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12 Days of Christmas Horror 2022!

December 13, 2022
"The Holly King" Directed by Scot Michael Walker
"A family with two obnoxious brats moves across the street from a pagan gypsy at Christmas time."

Best Texas Horror Short - Austin Revolution Film Festival
Best Child Actor - Austin Revolution Film Festival
Director's Choice - Fort Worth Indie Flix Showcase
Best Texas Horror Short - Lionshead Film Festival


December 14, 2022
"Santa Claws Is Coming To Town"

Directed by Evan Senger
Who loves a horror film during Christmas?
Santa is coming to visit only he is the one being naughty. Ho Ho Ho! Murdery Christmas!



December 15, 2022
The Devil's Due!
From Carlos Omar De León
On a cold Christmas night, a man's family is put in danger when the devil comes back to collect on a promise.


December 16, 2022
Jingle Bell - Horror Short Film
From Xavier Moiny
Do not stay alone for Christmas



December 17, 2022
SLEIGH! | Horror Christmas Short Film
From Enrique Chiriboga
Jacob tries to keep a tradition alive by throwing a Christmas party for his distant friends.
The night takes a deadly turn when they brush off an antique Christmas board game.
It proceeds to show him his friends aren't who they seem.



December 18, 2022
Silent Night - Christmas Horror Short Film
Written, Directed and Edited by Lawrence Geller
He got on the naughty list.


December 19, 2022
MAD SANTA - Christmas Horror Short
Directed and Edited by Rickey Bird
This is what happens when you do go to sleep on Christmas Eve!



December 20, 2022
Consuming Santa
From BSc Cinematic Arts


December 21, 2022
Sugar & Spice AAHSFF WI First Place
From Winston Verdult


December 22, 2022
What We Became (a zombie Christmas short)
Written, Directed and Edited by Chandler Mays
It's beginning to look a lot like zombies!



December 23, 2022
Christmas On The Moon ___ Short Film
Written and Directed by Lado Kvataniya


December 24, 2022
Tickle Me Santa
From Tomás Donoso
A fun freaky horror short for the holiday season.
Old Saint Nick snaps after snacking on gluten-free cookies and drinking soy milk.



December 25, 2022 Bonus
Starring Jessee Foudray & Milly Sanders
Directed by Matt Thiesen & Justin Lee
When her neighbor refuses to get into the Christmas spirit, a jolly citizen takes matters into her own hands.




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