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Directed By; William Crane
Produced By;
What ever Productions
Starring; BERNIE CASEY, ,
1974 DVD

Greetings my 'little Funk-A-Delick Spider-Bites', DITA DIRT NAP welcoming you to the Last and possibly Best Installment of my 'Salute To 'BLACK HISTORY' w/possible the best in the batch with 'DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE on DVD. This film is a fun, campy but sturdy ride and one of the better 'Black-sploitation Horror Films' to come out of the 70's that holds up, storyline and all.
To get a snippet of what DITA's talking about, simply Click here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6lztwNQLDY

See what I mean?  Fun stuff, kids!

Well , this film DITA must say is an entertaining film from beginning to end. The storyline is of course borrowed loosely from the Original 'DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE' Story witch DITA loves.  In fact, this film borrows nicely from the Original all while borrowing from Urban 70's Dwellings of the City. In the end a great blend of old and new atmosphere of the time period of witch it came.  The storyline starts out w/DR. Pride working on finding a serum that can repair damaged tissues from diseased livers. Hmmmm? To make a long Story shorter, the good Dr. played excellently by Actor; BERNIE CASEY ('GARGOYLES', ETC,) (Click Here To See Bernie in "GARGOYLES'-Movie as and in "Mini-Movie' Form, Hon> https://youtu.be/v9JU5qP03xU), is testing out a new serum on a elderly patient, witch has had all the bugs worked out and the patient turns from black to white, attacks a nurse, then dies.

Then the DR. begins to experiment on himself, and all hell breaks loose. You see, during the Dr.'s youth his Mother had a liver problem and keeled over while at home in front of her son, witch affects his obsession w/finding a cure-serum in his future.
He takes the serum and of course turns into Dr. Hyde , complete w/white skin and hair.
He then goes on a murderous rampage of hookers and such.
He also begins to date one his Prostitute patients who he has been treating for hepatitis, purposely to ask her to be his 'next' human 'geeny-pig' for the serum.

As mentioned earlier DITA will again attempt to make a long story still shorter. After more car chases and hooker killings the Police and his Prostitute- Date get wise to him and begin to try and stop him w/force.
They end up chasing him up the infamous 'WATTS TOWERS' towards the end, and have dramatic results that end this fun, funky film that holds up over time.

Now for DITA's 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST' as follows, hon;
* Scene in bar w/'Pretty Woman Type hooker' telling an annoying Pimp that she has to go call her Mutha-F_ _ _ _ _ in' Mamma! LOL! (Love that!)
* All killing scenes w/MR. HYDE kills mostly Hookers by throwing them or breaking their necks or worse.
* Scene where one Hooker gets chased thru an Alley and camera hysterically pans down to just her feet walking quicker and quicker. LOL!
* Scene where Patient/Hooker/Dr.'s Date runs away from Mr. Hyde dramatically while she keeps looking back.
* Bar scenes interior design from the 70's in each scene, especially the wall paper and great funky 70's Music playing in background Scenes.
* End chase scene with Dr. Hyde getting chased up the 'WATT'S TOWER' for a dramatic ending.

This film has some very touching scenes too like Dr. Black showing his Date where his Mom worked before she died and from what.

Now for the 'EXTRA'S on this New DVD-Disc;
+Original Trailer
+ Actor & Director Bios
+ New Interviews w/Stars of the Film.
+ Director's Commentary
+ Other Blaxploitation Trailers

DITA loved this film cuz it's very campy but entertains through-out the run of this Groovy, fun film that DITA can't suggest enough to add to your Collection and gives it a Perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out of 3! DITA also saw this fun-culty film once on the 'Big-Screen' w/RENFIELD in tow at the "NEW BEVERLY CINEMA here in Hollyweird!

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 Also DITA Found this RARE-CULTY Piece from ELVIRA's Original :'MOVIE-MACABRE' Show w/her Hosting 'DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE' back in the 80's from Hawaii. It also has Comedian; ARSENIO HALL playing a Character too. To see it Click Here, Hon> https://youtu.be/WnltQq1PtB4

 Also Click here to ELVIRA's Intro for 'DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE" here> https://youtu.be/ThYLeBCLzdg

Until Next time when DITA once more, goes all GREEN maybe for the entire month of 'march-madness'.
(To see Scenes from that DITA-Fave 70's TV Series Pilot of the same name and hear the 'Theme-Song', Click here Dear> https://youtu.be/iqtO-exNrFQ

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p.s. To see Another "Black-sploitation Flick DITA recently discovered called; 'ALABAMA'S GHOST', Simply Click Here>https://youtu.be/jQ5Y8zfd764 )

p.p.s. Click here to hear Eddie Murphy's Cult-Classic Song from his iconic; 'Dah-Leer-Ree-Us' Album from the 80's called; 'BOOGIE IN YOUR BUTT'> https://youtu.be/-peWHO6pRnQ  )

To see a Video Tribute to Actor BERNIE CASEY Click Here> https://youtu.be/8d9Cn_5aOj0
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(The Black Exorcist)
Directed By; William Girdler
Starring; CAROL SPEED & WILLIAM MARSHALL ('Blacula 1' & 2'),
Terry Carter, Jaunita Moore, Austin Stoker, etc.
'Substance Films'
'Special Edition'-DVD Run Time; 92 Minutes 1974

Greetings, my little 'Shag-A-Delic Lava Lamps!' Tis I, your 'Demonic-Double DD' Temptress Of Terror', DITA DIRT NAP!

This week DITA Brings you another 'BLAXPLOITATION-HORROR' film that again Stars ; WILLIAM MARSHALL, in Honor of Feb. 'BLACK-HISTORY' Month. This one was hand-picked by my African-American Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.', Hon! It's from a 'Special-Edition' DVD entitled simply, 'ABBY'!!! Which in 1974 was considered, The 'BLACK EXORCIST' and was even sued by 'Warner Brothers'.

This got the Film pulled early from Theaters causing it to become a forgotten underground 'Cult-Film'. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! DITA just loves to find 'hidden-horror gems' like this one! A 'special thanks' goes to my Hubby, 'B.J.' for bringing this 'horror-groovy' Film to my Attention, and even Co-Stars, my 'Faux-Father-In-Law', Actor William Marshall of 'BLACULA'-Fame', playing the Priest who performs the Exorcism on poor possessed ABBY. You see when my 'Vamp-Hubb'y; 'B.J.' was just a little Vamp, his older 'Vampire-Sistas' went to the Original 'Opening Night' of 'ABBY' back in 1974, shortly before it was pulled because of the stupid, needless lawsuit. The film was Rated 'R', so they wouldn't let poor little 'B.J.' go who was only 10 years old at the time. So when he informed 'Wifey' that he never got to see it, DITA searched 'high & low' for it and ended up 'Special Ordering' it, so 'B.J.' & I could watch it together for his first time and mine!

'DEREK,' The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts; 'Awww, how romantic!" Now if we could just get you to Review the 'DAMN' thing!!!

DITA responds; 'OKAY, OKAY! Geesh, someone got up on the wrong side of the Garlic!

Any-who, the 'Tag-Lines' scream; 'ABBY'......the story of a woman possessed! And......'THE DEVIL IS HER LOVER!' 'COOL!!!' Take a Look at the Groovy campy-cool/culty, Trailer here, Hon> https://youtu.be/-QUEeQFaclw

Our story starts out with Abby's Father-In-Law in Nigeria, (played brilliantly by William Marshall) Professor Williams also known as Father Williams discovering a suggestive-looking fetish artifact-relic (sounds like something my friend 'The Dil-doe Lady' left behind. LOL) in an ancient cave used by long gone members of the sinister cult of 'ESHU!'  He of course opens it and releases a filthy, foul tempered Eshu Demon who eventually follows the Priest back to the U.S. and begins to slowly posses his daughter-in-law Abby, played to the hilt brilliantly by Actress CAROL SPEED!!! ('GOOGLE' her body of work in the 'horror' & 'blaxsploitation' Genre's for more!!! www.google.com  or www.imdb.com )

Love her and her campy, effective and shocking acting in this fun, culty little horror gem! This film pulls together a 'yin & yang-ish' blend of '70's 'Blaxsploitation' and the 'Demonic-Possession' Genre perfectly with a high 'shock' & 'camp' factor!!!

The Film was Directed by the well known 'Blaxsploitation' Director, WILLIAM GIRDLER! DITA also suggests check out his work in the 2 Genres as well by 'Google' and/or 'imdb'. Abby, you see, is married to Professor/Father Marshall's son Reverend Emmett (Terry Carter) and just wants to be a good church going woman, church choir member and 'Preacher's Wife', uh, not unlike Whitney Houston, a-hem. Then Abby becomes possessed by the 'Sex-Demon' and all 'HELL' breaks loose.....AND the 'FUN' and unintentional 'culty-hilarity' ensues!!! A-n-d....................she's off!!!

ABBY'S Exploits are best explained in 'DITA's Infamous, 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4' LIST which is as follows;
* First Demonic Possession Scene where ABBY calls her husband an impotent 'son-of-a-bitch', tells him he hasn't got enough to please her, all in her manly, creepy, demonic, devil voice and then kicks him in the balls 'while' he's wearing a very short towel! (Oh, my!!!)
*Scene where Abby degrades the old, Church Lady Organist, beats on her, foams at the mouth, all while jumping up & down on the bed, laughing demonically, while she scares the old broad into having a fatal heart attack! (Pure E-V-I-L!!!)
*Scene with Abby's Creepy House, at night with eerie fog floating around it. (Love it!)
* Scene where ABBY gives Marital Counseling to a nice, Church Couple, then proceeds to tell the ladies husband that she's going to take him up stairs and fu_ _ him, and rips open her blouse to expose her breasts to both of them. (What a gal!)
*Scene where Abby is put in hospital after cutting herself with a knife while cutting up a chicken.
* Abby proceeding to leave the hospital, all while tearing it up and call the staff 'a-holes' and telling the head nurse that she's leaving this place, 'BITCH'! (Campy, l-o-v-e it!!!)
* Scene where ABBY returns home after escaping the hospital, runs into her Father-in-law , the Priest who has returned home from Nigeria to help her, where she proceeds to try and feel him up in front of her husband! Why you may ask? Cuz she's possessed, silly!!! By a 'sex-demon', no foolin'!
* Scene where Abby escapes her house and goes to the nearest sleazy bar and proceeds to pick up lots of guys and well,..................................... 'you know!"
* Scene in one of the many 'Sleazy-Bars' she goes to where she tries to pick up a white guy by telling him,
that he needs to add some extra inches, if he's gonna be with her! 'SHOCKING!!!'
* Scene where ABBY picks up a nerd in one of said 'sleazy bars', leaves with him, the camera then pans the dance floor where everyone is 'dressed to 'funk-a-fye','70's Style, then cut to ABBY and the nerdy guy w/glasses are getting it on.

Abby moaning like a 'demon-possessed'/'she-devil'. The nerd like the 'copulation' and shouts out 'JESUS', and without missing a beat, Abby slaps him and says in her 'demonic-man voice', 'YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO 'DAMN' RELIGIOUS ABOUT IT!!!' 'Meeeoooww!' She then tries to 'screw' him to death, while shouting 'YOUR ALL MINE NOW', KILLING IS YOUR NATURE (Insert ABBY'S Evil Laugh here, kids!)!!! The camera pans away from the car 'rocking back and fourth', while it spews out steam, supposedly from 'HELL'! Wow!!!

'Lady-DIRT NAP', could wax on and on about all the demonic scenes with 'ABBY', as there are lot's more, including a 'Show-Down' in one of the 'sleazy-bars with you know who........but as you all know by now DITA never likes to tell the whole story, so here are the 'ultra-groovy' 'Extras' on this 'Special Edition' Disc-as follows;

+ History of 'ABBY'. (DITA loved this one. It's informative and I really 'dig-it', a groovy & welcome addition to this Disc!)
+ Cast Filmographies. (Wish these were included on all Discs.)
+ Original Radio Spot. (Love it!!! DITA will use on 'future radio show, cuz it's 'D-I-N-O-M-I-T-E!!!)
+ 'ABBY' Trailer! (Will be used in future Show as well, My Little Blood-Bags'!!!)
+ Movie Stills & Production Cards! ('Hip, hip, hoo-ray!')
+ Posters & Lobby Cards (Wow! 'I think I just wet myself, from the excitement! DITA highly recommends taking a look at these!

L-o-v-e it, love it, love it!!!)

Now that's how to put together 'Extra's' for a DVD, KUDOS!!! DITA & 'Vamp-Hubby 'B.J.' loved watching this little '70's BLAXSPLOITATION-FRIGHT Flick' for the first time, together and so will you and your ghoul or boil-friend!!!  You'll be glad you did, hon!

This movie had all things DITA loves, 'sleaze, blood, possession, sex, and 'groovy cult-horror' from the '70's', and as my ole Side-Kick'; CAMPIRA used to say; 'POPCORN, DARKNESS.....ALL THINGS WE LOVE!' Miss her again, 'SNIFF, 'SNIFF'!!!

Any-who, DITA loved this rare, horror-find of a film and gives it my coveted perfect score of 3 SKULLS Out Of 3!!!

More 'Blaxploitation' Fright-flix next week, my Little, Infected Spider-Bites!!!




'Surgical-Mask Covered Kisses'' 'PEACE',

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To find out more about & see her various movie clips and much, more 'way-cool' Stuff on Tonight's Star of 'ABBY'; CAROL SPEED & The Excellent/Culty Director, WILLIAM GIRDLER, Just go to-

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Directed By; William Levey
Starring; Roosevelt Jackson, Joe DeSue as the Monster, Ivory Stone, John Hart; as Dr. Stein
& Liz Renay (John Waters 'Desperate Living'), etc.
'Xenon' Entertainment Group
1973 Run Time; 87 Minutes DVD

Hi Kids,
I'm b-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!! This week I continue my Look at 'Blaxploitation'-Horror Flicks with a real stinker, simply called 'BLACKENSTEIN'!!! Click Here to see the Culty-Crazy Cool Trailer here, Hon>

In Honor this Month of Feb. of 'BLACK HISTORY'.

Let DITA first say that this may be the Shortest Review I'll ever do, and second, that this 'FAUX-FRIGHT FLICK' has to be seen to be believed how awful it really is! It makes ED WOOD Films look like works of Art, no foolin! Now the only way this film could be viewed thinks DITA, with a 'fun-factor' is for it to be watched at a Party, with a group of friends or at a 'Bad-Film Festival' in front of a group of like minded individuals, for that 'audience-participation' factor. These are DITA's two suggestions for how to view this film, my little 'shag-a-delic' 'Spider-Bites'!!!

Now for the 'Storyline', and DITA uses that term 'lightly', our story starts out with an African American Vietnam Vet, that got his legs and both arms blown off in a blast. His fiancée, played by Ivory Stone, has him transferred from the 'V.A. Hospital' to her old Mentor, DR. STEIN, how original! He of course has a creepy mansion , complete with a Laboratory, straight out of ED WOOD'S 'BRIDE OF THE MONSTER' (AVAILABLE now newly 'Colorized' @ www.legendfilms.com ), and has been doing 'limb-reattachment surgery'. 'Hmmmm?' Well guess who's next kids???

Everything goes as planned until Dr. Stein's Assistant, who is African American as well, takes a creepy liking to Ivory, who tells him she is flattered but is only there for her fiancée, 'Blackenstein', and that they are to be married after the 'surgery'.  Well, he doesn't like that and decides to tamper with the 'D.N.A.' Serum, that will be used on 'BLACKENSTEIN!'  OH NO, 'Clutch-the-pearls!' Any-who, to make a long, boring story way shorter ,things go horribly wrong and he turns into 'BLACKENSTEIN'!!! Then lots of horrific killings take place and hilarity 'un-entitionally' ensues thru-out the rest of this way-silly film.

Now, for the look of 'BLACKENSTEIN'; He is of course very tall with an afro, standard 'Frankenstein' clothes, but with zip up leather boots, you know the kind your dad wears, uh, still! Also for some reason sweats a lot. Those 'D.N.A.-Meds, perhaps?

Now for my 'Things-2-Look-4' List', my little 'Coffin-Creepers';
*Killing Scene where DITA-'Cult'-'Fave', LIZ RENAY is killed while outside in her nightgown, AT NIGHT, flashlight in hand, looking for her lost dog and husband. She is killed by 'BLACKENSTEIN', in a 'campy'-way, and then he is shown playing with her guts/entrails'! (Liz Renay being attacked by Blackenstein starts at the 9;44/15;16 Mark, Kids!) >https://youtu.be/vhoECRnSjfE )
* 3 Repetitive Shots, used 'OVER AND OVER' (Snuck in another 'MADONNA-Song Reference, for 'yoots'.) again thru-out entire film, at nauseum, which are;  'Mansion-Front', 'Laboratory', 'Warehouse Ceiling'.
*Every killing scene with 'Blackenstein's Victims being killed 'blink & you miss it' style! (Uh, o-k-a-y!)
*The Music...............you have to watch the film to believe it! Number 1, it's god-awful! Also Number 2, it doesn't match the scenes!!! It's also sometimes too loud and annoying.
*The sound 'BLACKENSTEIN' makes while walking, killing or just breathing. Best described as a dog-growl! In fact , it may be, a 'dog-growling' sound effect, retrieved, uh, 'like-a-bone', (tee-hee) from a 'public domain' library.
* Last but not least, the ever present, idiotic heart beat sound affect heard every time the 'Monster' arrives on the scene, which includes being heard when the credits roll! (No joke, listen for it, kids!)

This film is probably 'Public-Domain' and might be helped by Editing it down, stripping the music cues and making fun of it, while Hosted by a dynamic personality............................like, like.......

'Derek; 'The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts; 'Uh, like yours, bitch???
DITA responds; 'Uh, possibly, 'SUCK-KAH'!
Derek; 'Meee-yoooowch!'

A-n-w-a-y, the tag line reads, 'It'll take a mean 'Brutha' to take down this 'Mutha'!!!  Uh, right!
Sadly, there are no 'EXTRAS' on this disc, just; 'Scene-Selection', not even a 'groovy-trailer'! UH, 'RUDE!!!' But here's the trailer anyway> https://youtu.be/6bxOc--RLtA

'BLACKENSTEIN'; 'THE BLACK FRANKENSTEIN'!' Quote-from the 'Opening Credits', no really!!!

DITA gives this 'semi-funny' Stinker 1 and Half Skulls Out of 3 Skulls. Fun only when viewed in 'MSTK'-Style!

Oh, DITA almost forgot to tell you, 'The Acting, if you can call it that, is 'uh-trosh-shuss', although fun to focus on when finding ones self 'bored-into-a-coma'!!! LOL!
If your 'Curiosity is 'STILL' killing your Cat', to see just how 'culty-bad', this 'fright-flick', uh, really is just click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear old' DITA Review for your own Copy tonight.............I dare you!!! In fact,  DITA 'Double-Dares' you! (Insert DITA's 'Evil-Laugh' here.)



Next week, DITA promises you a better 'Blaxploitation-Horror Flick'.
'Take Scare' & 'Surgical-Mask Covered Kisses',
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Paramount Studios
Directed By; George Mihalka
Starring; Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, George Mihalka, Neil Affleck
1981-DVD Special-Edition
Running time; 91 Minutes

Greetings my little Bloody boxes of Chocolates! Tis I, your sweet S. & M. Horror/Cult Cupid-Temptress of Terror, DITA DIRT NAP.

Well, Hon, it's that time of year again....'VALENTINES DAY!' Also it is once again its time for my 31 Year Anniversary of DITA & 'B.J.'s, scare-rific romantic-pairing on Feb. 14th, 2021!!! This is the time of the year for star-crossed lovers such as Frankenstein and his infamous Bride, Dracula and his Multiple-Brides, King Kong and Faye Wray to express their heart-felt sentiments for each other w/Black-Roses and maggot-infested, heart-shaped boxes of candy.  Aaah, sweet blood-red love.  That brings me to my 'Valentines-Day'-inspired horror-flick of the month, straight from the 80's.......'MY BLOODY VALENTINE-1981!'

To see the Trailer of this 80's Cult-horror flick, simply Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/jmLv9HpUhJU


A card left for a victim reads;' ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, ONE IS DEAD......AND SO ARE YOU!!! (Insert 'evil-laughter' here!) The movie takes place in a town aptly titled; 'VALENTINE'S-BLUFF'. 20 Years before, a miner or two is left behind to work while their Bosses go to the Employee's 'Valentine's Day Dance. Then there's a cave-in, while said Bosses are away Celebrating. The men are left trapped in the dangerous mine for days. One is finally found alive eating the arm of his Co-Worker to keep from dying of starvation, of course. Mmmmm, got milk? He is later declared insane and locked away for 20 years.

Flash forward 20 years to the new generation of the town's teenagers are once again preparing for the upcoming towns 'Valentine-Day-Dance. Before DITA forgets. the opening of this film involves a beautiful blonde and her miner-boyfriend getting ready to copulate , down in the mine. Alas, murder steps in with a pick-axe through her 'heart-tattoo'. What a shame, a newly purchased bra ruined.

Before the new dance gets kicked-off, the Killer from 20 years ago decides to pay his Hometown a visit, by starting at the local Laundromat, all decorated for the upcoming holiday. As she exits to the back, the Killer quietly leaves a box of valentines chocolates on the counter. When she sees it and opens it, she discovers the afore mentioned card, looks up and discovers the Killer lunging at her....... Before you can say; dark-chocolate, she is stuffed in a dryer and her heart removed. Not to mention , her body stuck on 'spin-dry'. She is later discovered 'extra-dry' and without a cling-free fabric sheet included, by the Local-Sheriff. Oh My!

The Valentine's Dance is quickly called-off due the Killer's recent bloody rampage, that is just getting started , my little dust-covered candy-hearts. Now as you know, DITA never likes to tell the whole story, so I will go right to my infamous 'Things-2-Look-4-List' as follows;

A. Scene w/girl being axed in the stomach.

B. Scene w/guy climbing ladder in the abandoned mine, as an escape-route, but falls to a grue-some end , by be-heading, my little chocolate covered 'spider-bites'.

C. Scene w/nail-gun killing, shot w/two nails directly into the skull and face.

D. Best death-scene, in DITA's humble-opinion where a girl meets her fate by being slammed on a shower-spigot. Later, she is discovered by her horny-boyfriend w/spigot shooting water out of her mouth. (Love it! Love it! Love it!)

E. Creepy-character named; 'Happy' getting his come-uppance while setting a 'spook-trap' for said teens, and is attacked by the real killer by pick-axe to the eye, then pick-axe thru the jaw, and dragged on the ground.

F. Etc., etc., etc. Don't want to reveal too much, babe.

'Lady-Dirt Nap' loves this 80's Slasher Holiday-Fright Flick first and foremost for the simple reason that it was Original, and done well....uh, the first time in 1981! DITA must say that the last time I reviewed this fun fright flick was on VHS. My VHS-copy at the time was very murky, dirty and blurry.....NOT-fun! Flash forward to 2021, of this 'Special-Edition' DVD ,released in 2010 on DVD of the Original; 'MY BLOODY VALENTINE'; where the digital-transfer is most excellent, clear, crisp.  As opposed to the inferior VHS copy I had. In fact the colors just pop off the screen , while I watched on our U-CURVED HD Big Screen TV this time, Hon!

Now on the 'Extra's' on this Special Edition DVD from 2010. DITA must say, there are 'Extra' O' Plenty, which I love and know this is how DITA wishes were how all DVD's should come equipped but the one that is sweet as chocolate is the one on the allows you to place in the 'alternate'-ending into the film as you watch it. Kind of like 'Magic-Editing 101', my little chocolate covered/heart-shaped spider-bites!  DITA highly suggests watching this feature.

Of course there is a Trailer included and other great Extras as well.  In fact DITA highly suggests purchasing this Fan-friendly 2010 Special-Edition for your Special/Creep-tastic Valentine as a Valentines Gift this season as it is perfect for any 'heart-felt' Horror-Fan that shares your weird love!

My Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.' of 31 Years, got it for me. along w/other 'love-apparatus's' and I love it as I have always been intrigued by the storyline and the plain old-fashioned slasher flick appeal that is no longer included in today's Holiday-Horror, Hon!  DITA loves this fright-flick from 1981 and will tell you it is one film that has held up nicely over the years and is actually, wait for it, wait for it............................................. G-O-O-D!

DITA lovingly gives this scary/romantic slasher love flick a perfect score of 3 Skulls Out of a 3 Skulls Score!!!

To get yours for your Special-Someone, uh, whatever they are, Simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear old sweet black-heart DITA Review tonight for Valentines Day this Sunday on Feb. 14th, my little black-boo-quet of roses and box of chocolate covered maggots!




Aww, just think DITA and her special African-American Vampire-Hubby; B.J. aka my 'Blood-lovin' Valentine' are now Celebrating their Big 31 Year Anniversary! So if we can make it and Celebrate on our aptly dated anniversary of Feb.14th every year, and make it to 31 Years, then so can you and your special someone.  Ah, just remember to un-chain them more often. LOL! 'Strange-Love' is what we have again and again as we retain it, as one of our favorite 80's Groups; DEPECHE MODE', once sang!

So until next week , when I'm back with another great 70's 'Blaxploitation-Film', I wish you all a Happy/Bloody Valentines Day!
'Surgical Mask-KISSES' w/a heart print,

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From; SOUL CINEMA DVD Double-Feature of;
Directed By; Bob Kelljan
Produced By; Joseph T. Naar
Starring; 'Blaxploitation Legends'-
BIG DOLL HOUSE, THE ARENA, JACKIE BROWN, The 'L' WORD, etc.), RICHARD LAWSON, Don Mitchell, Michael Conrad, Bernie Hamilton.
1973 DVD
Running Time; 1 hour 36 Minutes

Peace, Love, & hair grease, Kids! Can you dig it?  Yes, It's me, DITA DIRT NAP, The Bride Of 'BLACULA-JR.', UH, I mean 'ROBERT-BLACULA MARSHALL, JR'., 'B.J.' for short, no foolin'!!!  It is in this Month of Feb. that DITA does 'BLAXPLOITATION-HORROR FILMS' of the 70's, in Honor of  'Black History' Month!

DITA is Married to an African-American Vampire you know, 'SON OF BLACULA'??? My 'Mother-In-Law's name is 'LISA' or is it Louise aka 'WEEZY', or maybe it's 'PAM'? Any-who, it is with great 'in-thoozy-azum' that 'LADY DIRT NAP' brings you one of her Favorite 'Blaxploitation-Horror Films' the Sequel of course to; 'BLACULA' witch is ; 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM'!!!

This Film was extremely fun to watch laying on our '70's Shag-Carpeting' but on our 'Big-Screen' TV adorned with 'Lava-Lamps' on top. 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM' starts out with a old 'VOO-DOO' High Priestess on her death bed, with Pam Grier/Lisa at her side as well as the other 'Voo-Doo Cult Members, which includes her son, Willis, played DITA's New-Crush, Actor; RICHARD LAWSON! Be still my 'Little-Black Heart'! When she dies that decide to take a vote on who takes over in her Esteemed-Spot. This angers her son, Willis, who then swears Revenge on his Adopted Sister Lisa/Pam Grier and the other Members. Do I tell you PAM GRIER is DITA's Other Fantasy-Crush?  To see 'PAM GRIER' Movie-Montage, Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/ndsGx_BwN6U

Is it 'hot' in here, or is it just me, kids? Also check her out @ www.cultsirens.com 

A-n-y-w-a-y, to make a long story, somewhat shorter, her Brutha' Willis, is given the Bones of 'BLACULA' by a spurned ex-voo-doo cult member to exact his revenge. Willis/Richard Lawson/Sexy-Daddy/Bad Boy, whips off his shirt, performs 'Voo-Doo' Ritual with the 'Bones' of 'BLACULA', Complete with fire, to Resurrect 'DRACULA'S- 'SOUL BROTHER', no really, that's what they call him in the groovy Trailer. Then all 'HELL' breaks loose, and horror ensues!!! To see the Groovy-Trailer for 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM.' Simply Click here, Hon> http://youtu.be/CxqE50c2x_0

DITA as you all know is a huge Fan of 'BLAXPLOITATION FILMS!

Back to 'S.,B.,S.' , after Sexy 'Willis' brings back 'BLACULA', played Brilliantly again by Actor WILLIAM MARSHALL, (Love him & his sexy, commanding voice, and his stand alone, stage-presence! Is it wrong to have a Crush on your 'Father-In-Law'? Hmmmm?) LOL!

The rest of the story is that 'BLACULA' soon after his trip back from the grave, let's Willis know that he is the Boss, leaving Willis to be nothing more this his 'man-servant', which in turn takes away some of 'groovy', ya dig?  'BLACULA/William'' finds out about a Party that Willis was supposed to go to where they have ancient 'African-Artifact'-Jewelry that he waxes on about very poetic-ally the other Party-Goers which of course includes LISA/Pam ,who is blessed in the Art of Voo-Doo Rituals'! 'BLACULA' of course goes on a 'Blood-hungry feeding-frenzy thru-out this ultra-groovy fright flick, all while trying to get Pam Grier's character, Lisa, to perform a 'Voo-Doo-Magic' to cast out the 'demon' inside him. Why you may ask? So he can stop being a 'Strange-Dude', and become good again and not evil, silly!!!

The 'Los Angeles Times' said in 1973, 'FUN FROM START TO FINISH!' I agree ten-fold!!!!!!!!!!  DITA has a lot of favorite parts in this cool, 'fun-2-watch' flash-back film, so with out further adieu, here are my 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST' as follows;
* All scenes where 'BLACULA' digs his fangs in deep, for a bite..........of his victims that is!!! Love his teeth and the fact that he doesn't care if his 'snacks' are male or female! Hmmm, DITA can only hope that he was possibly on the LOW-LOW! (Actually, that thought comes from Mr. Erazo, tee-hee!)

* Scene where Willis's bitchy, groovy, girlfriend asks him for a back-rub but ends up being a late-night snack. (MMMMMmmm, I must be expecting a visit from Aunt-Flo' cuz I'm craving 'chocolate!')*Scene where Pam Grier's character is chosen to stay and watch over her friends body after she is bitten by 'Mr. B.', 'gulp'.................while she's in a casket, in a funeral home! Hmmmm? Then what happens? * Scene where Pam/Lisa is almost bitten by her 'gal-pal' after she turns into a 'She-Vamp', with really big 70's Hair! DITA loves Miss Grier's excellent 'Screaming-Skills' in this scene! (Love it, love it, love it! The girls really endowed with big............uh, lungs!!!)
* Scene where 'BLACULA'S 'Legion-Of-Newly-Turned Vampires', all with big 70's hair & outfits, roam and attack policemen in the Mansion, while a important 'Voo-Doo Ritual' is going on.
* End Scene where Pam/Lisa is performing the all-important 'Voo-Doo' Magic Ritual with a 'not-supposed-2-be' cute 'BLACULA'-VOO-DOO DOLL', but now DITA wants one for her 'Valentine's Day' 31rst Year Anniversary' Present from 'B.J.', LOL!!!
* Last scene where Lisa/Pam sees all the 'Violent Years' behavior from 'Pimp-Daddy B'. and decides not to finish the Spell-Ritual for the Prince-Of-Darkness, which this Part of the film, DITA actually starts to feel bad for 'B.' cuz he's not really bad, he's just written that way. I 'wood' of helped him! ('WHAT??? He's my 'faux' Father-In-Law, isn't he? Lisa was ungrateful, in DITA's humble opinion! Still love ya Pam, I'm just sayin'.)

Now for the almost, non-existent 'EXTRAS' on this disc, 'SIGH';
+ English; MONO. Uh, why?
+Subtitles in; English, French & Spanish (Que' tengas un buen fin de semana, yall!!!)
+ Original Theatrical Trailer! 'Thank god.......it's Friday!' (A little Donna Summer Movie Reference, for ya , my little 'Blood-Bags!")
More 'extras' like a 'BEHIND-THE SCENES' Doc. would have been nice for big, 'FANS', like myself. Also 'BIO'S' Should have been Included, considering this Ultra-Cool Pairing of WILLIAM MARSHALL & DITA-Fave; PAM GRIER!!! Just my 2 Cents, for what it's worth?

'Derek; The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts, 'NOT MUCH IN THIS Corona-ECONOMY, babe!

DITA responds; 'HI D.!

I, DITA DIRT NAP gives this 'BLAXPLOITATION-HORROR' Flick, 2 1/2 Groovy Skulls Out of 3!!!  A almost perfect Score!!!
Too learn more on all the very cool 'BLAX-PLOITATION' Films that are out their and quickly popping out up on DVD,

DITA highly recommends 2 Items this time, more next time. The first is an  Excellent BOOK , almost from 'A-2-Z' available on www.amazon.com by clicking right here< entitled 'WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT WAS; THE BLACK FILM EXPLOSION OF THE 70'S. By AUTHORS, Andre Chavez, Denise Chavez & Gerald Chavez!!!
This Book is a great read and comes Highly Recommended! Love it, very, very Informative while staying fun and hip!!! 3 SKULLS!!!
Just click on the 'BOOK-ICON' next to DITA's Review to get your 'Shag-Carpet' Copy tonight!!!



Last but certainly not least, DITA can't recommend 'fro' your viewing pleasure,
'THE BEST OF SOUL CINEMA DVD COLLECTION' witch includes the some of the 'Grooviest-Cult Blaxploitation Films, (some with Miss Grier) which are;
#'FOXY BROWN' (Her Best, says DITA!!)
#'I'M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA' From; 'The Wayans Brothers'! (A funny Spoof!!!)
#'COFFY' with Pam Grier (One of her Best!!! DITA was given this Flick on DVD as a past xmas-gift from my good friend; 'RENFIELD!')
To get these great Flicks, just click on the 'DVD-ICON' next to Dear old' DITA Review and break out your 'Lava-Lamps' & 'Love-Beads', oh and uh, POPCORN, tonight!!!

Of course get your own Copy of 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM' as well to find out the Ending, cuz as you noticed DITA did not reveal what happens to 'tall, dark and sexy', uh did I???
So Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of; the Culty-Cool/Groovy Double-Feature DVD from 'SOUL CINEMA' of; ''BLACULA' & 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM' next to Dear Old DITA's Review to get yours!




Until next time,
'Keeping it real & groovy!!!"
(Click here to see the throw-back Music Video from 'DITA-Fave'-DIVA; VANESSA WILLIAMS called; 'RUNNING BACK TO YOU', Sugga> https://youtu.be/d3PzWGLkZLo)

To send much-appreciated 'Fang-Mail'; DN1965@live.com
DITA also wants you to know the Groovy-Movie Poster for; 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM' is available By Clicking the 'Poster-Icon' of it next to Dear Old DITA's Review!






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www.shoutfactory.com  (Large Selection of Culty DVD's! DITA Highly suggests per-ruse-ing their Culty-cool site!)
www.somethingweird.com  (Great CULT DVD's Selection says; DITA!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (FEB. Movie Listings Online N-O-W, Hon!)
www.radiohalloween.com  (Year round Halloween Content, Kids!)
www.shockcinemamagazine.com  (One of DITA's Favorite Mags!)
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Also Special Hola's to;
'DOUGIE-DOUG FRESH, In St. Charles, MO. PIMP-DADDY, MICKEY, aka Ramell ; Whazz Up? & LAST BUT NOT LEAST; My Loving 'Vamp-Hubby', 'B.J.' AKA 'Drive-In Rob', Our Daughter; 'PAMELA-SCREAM' who's back attending college ('Scream-U.) from her lap top & Our Rescue-Pup; 'CHILLING-CHINA!' (Our cuddly Culty-cool Chi-waa-waa/Pug/Jack Russell Terrier Mix aka 'Lady-Truck Driver'. LOL, but True!))  Also DITA's 'Wiccan-Cousin; ANGELA who recently celebrated a Birthday & MACE-JONES', who performed DITA & 'B.J.'s Wedding Ceremony back in 2013!)


A Soul Cinema Double-Feature DVD of;
DVD 1971 & 1973

Hello my little Feb. Ghouls & Goblins!’ Tis I, your Horror/Cult Hostess, DITA DIRT NAP!

This Month to 'Kick-Off' 'BLACK HISTORY MONTH" I bring you A Double-BLAXPLOITATION Review of; 'BLACULA' & it's Super-Groovy Follow-Up; 'SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM!' The Later Starring; PAM GRIER! Who knew when DITA wood view this groovy-movie that it wood be on the ‘Big-Screen’ recently here in Hollyweird at the ‘New Beverly Cinema’s ‘GRINDHOUSE FESTIVAL’ along with the Director ‘LIVE’ in person , MR. WILLIAM CRAIN, who not only did a great ‘Q. & A.’ before the film, but gave my Producer/Agent; Darell Erazo an Autograph and a quick chat afterwards! DITA also thanked him for making this Iconic-‘Blaxploitation Horror Flick’ and remembered that her 'Vamp-Hubby’s' initials ‘B.J’. stand for ‘Blacula Jr.’!

It wuz quite an exciting night years ago at mine & ‘Renfield’s’ favorite Theater in L.A. as it wuz a ‘Blacksploitation-Horror Double Feature’ of not only ‘BLACULA’ but also ‘J.D.’S REVENGE’( Possession/Horror Flick) w/the lead Actors in tow as well! You Can’t ask for more than that, kids! Love it!!! This excellent film wuz from a great 35 mm Print that looked crisp and clean as the DVD. The lights went down and the groovy 70’s Soundtrack started to play!

By the way, kids the excellent Soundtrack for ‘BLACULA’ is available by clicking on the ‘CD-Icon’ next to my Review!!! (3 Skulls Rating, hon!) DITA highly suggests this Cool, funky Soundtrack for Fans of this Film like me!!!

As DITA wuz saying, the groovy Soundtrack started to play over the very cool/funky opening credits of the film, and DITA enjoyed the groovy graphics along with the credits & music and wood like you to see them by clicking here; www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEBqJaQtCsY

Now as DITA munched down on my popcorn, hot dog and jumbo soda, the story unfolded about ‘BLACULA’s reason for coming with his Queen from Africa, as he is a Prince there to visit the infamous Dracula. Why, did visit him you may ask? Interesting question my little ‘spider-bites’. Prince Manuwalde came to ask him to think about stopping the ‘slave trade’! Yikes!!! Count Dracula disagrees and then to add insult to injury, offers William Marshall’s character money to sleep with his wife and tells him he should be flattered! Can you say; ‘ASS-HOLE’? Hmmm? Who knew Dracula wuz a racist? Not cool!!!

Any-who, he then curses the Prince to be a Vampire and dramatically shouts; you shall be, ‘BLACULA’!!! Then seals him in a coffin with his wife weeping on top of the coffin. Uh, he also takes it one step further, Dracula that is and seals them in their new tomb. What a jerk!

His wife dies eventually of starvation and several eon’s of decades go by until two ( 'stereo-types' of gay men,) men, an interracial gay couple buy the castle and everything in it……..Including the coffin, with Blacula still in it!  Needless to say; Blacula finally awakens and of course is hungry for blood. The Caucasian gay guy cuts his arm on the coffin while opening it, and as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose! And the ‘Blacula’ saga begins!

DITA loved seeing this fun campy fright film even though some things in it are now totally un-p.c. years later! My Agent cringed at the gay-extreme 'stereo-types' and wuz not amused at the constant use of the word ,uh, sounds like maggot. Which is understandable. (Why is it when gay-people are portrayed in movies or TV, they are almost 'ALWAYS' cast as buffoons & 'stereo-types' to be laughed at and ridiculed for the effect of comedy. gay people in real life are not for your enjoyment and are not to be portrayed as 'not-human', or something to laugh at so 'straight-audiences' can feel either less threatened or more comfortable. Lets get that straight, Hon!!!!)

Let me stop her my little ‘coffin-creepers’ to show you the very vintage/groovy Trailer of ‘BLACULA’ that DITA used in my ‘Lost-Halloween Pilot’ year back in 2008 by clicking here; https://youtu.be/vN2a5zGmBPI

Don’t cha just love it?

Also this film is included in several Books including my favorite one called ‘CULT FLICKS AND TRASH PICS’ on Page # 42 , which you can still get by clicking on the ‘Book-Icon’ of it next to DITA’s Review from amazon.com




Derek; 'The Vamperic-Announcer’ interrupts; ‘Happy Early Valentines Day, DITA, my Dear! Great movie by the way, Cuz!

DITA responds; you finally joined me here in the ‘Den’ again.

Derek; 'Taa-tah' everyone; ‘I’m going to Transylvania this year for Valentines, DITA! Cuz flights are s-o-o-o-o cheap right now.

DITA; Bye babe, just make sure you come back sometime please or DITA will miss you!!! Hope you got ur vaccine before you fly, Hon?

Back to my Review; I must say that that couldn’t have picked a better Actor to play Blacula than, Mr. William Marshall, who by the way wuz a Shakespearean-trained Actor and Singer! In fact he also played a priest in another Horror film I Reviewed before. that performs an exorcism on demonically possessed lead character in the film ‘ABBEY’! Too see that groovy Trailer picked by my Vampire Hubby; ’B.J.’ of ‘ABBEY’ simply click here; https://youtu.be/-QUEeQFaclw
WOW! That witch is crazy & evil! ‘Double Yikes!!’

Also you may recognize William Marshall from when he played the ‘King Of Cartoons’ back in the day on ‘PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE’! Please check his other films at www.imdb.com ( Just type in William Marshall.)

Now instead of telling you the whole story I will say that Mr. Marshall’s presence & ‘swagger’ in this lovable action-packed horror flick is unmatched by any other actor around today, in DITA’s humble opinion! He just embodied coolness in this role and is quite the lover boy with his love interest in the film! Hubba-hubba! Wish I wuz her, Uh, I mean, I’m a big Fan of Mr. Marshall’s work and the Director; William Crain who couldn’t of been nicer to me.  He also Directed another DITA-Fave ‘DR JEKYLL & MR. BLACK!'

This film has some great action scenes as well and DITA found herself caring for his character & his love interest in the infamous ‘police-chase’ scene where one of them ………where one of them……..??? No way am I giving away this scene as DITA has never been ‘MSS. SPOILER-ALERT’ and I’m not gonna start now.

So instead here are my ‘DITA’S ;’THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST’ as follows;

*Scene where BLACULA first dramatically & slowly rises from his coffin to wake up very hungry in the 1970’s. ( Love it!)
* Scene where ‘Blacula’ is hit by a funny, bitchy, lady cab-driver, then has a snack! ( Very funny scene, included in the trailer.)
* Scene where Lady Cab –Driver comes back to life as a Vampire in the morgue and runs wildly in ‘slo-mo’ down the hall to bite Elisha Cook Jr.’s character of the Mortician!
* Scene where people are dancing very funky-manically 70’s style!!! (Groovy-baby!)
* Scene with police chasing ‘BLACULA’ and his future Bride’ in a underground setting. ( Lot’s of action. & drama, baby!
* End-scene w/’Blacula’ walking out and up stairs cuz he’s……..and his wants to ………cuz she…. ….well you get the picture, butt you have to get your own Copy of this film to find out……and to add to your ‘Vampire Greats’ DVD Collection!!!

You can do that by clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of ‘BLACULA’ next to Dear old’ DITA’s Review!

This film DITA really feels capture on film the feel and look of the ‘groovy’ early 70’s perfectly frozen in time on celluloid along with Blacula’s ultra-cool afro, long side-burns and Pimp-cool look of a Vampire in general!!!  Dita can dig it, shuga!!!

DITA’s willing to bet, Rapper ‘SNOOP-DOGG’ loves this ‘oh-so-cool’ Ultimate Vampire Horror Flick, which DITA considers the ‘Pimp-Daddy’ of most Vampire Flicks, uh other than Bela Lugosi’s ‘DRACULA’, which they have shown before here in L.A. at New Beverly’s ‘GRINDHOUSE FILM FEST’ along with ‘BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’ ( Love that!!!) as the 2nd Feature.!!!

As for ‘EXTRA’S’ on this disc;
+ Only the groovy Theatrical Trailer! ( You can’t win them all, hon!)

DITA also heard lot’s of laughter during the Screening of this retro-fright flick at the right places of course and even heard one male movie goer’ say; ‘Damn, man, that’s gonna be my Halloween Costume this year!’ No foolin’!

Everybody likes ‘BLACULA’!!!  Why u may ask? Cuz he epitomizes cool-ness and swagger, silly! Rest in piece, Mr. Marshall, your job is done! ‘KUDOS to the great cast & Director, Mr. William Crain!!!  As DITA told him after the movie years ago, ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS MOVIE!’

I, DITA DIRT NAP, give ‘BLACULA’a perfect Score of 3 SKULLS Out Of A 3 SKULLS Score!!!




Until Next week,
‘Surgical-Mask Covered Kisses’,

To see that NEW-Video from DITA-Fave; MEGAN THEE STALLION and DA' BABY called; 'CRY BABY' simply Click Here, Hon> https://youtu.be/AqaQsL-8I_M )

Check out these cool sites too;
www.mymoviemonsters.com  (Scary Monsters Magazine!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Tune in Every FRIDAY NIGHT to "DUG GRAVES HORROR-RADIO SHOW, Hon!)

This Review Dead-cated To; DITA's Friend; DEREK!


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