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'GROOVIE GOOLIES' (Animated TV-Show)
Directed By; Hal Sutherland
Produced by; Lou Scheimer & Norm Prescott
Starring; Frankie, Drac, Wolfie, Bela La Ghostly, Batso & Ratso, Bone-apart,
Hagitha The Witch, Hauntleroy, Fido The Pet Piranha, etc.
Filmation Entertainment Rights
Groovie Goolies Theme-Song Produced By Richard Delvy,
1970 DVD

Well Hello my little 'Groovie-Goolies! Tis I, DITA DIRT NAP, your Animation-Dominatrix.

Tonight I have a Special Retro-Treat for you. A animated CBS Show DITA watched growing up back in the 70's on Saturdays called; 'GROOVIE GOOLIES', Hon! DITA had to search high & low but finally found it on DVD at last! Take a look at the infamous 'Opening-Theme', by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/xmelTlEzI34

After watching this DVD, 'MONSTER-BOOMERS', like myself will be transported back to a simpler time not only on TV and Culture when animation rules Saturdays. DITA and her younger brothers would race to our family TV-set for a full day of cartoon-watching that puts 'VELMA' to shame, Hon! DITA must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching these classic cult episodes of; 'GROOVIE GOOLIES' and was quickly put into a better 'monster-mood'.

The 'Groovie-Goolies' were derived from another Classic Animated 70's Saturday show called; 'THE ARCHIES', which have been turned into a new popular TV-series on the CW , now called; 'RIVERDALE'.  As well as that shows spin-off called; 'SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH'. All the fun-shows were done by a DITA-Fave Animation Company back then called; 'FILMATION! DITA can't say enough good things about the 'FILMATION-Company, as they were my favorite growing up!

Some things that stand out re-watching this culty-cool show years later to this 'ghoul-gal' are the great story-lines, the 'Laugh-In' influence/70's Variety show touch/feel to it as well as the beautiful hi-def sumptuous, screaming color that simply pops on our HD-Smart-TV! The jokes, although corny, remain endearing. The characters are simply Monster-licious and the Episodes always include 'groovy-musical numbers not too much unlike the Original; 'MUPPET-SHOW' did.  They had musical-numbers by bands like 'THE MUMMIES AND THE PUPPIES' and 'BARE-BONES', 'THE ROLLING-BONES', etc. L-o-v-e that, my  little 'James-At 15' 'spider-bites.' All these spook-tackular shenanigans took place in place called; 'HORRIBLE-HALL'.  You see, every week you would get a cool-culty song such as 'MONSTER COOK BOOK' or 'WHEN I GROW UP' and their biggest hit that even ended up on the radio back then called; 'CHICK-A-BOOM'.

The other thing DITA loved was the 'Laugh-In' style jokes they wrote for this show, like when Bela La Ghostly would ask; 'How do I get a part in a horror movie?' Then Drac would answer; 'First you have to pass your 'SCREAM-Test!'  LOL!

In the opening, DITA always loved hearing the 'catch-phrase' uttered by Frank when he was struck by lightning, saying; 'I SURE NEEDED THAT', as he was based on Frankenstein's-Monster'. Now let's talk about he Merchandising back then for the show. Sadly, there was little but they did include some of the following;

* Ben Cooper HALLOWEEN Costumes of each show-character, which DITA loved!

*GROOVIE-GOOLIES' Colorforms play-set which DITA had and played with for hours.
*GROOVIE GOOLIES'-Lunch boxes. (DITA wishes she could find one nowadays!)
* 'GROOVIE GOOLIES LP's which sadly are now 'out-of-print', which was from their 'Prime-time TV-Special which of course included the big hit; 'CHICK-A-BOOM'.

Now for the 'EXTRA'S' on this DVD , which sadly are few, Hon;
+ Director's Commentary w/Hal Sutherland and another one w/the Infamous; BOB BURNS, etc. (BTW, DITA had a great trip down memory-lane when listening to this particular Extra and suggests you do the same, Dear.)
+ TV-Spot.

DITA will mention that there is a Book by Lou Scheimer, the Owner of FILMATION called; 'CREATING THE FILMATION GENERATION'. It's available on Amazon.com now.

FILMATION was also responsible for another 70's animated show that DITA was also a Fan of called; 'FAT ALBERT AND THE COSBY KIDS'.



In short ,DITA highly suggests getting this Culy-Hexacellant DVD Of; 'GROOVIE-GOOLIES' by Simply Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' of it next to dear old DITA's Review tonite, Kids!

I, DITA DIRT NAP give 'the Groovie Goolies' on DVD , my perfect score of 3 Skulls Out Of A 3 Skulls score!!!

DITA thinks take 'notes', MINDY!




Until next week, I blow you , 'VACCINATED CHAINSAW-KISSES',
DITA ('Chick-A-Boom') DIRT NAP
(Too see that fun-culty Song;' CHICK-A-BOOM' used in the 'Groovie-Goolies'-Show, Simply Click here, my little 'coffin-creepers'> https://youtu.be/-upR4C3_xbM )
As usual ,here are my DITA-Suggested sites to web-surf at your leisure as follows;
www.shockcinemamagazine.com  Shock Cinema Magazine is an essential periodical for fans of cutting-edge, retro cinema.
www.radiohalloween.com  Radio Halloween plays best Halloween music and stories all day, all night, & all year!
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to my fiend; 'DUG GRAVES RADIO HORROR SHOW every Friday night, Hon!)



Produced, Directed & Written By; ED WOOD
Starring; Bela Lugosi with VAMPIRA, Tor Johnson, Paul Marco as 'Kelton The Cop'
Tom Keene, Gregory Walcott, Conrad Brooks, Criswell, Norma McCarty Wood
Dudley Manlove, Mona McKinnon, Duke Moore, Lyle Talbot, etc.
(Wade Williams Collection) 1959
DVD & Streaming in Color or Black & White on 'Amazon-Prime.'

Hello again, my little festering Spider Bites! I, DITA DIRT NAP Bringing you this Culty-Sci-Fi Opus, up next from the ED WOOD CULT-Trilogy, called; 'PLAN NINE FROM OUTERSPACE!
Take a Look at the Colorized Version from WWW.LEGENDFILMS.COM !!! Click here to see the Culty-cool Color-Trailer for 'PLAN NINE' filmed on Santa Monica Blvd. years ago in DITA's neck of the woods here in Hollyweird, Hon> https://youtu.be/oaL_hNZVqgo 

Now DITA will be reviewing the infamous film w/Bela Lugosi & Horror-Host; VAMPIRA, that she will be forever remembered in; Ed Wood's 'PLAN NINE FROM OUTERSPACE'!  'GOOGLE' Her says DITA! She was, and is forever a unique, individualistic-individual! VAMPIRA even did 2 Cult Flicks w/'DITA-Fave'; MAMIE VAN DOREN! In one of the Cult-Flicks she played a BEATNIK that recites poetry in a coffy-house. That one was called; 'BEAT GENERATION'. Click here to see VAMPIRA in that Flick, Hon> https://youtu.be/sB2c03F-VkA  Click here to see the Trailer for VAMPIRA's other Cult Flick w/VAN DOREN where she plays a scientist called; 'SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE'> https://youtu.be/rz9TXhs4Cjk 

DITA was lucky enough to see 'PLAN NINE' on the big screen with VAMPIRA, in attendance in the audience with 'Kelton The Cop'/Paul Marco, also from 'PLAN 9 at the old 'SPOOK-A-THON HALLOWEEN FILM FESTIVAL' @ The Orpheum Theater! What a treat!!! The audience loved the film and applauded after the credits rolled! This film was, as most fans know, originally entitled; ' GRAVE ROBBERS FROM OUTERSPACE' .  It was changed because of the church people who financially backed this infamous Cult Flick! The film looks so fresh and clean on this 'WADE WILLIAMS Collection' disc transfer. Digitally remastering an iconic Cult film such as this only improves the look of the picture. Ed Wood would be proud! '

DITA highly urges fans of ED WOOD such as myself to watch the Retrospective Documentary entitled ; 'FLYING SAUCERS OVER HOLLYWOOD; 'The Plan 9 Companion' which is included as an extra's feature the disc. It is a wonderful, informative piece that is a MUST-SEE for Fans! It features interviews with the films stars which includes; the one and only VAMPIRA, Paul Marco, Gregory Walcott, Conrad Brooks, etc. plus our own Uncle Forry aka Forrest J. Ackerman and 'EVIL DEAD'/'SPIDER MAN' Director Sam Raimi & Joe Dante. (Very Cool!)

This DVD also includes the 'PLAN NINE' Trailer which DITA considers a must on any DVD. (Love it!) This movie is also considered ED WOOD's culty 'Citizen Kane'!  The plot is fun/cult/campy/silly.
It entails Aliens coming to raise and transform the dead into a super army of un-dead zombies to take over the earth! Hmm! (Dita blows out smoke from her cigarette, cocks mouth to one side and says in a craggy-voice; O-K-A-A-A-A-A-A-Y!)

The fun and culty flaws in this flick are infamously endless BUT here are DITA's 'Things-To-Look-For';
*Grave yard with cardboard Tombstones a plenty.
* Grave Yard/Golf Course carpeting that's supposed to be grass. (Watch it hilariously bunch up as girl in night gown does a mandatory Horror-Film-Fall while running in said grave yard.) Too much fun!
* Bad plastic Ray guns that inconveniently jam when needed to freeze scary undead zombies played by superbly by VAMPIRA & TOR JOHNSON.
*VAMPIRA's cool/fun/campy/creepy/robot-like movements with teeny-tiny waist included as she stops suddenly in the grave yard and does a bizarre turn around with only her upper body, almost pulling a Linda Blair/Exorcist fully-rotating head movement all while looking directly in the camera, as if to say; 'Look-What-I-Can-Do?" Etched in time, forever on film! Ya gotta love it!
*Tor Johnson's Zombie character TRYING (key word; trying.) to crawl out of an open grave.
* Bad Dialogue; such as; 'You see! Your stupid, stupid minds!'
* The over dramatic way the actors throw themselves to the ground, every time a space ship flies over, not to mention the not-meant-to-be funny sound effects of the saucers. Too funny!  Watch in one scene when one of the policemen throws himself to the ground, a cross/tombstone wobbles back and fourth. Tee-hee! (DITA like-y!)
* Any Scene w/CRISWELL in it! Loved him!
* Flying Saucers that look like hub caps on see-thru string.
*Cheesy looking trees in grave yard that look like branches stuck in the ground.
* Tor Johnson's zombie character always having his mouth permanently frozen open. (Very effective.)
*Bela Lugosi character of the old man walking out of frame, then the sound effects of a car crashing into him, striking him dead.
* Ugly curtains seemingly everywhere. Specifically in the space ship and the cock pit of the airplane.
* Bela's/old man character being lazer-ed by the hub cap/U.F.O. and comically turned into a skeleton in a vampire cape.
* Cool/fun dramatic background music used at the start of the films credits and grave yard roaming scenes. DITA even has a rare copy of the 'PLAN 9' SOUNDTRACK that she likes to listen to while cruising down the P.C.H. on her way to the beach!  WHAT! A ghoul can't be a beach bunny with see-thru string bikini like my friend Crystal? Inside joke!!! Right Derek; 'The Vamperic-Announcer?'
* Last but not least, CRISWELL's opening & closing into's and outro's in the film as well as his wonderful, dramatic and effective announcer/man voice-overs through- out the film that give the flick a special and memorable touch!

I'm sure I haven't touched on or remembered every nuance but enough to make you want to click on the icon next to DITA's Review and order a copy from LEGEND-FILMS, for you and your ghoul-fiend to own this Upcoming Valentine's-Day Holiday next month, my little 'spider-bites/stale candy-hearts.

DITA could wax on and on about my things to look for all night because they're are plenty! Instead I will say that ED WOOD probably had no intention of making a movie that ended being so bad it was funny, however.........Thank god he did!!!  DITA is a huge Ed Wood fan and has a special place in my little black heart for 'Plan 9'!  After all, My Producer/Agent/Creator; Darell Erazo started our Show, back in 1999, by Interviewing; 'KELTON-THE COP' aka Paul Marco ,who Starred in ;'ED WOOD's Cult-Trilogy of; 'BRIDE OF THE MONSTER', 'PLAN 9 FROM OUTERSPACE & 'NIGHT OF THE GHOULS'

Thanks also goes to Director Tim Burton for bringing the story of Director Ed Wood to the big screen so brilliantly in the 'ED WOOD'-Movie, with one of my favorite actors Mr. Johnny Depp. Movies like 'PLAN 9' should be watched with a group of like-minded friends during a dark, stormy night with a large road-kill pizza with extra tire tracks and a super-sized bag of 'Spider-Crunchies 'on a large flat-screen TV in high-def WITH...........stereo surround-sound so you don't miss any of Mr. Woods brilliant culty mistakes!  DITA also thinks VAMPIRA's little black dress, dragon-lady long nails and ample cleavage would fare better on the TV afore mentioned as well! DITA love the fun-ness of this-ever growing 'CULT'-status Film that forever captures VAMPIRA in all her glorious black & white beauty!

DITA gives it my perfect score of 3 SKULLS out of 3!  Cult-tish fun all around my little RAVEN droppings! 'So bad its good, Hon!' To get your own Culty-Copy, simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of PLAN NINE, Next to Dear Old DITA's Review, Hon!

Oh, I will mention that their is also a colorized Special Edition of 'PLAN 9' loaded w/Extras, available as well now but personally 'Mrs. Blacula Jr.' prefers it in good ole' artsy black & white!  Just my personal opinion kiddies!

Now if they could just make a Good 3-D Version to Re-release into theaters! Well, back to my 'Sordid Life,' dah-lings!


Coming Next Weekend, a 'ALL-NEW' Review of The NEW 'HBO-MAX' Streaming animated TV-series called; 'VELMA!' Which is of course about the infamous Velma of the ;'SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU'- Fame showing how the gang first had to come together to solve mysteries. VELMA is voiced by Actress MINDY KALING and other famous Actors to play the rest of the Gang!
Click here to see the Teaser TV-SPOT, my little 'spider-bites'> https://youtu.be/lHdtsWn7sgE

Until next week and as always I send you Vaccinated with a Booster 'Chainsaw-Kisses,'
(Too see that Fun/Culty Diddie & Fan-made Video of; CRISWELL Singing; 'Someone Walked Over My Grave', which DITA Loves, Simply Click here> http://youtu.be/3wBxHnuwmHk  )

Scare-Mail to; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

P.S. DITA also wants you to know the Movie-Poster of 'PLAN NINE FROM OUTERSPACE' is Available from Amazon.com of which their are many in different sizes, etc., by Simply Clicking on the 'Poster-Icon' , next to my Review, Dear!

As usual take a look at the following DITA-Suggested sites;
www.legendfilms.com  (Carries the Colorized Version of Ed Wood's; 'PLANE NINE!')
www.mymoviemonsters.com  ("Scary Monsters Magazine!')
www.shoutfactory.com  (DITA likes their Big-Inventory of DVD's , TV-Shows on DVD & DVD-Collections!)
www.somethingweird.com  (DITA loves their Big Selection of CULT-Flicks, Dear!)
www.belalugosi.com Bela Lugosi The Official Site
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to DUG GRAVES Radio-Horror Show Every Friday Night, my little 'coffin-creepers!')


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