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Michelle Bauer, Brinke Stevens,
Robin Rochelle, etc.
1988 DVD

Greetings My Little 'January Spider-Bites!' Tis I, your Horror/Cult Hot-Chick, DITA DIRT NAP!

I'm back this week as promised, continuing my Salute to  the "SCREAM-QUEEN' for the Month Of January; LINNEA QUIGLEY! Last week , I brought your Her Classic; 'RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD'.
So this week DITA brings you one of my personal favorites of hers the Cult-Classic; 'SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIME BALL BOWL-O-RAMA'. Also from one of my Favorite Openly-Gay Horror-Directors; 'DAVID DECOTEAU who DITA once had the pleasure of having Lunch w/years ago , just to pick his brain. He told me he worked at a 'break-neck' pace and was partial to working w/young people mostly and even invite my Agent/Creator; Darell Erazo to visit any of his future sets to watch him work. Very nice ,creative intelligent man which I still hope to do an "Online-Interview' with someday, Hon! DITA Loves his work! Any-Hoo, take a look at the Culty-Cool Trailer by Clicking here> https://youtu.be/-VHcdmh6JwA

By the way, David used the same set from this film to immediately start filming another Cult Classic w/the same 3 'Scream-Queens' from Sorority Babes called; 'THE NIGHTMARE SISTERS'. Now this Film; 'Sorority Babes In The Slime Ball Bowl-O-Rama' which DITA loves was first watched by me and my good friend 'Devilish-Debra' back in the 80's on the old show on the USA Network called; 'UP ALL NITE' w/Rhonda Shear, who I also love! To see a Clip from that 80's Show w/Rhonda Shear Hosting this Film along w/her Guest from the Film LINNEA QUIGLEY, (Fun-Fact last count LINNEA has done over 125 Films and counting.) simply Click Here, Hon (See RHONDA & LENNEA at the 11;24/17;22 Mark Hosting Her Film.) > https://youtu.be/jIAJftrR-Hw


This fun low budget Flick starts out w/College Campus guys, 2 Nerds and A Chubby guy looking find a way to go watch a upcoming hazing of some sorority girl pledges get initiated. How are they intimated you may ask? By getting spanked by a Busty Head Sorority Sister, in the panties of course, Silly! The boys sneak over and watch at first thru a window at the sexy midnight hi-jinks. Soon the want a much closer look , so they sneak inside the sorority house and watch them get spanked and sprayed w/whip cream all over their nubile bodies. Is it hot in here or is it just me? W-H-A-T?  DITA has been at times as the kids say; 'sexually-fluid'. LOL!

Any-Boo, they of course get caught later peeking at the 2 girls in the shower washing off the afore mentioned whip cream. Too make a long story short, the Head Busty Sorority Queen tells them their punishment will be going w/the 2 Girls to break into the local mall bowling-alley and stealing a Bowling Trophy as another part of their initiation. Once there, they run into Linnea Quigley's Punk Thief Motor Cycle Chick robbing the Bowling Alley register. The Lead Hero Nerd is attracted to her Bad-Girl ways and flirts with her first.  Then the rest of the Crew comes up and this hilarious exchange takes place between the 2 Sorority Pledge Gals and Linnea's Bad-Bitch character as follows;
Brinke Stevens Pledge-Gal character says to Linnea's character called 'SPIDER'; Who are you, Bride Of Dracula?
Spider/Linnea; Oh, jump back! Prom Queens on the loose. Or is it High School Hookers?
Brinke/Pledge-Gal; I'm Taffy!
Spider/Linnea: Figures.
Brinke/Pledge-Gal; What's wrong with the name TAFFY?
Spider/Linnea; If you don't know then you deserve the name!
'M-E-O-W-OUCH!' Don't cha' just love it?

BTW, this film was the first time all 3 Scream-Queens starred in a film together which is LINNEA QUIGLEY, MICHELLE BAUR and BRINKE STEVENS! Meanwhile the 3 Sorority Head Bitches head over to the mall cuz one of theirs fathers works at the mall and has keys to the security cameras to watch them go on their late night scavenger hunt w/the 3 Nerds. To skip ahead , they get the Bowling Trophy needed for pledging. One of them drops it on the floor and the bottom of it opens w/dramatic billowing smoke and out comes an evil Imp called, what else but IMPY.  Impy is hysterical and talks in jive for lack of a better word.
He tells them , all while the Sorority Head Bitches are watching it all unfold on the security cams, that he can grant them all a wish.  The Lead Flirty-Nerd guy declines as does Spider which is Linneas character. Unfortunately the others in the group have their wishes granted by the Evil Imp.

First up is the Chubby Guys wish which is to have Gold. He gets a pile of gold quickly. Then the 2nd Nerd guy who earlier in the film can't hold even one beer asks to have Michelle Baur's Pledge-Girl to have endless sex with him. So poof , she is suddenly dressed in a sexy outfit fit for a street walker, they run off to the bowling locker rooms to copulate. Last is Brinke Stevens Other Pledge-Gal character who wishes to be Prom Queen cuz she never was in High School.  She transforms into a pretty prom queen complete w/flowing spin-around dress and then moronically spins around in it over and over. Whoops ,DITA almost forgot to mention the Janitor who at the beginning gets locked in his supply closet by accident by the kids.

Then as quickly as they appeared the wishes go awry as expected. The gold turns to blocks of wood or something of that manor and the sex w/the hot pledge girl gets to be too much.  In fact later the after the horny guy gets away from her wearing out his penis, she catches him in the snack bar kitchen and pushes his face in the hot oil fryer which kills him. Last but not least the temporary Prom Queens beautiful dress turns to tatters as well as looking very ragged w/her appearance.

Now back to the Sorority Head-Bitches in the surveillance camera room. The evil Imp, IMPY knows their watching and uses black magic to turn 2 of them into low-budget zombies that of course go after everybody in the bowling ally, later including the Janitor.  Now when the killings begin as well as the chase scenes, the two characters that show themselves to be inept/successful at fighting the she-demons/zombie girls off are the Lead Nerd Guy and Spider aka Linneas Bad-Ass Punk-Bitch character who fight their way thru together to try and escape the now black magically-locked down bowling alley. Some more of Impy's work of course.

Here are some of the 'Kill-Scenes' as follows hon;
*Frankie's/She-Demon/Head Sorority Sister who for some reason is now dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, who by the way carries first a stolen knife , then magically an Axe, after killing the Janitor (more on him in a bit, Hon.) gets in a fight to the finish w/Spider/Linnea.  Linnea/Spider grabs the unknown where it came from Axe after fist-fighting her and slices her head off which hits the double-doors of the bowling alley and finally flings them open for the only two survivors to finally escape. which means Impy's Magic has ended that had them sealed shut w/electric shock.

*Scene where the 2 She-Demon/Zombie Girls/Sorority Bitches in Charge go after Taffy/Pledge Gal and decide to have a literal 'TAFFY-PULL' w/Taffy. In other words the pull apart her body into two parts killing her. Yikes! DITA thinks that's gotta hurt! LOL!

*Scene w/Jimmy/Chubby Frat-Guy Character gets his head chopped off by the she-demons/zombie girls/Sorority Head Bitches in charge and one of them uses his head as a Bowling Ball on the lanes. S-T-R-I-K-E!

*Last Kill-Scene where the Head Sorority Queen Bitch gets trapped by Impy and turned into a Big-Breasted Dominatrix She-Demon I'm guessing. She goes after Spider/Linnea & Lead Romancer Nerd Boy and after fighting them is lit on fire by Spider and gets burned alive while standing and moving. Hmmmm?

One thing DITA forgot to tell you is that the Bowling Alley Janitor before being killed tells Spider/Linnea & Lead Romancer Nerd Frat Boy the story of how Impy got trapped in the Bowling Trophy about 30 years before in the mid 1950's. Allegedly he tells them a Bad Bowler Guy who only bowled gutter balls used black magic to conjure up the Evil-Imp to grant him a wish of being good pro bowler, but ran amok and murder a crap-load of patrons in the mall bowling alley till the Bowler trapped him in the Bowling Trophy till the kids accidentally let him out!

Now as you know DITA doesn't want to tell the ending so I will just say two brave shit-kicking people trap something in a cigar box tin outside the bowling alley and steal away into the morning sun after a quick-car chase on some chicks motorcycle ready for love and More Horrific adventures! A Side-Note; the cigar tin w/evil Impy Now trapped inside is stupidly left out on the curb in front of the bowling alley as the new Couple drive off.  DITA guessing that was a set up for a possible recently rumored Sequel called what else; 'SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIME BALL BOWL-O-RAMA 2'. You see their allegedly making a New Sequel that will take place in modern day over 30 years after the First film, w/same main cast and new younger cast members from Full Moon Pictures as well as the infamous same Director, Mr. David Decoteau! Lets hope it true, Hon cuz DITA DIRT NAP loves this fun Cultastic Fright Flick and would even love to Horror-Host it for Full Moon Pictures/Tubi TV!

W-h-a-t??? I'm always looking for my next Horror/Cult Hussle! FULL MOON PICTURE or TUBI-TV, call me! Better yet , e-mail Dear Old DITA at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM 
Also here is where DITA got that Sequel Info , witch you can see for yourself by Clicking here, Dear> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYPnATTrhlY&feature=youtu.be

DITA loved re-watching this Cult-Horror Classic and wants you to know its also available w/Hosting Duties done 'superb-lee' by DITA-Fave; JOE BOB BRIGGS on his Shudder Show Streaming Now called; 'THE LAST DRIVE IN' w/lots of JOE-BOB Fun-Facts Movie-Info that I love and always look forward too!

DITA also wants you to know the Culty Movie-Posters from this Hexallent Fright Flick are available by Clicking the "Movie-Poster'-Icon of it to the Left of my Review!






This movie is a bit a low-budget done-right slice of heaven-horror ,cheesy goodness! It plays well, has a great fast 'can't be bored' pace, adventure, fight & chase scenes, good kills, bad 80's music and hair and lets not forget bad 80's fashion and goes well w/Mota and road-kill pizza w/extra tire-tracks and 'choke-a-cola' for two curled up on your cozy couch, while waiting for your turn for the all-important vaccine shots, Hon!

DITA gives it my perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out Of 3!

Get your Copy tonight by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' to the Left of Dear Old DITA's paying homage to 'SCREAM-QUEEN' of the Month; LINNEA QUIGLEY!


More LINNEA next week her infamous "DANCE-OF-THE-DOUBLE-CHAINSAWS' w/"HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS', which Stars her Co-Star from tonight's Flick; MICHELLE BAUER! DITA's DVD-Copy is Autographed by MICHELLE herself and it's Infamous Director; FRED OLEN RAY! Also DITA may dust-off my former Interview w/Mr. Ray to go along again with the Cult-Classic-Review set up by my Boss COUNT GORE, himself!!!

DITA can't say enuff good things about tonight's low-budget cult-tastic delight you gotta see for yourself; SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA'. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! LINNEA QUIGLEY DITA DIRT NAP THINKS YOU ROCK NOW & FOREVER, you 'Horror-Diva!'

Btw ,my little Blood-Bags DITA will being doing LINNEA-REVIEW the Entire Month of JANUARY!

Until Next Week,
"Surgical-Mask Covered Kisses',
(Too see that Old 80's Music Video from Punk-Group; 'KING MISSILE' entitled; 'DETACHABLE PENIS' ,Click Here> https://youtu.be/NQBPgJQhQHc )

p.s. Contact DITA DIRT NAP at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM 

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www.DavidDecoteau.com  RAPID HEART TV is the Official YouTube Channel of Cult Filmmaker David DeCoteau.
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Tune in Every Friday Night to DUG GRAVES HORROR-RADIO SHOW! DITA LIKE-Y!)


'Collector's Edition'
20th Century Fox/MGM
Produced By; Tom Fox
Directed By; DAN O' BANNON
Starring; Clu Gulager, Linnea Quigley (Dita-Fave!), etc.
1985 DVD

Welcome Back to 'DITA's DEN', My Little Spider-Bites!

I DITA DIRT NAP thought she would bring you 'one' of my Favorite Zombie Horror-Comedy Films for Review this first weekend of the New Year of; 'RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD!' Starring DITA-Fave; LINNEA QUIGLEY!  Which by the Way this Week starts my 'Double-Feature'-Review w/one my of Favorite 'Scream-Queen's'; LINNEA QUIGLEY. Click Here to see a LINNEA QUIGLEY TRIBUTE VIDEO> https://youtu.be/tnaneO_i6Oc

So this weeks Review will be; 'RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD' and Next Week's Review Film being her Cult Flick; 'SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIME BALL BOWL-O-RAMA', which DITA Hosted as a Mini-Movie on one of my past Episodes of' HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN". That Film is from Openly Gay Horror-Director; 'DAVID DECOUTEAU, Hon!

Now, to get started, here is the cool, culty Trailer for 'RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD', just click here, hon; www.youtube.com/watch?v=wylpeAXYcBQ

Don't cha' just love it!!!

Oh how DITA loves a good 'Zombie-Flick!' People forget, I am half-zombie myself, you know. That's how I wuz brought back to life the first time as 'Roxanne-Redlight', then transformed into a half-skeleton, half-zombie, by My Producers; Darell & Sherri, as they used the 'VOO-DOO 4 DUMMIES' Handbook along with MADONNA's Book, entitled; 'SEX', with the lead character being named; DITA. Oh, and sum lightning that struck the Book & my headstone and CAMPIRA's, so I'd have a 'side-kick'. Just a little trivia for you, about why I'm associated w/Madonna so much and a Zombie!  Love her!!!

Now on to one of DITA & Renfield's favorite Zombie-Flick; 'RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD!' This film starts out with some bored teens going to pick up their friend from work at a creepy crematorium.
While waiting for him to get off work, those hoodlums break into a nearby Cemetery. Hmmmmmmm? Meanwhile, inside the Crematorium, their teenage friend, a new employee there, Has gotten into a little shall I say, mis-hap, with a Zombie that wuz sealed in a supposedly fool-proof canister, in the creepy lab-type basement. Of course that is where the ‘zombie-fied fun’ begins.

The teen and his ‘in-shock’ Boss then try to get help to dispose of the Zombie Body, after they have a comical scene where they try to chase it down with a bat, then they chop it’s head off, uh, while it’s naked, the one upstairs anyway. After chopping it into little pieces they bring it to the Crematorium Guy/Specialist and tell him it’s rabies infested animals. LOL Long-story short, they cremate the zombie parts, after the zombie-arm grabs the Mortuary Guy’s leg. Hmmm, guess I’d better get rid of that severed leg we have in our living-room as a conversation-piece, uh, just in case.

When they cremate the zombie, the smoke from the chimney mixes with a thunderstorm and becomes ‘acid-zombie-rain’, no foolin! This begins to rain down all over town, especially the graveyard, with the teenage-vandals, still there.  As u wood guess by now, the rain seeps into the graves, making instant zombies, hungry for ‘B-R-A-I-N-S’!!! Yikes!!!  This is where the fun & mayhem begin kiddies. DITA must also mention the 80’s Soundtrack from this ‘horror-comedy’ is cheesy but big 80’s fun, just like DITA likes!

Any-way, most of you have seen this excellent fright-flick a million times, so I’ll skip right to the ultra-cool ; ‘EXTRAS’ included on this wonderful ‘must-have’COLLECTER’S EDITION’ DVD, which are as follows;
*Audio Commentary w/Cast & Crew and ‘UNDEAD’!!! ( DITA like-y!!! A must hear, if I do say so myself!)
* Audio Commentary w/Director; DAN O’BANNON and Production Designer; William Stout.
* The Decade Of Darkness’ Featurette (Must –see Extra!!!)
* ‘RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD- ‘The Dead Have Risen’ Featurette. (Please watch!!! Love it!!!)
* Zombie Subtitles for the Film. (Silly but fun!!!)
* ‘Designing The Dead’- Featurette. ( Excellent, why & how about the Zombies in the Film.!!!)
* 2 Trailers for the Film; ’RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD’.!!! ( Both are very cool!!!
* Also included; Trailers for 2 of DITA’s favorite modern horror flicks; ‘JEEPERS CREEPERS 1 & ‘JEEPER CREEPERS 2’as well as Part 3! Also MGM Horror Film Trailers that to many 2 mention but *AMITYVILLE HORROR (The Original.) & The first ‘CHILD’S PLAY’ Movie are included. ( U gotta luv that!!!)

As for the rest of the film; zombies are chased, shot, burned, maimed and more heinous, morbid fun. You know, the usual, in a Zombie Film, but these Zombies don’t die when u shoot them in the brain, my little demented, Spider-Bites, oh no, u have to burn them completely, cuz as the say in the film, which they mention briefly, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, in that film, they lied.  W-h-a-t??? Really?

Any-who, to outline the best & funniest parts in this great horror-comedy zombie flick, here are my; ‘DITA’s THINGS-2-LOOK-4-LIST; as follows;
+ Scene with main Zombie chasing girl # 1 up the stairs, she then falls thru the stairs, then locks herself in a closet while the Zombie tries to ‘pull’ her out!
+ Scene w/Zombie calling on a ‘c.b’ telling them to send more brains/ambulance drivers, police, etc. ( W-h-a-t? We get hungry!)
+ Linnea Quigley’s most famous scene where she does a dance ‘strip-tease’ in the grave-yard , that ends up ‘full-frontal’! No kidding, and u thought the Trump-Era was over! LOL!
+ Dita’s favorite Scene; where they capture half a lady-zombie that they strap down to a gurney and proceed to ask her, while her rotted boobs are exposed, why the eat brains? The answer; ‘To stop the pain’…….of death, silly!!!

Too see this scene and many more that are way-too many too mention without giving away the ending, just get to clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ next to dear old’ DITA’s Review of; ‘RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD’.  Tonight, to get your very own ‘Collector’s Edition DVD Copy’ for your Zombie-Film Collection.

Special Thanks to ‘RENFIELD’ for lending DITA this Copy to Review tonight here in ‘DITA’s DEN’!!!




DITA wood tell u more about what happens at the end of the film, but don’t want to give it away, butt I will say it involves a very cool ending that leads to the excellent ‘RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD; Part 2! Which may be Reviewed soon in the weeks to come this New Month of January of 2021,Hon!

DITA DIRT NAP gives this excellent zombie-romp of a film a perfect 3 SKULLS Out Of 3 SKULLS Score!!! ‘A REAL SCREAM FOR CHILLER FANS’ says ‘THE WASHINGTON POST!!!’

Until next week,
‘Chainsaw-Kisses’ to you and yours,

Scare-Mail to; DDN165@LIVE.COM 

(Click here to hear that New Song From KYLIE MINOGUE's New Album; 'DISCO' entitled; 'SAY SOMETHING' by Clicking Here> https://youtu.be/l73FJBnjp28)

Also check out this DITA’-Fave sites as follows;
www.shoutfactory.com  (DITA Highly suggests this one for DVD'S! Also watch their Channel on 'PLUTO TV!')
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (New 2021 Schedule Coming Soon, Hon!)
www.radiohalloween.com  (Year Round Halloween Music and More! DITA LIKE-Y!)
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This movie is also streaming on Amazon Prime!


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