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Written By; Ray Bradbury
Starring; Leonard Nimoy, etc.
1993 DVD

Greetings my Little ‘Trick Or Treaters’, joining me here on this Halloween night! ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN’, my little Black & Orange ‘Spider-Bites!’ Tis I, DITA DIRT NAP, your ‘Halloween-Host’ on this our most favorite night of the whole year! To celebrate that I bring you one of my Favorite Animated Halloween-theme Movies of all written by the Late/Great Author; RAY BRADBURY an Starring as one of the Lead Characters; ’MR. MOUNDSHROUD’, the Late; LEONARD NIMOY! A Tribute of sorts to them both! First here is a Clip from this Cult-tastic origins of Halloween film; ‘THE HALLOWEEN TREE’ > https://youtu.be/mInv6t35GM4

As you get dressed up in your own costumes on this night where you can be anyone or anything you want, which is
Part of the storyline in this fun holiday-film as we find out. Our film opens w/four kids dressed up and heading out to meet their very best friend; Pip to lead them out on their Halloween night adventure. Little do they know that their good friend Pip is serious trouble with a appendicitis, and quickly rushed off to the hospital. Therefore they realize that Pip won’t be joining or even leading them out for ‘tricks’ or ‘treats’ and might even die. This DITA must say is a great Ray Bradbury Story with a great message about the origins of Halloween as well as friendship and the sacrifices you might be willing to make save someone you love or give them the gift of more time! Back to the story my little ‘bobbing-apples’ & candy-corn kids! They decide not to go out for Halloween trick or treating and go visit Pip there instead. Just as they start to leave they see Pips spirit running away down a scary path thru the dark woods. They realize that it is him but in spirit/ghost form and must be fading at the hospital. They quickly think they should follow him to see where he takes them. The Gang ends up at an old scary house that looks haunted. But that's where Pips spirit ran inside too , so they reluctantly ring the bell and meet MR. MOUNDSHROUND; played brilliantly by the Late LEONARD NIMOY! DITA wants you to know that the scary old dude who is very Nosferatu-like in appearance is really a form of the Grim-Reaper and that's why PIP's spirit runs in there to try and lead the Gang into helping him stay alive during his serious appendicitis operation, hon.

Anywho, the kids meet mystical scary old Moundshroud and ask him to spare Pip. Before you can say; TRICK OR TREAT', PIP escapes Moundshroud by leaving his house and climbing up his magical 'HALLOWEEN TREE' outside his creaky old mansion and finds his jack-o-lantern that's carved to look like him and falls down the big huge tree to a big pile of autumn leaves below and escapes into the Halloween night w/his pumpkin that encases his soul away from Moundshroud who screeches that Pips time is up because of his illness. Or is it?

Thus begins the kids journey into the night of all-hallows eve. Also their journey back in time to the Halloweens of days of old, uh, like ancient! Anyway, they all go back in time by way of giant sized kite w/circus animal posters and all the gang hang onto each other as a human kite-tail of sorts, my little Halloweenies. Mr. Moundshoud wants them to learn about the origins of Halloween as well as the meaning behind each of their costumes they've chosen to go trick or treating in. They first fly back to ancient Egypt to learn about one of the gangs costume of a Mummy , then invited to a all hallows eve feast, but before u can snap your fingers, Pip high-tails it outta 'Egyptian-dodge' to the next ancient town back in time to learn about his friend Jenny's costume that happens to be a Witch. There they are taught to ride Witches-brooms. and fly off the next ancient town on Moundshroud's Halloween-nite agenda, witch happens to be Notre Dame, being that one of the boys costumes is that of a Hunchback. There they run after PIP again to the unfinished Notre Dame 'caa-theed-drul' and are told by Mr. Moundshroud/Leonard Nimoy that because it is Halloween night still that w/Halloween-magic they can finish building the cathedral by making stones fly into place by running on top of the stones. They do and of course Pip runs away again and is turned into a gargoyle-water fountain statue, complete w/stone jack-o-lantern in hand. The kids fly to his rescue on Gargoyles and then he magically ends up in Ancient Mexico to learn about DITA's Favorite tradition; the DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL aka DIA DE LOS MUERTOS.

U see in Mexico and most Latin countries, day-of-the-dead is to honor the dead relatives who have passed over to the 'other-side' and to remember and honor them, even right down to the way they died. Plus, you can place their favorite earthly-things that they passionately enjoyed while on earth, like their Favorite soft drink or favorite food, maybe like the traditional day-of-the -dead bread, sugar skulls w/their name on it or placing skeletons ,fully dressed , maybe riding a bike or playing cards. Whatever that person like to do while alive. DITA loves this holiday by the way and even has a future unedited show I filmed once years ago at my former residence; Hollywood Forever Cemetery to be brought out, edited and aired next year at this time! Back to this DITA-Fave film. The gang/kids learn all about the skeletons as one of them is of course dressed as one. Then Mr. Moundshroud leads them to the grave yard in Mexico to the catacombs where he tells them Pip in ensnared in cobwebs/ghost-goo against a deep-down tunnel lined w/scary skeletons that walk and move. He tells the kids they have to rescue Pip if he is to live. So as you may have guessed it, they have to run thru w/no fear thru the assembled army of scary skeletons that fall on them as they run to Pip, still stuck in the ghoul-goo against a catacomb wall. They do but for some reason Moondshroud tells them Pip still has to die from the operation cuz he needs his Soul.

It is there the smart and wise beyond their years Kids bargain w/Moundshroud telling him , what if they each give a year off their lives to him so that Pip can live and grow up w/them into Adulthood. He thinks this is quite a bargain for himself/Moundshroud agrees w/evil glee. But is very surprised that each of them think so highly of Pip and love him being in their lives that they would give a full year off their lives to save a mere mortal. Don't cha' just love it? My little blood-bags. DITA loves this film as it was one of the first books I ever read in grade-school and have been a RAY BRADBURY-Fan ever since! I also loved his old TV show from the 90's called; 'RAY BRADBURY THEATER' that used to air on the old USA-Network, which you take a look at by Clicking here, Dear> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nIqGI5-6HI

Mamma-Dirt Nap is proud to bring this film to your attention if you don't know about it already, as it is recently on DVD. Well my little ghouls- and goblin-ettes, just one more Clip for you to Click on of MR. SPOCK, himself, which DITA once used a clip of in one of her shows which aired on the Internet back 2009, witch is the Late Leonard Nimoy in more animation, from Norway even, of his old classic sci-fi TV show but animated of Star Trek, by Clicking her, Babe> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZicsVKdqIyE

Until next itme,
 DITA ('Cry About It Later') DIRT NAP
(Too see that exact 'Witch-Inspired' Music-Video from; KATY PERRY, called; 'CRY ABOUT IT LATER' , simply Click Here, Dear> https://youtu.be/SjmXERieW9s)

P.S. DITA wants you to also see the Classic Promo for my Peanuts favorite TV Holiday-Special. Simply Click here> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRGkEDADmRU&list=PLwN7GQjoEtl_0hi57FpmCAzPzL1boCSBI

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www.spookyworld.com  (Horror Theme Park Now Open with 'Social-Distanced Enforced!)
www.lempmansion.com  (Haunted Mansion in 'Dita's Hometown of St. Louis, Mo. known for their Annual Halloween-Bash and Haunted-Tours from the Lemp Home/Restaraunt & Brewery!)
www.radiohalloween.com  Radio Halloween plays best Halloween music and stories all day, all night, & all year! C
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"HALLOWEEN WHO DUN IT' w/Davey & Goliath
Starring; Davey, Sally & Goliath (The Dog).
ART CLOKEY PRODUCTIONS (Creator of Gumby & Pokey, etc.)
From; DAVEY & GOLIATH; Volume 2;
"Learning About Caring For Others"
Directed Raymond Peck
DVD 1970

October Greetings 'Halloween-Fans!' It's me again , your 'Halloween Horror/Cult Hostess', DITA DIRT NAP!

DITA has recently gotten a Request from some 'Stoner-Fans' for some Halloween-Cartoons suggestions some first off I am suggesting one of my personal favorites that my 'Vamp-Hubby',;'B.J.' and I watch Annually that goes perfect w/Mota which is from 'DITA-Fave, the Late; RAY BRADBURY' of  'THE HALLOWEEN TREE'. The other is one I watch Annually w/my good fiend and Neighbor; 'The MAD DR.-D.' which also goes well w/Mota and Halloween-Candy witch is; 'HALLOWEEN WHO DUN IT' w/DAVEY & GOLIATH. You know the old Show DITA grew up watching back in the 70's when I was just a little Ghoul from Art Clokey who also produced and created another 'DITA-Fave'; 'GUMBY & POKEY'. DITA even still has her own Dolls of GUMBY & POKEY on my Writing desk as we speak which were bought for me in 1966 buy my Mummy Dirt Nap. So sit back, grab your 'black & orange'- bong, if your of age, grab your Halloween 'Fun-Size'-Candy and watch ;'HALLOWEEN WHO DUN IT' w/DAVEY & GOLIATH!

This 'Stop-Motion' Halloween-Special' starts out w/Davey decorating for an 'Annual Halloween Party' at what looks like their local Rec-Center, Hon. Then it quickly switches to the Klosses Donut Shop in town where Davey is friends with the Owner Mr. Kloss. You see Mr. Kloss is one of the nicest guys in town and gives all the neighbor kids who stop by a free donut. Well Mr. Kloss leaves for a minute leaving Davey to his own devices along with his faithful funny talking dog Goliath. Its then that Davey decides to get his gluttony on by turning on the donut machine on without permission and without knowing how to operate  the thing in general.

Faster than you can say; 'Trick-Or-Treat', the machine ends up throwing out donuts everywhere. Long story, short, Mr. Kloss comes back and kindly hits the 'off'-switch'. He doesn't even get mad at Davey and jokes that its not 'mischief-night' yet.  Any-Boo, basically their trying to show you that he loves kids and is not a hot-head. He also tells the other kids and Davey's sister Sally that he will dressing as a French-Chef and will be the Head Judge of the Halloween Costume Contest at the afore mentioned Halloween Party.

The next scene you see Davey with his Adult friend who is a Bee-Keeper who's showing Davey how to care for bees and make honey as well as giving him so to take home to his mother. Cut to Halloween Night w/Davey, his sister Sally and his Dog; Goliath all putting on their Halloween Costumes for the Costume Contest. Davey is a Space Man from Mars ,complete w/blinking lights on his helmet and antennas as well as a orange space suit. Now his sister Sally decides to be a Witch, complete w/green mask, uh, not surgical. Goliath his trusty Dog has even decided to dress up as a dancing tiger w/stripes!

They set off for the Halloween Party and go inside just as the Costume Contest is starting.  Let DITA see, theirs some kid dressed as a jack-o-lantern man, a girl dressed as a Queen ,not the kind DITA deals with in West Hollywood, Hon. LOL! Theirs an array of classic Halloween costumes that strut across the stage like a pirate, a ghost , uh, that didn't have a little trouble w/the scissors, a scarecrow on stilts, a native American chief, complete w/headdress and Davey dressed as the space man from Mars, his sister Sally as a Witch , uh, not from Hocus Pokus, and their cute/weird Dog Goliath dressed as a Tiger. Goliath struts across the stage and brings down the house w/laughter when he shows them his funny dancing-tiger routine , uh, with Carol Baskins now where in site, my little 'spider-bites!'  Fun is had by all and they fairly pick winners in various categories.

DITA almost forgot to mention that inside the party sits a culty-cool evil grinning jack-o-lantern lit up with a eerie yellow glow that I just love. The Halloween Party ends and they all gather outside on the street decide what tricks they can play on unsuspecting neighbors. This is where it takes a slightly dark turn, well as dark a turn as a kids Halloween special from the 70's can take. First Davey shoots out someone's porch light with his space man gun. Then his sister Sally tricks their dog; Goliath into performing his doggy-dance routine again on the street, only to purposely trip him, while he's performing it. What a B-i-t-c-h?  Its not over yet, my little 'mota-lovers'. Take a deep-drag, cuz next Goliath their playful-puppy gets his doggy-panties in a bunch over Davey's bad behavior and bits Davey on the ass as he walks away from Goliath giving him major attitude. A part of Davey's costume is ripped off in the process.

As you would imagine, Davey gets angry w/Goliath and tells him to go home and that he no longer trusts him. Did DITA mention that the dog talks in a funny voice in every episode? Well, he does. In fact DITA is know for doing imitations of Davey uh, before coming down sometimes.  LOL, but true. Ask my Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.', who has been known to whe also coming down do hilarious impersonations of Endora from ;"BEWITCHED". No foolin! LOL!

Any, hoo-hoo, they all start using the excuse for their bad behavior , the lame excuse , that it wasn't they themselves that did the bad behaviors , that it was Mars the space man who shot out the porch light or it was the Witch who tripped Goliath while he was dancing his tiger-routine or that it wasn't Goliath the dog who bit Davey, it was the Dancing Tiger. Uh, you see where I'm going with this, kids?  So they end up separating; Davey hanging out with bad kids in the neighborhood and he ends up shooting his space-gun at his neighbor friends bee-hive and destroys it, then after hesitation runs away. Goliath does the worst in DITA's humble opinion, he sneaks into a poor unsuspecting neighbor dogs back yard and tips over a poor little dogs doghouse and yells; Boo at the poor little scared doggie who yelps away looking for shelter on the cold Halloween night. What an A-Hole thinks DITA! Cuz w love our Puppy; ' CHILLING-CHINA' w/her white fur and little tan spots, complete with her curly pug/chi tail. (DITA will try and post a Pic of our Pooch in her Halloween Costume on my DITA Face-Book page either Halloween night or the day after on 'Dia De Los Muertos', for u.)

The night winds down, the all go home to sleep and before you know it, its the morning after. Of course the all aren't getting along and argue-ing when they finally decide to stop using the afore mentioned lame excuse of it wasn't them who did the bad deeds , it was their Halloween costume characters. They all make up we each other and their bizarre but lovable talking dog; 'Goliath'.  Davey though is still feeling lots of guilt about his worst deed of shooting up and destroying his neighbor friends beehive. The door bell rings and wouldn't you know its his Adult Neighbor Friend/Bee-Hive Owner who come to take him on a fun trip, (DITA said trip. LOL! Trippin. Accurately fits.) uh, come to take his friend Davey on a trip to the Zoo. His friend tells him that by the way, all the mischief that went on the night before caused a lot of financial damages around town but that his other good friend Mr. Kloss ; the Donut Shop owner, uh, you know the nice one that loves kids and gives them all free donuts when they want one has decided to pay for all the damages. Witch of course makes Davey feel even more guilty.

Long story ,short again, Davey tells his 'Bee-Keeper' friend he can't go to the Zoo w/him and confesses that it was him who destroyed one of his bee-hives by showing him his Space Man costume which his friend saw him in after he destroyed his bee-hive but didn't know it was Davey. Davey then tells his friend that instead of going to the Zoo first that he would like to first go help him build a new bee-hive to replace the one he destroyed on Halloween night! So a lesson was learned and , and , why are you giggling like wild 'high-ennas?'  Oh, right! grab those snacks, licorice, cold pizza outta the fridge, some DITA-fave skittles, a candied apples, candy corn, or 'B.J.'s recent left-over birthday cake and wash it down with a Big Gulp of your favorite caffeinated Soda and then get to Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' next to dear old DITA's Review tonight of; 'HALLOWEEN WHO DUN IT' w/DAVEY & GOLIATH; Volume 2 to get your own Copy for Annual Halloween Viewing!

Now here are the other things included on this Culty/Fun DVD-Disc w/Extras as follows;
*Bonus Features: A DAVEY & GOLIATH Trivia Game
*A Complete Guide To 65 Culty-Classic Episodes & 6 Culty-Classic Specials.
*Hansen Family Portraits

This DVD Also Includes 6 Classic 15 Minute Episodes;
The Zillion Dollar Combo
The Good Neighbor
The Wild Goat
The Big Apple
Ready Or Not
Kum Ba Ya
The 30 Minute Special; "HALLOWEEN WHO-DUN-IT'

To see A Clip from; 'HALLOWEEN WHO-DUN-IT, simply Click Here> https://youtu.be/OYoBHfynxNw

DITA hopes this Fun/Culty Halloween Special will please my 'Mota-Fans' and loved Reviewing it  so close to our Favorite Holiday ironically w/lots of Munchies for the perfect socially-distanced Halloween activity this unfortunate year and gives it 2 and 1/2 Skulls Out of a # Skulls Score!

Also DITA mentioned earlier in my Review that the Man who created 'DAVEY & GOLIATH' also created DITA-FAVE's; 'GUMBY & POKEY'.  So Click here to see their Culty-Fun Short; 'GUMBY; MERRY GO PUMPKIN', Dear> https://youtu.be/FOoW7G7d6Yg

Also DITA being a Skelton is known for having a 'Funny-Bone', so take a Look at A Funny Horror-Comedy Spoof from ;'MAD TV' of; 'DAVEY & GOLIATH' 2, PET CEMETERY, by Clicking here, Babe> https://youtu.be/EaQ2O9_XlM0

Also here in 'DITA's_DEN" don't forget to read my other Culty-Classic Review Tonight of; 'Ray Bradbury's; 'THE HALLOWEEN TREE' w/the Late Leonard Nimoy!

Until Next week which is finally Halloween, when DITA will bring you the afore mentioned last week Rare-Culty Halloween Interview done thru Face-Book Live of someone I know all to which was taped 20 Years ago back on Halloween 2000' and a Slasher Halloween-Themed Flick finally as well.

Till Then
'Black & Orange' 'Surgical-Mask Kisses,
(To see that Vintage-Goth Video from the Big-80's by MINISTRY, entitled; 'HALLOWEEN IS EVERYDAY" by Clicking here, 'Mi Amour" > https://youtu.be/KFPI9b9N6CQ

p.s. DITA's Old Show Episode of; 'HORROR?CULT DRIVE-IN' from 2008 called; 'DITA DIRT NAP's LOST HALLOWEEN PILOT' is continuing to Air here in West Hollyweird on 'WEHO-TV' on weeknights on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and some parts of Beverly Hills, Hon! Its Now Airing on Spectrum Cable and you can still find it if you don't live in Cali on You-Tube' in 4 parts! Enjoy, my little 'Blood-Bags!'

P.P.S. Special 'Halloween Shout-Out' to DITA-Fan; TATZEL WORM who follows me on my 'Face-Book' Page! Happy Halloween Tatzel!!!
DITA is sending you a warm, virtual-halloweenie hug that's Culty as F.!

As usual here are 'DITA-Suggested Sites to web-surf as follows;
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THIS REVIEW Dedicated to DITA's Good Friend; DEB HONAKER who Celebrates her Birthday on 10/29/20!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Deb! XOXO,








Hosted by the Infamous 'Glamour-Ghoul'; ELVIRA!
Season 3
DVD 2012,2013 and 2014.

Greetings my little Halloweenies!
Tis I, your 'Halloween Bone-Bitch of Horror'; DITA DIRT NAP!

This week as All-Hallow's Eve draws closer and closer I bring you;
'Halloween with 'FUNNY OR DIE' Hosted by the One & Only ;'QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN';
ELVIRA, 'MISTRESS OF THE DARK', Season 3. Take a look by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/Y5i6Ivr5BGo

Now Elvira Only Hosts 4 Skits out of 8 total! So DITA wants to let you know that I will Only be Focusing on the Skits Elvira Hosts but will list the other 4. Elvira starts out on her infamous red-velvet Hosting Couch and starts Hosting the first Skit called; 'House-Haunters'. You know a spoof of the TV Show; 'House Hunters' with a Goth-Couple played by Jerry O'Connell and his Wife; Rebecca Romain. By the way, Elvira brings you into each Skit directly thru her vivacious Boobs! DITA must say her 'Boob-Tube' is e-v-e-r-y thing!

Any-Boo, the 'Goth-Couple' is being shown around by a 'Lady-Realtor' who shows them a couple of Haunted houses, as the Goth-Wife says their looking to be un-happy ever after. One of the houses has a little ghost-girl killer that appears before they decide to buy the haunted abode. Long story short, the Married Goth-Couple buys the haunted house and on moving-day, directly after the get moved in. The Ghost-Girl stabs both of them in the back, and then re-appears with an evil smile watching them bleed-out on the floor.  End Scene, Hon!

The 2nd Skit is entitled; 'DIE STONER, DIE", witch again Elvira brings the viewer into the story w/her milky white breasts, not before telling the viewers ;'eyes up her', I'm still talking, then quickly finishes her dialogue, t-h-e-n tells viewers ;Okay, come to Mamma, as the camera pans deep into to her 'Haunted-Hills', umm, I mean Culty-Cleavage.

This funny Skit starts off with a 'Stoner-Chick' who borrows some friends house for the weekend w/their approval as they have told her its available and their away at the moment. Quicker than you can say; It's so embarrassing to have to ask for an extra piece of Candy for my stupid little brother who's sitting in a pumpkin-patch waiting for the 'Great-Pumpkin', the Stoner-Chick is blowing clouds. Heavy Clouds, DITA might add. She's so stoned that you see her writing on her lap-top;'I AM SO STONED' ,over and over again. Then suddenly the front door starts to unlock and in comes a 'maintenance-man' the startles this 'Mota-Mamma'.
As he waves away the thick , heavy pot-smoke in the room, he tells her he's sorry for barging in on her. He didn't know anyone was home and he just came to fix the kitchen-sink.  He apologies and leaves.

Too late, Hon. She starts to 'freak-out', crawling around on the living room floor on her stomach, screaming and decides to call one of her friends, high-as-a-kite, mind you and tells him the 'maintenance-guy' is trying to kill her and for him to call 911 as he might come back and that he has the k-e-y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her friend asks her is she high again and then tells her to call 911 herself, then hangs up on her. She goes in the kitchen, freaks out some more, grabs a butcher-knife witch seems to calm her down some. Then what happens you may ask???  Well my little 'blood-bags', she falls asleep on the kitchen floor, knife by her side.
Later, when wakes up, she sees the 'maintenance-man' under the kitchen sink w/his tools fixing it, complete with 'plumbers-crack' high-ly visible.  She freaks-out again and she......... and she?  Yes, you guessed it, Kids, she grabs the Butcher-Knife and stabs he in his 'ass-crack!' LOL! END SCENE!

Cue Elvira back in again on her Culty-Coach, performs her always perfected-'shtick', then brings you back into her 'pillow-white'-mammaries to continue on into the next and most boring, unfunny, short Sketch of this Halloween-Special in DITA's humble-opinion.  DITA will now quickly gloss over this boring ,'blink and you miss it', sketch involves some young paranormal investigators who decide to investigate a Best-Buy type of place.  They go inside and quickly run into some young, dead paranormal investigators, scream and......??? END SCENE!

Next up ELVIRA cracks wise's us into the last of her Hosted Skits that's entitled; 'SENIOR SLASHER'. One last time we go back into her infamous 'haunted-fun bags' where its done from the Senior-Slashers p.o.v. with the camera to a Halloween 'Sah-Roar-It-Tea'-Party on full-tilt, complete w/loud music and drunk girls every where. The camera shows us, with the Senior doing heavy-breathing, all the while girls doing their hair, girls throwing up, and girls dancing wildly.  DITA is almost willing to bet if you open their Fridge that you find their undies being freezed.  W-H-A-T? I've been to slumber-parties before in my youth , back when I attended 'Splatter-University' and got my , uh, hair braided?

Any-ha-hoo, The Senior-Slasher is then caught outside the party by a Cop who then recognizes him from the neighborhood as a harmless senior with a pair of pruning-shears w/sharp blades and ask if politely if he slashed any of the College Girls w/the shears, uh, since DITA noticed he is actually a Senior as in an old man, w/gray hair, glasses and an old man cardigan trying to slash people w/his lawn-gardening shears. The withered old guy answers , uh, no, I don't think so and then asks the police man if he could please bend over and tie the old mans shoes, uh, witch DITA noticed are 'vel-crow', btw, and just when the cop is trying to 'vel-crow' his shoes, the old man tries to cut his head off, but misses. The old man misses and mumbles to himself, as well as earlier bitching to the cop about the Girls loud music as a possible excuse for why he's there and told to go home.  END SCENE!

Now here as follows are the next Skits which aren't Hosted by the 'Mistress Of The Dark' as follows;
# 3;'ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE' (About a Spooky 3-Some on Halloween night.)
#4;'WHORE-A-WEEN' (About a Strippers Halloween Amateur-Hour.)

DITA overall liked this Halloween-Edition of;' HALLOWEEN WITH "FUNNY OR DIE". Hosted by ELVIRA! Mostly good clean Halloween fun and loved Elvira's devil-ishly good Halloween Hosting skills that by now are aged to perfection as she just turned a very Sexy 69 years young last month here in gloomy 2020! Elvira has been busy on her beaver, ummm, ooops, DITA meant she's been busy as a beaver during this scary pandemic.

Let's see, she first posted lots a funny 'keep-your-'spirits' up Viral-Videos, even calling herself 'ELVIRUS'. Then she brought out 'gore-juss' Covid Masks w/her image on them and quickly sold-out, she now has more, Hon! Then she brought out a brand New Elvira Comic Book, New Elvira Tees, as well as bring out 'ELVIRA FOR PRESIDENT'-Merch and More! Elvira has thrived during this truly scary-time and theirs even a 2 Rumors floating around like Ghosts at my Hollywood Cemetery that she is being asked to perform Stand-Up at the New 'Socially-Distanced' Haunted Hayride Drive-In that's been turned into this Halloween-Season, then Hosting some of her Movies there like; 'JEKYLL AND HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN' (She plays a Sexy Nurse in that one w/Surgical-Mask lip prints.) and her "MISTRESS OF THE DARK"-Move as a Double Feature! DITA says make it a Triple Feature buy throwing in; 'ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS' too!

The other is that sources say Knotts Scary Farm may be in talks to lure Elvira back next year to Host one last 'Farewell-Show' there as a 70th BIRTHDAY-BASH in 2021 to lure Park-Goers back after the pandemic is over when the vaccine is all done being given out. A lot of people would probably be leery even after this is all over by fall of next year but having Elvira there for the 2021-Halloween Season for one last 'Birthday-Blow-Out' for her turning the Big '7-0' would certainly get this 'Bone-Bitch' back in the Park in a Hurry!  How bout' you, my little Ben Cooper Costumed Crusaders?

So DITA gives this 'HALLOWEEN WITH 'FUNNY OR DIE" w/ELVIRA, Season 3, a Score of 2 SKULLS Out Of A 3 SKULLS Score!

Before DITA forgets ELVIRA also just released a Brand New Song & Music-Video with pandemic-theme called; 'DON'T CANCEL HALLOWEEN!' DITA loves it as it's Smartly done, funny 2020-lyrics and Elvira looks like a Million Backs, and Best of all its set to Madonna's Classic Song; 'Holiday!"  What's not to love my little 'Halloween-Hotties?'




Until Next Week, our Favorite Holiday, when DITA will have a 'Culty-Rare' Halloween-Interview from a special-guest I know all too well and another 'Halloween-Themed'-Review for you!

"Surgical Mask-Kisses',

(To see that Hot New ELVIRA Video; 'DON"T CANCEL HALLOWEEN', simply Click Here> https://youtu.be/ZqHThEgLvjg )

Contact DITA @ DDN1965@LIVE.COM

 P.S. Click here for a New & Old ELVIRA Interview;
New 2020-Interview w/ELVIRA> https://youtu.be/5PHXSTo8WQs
Old Interview w/ELVIRA By The Late Comedian JOAN RIVERS> https://youtu.be/vLhqptKfbSE

P.P.S. Almost forgot my Show; ''HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN" is Airing All Week this Week And Next week the; 'DITA DIRT NAP's; 'LOST HALLOWEEN PILOT' is Now Airing in Parts of LA, CA. on 'WEHO-TV', Channel 36 on Spectrum Cable. It Airs On Tuesday & Thursday Nights @ 7 p.m,10;30p.m.,1;30 p.m. and later. Thank you ever so my little "Spider-Bites!'

As usual here's some 'DITA-Suggested Sites" as Follows;
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Check Out Their October Schedule for this Halloween-Season! DITA LIKE-Y!!!)
www.spookyworld.com  (Only Horror Amusement Park Open w/social-distancing rules in effect! DITA LOVES SPOOKYWORLD! Check out their Covid Prevention Masks too!)
www.dollywood.com  (Also open for the "Halloween-Season' w/strict 'Social-distancing Rules in effect! DITA has been to DOLLYWOOD and can't say enuff good things about and 'Mouth-Watering Southern Food, Hon!)
www.amazonprime.com  (Now Airing Lots Of  ELVIRA's Shows and Projects! DITA has also herd they may be bringing her "MOVIE-MACABRE' back here with all-New Episodes for 2021!!!)
www.lempfamilymansion.com  (Check them out! Their a Haunted Mansion/Brewery/Haunted Caverns in DITA's Hometown of St. Louis, Mo. They usually have a Yealy Halloween Bash that Rocks!)
www.radiohalloween.com Halloween Radio | Halloween Music & Stories
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Check out DUG GRAVES RADIO-HORROR SHOW Every Friday Night! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.spoliermagazine.com  (They Have ELVIRA on Their Cover Now for Oct, of 2020!)
www.lahauntedhayride.com  (Now a Haunted Socially-Distanced Drive-in, Hon! DITA LIKE-Y!!!!!!!!!)
www.joebobbriggsdrivein.com  (Check it out in Cali.!!! DITA LIKE-Y!!! Hi Joe Bob, you 'Culty-Cutie!')

You can also stream this on Amazon Prime!


From; 'Hanna-Barbara & Warner Brothers
Animation, Hanna Barbera & DC
Directed & Produced By; Maxwell Addams
Starring; The Usual Scooby-Gang; Daphne, Velma,
Fred, Shaggy & Scooby Doo, "Bill Nye The Science Guy',
And The Mistress Of The Dark, Herself; ELVIRA aka
Cassandra Peterson,
DVD 2020

'Hello & October-Greetings Once again, my Little 'Jackal-Lanterns!' Yes , it's me, your 'All-Hallows Eve' 'Cyber-Ghoulette' and all round 'Bone-Bitch', DITA DIRT NAP! Back this week with another All-New Halloween-Themed Review of the Newly Released Flick; 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SCOOBY DOO!' Alas and never fear, this fun animated holiday flick is fun for All-Ages including Adults, uh, like me and you, and you and you!

Let DITA first say that this film is a rip-roaring good time that of course takes place on Halloween in Crystal-Cove at their Annual Halloween Festival, complete w/Halloween Parade! They also have you know who as their 'Halloween-Festival Queen'; ELVIRA; Mistress Of The Dark', who rides in their Parade on a float which is a Parade-Balloween Witch riding on top of Elvira's Coffin. L-O-V-E IT! Take a look at this 'Must-Have' Movie/DVD Clip by Clicking Here, my little 'popcorn-balls'> https://youtu.be/maS5LvqnLa4

Any-Boo, the parade is going along swimmingly w/the Scooby-Gang there in it and in town to dispel the monster-myth of monsters 'not' being real when suddenly past 'Villain'; The 'Scare-Crow' pops up aka Dr. Crain. Well, quicker than you can say;' I GOT A ROCK', Elvira's Coffin pops up from her float, opens up and automatically places her inside where its safe from the Halloween-mayhem. (DITA loves that part by the way, Hon!) Disruption occurs but is quickly over when of course the Scooby-Gang stops the "Scare-Crow', pulls off his mask, the another mask to reveal their old Enemy Dr. Crain aka 'THE SCARE-CROW , then is quickly carted off on his way to jail/asylum. Then kids, just when you think its over too soon, Scooby and Shaggy see a tanker truck with a hole in it oozing what looks like toxic-waste into the nearby pumpkin patch turning them into 'Jackal-Lanterns' on the 'all hallows-eve' war path!

They chase the towns people and when caught they eat them and kinda/sorta belch them back out and evil-jackal-lanterns. In the mayhem, sadly the "Mystery Machine' gets damaged, and the Gang wants and quickly needs a get-away car to now join Elvira in her Macabre-Mobile , the Hearst-version, Hon. So the Gang summons who else, but 'BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY. Bill quickly comes up with a souped-up modernized version of the Mystery-Machine called; 'Mystery Machine X'. The 'Mystery Machine X' is of course Electric and powered by a Interactive Hologram of Bill Nye and the whole vehicle is computer operated
uh, with science gadgets , like a Drivers-Seat that can eject and act as a high powered jet.

So everyone still left from the parade which is Elvira, The Scooby-Gang, The Local Sheriff who they encountered in previous Scooby-Movies, and a Halloween-Festival Goer Child/'Trick-Or-Treater' and her Father who are costumed as Cowboy & Cow-Girl set off on the road as they are being chased by the now Car-Driving 'Jackal-Lanterns' , being lead by their fearless big phat pumpkin Leader after them all on the highway.
Most of the rest of the film now takes place on the road as sort of a road-trip chase flick almost to the end.  Now at one point Daphne and Elvira, after fighting off 'Jackal-Lantern' Monsters together, start to bond and Elvira even made Daphne her Mistress Of The Dark in-training/Assistant of The Dark.  At one point in this film they switch clothes, except Elvira's Wig which she gives Daphne later at the celebratory 'meddling-kids-save-the day Halloween Party. Huh?

If you think that's weird, when Elvira gives it to Daphne later, she reveals that its actually a live baboon that sits backwards on her head to simply look like a wig, as something about Elvira's real-hair style is also revealed as well as a monster living outside the back of her gothic head. W-h-a-t? No foolin'. Watch it for my little carmel/peanut covered crab-apples! In the mean time before all that, the Halloween-chase continues on.

Now per usual , DITA doesn't want to tell the whole story, so here instead are 'DITA's; 'THINGS-TO-LOOK-FOR' (during the full car-chase as Follows;
*Scene with Mystery Machine X being cut in half making it ruined??
*Scene with Scooby & Shaggy being saved from the evil 'Jackal-Lanterns' by being catapulted into Elvira's 'moon-roof', landing safely in her back seat. Love it!
*Scene w/Daddy & Daughter Cow-Pokes grabbed safely by the Mystery Machine X's robot arms and placed else where away from 'Jackal-Lantern' danger.
* Scene where Elvira opens up her tail-gate to let Daphne try and use a Torch to try and cut loose Elvira's Witch-Parade Balloon Trailer ,so they can go faster w/less weight but remember, they don't call her 'Danger-Prone Daphne', for nothin'.

So it all comes to fun-filled end afterwards when those 'meddling-kids', once again solve the mystery by revealing the Scare-Crow being used only as a decoy and 'not' the real culprit before attending the afore-mention 'celabra-tory' Halloween 'Part-Tay' with Fred almost dressed as a big-chested muscular skelton-rambo kind-of warrior by a 'Party-Go-er' dressed as Fred Flintstone who invites them all in. By the way, this all before Daphne admits to wanted to steal Elvira's identity but Elvira is only upset for a milli second before forgiving and forgetting. By the way, the giant flying head-monster jackal-lantern is revealed to be a robot built by the true local culprit who is revealed to be.... who is really the local????

Well my little 'Kooky-Spooks', you'll just have to get your own Copy of this yet again fang-tastic animated horror-comedy chase flick by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear Old Decrepit DITA's Review to see for yourself, cuz as you all been warned before DITA never likes to tell the whole story, just most of it!

I, DITA DIRT NAP love these "SCOOBY-DOO Movies', and hopes but secretly knows they'll keep coming for years to come as the Studio that produces them always does a good job w/them.  Also DITA must say this Flick looked great on our afore mentioned new CURVED U-HD Smart TV.  The 'sump-shoe-us' bright animated colors just popped on the screen. Elvira was great as usual and very funny as well as being in this film a lot more than the one DITA reviewed last year and this film marked her 2nd appearance in a Scooby-Movie! Lets hope they'll use her again in the near future. Maybe next year when Elvira turns the Big 7-0, they can have the whole movie take place at her Horror-Birthday Bash at "Queen B' Studios or on the Set of the rumored New 'Movie-Macabre'-2021, coming to Amazon-Prime w/Our Forever 'QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN'.

From DITA's Mouth-To-The Great Pumpkin's-Ear's, Dear! Dita has also heard , while were on the subject of the next couple of year's projects, that the Sequel to ;'THE PEANUTS'-Movie, is being put into production and will land in 2021 on Disney Plus of; 'IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN'-The Movie.  DITA loved once again watching this fun-ride animated flick; 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SCOOBY DOO' and gives it my perfect score of 3 SKULLS OUT OF 3!

One last note, DITA liked that this time around they focused a little more on the female characters, especially on Velma and her 'mind-manor'. Watch it, you'll see what Dear Old DITA's talking about, Dear!



Until Next Week when I'm B-a-c-k with another 'All-New' Halloween-themed Review for you,

(Click here to listen to that Exact New Song from this Film; 'Spookiest Time Of The Year' from the 'Happy Halloween, Scooby Doo'-Soundtrack> https://youtu.be/b8ZIlk6Q1dg )

Contact DITA @ DDN1965@LIVE.COM 

P.S. Click here to See ELVIRA on S.N.L. , here> https://youtu.be/X92D4WxznLo

('Saturday Night Live'; Anyone want start a Face Book Page begging them to Have Elvira On this Year, since this is the Scariest Year of All, so far?? No I'm mean really, Cassandra Peterson would do a Fang-Tastic Job as the Host of SNL on October 31rst, 2020 since Halloween falls finally on a Saturday Night!)

As usual, here are 'DITA-Suggested' Sites to 'web-surf' at ur leizure;
www.spoilermagazine.com  (This 'Cult-tastic' Magazine Has ELVIRA on its Cover NOW, Hon! DITA Like-y! Check it Out!) 






www.vote.org  (Tell em' DITA sent cha! MUY IMPORTANTE, Hon!!!)
www.facebook.com/MistyBrew  ('Fang-tastic' Missouri Horror Host! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.mymoviemonsters.com  (Scary Monsters Magazine.)
www.lahauntedhayride.com  (Now a New Socially-distanced Halloween Drive-In Experience!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Showing a 'Double-Feature' this weekend 10/9.10/10,10/11/20 of; 'GET OUT' & "CABIN IN THE WOODS".)
www.radiohalloween.com plays best Halloween music and stories all day, all night, & all year! Choose top Halloween songs, scary stories, or old time radio horror.
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen in Every Friday To DUG GRAVES RADIO-HORROR SHOW! DITA LIKE-Y! Halloween-Greetings, DUG!)


You can also watch this movie streaming on Amazon Prime!


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