This is where you find the limited edition Anniversary Year Merchandise!

The T-Shirt!

This limited edition 4 color T-shirt is printed on premium 60/40 blend fabric.
This allows for really fine printing on a smooth soft shirt.
It's available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X and 3X sizes.
It also can be personally autographed using a durable paint pen.
Get yours while supplies last!
Shirts are $25
Domestic Shipping is $6.50
Foreign Shipping is 12.50

U.S. Orders

Name on Autograph

Foreign Orders

Name on Autograph


The Photo!
I'm particularly proud of this anniversary photo created by Robert Long II.
It captures the look and feel of both 1973 and 2023 in a classic manner.
The film strip has images from "The Alien Factor," "Night Beast,"
"Galaxy Invader", "Crawler," and "Revenge of the Devil Bat!"
Each photo is personalized with a Silver Metallic Paint Pen!


This 8 X 10 color photo will be personally autographed.

The cost is $25

$5 Domestic and $9 Foreign



Cost With Shipping

Name on Autograph


The Blu-Ray
People have asked me, "Why a Blu-Ray?"
The answer is simple, "It's the only way to hold all the new material!"

It starts with the full and acclaimed version of "Every Other Day Is Halloween."
We've added "50 Years and Counting" a documentary covering the past 12 years.
There are new audio commentary tracks.
A slew of extended and deleted scenes.
The Full Length documentary: "Bald Headed Blues," the story of Dr. Sarcofiguy!
Let's not forget your own "Channel 20 Club Card!"

When you purchase this outstanding disc here, I personally autograph it!

U.S. Orders
$25 + $5  S&H
Name on Autograph
Foreign Orders
$25 + $9  S&H
Name on Autograph

If you are looking for the regular Glow in the Dark T-shirt
One of the many hosted movie DVDs
Count Gore Comes Clean Bathroom Soap
One of my other autographed photos

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