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Directed by: RONNY YU!!! ('The Bride With White Hair', etc.)
Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Katherine Heigl, Nick Stabile and John Ritter.
Film Company: Universal Pictures
BLU RAY, 1999, run time 1 Hr. 29 minutes

Hello Again, my little Black & Orange 'Trick-Or-Treaters!' DITA DIRT NAP your 'Horror/Cult'-Hostess w/the 'most-est' in all the right rotted and bone-y places! I bring you Mr. Yu's Horror-Opus and COUNT GORE's Favorite; 'BRIDE OF CHUCKY,' Directed by RONNY YU, himself!!!

Now Dearly beloved; 'LADY -DIRT NAP' gathers you all here tonight to celebrate the 22 Year Anniversary of “BRIDE OF CHUCKY.” I hope you ghouls will enjoy being 'June-Brides', next year in 2022. Let me throw out my first black rose-bouquet. DITA promises there will be more in this entire Month leaving a trail of blood, not rice, down the blood spattered isle.

This fun film is 22 years old already and was from the afore mentioned Hong Kong director: RONNY YU. For those of you who don’t know he made the 'Cult-Tastic' Asian Flick that DITA has reviewed before here in 'Dita's-Den'; “THE BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR', See the Trailer for; 'The Bride With White Hair Part 1 here>https://youtu.be/eHMi6fTOuic

“BRIDE OF CHUCKY” starts with JENNIFER TILLY’s character TIFFANY rescuing CHUCKY’s remains from the last movie.

To see the horrorific trailer of “BRIDE OF CHUCKY” click here>https://youtu.be/I-WZYQ6nABA

Don’t cha’ just love it?

'DEREK THE VAMPIRIC-Announcer' interrupts: “DITA I’m going to keep you on track this time, so get back to the story BITCH!!!  I say that with love.”

DITA says: Right you are my little fanged-coffin creeper!

After some stitching and “VOO DOO FOR DUMMIES” is performed in Chucky's Bey; TIFFANY's cool-ass gothic MARTHA STEWART style trailer, CHUCKY is brought back from the dead! TIFFANY is CHUCKY’s girlfriend from when he was still alive in human form as a serial killer. When TIFFANY finds out that CHUCKY had no plans of marrying her from the beginning, she gets perturbed and locks him in a play-pen with a bridal doll. She then proceeds to take the traditional (and expected) blonde bombshell bubble bath. Meanwhile, CHUCKY has broken free from his play-pen. Before DITA goes any further with the story line, I must tell you how much I love JENNIFER TILLY’s performance as CHUCKY’s bride to be…..right down to her overflowing boob dress (ready to pop at the seams, mind you!).

DITA must mention how appropriate it is that CHUCKY’s 'Gal-Pal' lives in a trailer….down by the river!!!  Where else would you expect her to live?

Back to the movie…….CHUCKY is seen dragging the bridal doll down the hall to the bathroom where TIFFANY is appropriately watching......BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN in her bathtub and she is right at the part where the MONSTER is telling the Bride that he and she are better off and throws the switch blowing up the laboratory. CHUCKY throws the TV in the bathtub which is one DITA’s favorite scenes.

The TV floats to the top still showing the image of the Bride screaming, while TIFFANY is being electrocuted to death. Of course CHUCKY grabs the VOO DOO FOR DUMMIES book and begins resurrecting his Bride’s Soul into the Doll. Once inside the doll body TIFFANY makes some cool changes to her new doll body. Blonde hair, heavy gothic makeup, complete with purplish-black lipstick, spider web stockings, combat boots, nameplate necklace, and a little black leather motorcycle jacket .  Great look, I must say.

They then decide to make a road trip to the grave yard where CHUCKY’s original body is buried to retrieve the amulet he was wearing when he was gunned down. The amulet will help them transfer their souls to human bodies you see. DITA will stop right there, so as not to tell the whole story.

Now for the mostly entertaining EXTRAS included on this DVD:

*'MAKING THE BRIDE OF CHUCKY' entitled 'SPOTLIGHT ON LOCATION' (This DITA found very enticing and interesting just for the knowledge it reveals of the hard work and complications that all go into puppetry. Frightfully, DITA is just saying that for ME, it completes my total movie enjoying experience.

*The second is the 'JENNIFER TILLY-Diary' of working on the film that is included it as an extra on the disc! Thank you to UNIVERSAL! Also the trailer included for the movies is enjoyable. DITA likes all the extras included but wishes there were taped interviews with the cast and director)

*Production Notes

*History of CHUCKY (Very interesting but are only written text. A cool documentary would have been much better for real fans of the CHILD’s PLAY Franchise.)

*Audio Commentary by Director RONNY YU! (Love this Feature the Best! DITA Squeals! (Spelled Wrong. Whoops. LOL!)

*Audio Commentary by JENNIFER TILLY, BRAD DOURIF, AND DON MANCINI. (Very cool, interesting, informative and it seems like the cast is having fun reminiscing  about making the film. JENNIFER TILLY is head at one point stating that they already had cool ideas for the next film, which was the sequel THE SEED aka SON OF CHUCKY!!! Which DITA did 'not' like!!!)

DITA will say that this ghoul had a great time re-watching this fun film on a Streaming-Service! It’s such a fun addition to the CHILD’S PLAY films and DITA can only hope Universal’s will finally get the 'go-ahead' after all these years for planned; 'CHUCKY VS. THE LEPRECHAUN', P-L-E-A-S-E!!!)

Also DITA wants you all to know the NEW CHUCKY-TV SERIES on SyFy Channel has recently begun and is fantastic! It Airs every Tuesday night on both Channels.

The 'CHUCKY COLLECTION' is also available on Amazon. COM. and All Streaming Now on Amazon-Prime.





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To get your Own 'Bloody-Bridal Copy of RONNY YU'S; 'BRIDE OF CHUCKY' on BLU-RAY, Just Click on the 'BLU-RAY-Icon' next to Dear Old DITA's-Review here.

DITA gives this Campy-Cool 'Bridal-Themed Horror Flick a perfect 3 SKULLS Out Of A 3 SKULLS Score, my highest!

“THE BOSTON GLOBE” said it best about “BRIDE OF CHUCKY”…..”A clever horror/comedy that doesn’t skimp on the chills!!!”  Also, fun references to MARTHA STEWART from CHUCKY and TIFF!

P.S. Click here to see ELVIRA's Song witch includes 'CHUCKY', entitled; 'MONSTA-RAP'> https://youtu.be/mqG2CI2_B6g

Til Next Week DITA Blows you, Uh, Um, I mean DITA Blows You Vaccinated-“Chainsaw-Kisses with a Moderna Touch'/You May Now Kiss the Bride”, uh, if your Vaccinated, Hon! (www.vaccinateAll58.com  )

To see 'DITA-Fave; 'BILLY IDOL’s 80'S Classic; 'WHITE WEDDING' By Simply Clicking Here, for the 'NEWLY-DEADS'>https://youtu.be/Pd3eAI_lB88 )

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 'CHUCKY' TV Series
Created and Directed by; DON MANCINI
Starring; Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler,
a teen boy who encounters Chucky during a yard sale.
Brad Dourif is B-a-c-k, as the voice of Chucky,
and Jennifer Tilly as Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine,
Chucky's former lover and partner in crime.
Premiered October 12th, 2021
Airs Tuesdays on Both The SyFy Channel & USA Network
DITA would also like you to know that all the 'CHILD'S PLAY' Films
including 'CULT OF CHUCKY' which this TV Series serves as a Sequel
to are Now Streaming on AMAZON PRIME.

Hello again my little 'Halloweenies'. Tis I, your Halloween Horror/Cult Diva, DITA DIRT NAP!

This week DITA has decided to Review the awesome Cult-Tastic NEW TV Series from the USA Network & The Sy Fy Channel aptly titled; 'CHUCKY'. Now this 'scare-riffic' New TV Series is an American black comedy slasher television series adaptation created by Don Mancini and based on the Child's Play film franchise. It premiered on Syfy and the USA Network on October 12, 2021.  It also serves as a sequel to Cult of Chucky , the seventh film in the franchise.

Also as a part of 'DITA DIRT NAP's DOUBLE-DD's Reviews' this Scary Month of October, I will also bring you and Old Review of DITA's Favorite 'CHILD'S PLAY' Flick witch is; 'BRIDE OF CHUCKY' which you can also read here in 'DITA's-DEN' along with a 'Mini-Review' of the 'Queen Of Halloween's' Culty little Flick; 'FILMGORE' Now Streaming on 'TUBI-TV', witch is a Free Streaming Service that DITA loves. Just as a 'Side-Note', they also Stream all DITA's Favorites from 'FULL MOON PICTURES', Hon!

DITA will start with that exact 'Mini-Review' of  ELVIRA's; 'FILMGORE', but first 'LADY-DIRT NAP wants to watch some 'Halloween-Season' Trailer of things in Theaters Now like; 'ADDAMS FAMILY 2' By Simply Clicking here> https://youtu.be/946LiJiMQrQ 

Also one DITA has been waiting for since last year and is seeing this very Weekend w/my 'Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.' for his Birthday which happens to be tonight 10/16/21, 'HAPPIEST OF BLOODY BIRTHDAYS' to you, Dear!






The Film we are seeing this Weekend is of course JAMIE LEE CURTIS's; 'HALLOWEEN KILLS', which DITA will do a 'mini-review' of coming next weekend my little black & orange spider-bites! Simply Click here to see the Trailer for; 'HALLOWEEN KILLS'> https://youtu.be/OUwVHX3242M

Now take a look at a Clip of ELVIRA in 'FILM GORE' by Clicking Here, Dear> https://youtu.be/o4UrkdZzEbQ

DITA would also like to draw your attention to the first horror-comedy out for 'DITA-Fave; 'THE MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION' N-O-W Streaming on 'DISNEY-PLUS' as it entertains in this 'Halloween-season.' Click here to see the Fun/Scary TV Spot filled w/Celebs of; 'THE MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION'> https://youtu.be/sN_m0GeeCTg

Now for DITA's 'MINI-Cult-Horror Review' from the Underground, available on Amazon on VHS & DVD & BLU-RAY! Also NOW Streaming on TUBI-TV!

This is a great Early-peek into the 'Horror-Host' beginnings of her long, spook-filled Career! She looks really hot, and delivers lines w/fun abandon among the interesting, cool, artsy-creepy horror Sets on a budget, which look like, possibly Taped at 'Uncle-Forry's' old 'Acker-Mansion'.  Hmmmm? DITA doesn't know this for sure, but would like to know where these Segments were Filmed at???
This Film wuz done by the infamous; CHARLES BAND, the Owner of DITA-Fave; 'FULL MOON PICTURES!'  Hopefully 'LADY-DIRT NAP' will give a full, more detailed DVD-Review of it in the future.

Until then DITA gives it a 3 Skulls Score, even though it does go on for a long 'horror-clip' journey. Not a problem for this 'Halloween-Obsessed' Gore-Ghoul Gal! 'FILM GORE' Hosted By ELVIRA! 'Check it out'..............'FILM GORE' Hosted by ELVIRA is N-O-W Streaming just in time for the 'Halloween-Season on TUBI-TV!  If you like to get your own Copy of ELVIRA'S; FILM GORE on DVD or Blu-Ray, simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' or the 'Blu-Ray'-Icon of either next to DITA's Review tonight here, Hon.

Also Check out the TV-Spot for ELVIRA'S 'NETFLIXS AND CHILLS' where she plays a 'Therapist' called; 'DR. ELVIRA' by Clicking here> https://youtu.be/QLq6r2PWrSc

DITA has also good news about 2 Channels that are Now Airing ELVIRA'S 2 Incarnations of her Show; 'MOVIE MACABRE'. One Channel called; 'SHOUT FACTORY TV' which is Now Airing Episodes of the Original; 'MOVIE MACABRE' from the 80's. Click here to see that TV Spot> https://fb.watch/8DDN94dkxM/

And the Other is ELVIRA's 2010 Versions of; 'MOVIE MACABRE' witch are all Now Airing on 'COMET TV' On Fridays @ 6 p.m.  Click Here to see that TV Spot> https://fb.watch/8DEdoe7oy-/

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Now onto my 'Mini-Review' of 'CHUCKY' The TV Series NOW Airing TUESDAYS on the SYFY CHANNEL & the USA NETWORK!'

This very cool TV Series starts out with JAKE WHEELER played nicely by Teen-Actor; ZACHERY ARTHUR buying an old CHUCKY-Doll for only 10 dollars at a yard-sale. Now JAKE is from a Single parent home with a Dad who is now an Alcoholic and eventually gets physically abusive w/JAKE who is also a Gay Teen. DITA loves the PILOT-Episode and even more her Producer/Creator/Agent Darell Erazo related to this subject of a gay-teen who was physically abuse starting at the young Age of 13 just like the character in this well-written New Horror TV Series.
BTW, the character JAKE is also 13 and this character of JAKE is based in the real-life of the Shows Writer/Producer/Creator; DON MANCINNI! Take a Look at the TV Spot for 'CHUCKY' by Clicking Here>https://youtu.be/gqvqeZNaK3I

This show is terrific thinks DITA and left me not being able to wait to see Next Weeks Episode that looks even juicier and will introduce the familiar character of TIFF, Chucky's Bride as well as partner-in-crime played once again in this series by the talented and 'gore-juss' JENNIFER TILLY! DITA can't get enuff of good ole' evil TIFF, Hon! In this Pilot you are introduced to JAKE's world at school where he's constantly bullied especially by a 'cookie-cutter' 'mean-girl' Actress; Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, one of Jake's enemies and Junior's girlfriend. JUNIOR is btw JAKE's Cousin who seems to be somewhat of a dick, in DITA's humble opinion.

Also there's Actor; Björgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, Jake's 'gay-crush'. Jake at the beginning of the Show is a creative artist type who sculps Art out of old doll parts. Quickly his dad goes into an alcoholic rage one night after having his Brother, his Wife and their son JUNIOR, Jakes shady Cousin over for dinner where the subject of Jakes Sexuality comes up. Jakes ass-wipe of a Dad goes into Jakes room and destroys an Art Sculpture he's been working on, I believe for Art-Camp that later we find out the family can't afford for JAKE to go to. As well at school JAKE gets invited by his Crush to see him perform in the school talent show. 

Well, first off let dear old DITA fill in a few things I left out and give you 'all' my Readers a Reminder that if you haven't watched this series first episode yet, 'don't read my review of it', yet, so you can find out for yourself.

One of the things DITA left out was that the 'mean-girl' character; Lexy, has it out for JAKE and well as she gets detention for sending a 'group-text' to his class mates while at school about raising a go-fund me' page for him cuz he made the mistake of telling her he was trying to sell his yard-sale find' CHUCKY-Doll. You see she takes it as he must be poor if he's trying to sell his belongings, uh, not really thinks DITA, I think LEXY's just a Bitch in general, Hon! Any-Boo, once CHUCKY comes to life he sees that LEXY needs to be put on his 'shit-list'. So later at the Talent Show of witch LEXY is the Host, of course, she tries to humiliate JAKE at the afore mentioned talent show but CHUCKY puts a stop to that by pretending to throw his voice from JAKE's mouth in the audience. JAKE then comes on stage holding CHUCKY and pretending to doing a ventriloquist act for the Talent Show.  Little does LEXY know that CHUCKY now has her cell phone that she dropped at school and thru JAKE's mouth starts to go thru her phone on stage reading her texts, talking about what she has on her phone that's embarrassing as well as telling the school that she had 'googled' 'Peek-A-Chew' Porn!
Too funny thinks DITA!!! Any way, DITA loved that scene.

Now later after JAKE's dad who has just hit JAKE for the first time, and keeps trying to get rid of the CHUCKY-Doll, goes down in the basement to turn the power back on as it has mysteriously went out. Hmmmm? DITA wonders how that happened? Jake ass-wipe of a Dad tries turning the power back on at the Fuse-Box but CHUCKY is in the dark basement waiting for him, while JAKE is upstairs in his room upset over his father hitting him. Then CHUCKY who has told JAKE more than once that he's his friend to the end, shows up in the dark basement and starts spewing an unknown wet fluid out of his evil little mouth and onto the basement floor at JAKE's Fathers feet while he's holding onto the afore mention, uh, the afore mentioned??????? Well Kids, as you know by now DITA never likes to tell the whole story, so tune yourselves to start watching this very promising New Horror-Series from the Ever-Fantastic; DON MANCINNI Now Airing on both the SY FY CHANNEL & the USA NETWORK!

Also as afore mentioned check out any of the 'CHUCKY'-Movies aka 'CHILD'S PLAY' Flicks NOW Streaming for this Merry, Scary Month of 'Shock-Tober' on AMAZON-PRIME including the One DITA Reviewed here in 'DITA's-DEN' cuz its 'my' Favorite so far, although DITA also recommends watching the one entitled; 'CULT OF CHUCKY', as one of the characters from it ,Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, a paraplegic woman who, since the events of 'Cult Of Chucky', has been possessed by Chucky., has been wisely brought into this fang-tastic, well-written, well-casted NEW TV Series simply called; 'CHUCKY!' This New Horror TV Series is really entertaining and well thought out and will , like me, leaving wanting to see more on a weekly basis, my little 'coffin-creepers!'

DITA enjoyed very much watching the TV Series; 'CHUCKY' and Highly Suggests you all tuning this Coming Tuesday Night for More as well as the 'can't-wait-for her arrival' of CHUCKY's Evil/Fun Bride TIFFANY aka the ever titillating JENNIFER TILLY! Side-Note ;DITA thinks JENNIFER should have been cast in the now old fun flick; 'BLOOD HOUNDS OF BROADWAY' w/MADONNA & JENNIFER GREY! DITA Loved this sin-sational Pilot of; 'CHUCKY' and can't wait to tune in every week from Now on and of course suggest you do the same, perfect for the Month of OCTOBER and gives it my perfect Score of 3 SKULLS OUT OF 3!  L-o-v-e it, love it, love it!!!

See 'RENFIELD', some horror-TV series albeit NEW, can turn out to be a unexpected gift from 'THE GREAT-PUMPKIN' for your TV-Viewing!

P.S. Also DITA thought it was a wonderful nice empathetic touch that when the credits roll on this first episode that the creators of this fun/fine show wrote this important bit of information since the shows touches a lot on the subject of Bullying, of witch DITA and my good friend 'RENFIELD' had a lot of experience w/when we were in school. It READ as follows;

Until Next Week,
(Click Here to exactly that of the Colorized Version of DITA's Favorite CULT-toon of ;'BETTY BOOP'S HALLOWEEN PARTY'> https://youtu.be/UiFVsJ915go)

As usual here are some 'DITA-Suggested Sites perfect for this 'Halloween-Season' as follows;
www.halloweenalliance.com we've brought you the best FREE DIY ideas for costumes, makeup decor and recipe Plus get Halloween news and fun facts
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Check out their Frightful October Schedule N-O-W! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.cinespia.org  (They Show ;'BLADE' ,Starring Wesley Snipes & Traci Lords this Saturday Night 10/16/21! Get your Tickets now as this is show on the mausoleum wall at the infamous HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY'.)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Tune In to DUG GRAVES RADIO HORROR SHOW Every Friday Night! DITA LIKE-Y!)


(First Time In SCREAMING Color!)
From; Legend Films DVD
A William Castle/Robb White Production
Produced & Directed By; WILLIAM CASTLE
Co-Starring; Carol Ohmart, Richard Long,
Alan Marshal, Carolyn Craig.
Featuring; Elisha Cook & Julie Mitchum (Yes, Robert Mitchum's Sister)
Music Composed & Conducted By; Von Dexter Theme 'House On Haunted Hill'
By; Richard Kayne & Richard Loring. Allied Artists Pictures 1958
1958 DVD & Streaming on SHUDDER, etc.

Hello Horror Fans,
Yes, it's me again. Your 'Screaming Skull' of Terror and all around Bone Bitch, DITA DIRT NAP!  Back with a 'Double-Feature' Review of; 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' that ELVIRA Hosts in her ALL-NEW Show; 'ELVIRA'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY ,VERY SCARY, VERY SPECIAL, SPECIAL' N-O-W Streaming on 'SHUDDER' & AMC Plus. DITA wants you to know that the Star of this fine Flick; VINCENT PRICE hailed from my original Home town of St.Louis, Missouri. Also, DITA bets some Horror-Fans don't know that Vincent even has his own Star on St. Louis's own Walk Of Fame. (The more you know!)  St. Louis even had a yearly Haunted House attraction called 'House On Haunted Hill' named after the film as well.

Any-Boo, 2021 will 'Usher in the 63rd Anniversary of this well known fright film! Also this movie has been colorized and more importantly, fully restored digitally in both black & white and color!
See the Trailer for 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' here, Hon> https://youtu.be/JfSodgPQbFA

Yes, you have a choice, so please spare dear old DITA some movie fans soap box deliberations about colorization. Here's how DITA feels about the subject; some films I like to see colorized and I feel adds to the fun-ness of the film as in this flick, and some times as in the case of 'PLAN 9' which also now comes colorized, DITA prefers it, as I stated before, in another review in Black & White for the artsy effect.  Just depends on the film for me, Hon. Also colorization is good some times for the younger generation 'IF' they don't prefer most crappy remakes of classic Horror films but want an updated feeling that colorization some times brings in certain films............not all films, mind you. DITA's point is that this DVD company gives you a choice, and that CHOICE is important!  Now on to more Vincent!

This Vincent flick is of course produced and Directed by one of 'DITA's' favorites WILLIAM (Gimmicks Are My Business) CASTLE!!!! DITA loves all of his work and thus far Reviewed Four of his wonderfully fright-ful flicks here in the 'DEN'.  They were; 'HOMICIDAL', 'THE TINGLER', 'STRAIT JACKET' and one of DITA's favorites 'I SAW WHAT YOU DID, AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE' and now the ELVIRA-Hosted; 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' will make Five! More to come in the future as well, my little Halloween-infected Spider Bites!

The film looks wonderful on this restored disc especially in color. Vincent Price couldn't have been a more perfect fit for this campy role of the suave, eccentric millionaire who's married to a blonde, voluptuous gold digger.  A quote from the press kit movie poster sums it up beautifully; --Blood drips from the ceilings, body-less heads talk and the dead walk! IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART, WATCH OUT!--says Columnist LOUELLA PARSONS (DITA also digs the cool art work on the promotional poster for the film!)  Note; to self-Put on Birthday Wish list for November/must have framed poster of 'House On Haunted Hill'!

One of the fun things in this film for DITA is simply that it has a skeleton in it, a second cousin perhaps? Actually the skeleton was` used as promotional gimmicks by William Castle in theaters called 'EMERGO'! Castle had skeletons suspended on wires that flew down over the audience when the skeleton in the movie came on screen. Love it! This gave movie goers a good scare! Mr. Castle would have made a perfect beau for DITA!  Hold your tongue, Derek! DITA knows she's getting off track again! Enough about me, back to the story line.

Vincent's wife who by the way, has a habit of wearing everything from low-cut corsets (a purple one) to long, flowing, revealing night gowns, decides to Host a Slumber Party in the haunted house for Five guests that will be locked in at midnight. Whoever stays until morning will then receive $10,000-'IF' they survive! Horror, camp, severed heads, supposed death by noose, moving walls, blood-dripping ceilings, self- playing organs, walking skeletons and Hilarity ensues!

Now here are DITA's, 'THINGS TO LOOK FOR List';

-Scene at start of the film with guests arriving at 'Haunted Hill' in hearses. (Cool and visually stimulating in color! Much like my 'Vamp-Hubby', B.J. aka Black-ula Jr. Tee-Hee!)
-Bubbling Pit of Acid in the creepy basement!
-Skeleton slowly emerging from the afore mentioned bubbling acid pit. (Looks much like DITA in a hot tub without her wig on! 'Crackers!)
-Wonderfully-creepy & atmospherically-effective musical score throughout the picture. Especially in the scene with hearse's pulling up to House! (Another note to self; also add 'House On Haunted Hill' Soundtrack on CD to upcoming Xmas List too!)  Musical Composers are listed in DITA's Movie Credits at the top of my Review!
-COLOR, color, color! Sump-shoe-us through out.
-Employee Girl who screams obsessively but.............. effectively in various scenes! She also seems to have the pokes or as DITA calls them headlights.............on HIGH beam in most scenes thru-out this Spook-House Chiller! (Should have won Miss Scream Queen 1958!)
-Hot guy from 'MA & PA KETTLE' Movies that plays a Test Pilot. (He played oldest son of the 'KETTLES'.) DITA Like-y!
-Gold digger wife-DEAD, hanging from noose. (Dita says; check her pulse.)
-Scary old lady, arms extended, gliding through basement in the dark, having a very bad hair day. ' Derek ('The Vampiric-Announcer') suggests sending her on the 'WENDY WILLIAMS' Show (Airing again starting on 10/11/21 on FOX!) for a panty party, uh, I mean, a Make-Over!
- Any scene with Vincent's character and his wife arguing. Funny & catty, ME-OWWW!
- The bizarre little man from Castle's film '13 GHOSTS' who plays CREEPY well!  Mike Nelson refers to him as the alcoholic Lep-recan on the film's Audio Commentary Track.

Vincent Price is great in this movie and his voice is as usual, extremely effective with just the right touch of terror! Bravo!  They also have a typical storyline involving the wife plotting against the hubby w/someone else.

Now for the extras;
*Hilarious, fun, Audio Commentary from; MIKE NELSON of TV's 'MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000' Lines like; when the scream/girl sees old hag lady ,seemingly floating on rollers.
Mike says; 'Awww, it's just Farrah Fawcett on roller skates!'  Another Mike line, like- 'Now get to work on that face!' 'It's repulsive!" the gold digging wife tells scream/girl after first telling her to freshen up! (DITA watched the entire film with Audio Commentary on and laughed myself silly! You will too!)
* All- new Colorized Version (Thumbs up.)
*Restored Black & White Version ( Beautiful and nice, crisp transfer.)
*Press Book ( Dita's Favorite Extra!) w/printed out Castle gimmicks for Theaters. Use your Zoom button on DVD Remote to read some of them as 'Lady-Dirt Nap' did.
*Original Theatrical Trailer of 'House On Haunted Hill' in Black & White and one in Color! (Twice as nice.)
*Newly COLORED `Trailers from Legend Films DVD of ; 'Carnival Of Souls,' 'Night Of The Living Dead,' 'Reefer Madness,' 'The Three Stooges' (Color)

All very nice additions on a DVD, in DITA's humble opinion.  If your a fan of Vincent Price then this is a nice piece to place in your Collection!  Just click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to this old ghoul's Review for a copy or Stream the ELVIRA-Hosted version of it N-O-W Streaming on 'Shudder' & AMC Plus'. I, DITA DIRT NAP give this DVD & Film a perfect 3 Skulls Out 3 Skulls Score, Hon! And don't forget you can Stream it on Amazon!

DITA loved watching this film again! Also remembered exactly what a great pairing Castle & Price were and how much fun 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' is to watch.  Watch it with a nice roaring fire, mandatory popcorn and a oooey, gooey, extra cheese pizza! Loud, crashing, thunder-storm with lots of lightning is optional!  Oh, tell the Pizza Delivery person that DITA likes her Pizza w/extra tarantula sauce!!  Whatta ya mean................Eeeewwwh? Remember next week more ELVIRA &More October stuff!


Also Click here to see a Tribute Video to; VINCENT PRICE, Set to; Michael Jackson's; 'THRILLER' > http://youtu.be/9NYi1wLEwOo 

Until Next Week DITA Blows you 'Vaccinated with a Booster-Shot Chainsaw-Kisses'
DITA ('Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House') DIRT NAP
(Click here to hear that Infamous LP, of the Same Name REMIXED, Dear> http://youtu.be/M03vASJNU9o )


p.s. Click here for ELVIRA-Clip> https://youtu.be/bz-LjEPKCo0

 P.P.S. See ELVIRA'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Clip by Clicking here as ;'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' is 1 of the Fun Flicks ELVIRA Hosts in this Special> https://youtu.be/Q2YFuLuktOk

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Now Streaming on SHUDDER and I believe later on Amazon Prime.
Presented By 'SHUDDER'.

Hi Kids!
Its me ,your 'Horror/Cult' Bone-Bitch of the 'Halloween-Season', DITA DIRT NAP! Back w/my 'Double-Feature' Reviews again in this Merry, Scary Month of OCTOBER, Hon!

I Bring you the 'QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN's Brand NEW Special NOW Streaming on 'SHUDDER' entitled; ELVIRA'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY, VERY SCARY SCARY, VERY SPECIAL, SPECIAL'. This Special is to Celebrate ELVIRA's 40 Years in SHOW BIZ, along w/her Recent 70th Birthday last Month! They even bring out a Cake at the end w/the cake being made of her infamous B-O-O-O-O-B-S! Look here, my little 'Black & Orange Spider-Bites' to that exact Cake w/ediable Boobs here>





Let DITA first say that this Special is fun to watch and lets ELVIRA, the Gal that Put The Boob, Back in 'Boob-Tube' do what she does Best! What is that ,you may ask? Well , uh, Duh, Host Movies, Hun! ELVIRA along w/her usual trusty old Hosting Couch, along w/her numerous Candle-Obra's get back on the Couch where royally belongs to Host 4, count em', 4 Horror Flicks! Quickly , DITA say that ELVIRA just turned 70 Years Young last Month and looks nowhere near that in this Fun-Scary Special and should of had CHER's Big-Hit ,'IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME' playing in the background from the 'get-go'. Cuz that's what it looks like, almost as if did turn back time, as she looks 'SCARE-TAB-U-LUS!'

Oh, once again before DITA forgets. don't forget to also get her Fang-tastic NEW Book called; 'YOURS CRUELLY, ELVIRA; MEMOIRS OF THE MISTRESS OF THE DARK', which is a 'MUST-HAVE, MUST-READ'  'CAN'T PUT IT DOWN BOOK', Hon! In fact ,I, DITA DIRT NAP just finished her Hexallant Book earlier this week while waiting at my Doctors Office uh, 'MAD DR.-D.', to get my 'vaccine-booster-shot!  No foolin!'  DITA URGES YOU TO GET BOTH! Both ELVIRA'S NEW BOOK and your 'All-Important' Vaccine-Booster Shot!!! (www.vaccinateALL58.com)

To get ELVIRA'S NEW BOOK that is chocked-full of the Great & Bizarre Stories of the Mistress Of The Dark's wild and sometimes zany life. DITA can't recommend her Book enuff as even though DITA's been a long-time Fan , their were things in this book that I didn't know. DITA also will say I was able to pick up on her sweet, vulnerable, side in her NEW Book as well like best described as seeing Cassandra's Sensitive, 'up to the surface emotional side that most don't see. DITA sees that Cassandra is a sweet, sensitive, caring human being! She even talks about her once Haunted-House here in LA that she eventually couldn't put up w/the Ghosts and bizarre going -ones that she ended up selling it to Actor; BRAD PITT! DITA did know about this story from watching ELVIRA tell it on and old great show called; 'CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES', Now Airing on the 'LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK' aqua 'LOC'.

Any-Boo, to get your own Culty-Cool Copy of ;'YOURS CRUELLY, ELVIRA', Simply Click on the 'BOOK-Icon' here to the Left of Dear Old DITA's-Review tonight!

Now back to ELVIRA'S NEW Special, Hon! Now the First Movie she Hosts is her own 'macabre-fishily' 'dele-litchis' horror-comedy Flick witch DITA Reviewed Last Week Of; 'ELVIRA; MISTRESS OF THE DARK'. ELVIRA sails thru this fun Flick pulling her Hosting well w/great shtick, jokes and her individualistic sense of humor as ONLY ELVIRA can!  Look at that Trailer here, Dear> https://youtu.be/dBHVTfpvhMg

Then ELVIRA Hosts her own Favorite Vintage Horror Flick by DITA-Five Director ;WILLIAM CASTLE, the Cult-Classic; 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' w/yet Another 'DITA-Five'; VINCENT PRICE, witch by the way, will be DITA's 2nd Review Tonight here in 'DITA'S-DEN!'  Click here to see that Classic-Trailer, my little 'LOCK, SHOCK & BARRELS'> https://youtu.be/Bsa9ymSDoJ0

As ELVIRA Breezes thru this Fan-Favorite Flick witch DITA thinks still holds up decades later, I'm reminded just how great ELVIRA still is at the fine Art of 'HORROR-HOSTING' as DITA believes you will be too!

Next up ELVIRA Hosts a CHRISTOPHER LEE'S Fright-Flick;' THE CITY OF THE DEAD', about a Witch burned at the stake back in good ole' Salem. Of course as she's about to 'burn, witch ,burn', she curses the evil, 'so-judgy' villagers' and their blood line relatives to come and evil ensues thru-out the rest of the film, Hon! Christopher Lee is of course another 'DITA-Fave' and as usual chews up the scenery like he's at a local and newly re-opened buffet. By the way, DITA urges you not miss ELVIRA's New Music-Video from this Film-Hosting called, what else? 'BURN, WITCH, BURN' after the films end-credits roll. See the trailer here>  https://youtu.be/uVsx56Rvv44

Next up ELVIRA Hosts the Shlockly, junky Mondo Movie Fright Flick entitled; 'MESSIAH OF EVIL', also starring the late, great ELISHA COOK. DITA will just quote ELVIRA from this Movie-Hosting, right off the BAT, witch is ELVIRA states when Introducing this Film; 'THAT WE USUALLY SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST, UH, BUT 'NOT IN THIS CASE'. 'LADY-DIRT NAP' agrees.
In Spanish we call it; 'ABOREDO!' No translation need, my little 'coffin-creepers! Y-A-W-N! Any-way, here's the Mondo-Weird Trailer so you can 'judge-y' for yourself by Clicking here, Babe> https://youtu.be/NlRxZdpqodQ

DITA will say even though this movie kinda blows, that ELVIRA does host it well and the funny skits she has in a Car getting lost in the woods w/no cell service or G.P.S. w/Her Skeleton-Buddy
who btw is wearing a ' I 'HEART' ELVIRA Trucker-Hat while getting lost will tickle your 'funny-bone'. Last but not least ELVIRA at the end of her 'OUTRO-Duties' on this stinker-flick are great and they even roll out her BOOB-CAKE, DITA afore mentioned and she asks her 'Skeleton-Buddy to slice the first piece of cake. Well he misses and cuts off her, her ........ cuts of Elvira's??????

W-H-A-T, I'm sure you all know by know as DITA herself has been in the Horror-Biz , about 21 Years now, reviewing for COUNT GORE DE VOL and Hosting and making Appearances, hosting
twice on Radio, and hopes to make it on Radio again on 'Radio-Halloween' and DUG GRAVES RADIO-HORROR SHOW' and hopefully More! B-U-T-T , as DITA was saying before my A.D.D. side-tracked me for a moment that; 'I ALMOST N-E-V-E-R TELL WHOLE ENDING!'

So to find out what ELVIRA's 'Skeleton-Buddy' accidentally sliced off with a hatchet, simply Stream her NEW 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL' N-O-W On SHUDDER and AMC-Plus! ELVIRA , I, DITA DIRT NAP LOVED READING, I MEAN TEARING THRU YOUR FAB NEW BOOK and wants to know W-H-O is that Handsome Fellow, you recently posted in video and a pic on your 'INSTA-GRAM?' I believe your quote was; 'ELVIRA-FANS ARE THE BEST FANS! LOL, Hon!  DITA just loves having a 'Duel-Personality', um , kind of like the Cult-Flick from 'DITA-Fave'; ED WOOD entitled; 'GLEN OR GLENDA'. Also Click here to see the 'TV-Spot' for ELVIRA'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY ,VERY SCARY, VERY SPECIAL, SPECIAL'> https://youtu.be/Q2YFuLuktOk

DITA so enjoyed watching ELVIRA'S NEW SPECIAL ON SHUDDER & AMC PLUS and as stated earlier in my Review tonight loved being reminded just how wonderful ELVIRA still is and always will be at being a Horror-Host ,for years to come! On a personal NOTE; DITA and her Manager/Producer/Creator have met ELVIRA many times over our almost 27 years of living in Hollyweird and have always been delighted by her warm, friendly personality and kindness. Once we saw her at a 'ROCKY HORROR CONVENTION' where they had Screened her Flick; 'ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS' and took notes of how well she treated her Fans even though her cranky, Bitchy Husband at the time kept interrupting her and bitching at her to hurry up and insinuated that why was she wasting her time w/people when he wanted to go. True Story, Hon!

ELVIRA even took her time after that and signed a old merchandise Catalog; 'TO; DITA DIRT NAP XO, ELVIRA!' (DITA will post that exact Autograph on my Face-Book Page for you! Just go to the Top of the this page, here in 'DITA's-DEN' and Click on 'DITA'S FACE-BOOK PAGE!) NOW THAT HON, is how you treat your Fans! We remembered how well-,mannered and kind she was to us even though he was showing his ass that day! We remember thinking, what a wonderful person and no wonder she has so many legions of Fans that just love her eternally and that may be part of the reason why, my little octubre' spider-bites!

Stream it Tonight, curled up on your comfy, couch with a Bowl of Buttery Popcorn w/spider-sprinkles of course, a roaring fire and a Blanket borrowed from LINUS, uh, since he won't need it in the pumpkin-patch until October 31rst, and a large 'road-kill' Pizza w/extra tire tracks for two! DITA also urges you to Read my 'other-review' tonight in 'DITA'S-DEN' of one of the Flicks ELVIRA Hosted in the fun-tastic Special of the Original; 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' and see  what I have to say about it as it is also one of my very Favorites too!

Until Next week ,
DITA Blows You
(To see that exact Music Video from ELVIRA'S 40th Anniversary Special, simply Click Here>https://youtu.be/2FR_PcRdWdk    )

Send SCARE-Mail to; DDN1965@LIVE.COM 
p.s. DITA wants you to also know that a Culty ELVIRA Flick that DITA Reviewed called; 'FILMGORE', Hosted by a Very Young ELVIRA is NOW Streaming Free on 'TUBI-TV!'

 p.p.s. DITA wants you to also know about ELVIRA's ;'NETFLIX & CHILLS'; MEET DR. ELVIRA' also by Clicking here for Scary-Fun, Hon>https://youtu.be/QLq6r2PWrSc )

As usual here are my 'DITA-Suggested' Sites as Follows;
www.halloweenalliance.com  Halloween ideas so fun, they're scary! The best FREE DIY ideas for costumes, makeup decor and recipe Plus get Halloween news and fun facts that will chill you to the bone!
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Check Out their OCTOBER-Schedule, Kids! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.thenewbev.com  (DITA says W-O-W, Check out their October Films Schedule that rocks HON!)
www.cinespia.org  (Finally Movies for the Season Screening in the Infamous 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Son, Kids!)
www.lempmansion.com ( Check out their Annual 'Halloween-Bash' in DITA's Hometown of St. Louis! DITA LIKE-Y!)
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www.MyMovieMonsters.com   Home of Scary Monsters Magazine



Directed by; James Signorelli
Produced by; Roger Corman
Starring; Cassandra Peterson as; ELVIRA, Edie McClurg
as Chastity Pariah, Jeff Conway, etc.
1988-DVD & Now Streaming on Amazon Prime!

Well a Big 'HAPPY OCTOBER' to you all!  Yes, its me the Horror/Cult 'Bone-Bitch' Hostess with the Most-est in all the right rotted places and 'Halloween-Fan', DITA DIRT NAP!

As promised I bring you the 'Queen Of Halloween's' Movie-Debut from 1988; 'ELVIRA; MISTRESS OF THE DARK'. In fact 2021 will mark the 33rd-Anniversary of this Sexy Horror-Hostess's Film foray. As of course Elvira used the moments from this little 'Cult Horror-Comedy' that could in her Last Stage-Show on Halloween back in 2017 at California's Amusement Park; 'KNOTTS SCARY FARM'.

Well, let me just say that this fun little film is one of DITA's Favorites! It show-cases Elvira's story well and continue-lly tugs at your funny-bone! As the DVD-Tag-line reads; 'ELVIRA IS A SPECIAL EFFECT EVEN SPIELBERG CAN'T MATCH! First as DITA promised here is the Pic ELVIRA Herself Posted recently on her Instagram-Page from way back in 2001 of my Producer/Agent/Creator; Darell Erazo who attended the premiere of her other Flick ;'ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS.' ELVIRA wrote underneath the Pic; 'ELVIRA FANS ARE THE BEST FANS!'
See Pic here, Hon>











Now take a look at the Trailer by simply Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/AZdrAqH78l8

This movie is a ton of fun and even starts out w/ELVIRA at her Horror-Hosting job at a local Station hosting an old Beverly Garland Monster-Flick on her infamous red-velvet couch!  Well, as wraps up the film, she is forced to meet a rich Texas Oil man who is one of the sponsors. Think Harvey Weinstein-ish, Hon! Any-who, Oil-man sexually harasses Elvira by trying to milk her. Faster than you can say #MeToo, she lets the creepy predator have it and ends up knocking him into the freshly set-up NEWS-Show which is currently on-air's news desk , complete w/news-man & news-woman and even manages to knock-off the news-woman's wig. They then try to cut from live-TV as the oil-guy tycoon shouts into the camera; 'But you said she was a Nympho. Cut to Elvira 'high-fiving' a Camera-Woman hand as the woman tells her; 'Get it, Girlfriend!' DITA Like-y!!!

Well, as you might expect Elvira is fired and then is told by her sleazy Agent that she must come up w/50 thousand dollars to put up for upcoming show in Las Vegas. She starts to fret and then quickly receives a telegram stating that her Great Aunt Morgana has died and has named her gothic-Niece in the Will to be read shortly in a small town that Elvira must go on a 'quick-ie' road-trip to in her cool-ass 'MACABRE-MOBILE'. You see Elvira thinks that if she goes to the reading of the will, see might inherit enough money to use to finance her dream-show in Las Vegas.

As Elvira heads out on her road-trip she only encounters a lazy, ass-scratching, nose-picking, butt-picking, Gas Station Attendant, rubs her 'dirty-pillows' as 'CARRIE's Mom would call them on her car-window, gasses-up her car and pulls away as the afore mentioned Attendant throws a match on the Gas, Elvira spilled while there and blows the place up. Well, next she rocks out in her macabre-mobile to a Song she used in her 2017 final stage show called; 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy', drops her hot-dog on her breasts, uh, w/mustard and blows up her car-engine while arriving in her Great Aunt Morgana's small town, where her car-hood pops off and she meets the conservative towns-folk. Talk about; 'first-impressions'.

It's also there she meets her arch-enemy; Chastity Pariah, who sees her and says; 'Well, I never!  Elvira responds with; 'And you never will with them soup-cans on your head, referring the Chastity's hair-curlers on her head. Chastity's kind of the Head of the League of townsfolk who decide who is morally-acceptable and who is not in this small close-minded town, you see.

Any-Boo, Elvira's Car is going to take a long time to fix, so she checks into the town's Motel until then. She tries the Local Bowling-Alley to try, key word being try to find some excitement. Long story-short she doesn't.  Just sexual-insults, from town goons, of which one is played by the Late; JEFF CONWAY, of ; 'GREASE'-Movie Fame.  She also meets the Bowling Alley's catty, bitchy , jealous Female Owner, who in the end , has a not so big secret of her own. She of course hates Elvira onsite and is jealous because Elvira also meets her kind of boyfriend which DITA will refer to as; 'Hunky-Townie Guy'.  Elvira is smitten w/him instantly. DITA sees why, kids!  YOW-ZAH!

From there Elvira attends the reading of the Will and also meets her Great Uncle, who DITA will call; 'Evil-Unk'. She ends up getting her Great Aunt's old house, her Dog; 'Gonk', and what is mistaken for a Recipe-Book, but end up being her Aunt's very powerful Spell-casting Book. Oh yeah, she finds out her Great Morgana was a powerful Witch who gave birth to her Mother; Divanna, later in the film. Well, her 'Evil-Uncle' knows about the Witchery-Book and first tries to buy it from her for 50 bucks. This almost transaction takes place on the town's street, as he is in his Car bargaining w/Elvira, his Great Niece. Elvira is leaning up against his car and just as her nemesis; Chastity walks by , she hears Elvira shouting; 'Yeah, I'll do it for 50 dollars. Like a common Street-Walker. W-H-A-T?  DITA used to be about 'that-life' back in the day.

So then Chastity goes about town trying to black-list Elvira from getting a job for fear of her maybe deciding to live there in her Great Aunt's house that she inherited. She turns the small-town against her in short. Well, then Elvira decides w/the Hunk-Townie to help him drum up more business for his G-Movie theater by showing and Horror-Hosting her chessy fright flicks which are of course stored in the trunk of her being worked-on Car. Elvira then secretly arranges for the townie-kids to sneak-out at Midnight and secretly attend her Hosting-Gig , witch , btw is showing; 'ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES', none other.

After Elvira Hosts the film, she then performs a stage-show doing her own version of 'MANIAC' from the old film 'FLASH-DANCE', (which btw, Kids, she did in her last stage show at Knotts Scary Farm.) which at the end , she had planned to sit back in the chair onstage and pull a rope that would release gold-glitter all over her body, complete w/black leg-warmers.
Instead the jealous 'Bitch-Owner' of the Bowling-Alley interferes and replaces the bucket of glitter w/black-tar and then hides in the rafters and pours down feathers down on top of Elvira instead, humiliating her, which causes her to have to go home and bathe in gasoline to clean the tar & feathers off.

While there Hunky-Bob Townie guy/Elvira Love-Interest tells her he's hungry and she decides to make him something special out of her Great Aunts supposed Cook-Book. Well, she follows the recipe like it says and even adds her own touch of spray-can cheese wiz and even crushes up potato-chips to place on top of her creepy-casserole surprise. She brings it out to Town-Hunk; Bob in a covered pot and takes the lid off telling him; 'soup's-on'. When she lifts the lid a weird, angry monster thing-y with a tail instead of legs comes out and tries to attack them both, but not without ripping of Elvira's cooking-apron revealing her big-cleavage, Hon!

They fight it off and kill it but dumping it in the garbage-disposal and grinding it up but good down the sink! Whew! Any-way this gives Elvira an evil-idea of how to get that town's judgmental bitch; Chastity and the other townies back for black-listing her.  She after finding out that the book is really a powerful spell book from Gonk's urging and that her life-long ring is really a protective force against her evil-unk, she makes another witchy-casserole for the town-picnic but this time substitutes 'hamburger-helper' for a Aunt-Morgana ingredient. ELVIRA and Hunky-townie ;Bob hide in nearby bushes near the picnic and expect another monster to pop out and terrorize the ignorant towns-folk, but instead it just makes them all very horny for each other outdoors in public.  Then hilarity ensues, dear heart.

One scene even has Town-Bitch; Chastity stating that she's a horn-dog and 'moe-zees' over to a fellow male-townie laying on the picnic grounds and sits on his face, all while asking; 'Is this seat taken? LOL! One the best scenes in the movie, Babe! Love it!

Flash-forward to a full-moon night w/Elvira's 'Evil-Uncle'-Talbot chasing after her after he steals the book from her Aunt's now colorfully-painted house. In fact, when the kids were helping Elvira spruce-up the house by painting it, she tells the young horny townie-boys to just 'Grab a Hammer, and start banging, while she is bent-over in a tight outfit that shows-off her butt, no less! Too funny! Whoops, got side-tracked again by my 'A.D.D.'

As I was saying before getting lost, her evil uncle is now chasing her thru town in full Warlock-mode w/the book and later her protective magic-ring, after she is rescued from almost being burned-alive at the stake like a real-witch in Salem, after getting out of jail no less, for what else?  Practicing witch-craft on the towns-people, of course. With her evil-Uncle chasing her even into a fog-covered grave-yard, her dressing like Rambo and toting a big bazooka witch she fires at the Uncle, and it does nothing. All because he is pulling power from the moon and the book as well as her magic- Elvira even ends up cutting his hand off later that same-chase by her Evil-Uncle. Before that Elvira grabs his dismembered hand, and fires the ring at him as he tries to kill her, like he did her Great Aunt Morgana.  So that's why she died. Hmmmm....?

Cut to Elvira and hunky Townie-Bob sitting on the steps of her now half-burnt house. Uh, DITA forgot to mention that during the fight/show-down w/her Great Uncle-Evil that when she fired the magic-ring at him, it killed him and he went up in flames witch started her Great Aunts inherited house on fire. The towns-people come up to her and all apologize for judging her and all and decide to help her re-build her house, even bitch/jealous Patty , who btw, her secret was revealed by Elvira by accident when she ripped off her fake big-chest in a fight.
At that this moment on the steps , Elvira's lawyer shows up and tells her the good-news about that since her great Uncle-Evil died , Elvira would now inherit his money-filled estate and be able to finance her Dream-Show in Vegas, after all! Cut to Las Vegas where ELVIRA makes her show-girl debut in a sexy slinky , Vegas-gown alah Cher, proceeds to Rap w/hunky devil-back-up Dancers, to see Elvira Rap her Song; 'HERE I AM', Simply Click here, dear> https://youtu.be/VafmcpRsrUQ

As we watch ELVIRA take a Big Bow with a Bouquet of Flowers in her Arms, a werewolf howls as she says her Signature Line from her TV Show; 'MOVIE MACABRE' ,witch by the way, Hon is the Name of ELIVRA'S GREAT NEW AUTOBIOGRAPHY; 'YOURS CRUELLY; ELVIRA, THE MEMOIRS OF THE MISTRESS OF THE DARK', witch DITA's Sweet 'VAMP-HUBBY; 'B.J.' ,just ordered off Amazon for me, his Dear, Deadly Wifey! So far DITA has torn thru this FANG-TASTIC Book and loves it and of course can't recommend getting it enough off Amazon like my 'Vamp-Hubby' did and HIGHLY Urges you to do the same, Hon , by Simply Clicking on the 'BOOK-Icon' next to Dear Old DITA's Review, Tonight!  DITA will be chatting more about this 'HEX-A-LLANT' Book every week in October and will be promoting the Heck of it her in 'DITA'S-DEN' this Merry, Scary Month of OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So until Next Week when DITA Brings you 'ELVIRA'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY VERY SCARY SPECIAL', Now Streaming on 'SHUDDER', I Blow you  'VACCINATED WITH A BOOSTER CHAINSAW-KISSES', and stay tuned for More Halloween-Season Surprises here in 'DITA's-DEN'.
(Too hear that Exact ELVIRA-Song; 'FULL MOON' , from Elvira's Album; 'ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HITS', Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/nT6WAvKofnI)

P.S. DITA DIRT NAP Wants you to know if your in my Area of West Hollywood, CA. that 4 of my Old Shows; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN' w/DITA will be Airing the Entire Month of October as A Series on 'WE-HO TV' Channel 36 on Spectrum Cable, which will include my 'DITA-Hosted Music-Video' and Last Years Show of; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN' Presents; 'THE OTHER CINDERELLA' with DITA Hosting the Betty Boop CULT-Toon; POOR CINDERELLA' and her Friend; 'THE DILDOE-LADY' Hosting the Film w/RAINBEAUX SMITH & SY RICHARDSON and More, Hon!

Send Scare-Mail to; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

As Usual here are some 'DITA-Suggested Sites to take a Gander at as Follows;
www.shudder.com  Stream Horror, Thrillers, and Suspense Ad-Free and Uncut “PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING A HORROR FAN COULD WANT” — THRILLIST.
www.mymoviemonsters.com Home of Scary Monsters Magazine
www.elvira.com  (Check Out her NEW Halloween Merch and More this Month!)
www.facebook.com/TheRealElvir a
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Showing Halloween-Season Flicks this entire Month of October, Hon! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.thenewbev.com  ( Now screening some great horror flicks for Halloween the entire month! DITA DIRT NAP Highly urges you to Check out their OCTOBER SCHEDULE Online, Hon!!!)
www.lempmansion.com The Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn, St. Louis, Missouri, featuring restaurant with lunch and dinner, bar, inn, mystery dinner theater, gift shop, museum, banquet facilities, Lemp Experience, 314-664-8024. Famous from Ghost to Ghost.
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C.H.U.D. 2-'BUD THE C.H.U.D.
Director; David Irving
Starring; Brian Robbins, Garret Graham,
Norman Fell, June Lockhart, Tricia Fisher,
and a Culty-cool Uncredited Appearance

Greetings my little October 'Spider-Bites', Tis I, DITA DIRT NAP, bringing you my First October Fright Flick that takes place on Halloween since we have now entered the Merry, Scary Month of October, witch we've All been waiting for!

Now just to let you know Dear Old DITA will be bring you a 'QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN'-Review along each week in October along w/some Double-Feature Reviews of other stuff
such as Mike Meyers Flicks, 'MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION', a 'CHUCKY'-Flick to help promote his New TV Show coming this Month to both the USA NETWORK & the SY-FY NETWORK and ELVIRA's NEW 40 Year Anniversary TV Special streaming on 'SHUDDER' as well as Her 'HALLOWEEN SPECIAL FROM 2020' as well as her Flicks; 'MISTRESS OF THE DARK' & THE 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of her Delightful Flick; 'ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS',witch btw, DITA's Manager/Agent/Producer attended 20 Years ago and More!

Just for an Update on that 20 Years Ago Screening that he attended, Mr. Erazo took pics that night and got to pose w/the 'QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN' and was videotaped hugging her and posing for a Pic w/here against her Gothically-Gore-Juss' 'MACABRE MOBILE' back in 2001 because ELVIRA herself just posted it on her INSTAGRAM Page last weekend of witch , He/Darell Erazo was surprised to see 20 Years later. She posted it along with this quote; 'ELVIRA FANS ARE THE BEST FANS!'

Look for that exact pic from Instagram in DITA's 'Other-Review' tonight here in 'DITA'S-DEN' of; 'MISTRESS OF THE DARK' as this is a 'DITA DIRT NAP DOUBLE-DD FEATURE Review this first Weekend of October Hon!

So that being said this week I bring you ; C.H.U.D. 2; 'BUD THE CHUD'.  As we know CHUD stands for cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller. Let DITA first say that this film is a funny horror/comedy w/bite from the 80's that DITA chose for its Horror/Comedy shtick that takes place on Halloween! To see what I mean Click here to see the very 80's Trailer of; C.H.U.D. 2-BUD THE C.H.U.D.> https://youtu.be/az_L-SFTrpo

See what I mean, my little 'orange & black spider-bites?'

Any-who, this movie starts with two young guys working in a Government Lab where the Frozen Dead Chud from the first film ended up being stored to later study by scientists. One thing quickly leads to another, the C.H.U.D. Body ends up on a gurney and some how gets set free by rolling away down a slanted ramp and right out the open exit doors and then into rush hour traffic. Then the chase is on w/the two boys in hot pursuit of the run-away CHUD. Long story short, they catch it and bring it home to the Brain Robbins/Lead characters parents house. The end up putting Bud The C.H.U.D. in the bathrooms tub w/ice and water.  Then they accidentally drop a plugged in blow dryer in the tub too. Which brings the BUD back to life.  'Re-Animation' if you will.  Then the hilarity slowly starts to ensue.

Some how Bud The C.H.U.D. escapes from the boys after biting the family poodle, which comes back to life as a C.H.U.D/Zombie Poodle. Then Bud wanders around the neighborhood and has a very funny scene of biting a middle-aged House-wife who is 'Jazzer-sizing' in leg-warmers and very 80's 'work-out'-wear.  BUD bites her and then quickly moves on thru-out the small town, stops at the Barber Shop, gets a hair cut and , yes, you guessed it, he bites the Barber. This goes on of him biting various townies like a cop, then a mortician, more towns-people, etc. til he and the newly re-animated bitten townies start to travel in a pack to the towns burger place and bite everybody there. This is where the Military trying to re-capture the C.H.U.D. for legal reasons and to cover their own asses, get involved at the Burger Place and end blowing the entire restaurant to smithereens. LOL!

With the Military in hot pursuit, they realize that since its also dark now and happens to be Halloween night, that the probable next move for the traveling C.H.U.D./Zombie pack to go to for a human-buffet, is the big town Halloween Party w/lots of available dancing , partying, human food in one place, which is already in full-swing and at full-capacity. They are correct.

First the C.H.U.D.-Zombies make their way thru the town 'trick-or-treaters', which are now out in droves on the residential streets. It is here DITA adds that you should Now look for the first Dad taking his daughter who's by the way, dressed like a Witch, trick-or-treating, and wearing a Trench-Coat, Why? You may ask?  Cuz it's a quick Uncredited Cameo by the Great ROBERT ENGLUND AKA FREDDY KRUGER. No foolin! Any-way, the C.H.UD./Zombie as you would imagine start biting all the 'Trick-Or-Treaters' and their Parents. T-h-e-n they all head over the afore mentioned town Halloween Dance Party in full swing.

By the way, at this party , one of the bands take the stage and sing the fun/culty 'BUD THE C.H.U.D.'-Song. Witch DITA will install in my review near the end for you to listen too.  Your welcome, my little X-rayed Trick-Or-Treat Bags!

Before DITA forgets, their is a cute/quick scene during the 'Trick-Or-Treating', where the C.H.U.D./Zombies go in for candy at a house with Norman Fell of 'THREE'S COMPANY'-Fame and JUNE LOCKHART Of; 'LOST IN SPACE'-Fame played a senior Married couple handing out candy. The first C.H.U.D./Zombie comes in the house and bites their pet canary.
Then a big group of them back the Couple up against the couch, knock them both over and behind the couch and they all bite them both and of course they both re-animate quickly and go with big C.H.U.D/Zombie pack to the Halloween Party/Dance.  Then the Lead Character of Brian Robins (One of the Stars of the old 80;s TV Show; 'HEAD OF THE CLASS'), comes up with way at the Party which is being held at the local high school, to kill all of the C.H.U.D.'s. How? You may ask?  By leading them into the school's pool in the gymnasium.  They all fall into the pool, of course. 

The Lead-Characters girlfriend was used as bait to get them into the pool. By the way, she is wearing the ugliest 80's Swimsuit when she dives into the pool, to get the Chud/Zombies to follow you see. Then the gang-heroes spray them all w/some gas that freezes them all and use electric shock to......to.  Wait a minute, my little rotted jack-o-lanterns! You surely know by now that DITA never tells the whole story. Although I will say that the ending involves a black C.H.U.D.-Heart offered to the Heroine, some things exploding, and a Military character played by a well-known TV character Actor, the Lead Teen Male character with a C.H.U.D-bite received on his foot in the pool scene and possible a C.H.U.D.-Pet a-n-d last but not least; BIANCA JAGGER, driving away in a truck.

DITA will say this fun 80's Horror-Comedy Sequel which has now over the years gathered a 'Cult-Following', is enjoyable and would be great selection to watch this Halloween, a-f-t-e-r your Halloween-fun is done, your Candy is collected and sorted by kind, size and sort, laying on your lap, to be eaten while viewing this big 80's fright-flick by a roaring fire. It would also be very atmospheric, to have your Halloween be on a dark and stormy night.

DITA and my good fiend and close by Neighbor the 'MAD DR.-D.' had a 'high-time' re-watching this devilishly-good time film at his lab ,here in West Hollyweird. Actually when it was over and DITA got up to head back home from the Mad Doctor's creepy-condo, he happily handed me a small 'trick-or-treat'-bag filled with Peanut-Butter Cups and small bottle of what he jokingly referred to as ;'Evil-Bong' Lube.  DITA smiled a toothy-grin and cackled; Oh, D., you know me so well!

DITA loves this 'takes-place-on-Halloween' comedy fright flick and gives it 2 and 1/2 Skulls Out Of 3 Skulls score. Get yours tonight, my little Dolly Madison snack-cakes, by simply Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear Old DITA's Review!





Last but not least, DITA & Vamp-Hubby; B.J., finally picked out and bought recently a Halloween Costume for this year for our beloved pet; 'CHILLING-CHINA'.  She's going to be a 'Skeleton-Pup!' DITA says; 'PUP-PICS' will be posted this Month of her in her Halloween-Costume.

Until next week,
'Chainsaw-Kisses' & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups,
(Too hear that Ditty used in the Movie tonight called; 'BUD THE C.H.U.D.', Simply Click Here, Dear>  https://youtu.be/ncbd-6fh5uQ )

To Contact DITA;
E-mail me at- DDN1965@LIVE.COM

P.S. DITA DIRT NAP Wants you to know if your in my Area of West Hollywood, CA. that 4 of my Old Shows; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN' w/DITA will be Airing the Entire Month of October as A Series on 'WE-HO TV' Channel 36 on Spectrum Cable, which will include my 'DITA-Hosted Music-Video' and Last Years Show of; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN' Presents; 'THE OTHER CINDERELLA' with DITA Hosting the Betty Boop CULT-Toon; POOR CINDERELLA' and her Friend; 'THE DILDOE-LADY' Hosting the Film w/RAINBEAUX SMITH & SY RICHARDSON and More, Hon!

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