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Directed and Produced by Ed Wood
Starring: Bela Lugosi, Loretta King, Tor Johnson, Tony McCoy, Delores Fuller, Paul Marco aka 'KELTON-THE-COP', and Conrad Brooks.
Film Company: Legend Films
DVD, 1956, Run time 68 mins.

Hi kids, Tis I, “Have chainsaw, will travel” Horror Cult/Hostess, DITA DIRT NAP!

DITA has long been an enthusiastic fan of Ed Wood, imagine that!!!  In fact I started the show DITA's on now ; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN', back in 1999 with a rare Interview w/one of Ed Wood's Troup-Actor's named; PAUL MARCO, who brilliantly played the character; 'KELTON THE COP'.  And last but not least; 'NIGHT OF THE GHOULS' ,originally called; 'Revenge Of The Dead'. w/the Late; PAUL MARCO, who played; 'KELTON THE COP' in all three Cult-films of Ed Wood-Trilogy including "BRIDE OF THE MONSTER' w/BELA LUGOSI. By the way, Hon, Paul was heavily featured in the last Cult-Horror film; 'NIGHT OF THE GHOULS', which DITA has picked the version Hosted by the Infamous, ELVIRA!

DITA fell in love with his determined spirit and overall fun of Ed Wood's movies, actors and over the top scripts as well as fun/silly dialogue. If only DITA could resurrect him back from the grave and be cast in one of his film efforts (I use that term loosely, mind you). Maybe I could star in a proposed re-make of one of his films or at least host one of them for Dug Graves Horror Radio Show and/or RadioHalloween.com. 

Some of you may already know I permanently carry around my own 'GLEN OR GLENDA', kickstand surprise (DITA giggles like a schoolgirl…Satan’s School for Girls). DITA continues her month long tribute to BELA LUGOSI w/'BRIDE OF THE MONSTER', my little 'spider-bites!' Maybe DITA should start up her own line of gothic wedding gowns. Hmmmmm?  The 'DITA DIRT NAP Collection' has a nice wedding bell ring to it, don’t cha’ think?  To see tonight's Review Movie Trailer of 'Bride Of The Monster', simply Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/qqODtpsN9o8

Any-hoo, in 'Bride Of The Monster', we get an eclectic cast with Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, 'Kelton the Cop'/Paul Marco and Loretta King.  Ed Wood’s real life girlfriend at the time, Delores Fuller (played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie) was originally slated to play the bride, but was replaced with Miss King because she had 'moo-lah' to contribute to the backing of the picture). OUCH, poor Delores, hope she wasn’t having a heavy flow day when Ed had to tell her she no longer had the part. Yikes!!!

The picture starts out with mad, Dr. Vornoff, played by Lugosi, living at his creepy estate with LOBO (a giant man servant, played by the lovable Tor Johnson). The MAD doctor is hell-bent on creating an atomic ray that would turn local yokels into super humans. Why, you may ask? To rule the world, silly!!! Haven’t you seen enough of these 1950’s sci-fi flicks to know?

'DEREK; THE VAMPERIC-ANNOUNCER' interrupts: “Don’t forget the tag line, DITA!

DITA: “Quite right, my 'hemoglobin-hottie!!!'  The tag line states :“DR. VORNOFF TAMPERED IN GOD’S DOMAIN!”

With LOBO as his bodyguard Vornoff continues to experiment on whoever aimlessly wanders by the estate. Until Janet/'Girl-Reporter' dramatically crashes her car nearby. She's then abducted by the Mad-doctor, played brilliantly by Bela Lugosi, tries to turn her into an indestructible nymph. His giant man-servant, LOBO becomes smitten with the Bride/Loretta King and everything goes haywire and ends with Lugosi getting steamrolled by a giant paper-mache rock. Then is devoured by the infamous killer octopus who he had to grab by the tentacles and pretend it was eating him, btw. Too funny! The end, abruptly! This 'gore-juss' Colorized Edition DVD is excellent, most importantly, digitally re-mastered and in color also includes a beautiful restored black and white version.  The look of this film, especially the stock footage Ed is known for, is greatly enhanced by the colorization and over all makes it a better looking film in general.  L-O-V-E IT!!! Thank you ever so Legend Films!

Now for the extras on this disc: (which DITA loves!!)
*rare 1950’s interview with Bela Lugosi fresh out of rehab.
*the strongest man in the world featurette about wrestler/actor Tor Johnson
*includes Legend Films Cult trailers of: Ed Wood’s Planet 9 from Outer Space, William Castle’s House on Haunted Hill, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls and my friend, 'The Dildo Lady’s' favorite; 'Reefer Madness' (all colorized versions).

Now here are 'DITA’s Things-2-Look-4':
+classic scene with Lugosi wrestling with a fun/cheesy rubber octopus like his life depended on it (very, culty-cool).
+scene with man being eaten in swamp by a stock-footage alligator (too funny but not meant to be) by-the-by: this scene is greatly enhanced and blends in much better in color.
+any scene with stock-footage remember this is Ed Wood, so there are plenty!!!
+opening scene of the film with spooky house known as the laboratory or creepy estate if you will, complete with fake lightning and thunder. (in DITA’s humble opinion, very effective & memorable too.)
+ new colorized trailer is beautiful, just my two cents, Babe.
+Loretta King and Delores Fuller’s characters exchanging bitchy dialogue in the office. It comes off like a passive-aggressive cat fight.  To see that cat fight just click here: https://youtu.be/AoR1gXdWEjY
To save yourself from DITA’S long winded babble.  Can you feel the bitchiness?
Take note of both actresses standard 1950’s bullet-bras (A-lah Mamie Van Doren check out her out at; www.mamievandoren.com ) making them look like they were shot in the back with missile launchers & about to poke each other’s eyes out. Hey girl hey!!! Meeeeooow!!! Don’t cha’ just love it!!! “C-A-M-P-Y!!!”

Oh this is a fun/culty film that tries hard, if you ignore the somewhat boring/too long scenes. I DITA DIRT NAP, give this colorized-disc 3 Skulls out of a 3 Skull's score. Perfectly re-mastered, culty and beautifully colorized. DITA highly suggests this must buy DVD for hardcore Ed Wood fans!!!  Maybe you’ll be the lucky ghoul who catches my black rose 'BOO-KAY!' Special thanks to Lindsey at Legend Films Publicity Department (www.legendfilms.com  ) for DITA’S screener copy. 

So to get your own Colorized Copy from Legend Films, Simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of it, just to the right of Dear Old DITA's Review, my little January Snow-flakes.



Until next week, when DITA brings you another installment in the Ed Wood CULT-Trilogy; 'PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE'.

'Chainsaw-Kisses' & 'Zombie-Breath',
DITA ('White-Wedding') DIRT NAP
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P.S. Special thanks to 'Lady-J.’ for typing this Review!

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Starring; BELA LUGOSI, Nina Foch,
Frieda Inescort, Matt Willis (As the Werewolf.),
& a very young; Jeanne Bates (Future Star of; ‘MOM!’ witch DITA
Recently Reviewed- She plays the Vampire’s very First Victim. , etc.
Directed By; Lew Landers
Produced By; Sam White
Columbia DVD’s
1944 DVD

Also DITA does a Mini-Cult Review of the New NETFLIX-Series,
Starring; RUPAUL, Called;' A.J. AND THE QUEEN!' Which even has a
Part w/Adrienne Barbeau from; 'CREEPSHOW' & "THE CONVENT!'

Hi Kids,
It’s the ‘Return Of The Bone-Bitch!' DITA DIRT NAP, this time bringing you More LUGOSI and a Mini-Review of a great New TV-Series on Netflix that Stars; RUPAUL!

First I bring you another Culty Horror-Lost Gem called; ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’!!! Of course Starring the One & Only; BELA LUGOSI! This cool, culty, old-fashioned Fright-Flick is now Available on DVD!  Get yours quick by Clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of it now, next to Dear old DITA’s Review, hon!  Makes a great B-Day gift for your favorite 'LUGOSI-Lover', no foolin’!

U see recently, DITA wuz thumbing thru the an old Issue of ‘SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE’ and saw a Article on and about this Lugosi-Horror Gem and decided to Review it for my Lugosi-Tribute for the Whole Month of January, Hon! It was in Issue # 74 that I came across a great Article by; Martin Powell entitled; ‘IN SEARCH OF ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’. DITA liked the Article so much ( which begins on Page; 37.) To see the Trailer for; 'THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE', simply Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/Y9M3rjn0qes

This old-time Monster-Flick starts out with the Vampire’s first beautiful Victim, being attacked, then quickly cuts to a gothic-lly-cool, creepy ,atmospheric fog-covered Grave Yard. When what do we see making it way thru the fog to a waiting Mausoleum, but a somewhat odd looking Werewolf! Hmmm?

Where’s he going, you may ask? To wake up Drac, silly! W-H-A-T? You thought he wuz late for a ‘Mani-Pettie’! LMOL!

You see he has awakened his Master, the Vampire, aka Dr. Armand Tesla. Then quickly there's a 'flash-back', to how poor Drac, bit the dust the first time. This dirty-deed wuz done dirt cheap by a Lady Scientist & a Professor. They sneak in the grave yard after the good Lady Scientist’s young daughter wuz bitten by a Vampire and required a blood-transfusion to survive. AH, sweet revenge. So she thinks! Quickly after this ‘stake-thru-the- heart’ scene before in the Cemetery. Her associate, the good Professor, dies in a plane crash. Huh?? Then Lady Scientist, finds herself, being accused all these years later of; Murder.

Let DITA explain; u see the Authorities don’t believe in Vampires, uh, or Werewolves, for that matter, so they announce that if they go back to the old grave yard from years ago, they believe they should find a steel stake with no body, if she’s to be found innocent. If they find a corpse with a stake thru it’s heart then she will be thrown in jail, uh, like Felicity Huffman. Now in the future scenes, the Lady Scientist’s daughter Nicky, is all grown-up, thanks to the past blood-transfusion.  Meanwhile, back at the ‘bone-yard’, their have been recent ‘air-raids’, that have bombed open some graves, of course including the old Vampires resting place.

Two grave yard care takers discover the Vamp’s body w/the stake still in it. They are there to clean up, so before re-burying him, one of them pulls out the stake. Whooooops!!! This brings the old blood-sucker back to life, uh, this time with an axe to grind to the person who did this to him!  YES, kids, you guessed it, the old Scientist-Lady (FRIEDA INESCORT), with the grown up Sexy daughter played by Actress; NINA FOCH.

Now DITA should mention that back when the stake wuz driven in the Vampire, his spell over his Servant Werewolf wuz broken. The old boy/former werewolf went to work for Lady Scientist and she reformed him from evil. Well as u can imagine, the old boy gets turned back into a Werewolf by bothersome old Drac, and…………back into submission & evil!

The ‘once-again Werewolf’ (played dramatically by; MATT WILLIS.) begins to secretly help the old Vampire ( Played brilliantly by; BELA LUGOSI, as only he can, kids!) find a new Dr, Indemnity, gets him invited to a party at the Lady Scientist house and as expected , all ‘HELL’ slowly breaks loose. Now Armand Tesla/Vampire has also been visiting her grown-up hot tomato daughter at night, uh, in her no garlic room. DITA noticed and again begins to feed on her quickly draining blood. Hmmm?

Is there a show-down between the ‘Lady-Scientist’ and the vengeful old’ Vampire???  Will the Werewolf turn good again or even get ‘HIS’ revenge??? To find out This and much, much more……………just simply Click on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE ‘ tonight!!!

Uh, quickly before the dreaded Vampire-burning Sun comes up!!!

HURRY, umm, he doesn’t have any ‘Sunscreen’ with him, hon!!! LOL! What??? I said, I don’t like to tell the whole Story!

‘And now…………………..’DITA’s THINGS-2-LOOK-4’;

*Scene in the beginning of this fun/fright flick in grave yard with the Vampire & the Werewolf!

* Scenes w/air raids at inconvenient times and places. ( Watch, you’ll see what DITA means!)

* All grave yard scenes! (Very well-dressed scenes that only add to the all-over creepiness!)

* Vampire visiting scenes w/THE ‘HOT-TOMATO’ Daughter of Lady-Scientist! (Love the way Bela whispers to her thru the air and ‘close-ups’ of his mesmerizing eyes.)

* Stand-off Scene between ‘you-know-who’ & ‘you-know-who else’! ( Two sets of characters have these ‘stand-off’ scenes, mind u!)

As for the ‘EXTRAS’; Just the following;



+ Scene Selection

DITA highly suggests this old-fashioned, Culty, Monster Fright-Flick w/my Favorite; BELA LUGOSI

DITA gives it a Score of 2 and ˝ SKULLS out of 3!  One point only taken off cusp it’s not his Original; ‘DRACULA’ (1931)! WHAT, that one can’t be beat even today.  In fact DITA will be Reviewing that Classic Film coming in October-2020!!

Special Shout to my ‘Fiend’ in Horror& Cult, ‘RENFIELD’!!! Hi REN!




Till next time,

DITA (‘Coffin-Shaker’) DIRT NAP
( Too see the gothically-cool Group; ‘THE COFFIN SHAKERS’ Singing their HIT Song; ‘RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’, Just Click here; https://youtu.be/X7GrRQONMuI )

Contact me please at;

P.S. DITA wants to let you know about a great New TV-Series on Netflix w/RUPAUL called; 'A.J. AND THE QUEEN", that is FAN-tastic and has it all. Great Acting by the entire cast including a part w/Adrienne Barbeau from; 'THE CONVENT' & 'CREEPSHOW', etc., The stand-out characters are of course, Rupaul who plays a Drag-queen named; RUBY RED who saves her money for years to open up her own Drag-Club w/her Boyfriend, but he skips town with her money. She is then forced to earn more money by going on the road performing in various states by traveling in her R.V. She finds out quickly that she has a child-stow-away on this long road-trip and the hilarity ensues. The child-actor who plays this part is a brilliant actress by the way, Hon. The other stand-out part is the guy who plays Ruby/Rupaul's Blind Bestie Drag-Queen with a very deep-voice. He steals almost every scene he's in. This in DITA's Humble opinion is Rupaul's Best work so far. DITA thinks it has everything. It has great cast, storyline, music performances/drag performances, as well as being very touching, moving and in the final episode moved dear old DITA to tears. Surely it will quickly be Renewed for another adventurous Season 2. DITA also predicts now that he will win an Award for this one.

Every Episode is like watching a Mini-Movie w/humour and heart and a bit of Cult-camp thrown in for good measure! She even mentions CHUCKY from "CHILD'S PLAY', in the Trailer TV-Spot, kids!

Rupaul's Acting is his best yet. It also teaches lessons about being yourself, love, motherhood, family that's not blood-related and more. You'll want to binge-watch the entire Season. So pop your scare-corn w/spider-sprinkles, order your pizza w/extra road-kill and tire-tracks, sit back and be entertained, Hon! DITA gives it a perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out Of A 3 Skulls score! Watch it tonight, my little wigged-out spider-bites! Take a Look at the TV-Spot Trailer Here, Dear> https://youtu.be/0vauWn6pqKA

As usual, check out these DITA-Suggested sites for more Horror-fun;
www.thenewbev.com  ( ‘Grindhouse Film Fest Schedule & Movie Listings w/dates , here in L.A. at the ‘NEW BEVERLY CINEMA’. L-o-v-e it!)
www.vinelanddriveintheater.com  ( Here in LA., CA.)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Located in trendy Downtown L.A., CA.)
www.imdb.com  ( Too see the full artsy Original Trailer of; ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’ and more of LUGOSI’s Work!!! )
www.cinespia.org  ( Too see Movie Listings for the new Summer Season-2020 of Outdoor Movies shown at my Resting place & VAMPIRA’s. ‘HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY’. U haven’t ‘lived’ until you’ve seen a Horror Flick shown in a Grave Yard!!! DITA highly recommends!!! 3 Skulls!!!)


aka 'Vampire Over London'
Produced & Directed By; JOHN GILLING
Filmed In England. 1952 DVD

Greetings, 'My Little Spider Bites',
DITA DIRT NAP here again bringing you a special 'Horror/Cult-Comedy Treat this week-end with the rare cult-gem from the U.K. entitled, 'MY SON THE VAMPIRE' with the one
& only BELA LUGOSI! In Fact, DITA will be bringing you BELA LUGOSI-Flicks for the entire Month of January this New Year, Hon!

It also Stars British Star, ARTHUR LUCAN, who gained large popularity in his 'OLD MOTHER RILEY' Film/Series, somewhat similar to the U.S.'s 'Abbott & Costello Meets'-Movies!  That was enough to hook 'Dear Old'' DITA'. Arthur Lucan played his 'Old Mother Riley' character in 'Drag' as a 'old Irish scrub woman' and Starred in his Film Series as the character is fun films such as 'OLD MOTHER RILEY', 'OLD MOTHER RILEY'S GHOST (which DITA will Review in the future.), 'OLD MOTHER RILEY IN PARIS', & 'OLD MOTHER RILEY's CIRCUS', etc.  Arthur Lucan to Mizz DIRT NAP is an unsung 'Cult-Star' and Comedian who Films have just been made into a DVD Collection available on Amazon.com as well.  Ahead of his time, wuz ARTHUR LUCAN. DITA can't praise his work enough! To see a Trailer-Clip from; 'MY SON THE VAMPIRE', Click here> https://youtu.be/Y4azi9RarUM )

In fact to see a Tribute to Mr. Lucan as 'Old Mother Riley' just click here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSbvCyvWWZA

For everything Bela, which is a fun, culty lot just go to; www.belalugosi.com  (DITA suggests 'NOT' skipping the very cool, creepy creepy, atmospheric Intro on this site, kids!!!)

'MY SON THE VAMPIRE' starts out with a beautiful dark haired woman exiting a Ship, when suddenly she is abducted and thrown into a speeding car. Then the Mad Doctor sends his 'henchman' after poor Tilly & Mother Riley as they escape underground, then back up into the old house for a 'Slap-stick' chase scene, where old Mother Riley even fights them swinging on a chandelier as Tilly begs her to come down from there, and to please not leave her alone with the Lugosi 'brutes'.

Mother Riley escapes and then steals a old cop car that she has to crank up first to try and stop the mad Dr. from going to the Ship to get the hidden uranium to make his 50,000 Robots to rule the world, uh, remember. Is the Vampire stopped the 'meddling-kid', you know, uh, Mother Riley or does he turn into a bat and fly away??? I'll never tell!!!

This movie is filled with 'slap-stick', comedy 'high-jinks', a deathly charismatic Vampire & the comedic talent of Arthur Lucan which makes DITA give it 3 Skulls Out Of A 3 Skulls Score!!!

Now for some 'Back-Story' on the Making of this Culty, little 'guilty-pleasure'!  DITA has long been a Fan of this Film and will definitely be Hosting it, as it is a P.D. Film, sometime on my Show, 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN', etc. I first heard about this obscure Film back in 2000 when I had People on my Show from 'CULT MOVIES MAGAZINE' and found out that there is more than one Version of it. I was told that one Version has more Lugosi scenes & the other has more Arthur Lucan scenes. Hmmm? This film came about to be made when Bela Lugosi was Touring with the Stage Play of 'DRACULA' again, in England. While there, he and his wife ran out of money to get back to the U.S., so in order to make money to get back, Lugosi signed on with Lucan to do this very film. DITA says 'thank god' he did!
It turned out to be the most popular Film in the 'Old Mother Riley' Series and was the Last one finished before Mr. Lucan died.

Although, as a 'side-note', one more 'Mother Riley' Film was to be made by Arthur Lucan after this one and was to be called 'OLD MOTHER RILEY GOES TO MARS!' DITA would have loved to have seen that one!!!  Also while Attending the 'CULT MOVIES CONVENTION' in October of 2000, DITA met the Author of the very cool, rare, Book that chronicles Lugosi's 'DRACULA'-Tour in the 50's in England and the making of this DITA-Fave' Film, 'MY SON THE VAMPIRE' AKA  'VAMPIRE OVER LONDON' and also known as 'OLD MOTHER RILEY MEETS THE VAMPIRE'!  The Book is of course called 'VAMPIRE OVER LONDON'-Bela Lugosi in Britain By; FRANK J. DELLO STRITTO & Andi Brooks, from 'CULT MOVIES PRESS'!  To see the Author, Mr. DELLO STRITTO, Discussing the this Book in LONDON, Click here> http://youtu.be/AooIHohgDUw

Also, just for you 'Die-Hard-Lugosi FANS', Here is the 'Blurb' about the Book as it Appeared in a 'Cult-Movies Magazine' Ad, verbatim; In 1931 Bela Lugosi became world-famous playing Count Dracula. In 1951 he disappeared for 8 months. Fifty Years later, the records were found. Lugosi's last, hurrah, his last grasp at greatness. Along with the Filming of 'VAMPIRE OVER LONDON'. A must for the Lugosi Fan!

WOW!!! Very cool stuff! DITA highly recommends this great Book which is very detailed, almost down to the kitchen sink! If you can afford it in this economy, kids, just click on the 'BOOK-Icon' next to Dear Old' DITA's Review and get your 'cold-blooded Copy' Tonight!
DITA Gives it a 3 SKULLS Score as well!

For those who want to just read about it can search for Article written about the Book in 'Cult Movies Magazine' Issue NO.# 34, Entitled, 'LUGOSI INVADES ENGLAND' either on www.amazon.com  or just order the 'Back-Issue' # 34 with 'Frankenstein' on the Cool Cover @ http://cultmoviesmagazine.com

Now as for 'Extras' Included on this Image Entertainment disc, just one, but at least it's a Trailer of the Film.
+Original Theatrical Trailer (It's not mentioned as a Extra on the Back Cover though. Hmm?)
At least, I said. A Interview with both Stars would have been nice as well as Both Version of the Films that DITA mentioned. 'W-H-A-T?' I'm just sayin'.

Also my 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4-LIST' as follows;
*Scene where Mother Riley sings, 'Lift A Finger, Hush, Hush, Toot Sweet', in her Shop to the Rent-Collector!
* Scene where Mother Riley meets 'The Vampire' both scooting down on bench Scene, uh, till she falls off and she would say, 'hurts her brisket'!  She also just before this scene gets caught by Lugosi flapping her arms like a bat, by Lugosi while looking at a picture of a bat that he tells her is his brother. Tee-hee!
*Any and all chase scenes with the 'stolen police car' and later a bike. When in the car, she barely misses most of the cars on the road & climbs on the hood and tries to fix the engine while driving! (Atta-girl!!!)
* Scene where Mother Riley Slides down Stair case banister.
*Scene where Mother Riley discovers Kid-napped 'Uranium-Lady' wrapped like a Mummy, watches her sit up like a dead body with still-active nerves, and jumps out the window, then rewinds in backwards motion to tell the Lady. she going for help and not to go anywhere, cuz she'll be back! LOL!
* Bomb-Fuse Scene, hilarious!
* Most of Old Mother Riley's 'catch-phrases' sprinkled thru-out this fun film along with her physical-comedy' fidgeting in most scenes.

DITA could wax on and on about this 'culty, slapstick, horror-comedy' but will stop here as you all know what a 'long-winded ghoul I can be when I'm feeling passionate about one my 'Fright-Flick' Picks such as 'MY SON THE VAMPIRE'! 'No-foolin'!!!

So get to clicking on that 'DVD-Icon' next to my Review to get yours Tonight to watch while your having your 'Bangers' & 'Mash'!!!
'LONG LIVE LUGOSI! 'Uh, in spirit, my little 'coffin-creepers'!




Until then,

(Click here hon to see that exact Video from; "BAUHAUS', entitled; 'BELA LUGOSI's DEAD"> https://youtu.be/ZU_VqNiy1vo )

Contact me at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

This week's suggested sites for 'MY SON THE VAMPIRE' aka 'VAMPIRE OVER LONDON' are;
(For Actor; Arthur Lucan Info! DITA highly suggest web surfing for everything 'MOTHER-RILEY'! Love-it!!!) A Special Hello From DITA to her Buddy 'RENFIELD' aka Dave Dobrow. Also hello to; 'CAMPIRA & 'BILLY-RAY!' As Always Special 'Chainsaw-Kisses' to my Loving, caring 'B.J.'!!! As usual ,here other DITA-Suggested Sites for more Horror-Fun as Follows;
www.vinelanddriveintheater.com  (In LA., CA.)
www.shoutfactory.com  (DITA Like-y!)
www.somethingweird.com  (Excellent CULT-Movies DVDs!)
www.cinefamily.org  (Hollyweirds Infamous ;'SILENT MOVIE THEATER', NOW Showing Horror & Cult Talkies!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to DUG GRAVES HORROR-RADIO SHOW Every Friday Night, Dear!)



From; 'Brentwood Home Video'
Directed By; Wallace Fox
Produced By; Sam Katzman &
Jack Dietz (Banner Productions)
Starring; The Forever Iconic; BELA
LUGOSI, Luana Walters, Tris Coffin,
Elizabeth Russell, Minerva Urecal, Angelo, Joan Barclay, Kenneth Harlan, Gwen
Kenyon, etc.
DVD 1942

Hello Again, My Little 'Phantom Creeps'!
Yes, it's me again, your 'BAUHAUS' Horror-Groupie & all around 'Bone-Bitch', DITA DIRT NAP! Hope your New Years was grand!

Right Derek; "The Vamperic-Announcer?'

Derek says; 'Vonderful', now get back to your Review, uh, or at least start, Bitch!'

DITA; 'Play Dead, Derek! Oh wait, you already are!' 'Woof!'

Now, the movie DITA has chosen for this week is BELA LUGOSI's; 'THE CORPSE VANISHES' from his infamous stint with 'Monogram Pictures!' First a special 'THANKS' to my good friend, 'RENFIELD' for my 'Fright-Flick' pick this time.  A past Xmas gift of a 'BELA LUGOSI' collection on DVD. 10 'Culty movies in all, and this is one of them! It's called; 'THE CORPSE VANISHES' with Bela Lugosi! Thanks REN!!!' Click here to see the Trailer for this Cult-tastic Fright Flick w/Mr. Lugosi> https://youtu.be/_LcN27MFrgk

This movie is excellent from beginning to end! An old-fashioned 40's Low-Budget Horror/Mystery' Flick that really delivers the goods!  Let DITA first just say, I have long been a 'Fan' of Mr. Lugosi (belalugosi.com) and will Review many more Flicks of his in the future & air some on my Show, 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' as well.  Especially 'WHITE ZOMBIE' & 'THE DEVIL BAT'! 'Old Mother Reilly Meets The Vampire', will also be shown.

Any-who, Lugosi's commanding presence and hypnotic speaking voice w/undead-sexy accent, are on full display in this fun little film!  The story starts out with a 'Bridal-Theme' (u know DITA likes that.) of Brides dropping dead, 'RIGHT' at the alter!  Right after, the 'bodies' vanish 'en route to the morgue! 'Hmmmmmm!'  One after another until a Lady Cub-Reporter starts to slowly get the scoop. Lugosi character, Dr. Lorenz (a mad scientist) & his 'moany-groany, bitchy, bipolar wife, Countess Lorenz have hatched a scheme of sending 'deadly orchids' to the 'Brides-2-Be' just before they take that walk down the aisle. Lugosi/Dr. Lorenz always snatches the 'dead-brides' along with his 'little-person buddy, Toby & his 'Igor-like-hunchback/henchmen'. He then extracts fluids from their glands to inject into his wife, the Countess to keep her young looking, even though she is 70 or 80!

So that's Cult Movie-Queen MAMIE VAN DOREN's secret to looking young & beautiful @ 88. Hmmmm! That reminds me to make another 'Botox' appointment with Dr. Calcium-Deposit. What??? I have another Birthday coming up later in 2020, kids!

The Lady Cub-Reporter wants to get the full scoop on Dr, Lorenz and his 'snappish' wife so she spends the night with them and all in the creepy house, 'hell-breaks-loose'!!!  Too make a long story shorter, here are 'DITA's Things-2-Look-4' List;

* Scene where Lugosi's character slaps his Maid for bitching about him killing her love-sick, 'hunchback' son. She later stabs him with a dagger.
* Scene at the very end where almost everyone at the 'creepy-estate' ends up...........................?
* Scene where 'Lady-Reporter' goes creeping around the old house of horrors. She sees the Mad Doctor kill his own 'Hunchback/Igor' Assist in the dark & finds the Mausoleum of 'dead-brides'.  Are they really dead or just overdosing on 'ambien'? Hmmm?

Well kids, you know DITA never wants to tell the whole story, so take my advice & click on the 'DVD Icon' , next to dear old' DITA's Review and get yours tonight!!! Watch it with your favorite 'Blood-Sucker' on a stormy night, 'plopped-down' together on your favorite 'BAT-skinned covered 'futon' with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, with 'spider-sprinkles' , of course.

Oh, one last blurb' on the ending storylines of this cool, culty, 'fright-flick'. The 'Lady Cub-Reporter' after getting her big scoop, promptly quits her job and marries the 'good' other Dr. in the film!  Really??? After all that?

Oh, well, two of my favorite things in a good, well-paced, nice, affective, Musically Scored 'fright-flick'. A high 'body-count' & mystery solved...................'because of 'these' meddling kids!!! 'BOO-YA!!!'

DITA gives Bela Lugosi's 'THE CORPSE VANISHES' 3 Skulls Out OF 3! Perfect for this classic Horror Flick w/atmosphere to spare!



The Only 'Extras' on this cool disc collection of which the other films included are (Other flicks will be Reviewed from this Collection in the coming future, my little 'spider-bites!);
+The Devil Bat
+White Zombie
+The Gorilla
+Black Dragons (Very Culty!)
+Human Monster
+Scared To Death (Silly/Fun!)
+Mysterious Mr. Wong
+The Death Kiss
+Boys From Brooklyn

Wow!!! Thanks again 'RENFIELD'!!!

"Chainsaw-Kisses' till Next Week
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