Parents ban their children from watching Teletubbies after 'overly sexualised' scene!

Has T. rex lost its bite? Menacing snarl may be wrong!

Men plead guilty after stuffing fish with weights at tournament!

'Cocaine Shark': Another Drug-Fueled Animal Gets Its Own Movie!

‘The Simpsons’ characters eerily reimagined as human in AI images!

Snap! Venus fly trap fans ask South Carolina to honor plant!

Jack Daniel's and dog toy company go head to head in US Supreme Court!

Frisbee Dog Drops Deuce On Basketball Court — And Crowd Goes Wild!

'Most painful torture device' kept victims alive for a horrifying amount of time!

Berlin to let everyone go topless at public swimming pool!

Dramatic Moment Where SUV Slams Into Houston Cafe Caught On Video!

Is Slap Fighting The Next Big Thing Or Just Unsporting Stupidity?

50 bizarre laws that have existed or still exist in America!

Merriam-Webster Asks For Best Non-English Words And The Results Are Awesome!

Mexican President Posts Photo Of What He Claims Is An Elf!

Two giant lizards fight while standing, confusing netizens; watch viral video!


Dog vs shark standoff thrills tourists on Bahamas boat tour!

Mysterious Metal Sphere Washes Up On Japanese Beach, Sparking Investigation!

I have the ‘world’s biggest lips’ — now I want to set the cheekbones record!

I got trapped in an elevator and missed my own wedding reception!

Thief admits stealing thousands of chocolate Easter eggs!

Las Vegas Thieves Steal Catalytic Converter From Wienermobile!

US patient develops 'uncontrollable Irish accent' after cancer diagnosis!

Man fell asleep with contacts in and flesh eating parasites ate his eye!

Canadian Groundhog Fred La Marmotte Dies Before Making Winter Prediction!

Still Living Punxsutawney Phil Predicts 6 More Weeks Of Winter!

Funeral home finds woman breathing hours after declared dead!

Whisky's ingredients can help keep skin healthy, according to breakthrough study!

37 Bizarre Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Woo The Weirdo In Your Life!

Japan firm opens whale meat vending machines to push sales!

At 23 & Counting, Ohio Chihuahua Is World's Oldest Living Dog!

I’m an arcade worker — I found the secret to beating the claw machine!

A&W Announces 'Polarizing' Bear Mascot Will Now Wear Pants In Hilarious Troll!

Illinois police hunt for man charged with stealing funeral home van with body still inside!

Dog shoots man!

Girl Asks Rhode Island Police To Analyze Christmas Cookie For Santa's DNA!

Stolen hot dog statue returned to W.Va. restaurant owner!

Watch as a newly married couple keeps dancing when a fire breaks!

Humanoid robots dance one step closer to M3GAN-style world domination!

Store in Luck, Wisconsin, sells winning $15m lottery ticket!

Suitcase lost by airline turns up four years later, after detour to Honduras!

Boulder crushes California man's car moments after he got out!

Burglars Call 911 for Help with Moving “Hot” Stuff!

Bigfoot, bees, and bodies: The weirdest and most bizarre crime stories of 2022!

Please quiet quit these 'banished words' moving forward!

World's first heartless human was able to live without a pulse!

I love my ‘dino hands’ — I can’t open pickle jars but I get discount manicures!

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