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J.L. Comeau, The TombKeeper "Welcome to Count Gore De Vol's Tomb of Dark Delights.   I'm J. L. Comeau, horror writer and resident Tomb Keeper.  I have been charged with the daunting task of sorting and cataloging the Count's vast library of horror, science fiction and fantasy.  Take a torch from the wall and follow me down the stone stairway into the darkness deep beneath the Dungeon.  It's cold and damp down here--perfect for the kind of reading we're going to do.  Never mind the shambling figures in the shadows, they're probably just some friends of ours looking for a good book. If you click on the cover, you'll be taken to a wonderful place where you can buy the book.
Now, let's reach into the musty stacks and see what we can find..."

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It’s late spring here at Castle De Vol, and when it’s hot outside I like to chill out and fantasize a bit, so let’s do some fantasy, yo!

WEIGHING SHADOWS by Lisa Goldstein

National Book Award winner for her fantasy novel, THE RED MAGICIAN, Lisa Goldstein’s newest book is a compelling science fiction and fantasy mashup. Ann Decker, a bored computer repair tech who enjoys a little hacking on the side, is walking to work one day when she notices a woman following her. When she finally confronts her stalker, Ann is informed that her services are requested at a new company called Transformations Incorporated. More than willing to shed her present soul-suck of a job, Ann agrees. When she settles into her new position at TI, Ann is astounded to find out that her new company has created a technology that humankind has sought for centuries: time travel. Soon Ann is traveling backward in time to ancient Crete, where she meets a woman who is a mathematician at the wondrous lost Library of Alexandria. But Ann cannot ignore the questions she has about the safety of time travel despite TI’s insistence that it is harmless. Won’t the travelers change the future? And what about the company itself, which is a rather mysterious entity. After the death of a coworker, Ann is warned by her superiors that a group called Core is engaged in an effort to sabotage TI. Ann has begun to worry that something about her new employer is awry when she is sent back in time a thousand years to France as the armies of the Crusade are about to invade. As she awaits the siege with a royal family, she uncovers some stunning information about the company she works for…and about herself. Brilliant in every way, this is an enthralling novel written by a great author of fantasy.


Do you like Jurassic Park? Do you like Game of Thrones? Okay, then, imagine what Game of Thrones would have been like if the warriors were riding—you’ve got it—dinosaurs! In a setting reminiscent of 14th century Europe with all the political gamesmanship and intrigue, dynastic wars between rival families and so forth, Paradise is a beautiful yet brutal land. In Paradise, dinosaurs still roam the land, and every facet of life revolves around them. Some have been tamed and used for beasts of burden, some are docile pets, but the most prized dinosaurs of all are employed as weaponry and war steeds. Imagine knights of the realm mounted on imperial dinosaurs engaged in epic battle for the flags of their kings. Dynasties will rise and dynasties will fall. The world of THE DINOSAUR LORDS is filled with colorful characters of all races, creeds, and orientation, but the central characters in this first novel in a projected series are the dinos that roar into battle with fang and claw. This novel is engaging and lots of fun; reading it made me long for my very own Tyrannosaurus Rex.



Who’s in the mood for some great science fiction from women authors? Me for sure! Let’s do this!

THE DEATH HOUSE by Sarah Pinborough

Although this is being marketed toward a young adult audience, I agree with Stephen King, who says of THE DEATH HOUSE, “…moving and involving, I could not put it down”. This is a marvelously creepy and engaging novel set in a dystopian future in which a group of youngsters have been removed from society and placed into a sort of asylum because a certain marker has been found in their blood. The asylum is called “The Death House”, where the inmates are studied and watched closely for any sign of impending illness associated with their blood tests. When young Toby takes the proscribed blood test at school, he has no idea that he will soon to taken away from everyone and everything he knows and placed into an institution from which he will never emerge. His days are unending tedium because he his someone, among many others, for whom society has no use. All he knows that when he begins to exhibit symptoms of the mysterious illness his blood tests have confirmed, he will be sent upstairs to the Sanitorium to die. Lost and having given up all hope, a new girl named Clara comes into his life. Clara does not accept her fate, as Toby and the others have done, and she pledges to make the most of what life she has, showing Toby that there are choices in life…and in death. Skillfully wrought and deeply moving, Sarah Pinborough creates a world of sadness that offers hope.


KOKO THE MIGHTY by Kieran Shea

If you missed the first installment of Kieran Shea’s kickass Koko series, KOKO TAKES A HOLIDAY, I urge you to get a copy while awaiting this preorder due to be published by Titan Books on August 25! It’s the 26th century, and former corporate mercenary ass-kicker Koko Marstellar and her erstwhile lover and ex-orbital skycop Jedidiah Flynn are trying their best to make their lives work by attempting to run a combo saloon/whorehouse located within the world’s most licentious and violent, um, resort town. But Koko has a bounty on her head (see KOKO TAKES A HOLIDAY, and when bounty hunter Jackie Wire tracks her down, Koko and Jedidiah are on the run again, this time sailing across the Pacific Ocean at breakneck speed toward a destination they are sure is uninhabitable, but…nope. Trouble is waiting for them. Fear not. Koko and Jedidiah are ready for anything, and readers of KOKO THE MIGHTY should be ready for anything, too. Fast-paced, wise-ass, crackling with action and snark, this is a science fiction adventure with style and brio.


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About the Tomb Keeper (Or, who is this person of mystery)

J. L. (Judy) Comeau is an award winning short story writer whose work has appeared internationally in major horror and dark fantasy anthologies such as the Borderlands series, Best New Horror, The Years' Best Horror, the Hot Blood series, and the Dark Voices series in the UK.  She is an active member of the Horror Writer's Association, and she lives in the Washington, DC area where she also teaches short story writing. Click on FIREBIRD to read one of her most anthologized stories.

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