History & Customs for Halloween: More extensive history with graphics and music.

The Halloween Alliance: WOW! This is a treasure trove of stuff to make anyone's Halloween scary and memorable!

Halloween.com:  The names tell you a lot about this site that sort of 'owns' Halloween on the web.

Field of Screams: A really great haunted attraction!

Midnight Syndicate:   This is the home of Midnight Syndicate, creators of some of the finest "Dark" music I've ever heard. It's perfect for a Horror House or just plain old listening!

Kim's Krypt: The home of one of Baltimore's best know haunted houses, available for parties all year round!

Halloween Online:   This is a great resource for all things relating to this holiday!

Real Haunted Houses: Now for the REAL stuff. Find an authentic haunted house in your area.

List of the Scariest Haunted Houses in America: See if one is near YOU!

The Historic Salem Witch Trials: The real scary stuff of history.

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