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Let me first say I Reviewed your Cult-tastic Holiday-Horror Flick/Sequel way back in 2001, almost 10 Years ago now. Needless to say DITA loved this Film and Raved about it back then. It wuz then that you sent me a kind e-mail Thanking me for saying good things about your Film; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT Part 2!' Now since then your Film continues to garner a larger & larger Cult-following, thanks to the Internet, 'You-Tube', Cable, Horror-Mags, Horror Conventions & your 'Face-Book' Page!!! (DITA thinks the NUN-Storyline helped!) I, DITA DIRT NAP, must say, I still love your Film to this day, in fact have shown it, at my Christmas Parties w/great Audience Participation enthusiasm from my Party-Go-ers!

DITA would love for it to be Shown on the 'Big-Screen' again at my Favorite 'Revival-Movie House'.......the New Beverly Cinema's 'GRINDHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL', now owned by Director; QUENTIN TARENTINO!

DITA says; It was shown again w/the Midnight Movie Treatment w/Director; LEE HARRY in 2013. Click here to see that at the NEW BEVERLY CINEMA>

Darell/DITA Question 1.) So LEE, first of all, Thanks a million for granting me this 'Interview' at this busy Holiday-Season time of the year!
My first Question is as a Big-Fan of your Film; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2', are you amazed at the Cult-Following the Film has now developed
over the years, and what do you think of that?

Director/Editor; LEE HARRY-(Answer is... I was certainly surprised (and pleased) when clips started showing up on the internet. The movie had been out of print for years, then Anchor Bay remastered it in widescreen and asked us to do a commentary. Then a lot of new mash-ups appeared on YouTube and people at my office started quoting “Garbage day!”

Darell/DITA Question 2.) Fans like myself, I noticed , seem to love the Part of the Storyline of Billy's little Brother; Ricky played by Actor; Eric Freeman, especially being surrounded by Nuns. This being said, did you know that your Film has now moved into the 'Grindhouse-Film Category?' (Fans can see what Mizz DIRT NAP means by Clicking here to see the TRAILER of; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2'

Lee Harry; (ANSWER) I wasn’t aware of that distinction! I’m proud to be included and I guess I agree that SNDN2 belongs in that category. Perhaps if only because of the sheer amount of gore and nudity. And remember, I’ve always been pretty squeamish.

DITA DIRT NAP; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2' to me is the more Fun & engaging Film out of the 5 Entries in the Franchise because it includes enough Scenes from the Part 1 to make Viewers feel as if they didn't miss any of the 'good-stuff'/'blood-& Xmas carnage' but continues the Story in a very 'Grind-House' style that really delivers the goods such as 'violence & storyline', in a way that you can't take too seriously and ends up giving Fans of Horror a Cinematic 'Christmas-Gift' ,if you will of much more 'Entertainment-Value' in the end, uh, especially the 'End'........of the film! Were you, or are you now aware of that MR. HARRY?

LEE HARRY; I haven’t seen any of the SNDN films that followed (shame on me) but our intention was always to move the story forward and throw in as many crazy killings and stunts as we could afford. I actually had to tone down some of the violence to get an “R” rating.

DITA; Now DITA has noticed that 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2' has taken on a life of it's own on 'YOU-TUBE', with different categories that now include;
That being noted Mr. Lee, did you ever expect during Filming that the Film would garner such attention?

LEE HARRY; Co-writer Joe Earle and I would work in our editing room cutting the film wondering what the reception would be. There was no “internet” at that time but we were curious if it would someday get the midnight-movie treatment.

DITA DIRT NAP; What wuz it like Directing this fun/culty, grind-house Flick?

LEE HARRY; We were under a lot of pressure schedule and money-wise. But the crew was great and professional. D.P. Harvey Genkins keep everyone laughing and moved things along. I had never directed anything with a crew this size and that was daunting. I made a lot of mistakes but it was a fun experience.

DITA DIRT NAP; Wuz there any 'back-lash' with this 'Sequel' to 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT' in the Media or Public, after it's initial Release?

Director-LEE HARRY; Not many people saw it at the time. I think we were only in theaters for a week; and the reviews were terrible.

DITA DIRT NAP; How did you come to Direct this 'Holiday-Horror?'

LEE HARRY; I was working at a post-production house editing low-budget films. The producers of the original SNDN came in and asked if we could “recut” their film and make it seem different enough for rerelease. We proposed shooting new scenes to make it a “sequel.”

DITA DIRT NAP; What wuz it like working with the Cast of Actors, especially ERIC FREEMAN, and did you have any favorites?

LEE HARRY; Everyone was great to work with. Eric was new to films (and I haven’t seen him since) but Liz “Cayton” and Jim Newman helped put him at ease. Except for his eyebrows, apparently. :)

DITA DIRT NAP; Any of the Cast you keep in touch with?

LEE HARRY; My wife and I are friends with Jim Newman (the Doctor) and his beautiful wife Jordana Capra.

DITA DIRT NAP; Is it true this film took only about 10 days to Shoot?

LEE HARRY; Yes; 12-15 hours a day for ten long days. Then we took 2 months to cut it. The composer wrote the music in about a week.

DITA DIRT NAP; My favorite scene in the Film is the 'Show-down' between RICKY/Evil-Santa and the Mother Superior! So DITA has to ask, what your favorite Scene in 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2' ?

LEE HARRY; I like the scenes in the hospital with Ricky and Doc. We used a lot of cool camera techniques and interesting angles. It took two days to shoot those scenes; catering by McDonalds.

DITA DIRT NAP; Now you have worked on other Films such as; 'STREET SOLDIERS', 'THUNDER RUN' & 'WARP SPEED'. Which one of those would you suggest to Fans of your work?

LEE HARRY; Wow, WARP SPEED is one of 5 micro-budget made-for-cable movies I cut back in the early 80s. I hadn’t seen it for years, but just bought the DVD and...well, it was a living. THUNDER RUN was more fun to cut, but again, the big stunt was an 18-wheeler jumping a train and now that’s just a line item in an VFX budget. STREET SOLDIERS was the other movie I directed and I think it’s pretty good for under 1 million. Lots of action, guns and Tae Kwon Do. I have it on laserdisc(!) but I can’t find a 35mm print anywhere. I’d love to remaster it in widescreen cuz the photography is great. Currently, the best example of my work are my trailers.

DITA DIRT NAP; Now you work contently as a Editor. What is it that makes being an Editor so satisfying?

LEE HARRY; The editor ultimately has the final control on how a scene will play. Even though much of our film is over-the-top, I ask that you check out the editing. I think we got a lot of bang for our buck with some clever cutting. Nowadays I work on trailers and it’s a lot of fun playing with footage shot by the best directors and cinematographers.

DITA DIRT NAP; If next year, 'Quentin Taratino's 'GRINDHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL' at the 'NEW BEVERLY CINEMA' here in Hollyweird were to Show your Film on the 'Big-Screen' there, would you be consider doing a 'Q. & A.', as this is the normal routine there?

LEE HARRY; Absolutely. (Update; He did. Mr. Harry appeared there in 2013 and did Q. & A., Hon! Thanks to DITA. LOL!)

DITA DIRT NAP; Are there any 'Horror Conventions' in your coming 2019 Schedule and/or other Projects you'd like to discuss w/Dear old' DITA?

LEE HARRY; I’ve never attended a Horror Convention (I might someday)! But I hope to take a break from trailers to shoot a musical short this spring.

DITA DIRT NAP; How or where can Fans of your work find out more about them or you Mr. Harry?

LEE HARRY; I have a pretty standard Facebook page and IMDB listing. Check out our trailers at .

DITA DIRT NAP; Well LEE HARRY, let me just say 'THANKS' for making this fun/culty Holiday-Horror Flick that I, and many other Fans have an affinity for!!! Your creativity is obviously 'much-appreciated', along with your time you so graciously granted to doing this much-wanted Interview, here in the 'DINING ROOM' at 'COUNT GORE DE VOL'S CREATURE FEATURE WEEKLY WEB PROGRAM!' DITA has much admiration for your Film; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2'
and wishes you & yours a Very 'SCARY CHRISTMAS & A DELIGHTFULLY HAUNTED NEW YEAR FOR 2019!!! Thanks for keeping DITA on your 'NAUGHTY-LIST!'
(That's the only way, I'd have it, kids!!!)

LEE HARRY; Merry Christmas and Happy Garbage Day, Dita! Stay naughty.

DITA; Thanks and a Scary Christmas & A Happy Haunted New Year in 2019, Dear!

Click here to see the Trailer for; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT Part 2'>

DITA wants to remind everyone in Los Angeles, CA. that this Film will be shown again by Popular-Demand and the Newly Renovated NEW BEVERLY CINEMA this Saturday Night at Midnight, of course on 12/22/18! DITA & RENFIELD and possibly 'MAD DR.-D. may be there too, Hon!

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