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Directed; Takao Nakano
Starring; Io Aikawa, Risa Kasumi, Mari Sakurai, Tamayo
DVD 2010 From; Japan
Streaming on Amazon, Tubi-TV and You-Tube

Hi Kids!
It's me again, Your Horror/Cult Temptress of Terror, DITA DIRT NAP! This Week and next week in Honor again of May being the 'ASIAN AMERICAN & PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE MONTH. I bring you Two Asian Flicks with the this weeks Film being from Japan called; 'BIG TITS ZOMBIE'.

Now the fun/silly premise for this film is literally described as;  A medieval Book of the Dead is discovered in the catacombs that run under a small town strip club. When one of the desperate strippers raises an army of the undead, the rest of the strippers must kick some zombie ass to save the world. To see what I mean take a look at the Trailer here, my little 'coffin-creepers' > https://youtu.be/xxFGLTXI1ZY

First let DITA say this fun/silly flick reminded of the Movies I once saw at the 2010 'BOOBS & BLOOD FILM FESTIVAL', which one of them was; 'BIG TITS ZOMBIE', among other horror flicks from Asia and where I met my friend Actor & Fitness Trainer and Now Rapper; 'XANGO HENRY!' He was there that weekend to promote his Cult Flick; 'NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS'.  Btw, Check out that Trailer of his by Clicking here, Hon> https://youtu.be/Ubtt1RDk_M0 

Also XANGO's NEW Rap Album can be digitally downloaded soon. ( www.facebook.com/XangoHenry  )
Click here to see one of his Videos of him Rapping shirt-less & commando,'Yow-Zah',Hon> https://youtu.be/NiBQLWvYrqs

Back to the film! This film is the fun kind of flick where you can just turn off your brain and just have fun watching the mayhem and silly-ness of this 'Horror/Comedy'. Also goes great w/Mota! LOL, but true, Hon!

So the film starts out w/a group of girls who are dancers in Japan looking for their next gig when they find out the Manager has to soon close-up shop. He tells them they can work at a spa he knows of as dancers for good money. Long story, short, they go and start their new dancing gig quickly. So when their on a break before their next show, while hanging out bored in their dressing room, they stumble onto a double-door with a pad lock on it. Of course they quickly just so happen to find the key and open it, grab a nearby flashlight and go exploring. They find the former owners earthly-possessions as he killed himself for some reason or another. Each girl finds something they either need or like. Now the 'outcast-girl' finds of course , like in any low-budget horror flick the 'Book Of The Dead!' Of course she tells the other girls she can perform a spell to bring back the Dead. DITA wonders what happens next?????

Well 'thin-plots-are-us' , they later are over-run w/zombies! Who would of thunk it? They even have sushi and fish zombies reanimated. No foolin'. As you might have guessed the Spell-Book Girl/'Out-Cast' of the group discovers later how to control the zombies w/the book and by baring her breasts and becomes evil. DITA say evil, not a zombie ,Dear. So while trying to perform on stage without realizing their audience is now all-zombies, some of the girls get bitten. The girls who get bitten of course have to be shot or killed. Then before you can say; 'B.J.'s going on a trip to Korea next month, uh, for real. W-h-a-t? My 'Vamp-Hubby' likes to travel and is obsessed w/Asia in general and don't get DITA started on his obsession w/K. POP and Korean Drama Series. What can DITA say; He's a well-rounded Black Vampire who also speaks enuff Korean to get by. DITA will miss him severely until he flies back after 2 weeks and boi will his arms be tired.  BAH-DUMP-BUMP! LOL! I'll be here all week. Try the Fish!

So before you know it's already down to the last two surviving girls. One is good at killing the Zombies w/her samurai sword and the other is very handy with a Chain-Saw! DITA LIKE-Y! Zombie heads fly, zombie body parts are lopped off. A virtual Blood-Bath, my little origami spider-bites!  Now their last friend to die , says w/her last breath to close the 'well-of-the-dead', that the now evil girl opened w/the 'book of the dead' spell book. She then dies, come back to life quickly as a Zombie and then does contortions w/her body by making her body like a table and then starts shooting flames like a gun out of her scary vagina. Her friend she asked to kill her earlier while she was dying, does so and releases her soul.

In the end DITA will tell you their is only one chick standing, but does she have a Samurai Sword or a Chainsaw??? I'll never tell! W-h-a-t? I usually never revealing the complete ending.
DITA will say that the money owed to all the Strippers is finally paid in the end by the shifty boss. But wait, I said they all died but one....So how did the dead-dancers get paid?

Well, if you wanna find out either Click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear Old DITA's Review tonight to get your very own Copy of; 'BIG TITS ZOMBIE' or simply stream it on Amazon,  tubi-tv or you-tube tonight in honor of 'ASIAN AMERICAN & PACIFIC ISLANDERS HERITAGE MONTH'. DITA enjoyed this fun/silly horror-comedy flick from Japan and gives it a score of 2 Skulls Out of a 3 Skulls Score. Lady DIRT NAP just needed a bit more 'out-rage-juss-nuss' scenes and feel the Director could have taken it further and only one 'knit-pick' point of noticing that even though its in the title of the film, DITA noticed none of the Zombies had BIG TITS. You Only saw the stripper/dancers boobs, no zombie boobs. Maybe DITA being too literal but watch this silly fun flick in the dark with a big bowl of 'spider-crunchies' and a 2 liter of 'CHOKE-A-COLA!'


Until next week when DITA brings you a another Asian Horror or Cult Flick to Celebrate. I Blow you Vaccinated with a Fresh Booster 'Chainsaw-Kisses',

(Click here to see that exact music video featuring K. POP Group; 'BLACK PINK' & LADY GA GA entitled; 'SOUR CANDY'> https://youtu.be/XcskGdItsi8 )

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As usual here some 'DITA-Suggested sites to web-sur as Follows;
www.thenewbev.com  (which is where in 2010 DITA attended the 'BOOBS & BLOOD FILM FESTIVAL' where; 'BIG TITS ZOMBIE' was shown. Check out their Upcoming JUNE-2022 FILM SCHEDULE, Hon!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (DITA LIKE-Y!!!)
www.cinespia.org  (Movies shown on the Mauseouleum Walls in the Infamous; 'HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY' Schedule! '2022 GAY-PRIDE'-Edition!)
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From; Roger Corman's; 'NEW WORLD PICTURES'
Directed By; Howard R. Cohen
Starring; Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss,
Jeffrey Tambor, 'GIVE ME A Break's; Kari Michaelsen and Kevin Brando, etc.
1981 DVD & Streaming on 'Amazon-Prime', etc.

Hi Kids!
It's me, your walking, talking undead 'Horror/Cult Queen', DITA DIRT NAP back this weekend with a fun/silly 'Horror/Comedy' perfect for the day after called; 'SATURDAY THE 14TH!' Btw, hope you kids were able to stay away from Jason yesterday. Any-Boo, to see exactly how fun/silly this Flick is Click here for the Trailer, Hon> https://youtu.be/Yf_0-GpNOi8

See what I mean my little 'spider-bites?'

This too-silly horror/comedy was produced from Roger Corman's NEW WORLD PICTURES back in 1981 and its Producer was none other than Roger's Daughter Julie Corman. This tale begins with a reading of a will with a typical family of four having the relatives old cruddy, creepy house being bestowed upon them after the relative dies. But there's just one catch! W-h-a-t may you ask? Well just the fact that the house is cursed. NUH! NUH!

Oh theirs also a silly old married vampire couple that wants the house before they move in. Not really wanting the creepy old run down house but the special 'Book-Of-Evil', which if opened will release evil monsters to run amok. Well the typical family of four moves in which includes the father, the mother and the two children which includes teenage daughter played well by Kari Michaelsen of TV's; 'GIVE ME A BREAK'. Right after the evil book is opened by her younger brother all sorts of monster happenings start up like the younger brother having a monster come into his room at night that DITA can best describe as a tall monster with I'll say very phallic looking eyes that look like, ahem, sex toys.

Then the next day his teenage sister while taking a bath encounters a low-budget looking creature from the black lagoon with a slight tummy-control problem literally in her bath tub. After the monster chases her around the spooky house in a towel and the cop who lives next door comes into to try and save her from the beast gets killed by the monster and later is beheaded and wrapped up in butcher paper.

Now DITA will say that all the monsters are very cheesy-looking and kind of funny like something you might have seen on the old 70's Saturday shows like; 'Sigmund And The Sea Monsters' or 'Lidsville', etc. but not as cool, Hon!

Now the mother gets bit by the vampire and starts acting strangely and then is attacked in the attic by a crap-load of bats, reminiscent of the infamous scene in ;'THE BIRDS' w/Tippie Hedren's character being attacked by a crap-ton of birds. It is then the man of the house decides to call what he thinks is an exterminator named what else, but Van Helsing. He comes over and tells the family he will have to temporarily move in as it will take many days to remove all those pesky bats. Hmmmm? Time rolls on quickly in this strange house where all they get on television is ;'THE TWILIGHT ZONE', and the Van Helsing exterminator tells them they need to have the families relatives over for a party on Saturday The 14th. For what you might ask? To use their energy to expel the monsters once and for all as they are tearing up their kitchen and ransacking their fridge for some reason, Silly!

Any-who they have the afore mentioned party and slowly the guests start being attacked and killed by the monsters as they all play of game of looking for the young son of the family who opened the evil-book. Just as the monsters start taking over the house at Midnight the odd married vampire couple ring the door bell to join the party already in full evil/silly swing. The quickly begin reveal that they have found the families young son and the evil book and begin to fight magically w/the Van Helsing bat exterminator over the boys newly acquired powers and possession of the Book. DITA won't say who finally wins, as you all know by now I almost never tell the end of the story , but I will say as soon as the show down is over and the last guest leaves btw is the young guy from the liquor store who earlier in the story delivers boo's and party snacks for the party leaves.  The energy of the entire house changes and the family as a reward is now given the regular but beautiful house across the street instead to live possibly ever after???? Or do they???? DUN, DUN, DUN!!!

The answer is revealed in the Culty sequel that DITA will Review at this time next year in 2023,witch is called what else; 'SATURDAY THE 14TH STRIKES BACK'. BTW, you can take a look at the Sequel's Trailer by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/MESfvEZHHAc

Now DITA will give you once again my infamous;'THINGS-2-LOOK-4-LIST' as Follows; my little 'coffin-creepers';
*Scene where the Teenage daughter tries to take her Bath but the cheesy-looking faux creature from whatever color lagoon starts to attack and then chase her thru the creepy house with eventually a lot of
haunted house-warming electric can-openers. Wait! W-h-a-t? You'll see, says DITA!
*Scene where one biddy snoopy party guests tries to hang up her fur coat but is attacked by a walking fur coat looking monster.
* Scene with real estate agent being scared almost to death and later pops up at the party and spouts to a terrified party guests; 'IT'S WHAT WE CALL A 'FIXER-UPPER!'
*Scene where Van Helsing is seen at their breakfast table eating a box of ;'COUNT CHOCKULA'. LOL!
*Any & all scenes with various cheesy-looking monsters trying to scare any and all who venture into the creepy/spooky house.
*End scene where.....where??? Gotcha! I'll n-e-v-e-r t-e-l-l!!!

DITA gives this horror-comedy a Score of 2 Skulls Out of a 3 Skulls Score as I liked the pacing of this film but thought the running jokes like how their phone never works or is tied-up w/monsters using the line, uh, a 'monster-party' line, weren't exactly up to my definition of snuff but enjoyed it over all enuff to Review the Sequel next year.

So either get to Clicking on that 'DVD-Icon' of 'SATURDAY THE 14TH' to get your very own and to find out the exact battle-ending and More or simply Stream it Tonight on 'AMAZON-PRIME!'




Next week in honor of 'ASIAN AMERICANS AND PACIFIC ISLANDER'S MONTH' again like last year DITA will bring you a fun/campy Asian horror-comedy flick that's right up my rotted ally
otherwise known as my 'boo-ha' called ;'BIG TITS ZOMBIE' an Asian Horror-Comedy!

Until then,
I BLOW YOU Vaccinated a the latest Booster 'CHAINSAW-KISSES',
(To hear that 80's Dittie by 'DITA-Fave'; SHEENA EASTON called; 'TELEFONE' which of course has a fitting for this film 'monster-theme' by Clicking Here> https://youtu.be/ufjSeZ_RuRY )

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As usual here are my 'DITA-Suggested' Sites to cruise at your leisure, Babe;
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Directed & Written By; Max Allan Collins
Produced By; James K. Hoffmann
Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz Present; A NEO-NOIR Release
'M.A.C. Film Productions' & Streaming on 'Amazon-Prime'.
William Castle's; 'BUG', 'SATURDAY THE 14TH', Wes Craven's; 'INVITATION TO HELL', etc.), JASON MILLER (THE EXORCIST'),
Michael Cornelison, MICKEY SPILLANE, SARAH JANE MILLER ('STAR TREK', etc.), RACHEL LEMIEUX as Jessica-Ann.....Daughter of; 'MOMMY!'
1996 1Oth Anniversary Edition DVD (2022 Marks the 'now' 26 Year Anniversary of this Horror-Film!)

Hi Kids & 'HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY' 2 ALL U FELLOW MUTHA's like me, uh, DITA DIRT NAP!' Mommy-Dearest Extordinaire!

Last year at this time DITA Reviewed the Culty little Mother's Day-Fright Flick called; 'MOM!'

So this year for the Special Day, DITA has searched 'high & low' for another Culty-fright flick and finally came up with the Low-Budget Horror-Film simply called; 'MOMMY!' Now my Little Spider-Bites, for those of you who remember or perhaps caught the 1950's Film; 'BAD SEED' on 'TCM Underground's scare-tastic Friday-nite Programming (www.tcmundergound.com) (www.tcm.com) know Child-Actress; PATTY McCORMACK played the 'Demon-Seed Child' to perfection and scared the Yell out Audiences who saw it! Now as an Adult-Actress she's comes back playing an Evil-character who makes JOAN CRAWFORD's Mothering-Skills look tame, Hon! To see what I mean, take a look at the Trailer for 2-Nite's Film; 'MOMMY' by Clicking here> > https://youtu.be/eMvZgr6mo0g

See what I mean, Dear? Scary isn't she?

Any-Boo, this film is extremely low-budget but works due to a perfect Cast including 'New-Comer' at the time child-actress; RACHEL LEMIEUX.  DITA loved this little Fright-Flick that could and it's fun Storyline of a way-overprotective Mom who offs anyone who gets in her way or bothers her daughter in any way, shape or form! This Role is perfect for Lead-Actress; 'PATTY McCORMACK' to slip into and harkens back to her Childhood Role in 'THE BAD SEED!' If you've never seen that Film then DITA highly recommends it! To see the Trailer for 'BAD SEED' ,just Click here my little 'Coffin-Creepers'> http://youtu.be/4NWGyG4W5DI 

See why she's perfect playing an all grown-up Version of that Character of Rhoda? A complete 'Holy-Terror!'

The Director of this little Culty Film; 'MAX ALLAN COLLINS also wrote it and deserves big-props for a job well-done! DITA DIRT NAP wood love to do an 'Online-Interview ' w/PATTY McCORMACK & MAX ALLAN COLLINS! So just contact Dear Old DITA at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM  W-H-A-T? You 'never' know who reads my Reviews, Hon!

This time though on my Review w/this fun little Film, DITA will not tell the full story , as not to ruin it for those wanting to purchase it, by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'MOMMY' next to DITA's Review so as to watch it for yourself, as I say, it unrolls like a Mystery-Movie, kinda-sorta.  DITA will say that I enjoyed the Vengeful-Storyline that starts with a Winning-Plack. Hmmmmmm? PATTY McCORMACK chews up the scenery in this film and more importantly has fun with the nicely-written Uber-Bitch MOM-Role! L-o-v-e her!!! Everyone in the Cast does a good job w/their Roles especially the young Actress; Rachel Lemieux who DITA would now like to see more of now as an young-adult! Hmmmm, also RACHEL LEMIEUX, if your out there, DITA would also love to be granted a 'Online-Interview' w/you as well! E-mail me Hon!

A-hem, any-way, instead of divulging the Storyline of this Murderous Mommy, I will give you her 'KILLS' as Follows;
* First Kill of the disagreeable Teacher of her Daughter (who by-the-way wuz once on 'STAR TREK'.) She pushes her off a Ladder and may or may not have 'snapped-her-neck?" (Hmmmmm?)
* Next Kill; the Hoosier-ish Lady-Janitor who may of saw & heard too much. Death-By-Electrocution while on the job!
* Kill that involves MOMMY's New-Boyfriend.................or is he??? Shot in the chest in front of a Minor, in her bedroom possibly revealing shocking secrets. (Very interesting, wuz it covered up or swept under the rug?)
* Biggest 'Almost-Kill' witch takes place while on-the-lamb and in a Junk Yard of used and/or crashed car, complete with a junk-yard-dog with a taste for Mommy-meat! (what, DITA said 'Almost-Kill'. Hmmm? Someone gets killed here, Mizz DIRT NAP just won't reveal who or whom???)

As for the 'EXTRA's' on this Anniversary-Disc, DITA urges you highly to watch them all! Here they are as follows, Ward, I mean Beaver, I mean my little Blood-Bags;
+ 'MOMMY'-Media (Good stuff from Mary Hart from; 'Entertainment Tonight's (Happy Retirement by the way, Mary!), and various Entertainment Shows promoting the Film. (DITA loves this.)
+ 'MOMMY'-BLOOPERS'. (DITA's Favorite out of all the Extra's cuz it shows them having fun, even on such a serious subject-matter as Murder! Please watch and have your 'Ribs-Tickled' says DITA!)
+'PBS' DOCUMENTARY. ( Informative especially on info on how-to make-a-film on a very low-budget successfully in the Market Place, specifically on Cable like 'REELZ CHANNEL', etc.).
+ 'MAKING OF 'MOMMY' By;J. Rigler (Really let u in 'Behind-The-Scenes' to show how things are on the Set. DITA like-y!)
+PHOTO GALLERY. (Great Shots captured during Filming!)
+'MOMMY'; Trailer. (Love it kids!)
+'MOMMY 2';MOMMY'S DAY-Trailer. (Yes, Hon there is a Culty-Sequel too witch DITA will be Reviewing next Year on this same Holiday in May 2023!)
+ Audio-Only Features witch includes;
The Original Short-Story Read by; MAX ALLAN COLLINS. (Give it a Listen cuz it reminded DITA of the old-time Radio Shows!)
The Original Rock Soundtrack. ( Now how many times is something like this included as an Extra on a Disc? Not often.) (Thanks for Including these 'Audio-Features Mr. Collins says; DITA!)
DINGLEDEIN & JIM HOFFMANN. ( Excellent & as expected, informative and Entertaining! KUDOS says DITA!)
+2006 10TH Anniversary Commentary w/Director; MAX ALLAN COLINS & PHIL DINGLEDEIN.
+DVD Credits.

DITA loved watching this 'Mommy-On-A-Rampage' Horror-Romp simply entitled; 'MOMMY' and gives it a Score of 2 1/2 SKULLS Almost 3 Out of a Perfect 3 Skulls Score!  Get yours and see the whole Storyline unfold together w/your own Mommy!  Just uh, leave the lights on and uh, a-hem, hide her gun. Last but not least, if you ever see Actress; PATTY McCORMACK at your Local Horror-Convention...............take it from DITA DIRT NAP, don't ask her too try and open your too-tight jar of peanut butter or what have you!!!

Trust me on this one kids! W-H-A-T? It's in the M-O-V-I-E!


Now DITA also wants to Suggest this other little-Cult Film from 'DITA-Fave'; JOHN WATERS- 'SERIAL MOM' witch you can get your own 'COLLECTOR'S EDITION' DVD 2nite as well by Simply Clicking to the Left of DITA's Review on that 'DVD-Icon'.  To see the Cool, Culty Mutha of a Trailer Starring; KATHLEEN TURNER, RICKKI LAKE & Dita-Fave; TRACI LORDS, just Click here> https://youtu.be/Ut9GvlhB9f4

Now see why this Film is one of DITA's Favorites?  Hex-celant Mother's Day Movie!!!




And lastly......Note to 'B.J.' and my Daughter;'Pamela-Scream'- Please for Satan's-Sake, do not let me find myself dinning at 'Mickey-D's' again with a fresh-flower corsage with my decapitated-head hand bag in hand going; 'This is the answer?'  W-h-a-t??? If you don't know you two better ask somebody? Uh, like Joan Rivers! 'WHAT BECOMES A SEMI-HORROR/CULT LEGEND MOST?'
N-O-T 'MICKEY-D'S' on 'Mother's Day', that's for Damn sure! LOL!

Until next week
'Newly-Boostered CHAINSAW-KISSES',
(To see the Late BETTY WHITE Hosting A 'MOTHER'S DAY EDITION' of SNL-Opening Number, just Click below as follows; https://youtu.be/QOwF96MemvE  )

Contact me at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

Also Check out these Other 'MOTHER's DAY' Horror Trailers;
http://youtu.be/2208TB0ke0M  (The Original 'MOTHER'S DAY'; Trailer 1980 witch DITA Reviewed many, many years ago here in the 'DEN!')
http://youtu.be/RAbBRYT4PTI  ('MOM'; Trailer w/Jeanne Bates!)
http://youtu.be/QQRObSa0Mzw  ('PICTURE MOMMY DEAD' with ZSA ZSA GABOR!)
http://youtu.be/UQuYDeI2gps  ('I DISMEMBER MAMMA' Starring; GERI REISCHEL aka FAKE-JAN! DITA loves it!)

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