My 50th anniversary event started at 6:30pm with an 8 minute video that introduced media critic and fan favorite, Arch Campbell. After some kind words, Arch introduced me. After a very bad joke, I brought on John Dimes and Leanna Chamish who were the hosts on The Spooky Movie Television Show. Then I introduced Jerry Moore, who, as Karlos Borloff, is the creator and host of Monster Madhouse.

Next up was the arena voice for the Washington Capitals and nationally known voice actor Wes Johnson who brought me a box of props similar to the one he sent me when he was a kid.

I then introduced the person who made my cape, runs my merch table, is my business manager as well as studio videographer, Susan Dyszel. Lastly I brought up our out of town guests, Mr. Lobo, the creator of the Roku Channel OSI74 and the host of Cinema Insomnia. Joining him was Sally, the Zombie Cheerleader who started her hosting career in the DC area, but in now featured on numerous streaming services.

Once we got through all the bad jokes, we had these horror experts compete in a trivia contest concerning "The Shining!" I also paid tribute to two people in the audience, Steve Rifkin who postponed his birthday party to attend this event and Lori B. who has attend every on of my AFI events for the past 10 years....except for one.

The rest of the photos were taken after the movie as we got some up close and personal time with fans to celebrate.

A special thanks to Bruce Guthrie for taking all these pictures and allowing me to share them with you.


Creature Feature D. Dyszel 2023