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Italian Horror...
Directed By; Antonio Margheriti.
Stars the Infamous 'Italian Horror-Diva-Icon; BARBARA STEELE,
Georges Riviere, Margrete Robsahm, etc.
DVD-1964 and Now Streaming on Amazon-Prime.

Greetings once again my little 'Autumnal-Equinox' Spider-Bites! I wish you all a happy fall from your 'Autumnal-Equinox Queen'-2022; DITA DIRT NAP!

What way to greet another NEW Fall than with an 'ALL-NEW' Review of another BARBARA STEELE Fright-Flick straight from ITALY, Hon! This ones a Cult-Classic and is called; 'CASTLE OF BLOOD' from the year of my 'Vamp-Hubby's Birth....1964! The Tagline Reads; 'THEY LOVE ONLY FOR BLOOD!' Also this one from the Movie-Poster; 'THE LIVING AND THE DEAD CHANGE PLACES IN AN ORGY OF TERROR!'

This fun classic Italian Horror Flick once again has everything you want in an old fashion horror film like Ms. Steele's 'Gore-juss' gothically-beautiful face w/her infamous saucer-eyes as well as a creep-classic underground tomb, darkness, long, flowing, billowing curtains, candle obras, creaky doors, a dark castle, a front yard grave yard, a black kitty cat, wandering the afore mentioned grave yard, and room after room after room of living space or should I say dead-space! (Insert Evil Laugh here, Dear!)

Before Dear Old DITA goes any further in the EDGAR ALLAN POE Fave, take a look at the Trailer here, Hon> https://youtu.be/_kjr-le2p-g


So this film starts out in a turn-of-the-century pub w/Edgar Allan Poe, a Professor and a eager-beaver writer talking over a wager from the weird Professor telling the Writer he has a haunted castle where people haven't returned from that he wants him to stay over night near the Halloween holiday where the veil is thinned between the living and the dead. He Only agrees if on the 2 hour carriage ride that he gets a Interview w/the Edgar Allan Poe.  He agrees after Poe agrees to grant and give the Interview in the long-ass carriage ride to the 'castle of blood'.

Before leaving the Castle the nutty professor tells the Writer he will be back w/Mr. Poe at dawn to get him and to let him keep the prize money for staying over night. He quickly makes his way thru the creepy front yard grave yard as well as stumbling onto the afore mentioned black kitty cat that does cross his path. Once inside he lights candle obras and begins looking around until he finds a portrait of a lovely blonde woman who has haunting eyes. The after snooping around he feels a hand on his shoulder. DUN-DUN, DONE!

Who's hand is it you may ask? Why ,Barbara Steele's dainty hand of course. Her characters name is Elizabeth, she tells the Handsome Writer who tells her he is single. Hmmmm? Reminds me of turn of the century 'tinder' a little, don't you think? Swipe, swipe, Hon!

Any-Boo, he quickly falls in love w/the saucer-eyed dark hair gothic beauty as does she about half way thru the beginning of the picture. Then he introduced to the Blonde woman in the portrait w/the haunting eyes who DITA never quite figured out if she is Mss. Steele's characters cousin, friend, sister?? Slowly as the night plays out he starts to see that she may be a ghost aka dead person and is finally showed around the bewitching hour of midnight the last five minutes of life of all who died in the castle.

First we see that Babs character Elizabeth was married and that her hubby traveled long distances for business a lot and that she of course got lonely. In one ghostly flash back scene you see that while hubby was gone she had been bumping-uglies with the gardener or was he the grounds keeper. That fact is never really made clear. So in another scene we see her w/her; 'side-piece', and they start to do the deed in her by the way dress that DITA noticed hung way off the shoulders almost exposing her breasts that looked to be bra-less.

Any way, she is caught by her angry husband and he kills the man, who btw, my little 'blood-bag's, almost never has a shirt on and is constantly shirt less. Now DITA forgot to tell you that the Writer is being shown these ghastly last five minutes of life by a deceased Dr. Ghost. Also the Dr. Ghost shows him his own death which happens by the shirtless lover 'side-piece' of Babs Steele's character Elizabeth. How you might ask? By the 'side-piece' ghost lover materializing back from the dead then coming into his room after the Dr. writing something on paper that is in Italian. The lover/side-piece ghost comes in ,uh, shirt-less of course and bites the good Dr. and taking his blood so 'side-piece' can come back and do it all again next all hollow's eve. Then they flash back to Elizabeth/Barbara Steele's sexy character being almost killed by her 'side-piece' lover.

But wait! Before that has its chance to play out, the Blonde Portrait woman kills him , again? Then the Blonde Woman starts making out w/Barbara's Character Elizabeth. Cue the 'BOW-CHICKA-BOW-BOW'-Music, please!

While this is happening, Mss. Steele's character grabs from a nearby Book what looks to be a sharp 'letter-opener' and stabs her other female 'side-piece' lover and kills her. So now the Writer guy, who still single, or is he, wants to forget about the wager/contest to survive the night in 'Blood Castle' and is told to hurry and escape by Elizabeth's/Babs character if he wants to survive, so he follows her to the underground mausoleum, then after hesitation to the front door and all the while trying to drag her w/him outside! She tells him she will never leave cuz of the whole uh, she's already dead thing. She then falls to the ground in the front yard graveyard and then turns to bone or DITA should say a skull wrapped in clothing. He then carries onto to the front gate where he first came in, all the while all the ghosts of the castle are following and telling him they need his blood to come back next year or they'll permanently die, never to come back. That's why they call it 'CASTLE OF BLOOD', my little 'coffin-creepers!'

For 'THE MORE YOU KNOW Clip' ,Click here, Babe> https://youtu.be/GD6qtc2_AQA

Once the handsome single writer makes it the gate and goes out he leans up against the wrought iron gate and............... and he is ....................??????? W-H-A-T? You surely know by now, that DITA almost never tells the ending!

So get to Clicking on the 'DVD or BLU-RAY-Icon' to get your own classic horror Copy tonight, Hon or Simply Stream it now on Amazon-Prime with a giant bowl of popcorn w/lots of butter and 'spider-sprinkles' and couple of 'pumpkin-spice' Carmel Apples, just for two w/the lights off, a fire blazing in the fire place and enjoy another Italian-horror classic from the immeasurable infamous gore-juss gothic beauty Miss BARBARA STEELE!




DITA had never seen this horror delight and thoroughly enjoyed viewing it for the first time in good ole black & white w/'Vamp-Hubby'; B.J. near by and our wonderful Doggie; 'CHILLING CHINA'
running around all the while! DITA is one lucky ghoul-gal to have these three souls in my life, of which don't forget our daughter who's returned to 'horror high' this month, our teenager; 'Pamela-Scream!'

Before DITA forgets their was one scene that I will put on my 'DITA's Things-2-Look-4 List'; witch is the scene where the Writer Man character tries to kill the male 'side-piece' lover with a gun even though he was one of the walking-dead already. During this scene he is chasing him on the stairs and the ghost lover keeps over dramatically dodging and weaving and ducking in the weirdest way that made Dear Old DITA laugh! Watch for it!!!

I, DITA DIRT NAP gives this frightening BARBARA STEELE Flick called; 'CASTLE OF BLOOD' a Score of 2 and half Skulls Out Of A 3 Skulls score, almost perfect but doesn't equal the thrills of her films like; 'NIGHTMARE CASTLE', 'BLACK SUNDAY', 'THE GHOST', 'THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH' and others but is 'Must-See' viewing for this just started New Fall Season aka the 'Autumnal-Equinox!'

Until Next Week, I Blow you Vaccinated w/Boosters 'Chainsaw-Kisses',
(To See that Exact 80's Video inspired by Miss Steele's Beautiful Saucer-Eyes, Click here for; 'PEEK-A-BOO'> https://youtu.be/gGH_16SICL0  )


P.S. Click here to see a BARBARA STEELE TRIBUTE VIDEO; Gothic Girl> https://youtu.be/n6DDP7R6U3Y

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Paramount Pictures Presents;
A Lawrence Gordon-Jerry Belson Production
Directed By; Jerry Belson
Produced By; Lawrence Gordon
Executive Producer; JOEL SILVER
From LEGEND FILMS (www.LegendFilms.com)
Starring; Mark Blankfield as Dr. Daniel Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.
Bess Armstrong (The Mother on 'My So-Called Life' & The Receptionist in John Water's 'Serial Mom'),
Tim Thomerson, Krista Errickson, Michael McGuire & that gal that put the BOOB back into BOOB TUBE;
Cassandra (ELVIRA) Peterson as the funny, Sexy Nurse!!!
Inspired By The ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON Novel 1982 Color Run Time; 87
Min. DVD & Now Streaming on AMAZON!!!

Hey Kids,
Guess what 'JEKYLL & HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN' is DITA's Review 2nite! Brought to you by yours Cruel-ly, the walking, talking Horror/Cult Comedy herself, DITA DIRT NAP! Take a Look at the 'Transformation Clip by Clicking here> https://youtu.be/Y7Nuac_rwgc

First, I must Thank 'Legend Films!' The Producer of; 'The Matrix' & 'Lethal Weapon' Joel Silver, no less!! Love it, love it, love it! To See The Trailer for 'JEKYLL AND HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN', Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/IxZK0VaKz1Q

They used to show this movie on the old 'USA Network's; 'UP ALL NITE' Program Hosted By the lovely, Rhonda Shear back in the mid-80's! DITA loved that show and was a Huge-Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, DITA wants to know when that Show is coming to DVD or which Streaming Service? Hmmmmm? It is on 'You-Tube', just F.Y.I. By the way, DITA would like to dedicate this Review to the woman who introduced it to me back then on USA Network, DEBORAH HONAKER, who had a purple mohawk at that time and a pet rat named 'Too-ey' and a dog called 'Quest' who would only listen to a 'R. & B'. Radio Station called 'MAJIC 108' FM when Debbie left the house! She also was responsible for turning me onto the 80's movie 'C.H.U.D.', as well, DITA reviewed years ago here in the DEN! Ah, the 80's, the good ole' days! Debbie & DITA were party girls back then, Hon! Hi Deb!

'DITA!'; says Derek-the Vampiric Announcer.
DITA; Yes, Derek?
Derek; Your here to Review, NOT, Reminisce, Babe!
Oh, uh, a-hem, right! Any-boo, back to 'J.& H., Together Again!'

The story starts out with the some what conservative Dr. Daniel Jekyll being touted as a brilliant surgeon/scientist who discovers a way to isolate man's 'Animal- Instinct'.  The only problem with that is, it turns him into the 'Party-Animal', MR. HYDE! The fun starts when working late one night in the lab DR. JEKYLL, or as Cassandra Peterson's (Sexy Nurse) character calls him, DR. J.' falls asleep next to the white powdery/glittery substance he's been experimenting on after he'd been eating as well.  Well, as luck would have it, he falls asleep next to a few cold fries and a straw. Then the straw gets pulled into his nose by his snores, one head turn and he's accidentally sniffing the glittery/white powder into his nose. Kids, this is where the fun begins! Dr. Jekyll quickly turns into Mr. Hyde!

This transformation scene is NOT to be missed and is one of the funniest scenes in the film! By the way, DITA reminds you this Cult-Comedy Flick came out in 1982. (Which 2022 Marks it's 40 Year Anniversary of this Cult Horror-Comedy!) You know the days before political-correct-ness! Dr. Jekyll transformation starts with his hair poofed out-to-the-MAX! Dig the groovy 'organ-horror music' that plays during this scene by the by!! Then he does several manic turn-arounds, rips his lab jacket to shreds, then proceeds to grow chest hair, gold chains, complete w/razor blade attached (what that used for, DITA wonders? Hmmmm?) and now has a gold tooth with the word love inscribed in it!  That's not all folks!

Next he pimp struts (a must-see) and butt cheeks tighten, dances around extremely MANIC and hysterically pelvic-thrusts his lab counter, grows a extra-long pinky nail (again kids, don't know what that's used for? Hmmm? 'Studio 54' does come to mind tough!) and gaudy-pimp rings break thru his knuckle skin! Then DITA's' favorite part? His penis begins to grow very large thru his pants!! Before leaving the lab for a memorable night on the town, Mr. Hyde throws a certain lady-conquest's fish-nets around his neck, grabs a baggie full of the glitter/powder shouting; 'LET'S GET DOWN!"

The actor who plays this role looks like he had the time of his life playing and getting into this character and is perfect for the part!! MANIC to the 5th Degree in the most endearing way possible! (DITA has a new crush now!) Too funny!  BTW; The Actor who plays this part so well is MARK BLANKFIELD, who starred on one of DITA's Favorite CULTY 'Sketch-Comedy' Shows, somewhat like S.N.L. ,called; 'FRIDAYS!' To see Mark in that exact Show 'FRIDAYS' playing a hunch-back of Notre Dame ,just Click here> https://youtu.be/y4LQVQ9J3E4  Also Click here to see Mark playing the 'Druggie-Pharmacist'> https://youtu.be/aN5wDK-Z38o  Click here to see Mark Closing the Show; 'FRIDAYS'> https://youtu.be/YxG7NT9OMZo

Now back to this CULT-TASTIC Flick heavy on Comedy......Where's MR. HYDE headed you may ask? To MADAME 'WOO WOO's' Club to pursue a certain afore mentioned lady conquest, SILLY! Her name is IVY! She works at the club as a slutty singer with her band called, are you ready for this? 'IVY & THE SHITTY RAINBOWS!' My, my and you thought PUNK was dead!  There are endless one-liners and scenes so funny, DITA almost wet herself and you will too! There are so many funny scenes in this movie that would take me two weeks to cover, INSTEAD, I will put them in a Outline of; 'DITA's Things-To -Look-For';

* IVY's musical number at 'Madame Woo-Woo's where she sings as her hair, breasts, ass and various other parts of her body light up, when sung about.  No fooling! Part of Her song goes; Light my hair up, light my breasts up, light my ass up and I'll do the rest! WOW! Click here to see her performance w/her Band> https://youtu.be/yf3HtHICVG0

* First sex scene between Ivy & Mr. Hyde that involves her telling him, 'No more wire hangers, e-v-e-r!" and.................... a sheep! LOL!

* 'DIVO' Hats worn by Club Go-ers. 'Whip It Good!

*Woman who gets her breasts done, while her Surgeon gets side-tracked by chatting w/Mr. Hyde there fore letting her breasts grow to 'gargant-chu-when' size. When her surgeon apologizes and offers to down-size them. She speaks one of the funniest lines in the film; No, no don't you touch a thing!  Bernie's gonna l-o-v-e these! Let's go home! As she cups them from underneath and walks out topless!
DITA's Favorite line!

* MR. HYDE calling information and getting annoyed when the operator tells him he save time and money by looking it up in the phone book and he tells her, 'Just give me the number, BITCH! She responds in a nasally-winy voice; All right, all right, I'm looking!!!

* Scene where MR. HYDE moons a nun on his way out of the hospital called 'Our Lady Of Pain and Suffering'! Too funny!

* Cassandra/Elvira/Sexy Nurse character......... all of her scenes. She wears a surgical mask throughout the movie but puts a pair of lips on the mask with lipstick. Later she has blush on the cheek area of her mask and has her surgical scrubs top cut down low to show cleavage and later is exposed in that area by MR. HYDE! Love her!! Hope Elvira Hosts this movie somewhere, some time, some day! Love everything she does and own several 'ELVIRA' T-Shirts, and autographed items by her! Find out what she's up to by the way by going to her gothically-great web site @ www.elvira.com  (BTW: ELVIRA turns 71 this Month of September, Hon!)

*MR. HYDE sniffing out IVY in the super market and throwing, then mounting her on top of the produce, she then says; 'What do you think this is? 'K-MART!' Before this he cools off his smoking crouch with the produce water hose! Too much fun, my little infected 'Spider Bites!'

* Man who ends up donating both his testicles to the rich old fart. He then gets hit in the crotch by MR. HYDE as he skips by!

* Nurse telling MR. HYDE; 'Use me, use me! Take me with you! 'I'm trash!' (Great lines girl says DITA!) DITA will have to try that one on Dracula! Tee-hee!

*Last but not least, the end CHASE scene which they turn into Black & White with a funny roof top scampering scene reminiscent of the original 'Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde'! DITA loves this fun end scene where a love triangle is.........I'll say figure out! Dr. Jekyll's finance is played wonderfully by BETH ARMSTRONG and has great acted comic scenes with Dr. Jekyll!

Sadly, no EXTRAS are included on this disc but was told they wanted to rush this one out! Click on the 'DVD-Icon' in DITA's Review and you'll see why they wanted to rush it for yourself!  Also love the big 80's Soundtrack! You can also Stream it Now on Amazon ASAP!

DITA can't say or cover enough great things about this fun, 'comedy-cult' romp but alas I have certainly tried with another long-winded but descriptive Review of 'JEKYLL & HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN!' This is a great DVD to add to your collection or as DITA mentioned just Stream it on Amazon when your fancy tickles you! DITA has almost worn this one out on my DVD by repeated viewings!!! W-h-a-t? I can always go out and buy another copy to replace it! With a movie as funny as this I definitely would! Thanks again to 'LEGEND FILMS' for bringing this film with a large, and sure to be a growing CULT following, at last to DVD! Kudos!

I, DITA DIRT NAP give 'Jekyll & Hyde, Together Again' a perfect score of 3 SKULLS Out Of 3!!!
Show it at your next 'KILLER PARTY' in the dark!





Until Next Week,
'Vaccinated with a Booster Chainsaw-Kisses,'
DITA ('HYDE'S GOT NOTHIN' TO HYDE') DIRT NAP (Too that Exact Song from this Film, Simply Click here: https://youtu.be/8ZpjsuuOMNw)

P.S. Click here to see THE 'BEST-OF' Scenes from;' JEKYLL AND HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN' as they are Laugh Out Loud > https://youtu.be/CToCYvKUxMA

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