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(First Time In SCREAMING Color!)
From; Legend Films DVD
A William Castle/Robb White Production
Produced & Directed By; WILLIAM CASTLE
Co-Starring; Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Alan Marshal, Carolyn Craig.
Featuring; Elisha Cook & Julie Mitchum (Yes, Robert Mitchum's Sister)
Music Composed & Conducted By; Von Dexter Theme 'House On Haunted Hill'
By; Richard Kayne & Richard Loring.
Allied Artists Pictures 1958

Hello Horror Fans,
Yes, it's me again. Your 'Screaming Skull' of Terror and all around Bone Bitch, DITA DIRT NAP! Back with that ICON of HORROR, Mr. VINCENT PRICE. He even hailed from my original Home town of St. Louis, Missouri.

Also, DITA bets some Horror Fans don't know that Vincent even has his own Star on St. Louis's own Walk Of Fame. (The more you know!) St. Louis even had a yearly Haunted House attraction called 'House On Haunted Hill' named after the film as well.

Any-who, 2019 will 'USHER's in the 61rst Anniversary of this well known fright film! So DITA can't think of a Better Man to Host this DITA_Fave Flick live than the Vamp who wants all your Blood to be warm; COUNT GORE DE VOL! He will be Hosting this Film Live tonight at the A.F.I., Hon! GET UR TICKETS GUYS & GHOUL-LETTES!!! Wish DITA could be there but hopefully sometime in the Future! Also this movie has been colorized and more importantly, fully restored digitally in both black & white and color!
See the Trailer for 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' here, Hon> https://youtu.be/JfSodgPQbFA

Yes, you have a choice, so please spare dear old DITA some movie fans soap box deliberations about colorization.

Here's how I feel about the subject; some films; I like to see colorized and I feel adds to the fun-ness of the film as in this flick, and some times as in the case of 'PLAN 9' which also now comes colorized, DITA prefers it, as I stated before, in another review in Black & White for the artsy effect. Just depends on the film for me. Also colorization is good some times for the younger generation IF they don't prefer most crappy remakes of classic Horror films but want an updated feeling that colorization brings in certain films............not all films, mind you. DITA's point is that this DVD company gives you a choice, and that CHOICE is important! Now on to more Vincent!

This Vincent flick is of course produced and Directed by one of 'DITA''s' favorites WILLIAM (Gimmicks Are My Business) CASTLE!!!!  DITA loves all of his work and thus far Reviewed 4 of his wonderfully fright-ful flicks here in the 'DEN'.  They were; 'HOMICIDAL', 'THE TINGLER', 'STRAIT JACKET' and one of DITA's favorites 'I SAW WHAT YOU DID, AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE' and now 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' will make 5! More to come in the future as well, my little infected Spider Bites!

The film looks wonderful on this restored disc especially in color.  Vincent Price couldn't have been a more perfect fit for this campy role of the suave, eccentric millionaire who's married to a blonde, voluptuous gold digger. A quote from the press kit movie poster sums it up beautifully; --Blood drips from the ceilings, body-less heads talk and the dead walk! IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART, WATCH OUT!--says
columnist LOUELLA PARSONS (DITA also digs the cool art work on the promotional poster for the film!)

Note; to self-Put on Birthday Wish list for November/must have framed poster of 'House On Haunted Hill'! One of the fun things in this film for DITA is simply that it has a skeleton in it, a second cousin
perhaps? Actually the skeleton was` used as promotional gimmicks by William Castle in theaters called 'EMERGO'! Castle had skeletons suspended on wires that flew down over the audience when the skeleton in the movie came on screen. Love it! This gave movie goers a good scare!

Mr. Castle would have made a perfect beau for DITA! Hold your tongue, Derek! Mizz DIRT NAP knows she's getting off track again! Enough about me, back to the story line.

Vincent's wife who by the way , has a habit of wearing everything from low-cut corsets (a purple one) to long, flowing, revealing night gowns, decides to Host a Slumber Party in the haunted house for 5 guests that will be locked in at midnight. Whoever stays until morning will then receive $10,000-'IF' they survive!  Horror, camp, severed heads, supposed death by noose, moving walls, blood-dripping ceilings, self- playing organs, walking skeletons and Hilarity ensues!

Now here are DITA's, 'THINGS TO LOOK FOR List;
-Scene at start of the film with guests arriving at 'Haunted Hill' in hearses. (Cool and visually stimulating in color! Much like my Vamp-Hubby, Black-ula Jr. Tee-Hee!)
-Bubbling Pit of Acid in the creepy basement!
-Skeleton slowly emerging from the afore mentioned bubbling acid pit. (Looks much like DITA in a hot tub without her wig on! 'Crackers!)
-Wonderfully-creepy & atmospherically-effective musical score throughout the picture. Especially in the scene with hearse's pulling up to House! (Another note to self; also add 'House On Haunted Hill' Soundtrack on CD to Xmas List too!)  Musical Composers are listed in DITA's Movie Credits at the top of my Review!
-COLOR, color, color! Sump-shoe-us through out.
-Employee Girl who screams obsessively but.............. effectively in various scenes! She also seems to have the pokes or as DITA calls them headlights.............on HIGH beam in most scenes thru-out this
Spook-House Chiller! (Should have won Miss Scream Queen 1958!)
-Hot guy from 'MA & PA KETTLE' Movies that plays a Test Pilot. (He played oldest son of the 'KETTLES'.) DITA likey!
-Gold digger wife-DEAD, hanging from noose. (Dita says ;check her pulse.)
-Scary old lady, arms extended, gliding through basement in the dark, having a very bad hair day.

Derek ('The Vampiric-Announcer') suggests sending her on the 'WENDY WILLIAMS' Show for a panty-party ,uh, I mean, a Make-Over!

- Any scene with Vincent's character and his wife arguing. Funny & catty, ME-OWWW!
- The bizarre little man from Castle's film '13 GHOSTS' who plays CREEPY well! Mike Nelson refers to him as the alcoholic Lep-recan on the film's Audio Commentary Track.

Vincent Price is great in this movie and his voice is as usual, extremely effective with just the right touch of terror! Bravo! They also have a typical storyline involving the wife plotting against the hubby w/someone else.  Now for the extras;
*Hilarious, fun, Audio Commentary from; MIKE NELSON of TV's 'MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000' Lines like; when the scream/girl sees old hag lady ,seemingly floating on rollers. Mike says;
'Awww, it's just Farrah Fawcett on rollerblades!' Another Mike line, like- 'Now get to work on that face!' 'It's repulsive!" the gold digging wife tells scream/girl after first telling her to freshen up! (DITA watched the entire film with Audio Commentary on and laughed myself silly! You will too!)
* All- new Colorized Version (Thumbs up.)
*Restored Black & White Version ( Beautiful and nice, crisp transfer.)
*Press Book ( Dita's Favorite Extra!) w/printed out Castle gimmicks for Theaters. Use your Zoom button on DVD Remote to read some of them as DITA did.
*Original Theatrical Trailer of 'House On Haunted Hill' in Black & White and one in Color! (Twice as nice.)
*Newly COLORED `Trailers from Legend Films DVD of ; 'Carnival Of Souls'  'Night Of The Living Dead' 'Reefer Madness'  'The Three Stooges' (Color)

All very nice additions on a DVD, in DITA's humble opinion. If your a fan of Vincent Price then this is a nice piece to place in your Collection!  Just click on the icon next to this old ghoul's Review for a copy. I, DITA DIRT NAP give this DVD 3 Skulls Out 3!!!

I loved watching this film again!  Also remembered exactly what a great pairing Castle & Price were and how much fun 'HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' is to watch.  Watch it with a nice roaring fire, mandatory popcorn and a oooey, gooey, extra cheese pizza! Loud, crashing, thunder-storm with lots of lightning is optional! Oh, tell the Pizza Delivery boy that DITA likes her Pizza w/extra tarantula sauce!!

Whatta ya mean................Eeeewwwh?


Remember next week more VINCENT, with a Documentary on MR. PRICE!
Also Click here to see a Tribute Video to; VINCENT PRICE, Set to; Michael Jackson's; 'THRILLER' > http://youtu.be/9NYi1wLEwOo 

'Chainsaw-Kisses' From,
DITA ('Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House') DIRT NAP (Click here to hear that Infamous LP, of the Same Name REMIXED, Dear> http://youtu.be/M03vASJNU9o  )


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You can also stream this film on Amazon Prime!

Hosted By; ELVIRA
From; Her 'MIDNIGHT MADNESS Video Series.
From; 'QUEEN B' Productions'
Produced By Cassandra Peterson & Mark Pierson, etc.
'Hideous Sun Demon' Produced & Directed By; ROBERT CLARKE!
Starring; Robert Clarke, Marilyn Manning, Nan Peterson, etc.
Run Time; 74 Minutes VHS....But Also Available On DVD
Without Elvira's Hosting Duties. 1959

Hi Kids,

It’s me again, your ‘Summer-Ghoul’ Horror/Cult Host, DITA DIRT NAP!!! This Week Of HOT-LAZY-HAZY-DAYS 'Of SUMMER, I bring you ‘ELVIRA’s Video Series called ‘MIDNIGHT MADNESS’ that includes her excellent and very Comedic Hosting of ‘THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON’ Starring another DITA-Fave; Actress,

Marilyn Manning!!! Love her Monroe-ish qualities, hon!!!!’ Let’s get right into this Hot-themed Fright Flick for Summer by taking a look at the fun/culty/vintage 50’s Movie Trailer by Clicking Here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8IJb-5CkZQ

‘Derek, ‘The Vamperic-Announcer’ Interrupts; DITA? The Announcer on that fun Trailer sounds familiar. Who is it?

DITA Responds; ‘It should babe, it’s the same one you hear when you go into the ‘HAUNTED MANSION’ Ride Here at ‘Disneyland’!


Any-who, ‘THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON’ , which HIT ‘Drive-In’ Screens back in 1959,by the way, Hon! It reminded DITA a lot of a 'Ed Wood' Directed Pic, in general. It is from the ‘Wade Williams’ Collection. Hmmmmm? Anywho , ELVIRA, the 'Queen Horror Of Schlock', Hosts this Sci-Fi Monster Flick from her usual cool-ass red velvet couch w/creepy Candle Obra’s Directly behind and really chews the ‘Comedy-Fat’ in this ‘HOT’ Episode of ‘MIDNIGHT MADNESS’, which DITA highly suggests to you and yours,

DIVA-Fan on high and a nice cool glass of ‘PINK LEMON-MAID’! Made from a freshly-squeezed dead maid, of course. ‘WHAT? It wuzn’t me!!!

It wuz possibility my 'B.F.F';‘CAMPIRA’ with a rope in the LIBRARY! Or wuz it a candle stick in the Conservatory??? Hmmmmmmm? I don’t know. Hmmmm?

Any-who, this film is a low-budget schlock favorite of mine kids! Cuz u know how much DITA loves ‘SCHLOCK!!!’ This movie is typical of a 1950’s Radioactive Sci-Fi Flick, Which is not a bad thing. It starts with a Scientists who is exposed to radiation that when the sun is bright, uh, like in the Summer-time now/JULY, he turns into a Scaly, hideous looking sun demon, that frightens the locals, except for one little

Girl who finds him hiding in her shack/playhouse and offers to bring some nice cookies. Her mother June Cleaver, um , I mean her 1950’s Mom, suspects something’s rotten in Denmark, when little Suzy keeps disobeying her about those pesky, dinner spoiling cookies! Gosh-darn it! She grills Suzy until she cries and admits that it’s for a grown man hiding in her playhouse/shack, umm, okay! Suzy runs to warn the man/demon that the police have been called by Suzy’s bitchy nosey Mother. He flees into the hot sun and all hell breaks loose and the chase is on!!! He is then chased by The ‘PO-PO,' as some wood call them and is chased up into a…………………And then he ……………………….. to his………..’WAIT’ right there my little ‘Coffin-Creepers’, u know DITA almost never tells the whole story. I will say that there is also a sexy singer, dressed in sexy attire that he falls for, played so bad it’s good by Actress Marilyn Manning!!!! Love it!!! She acts horribly in most scenes in a culty/so-bad-it's-good, kinda way, that makes me like her all the more. Love her ‘screaming-scene’towards the climax, uh, okay, guys, not that kind of climax! Although that sounds really good right…………..oh, uh, ahem, I mean, let’s now take a look at 'Mamma-DIRT NAP’s' infamous ‘THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST’ as Follows;

Scene with the Sun Demon running, escaping, being chased, hopping over sand dunes and in general trying to avoid the Sun like the plague!
* Bad acting both most of the Cast, but DITA like-y!!!
* Any fight-scene which is so fake it’s hysterical! Any seduction scene/flirting with MARILYN MANNING! So sum like hot………..uh, -ish!! LOL Chase Scenes.
* Sun Demon Hiding in the cellar and screaming 'sigh-cott-tic-ly' into the camera about …..’Why me? Why, me????????????????????????????????

DITA loved this hot little ‘sci-fry’ fright monster Pic and highly suggests reading about it in my Favorite Book I’ve mentioned before called ‘CULT FLICKS AND TRASH PICS’ From VIDEO HOUND!!! Found on Page 134! Just click on the ‘Book-Icon’ next to my Review to pick up your own culty Copy 2NITE!!!




This movie may have something 4 everyone, even lizards and me, uh, SCHLOCK, silly!!!! This is only available on VHS for now but will hopefully be put out soon on DVD or least colorized by ‘LEGEND FILMS’ , cuz in DITA’s humble opinion, this film could be only improved lighting-wise by that Process. What, I just saying it’s a little dark. The added Bonus to me on this tape is ELVIRA’ coming back on at the end to hawk her other Hosted Films in this wonderful schlock movie line which she says includes;

+ NIGHT OF THE GHOULS’ Ed Wood (DITA Hosted this one back in 2005 and may again if ‘Legend Films’ colorizes it, perhaps next year in 2020. Hmmmmm???)
+ ‘ THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE’ (Which DITA Reviewed years ago here in the ‘DEN’!)
+’BUCKET OF BLOOD (Roger Corman)
+’THE MASK’ (The Original)
+ ‘KILLERS FROM SPACE’ (Clip used from this Film in 'DITA's 'Horror/Cult Music Video' still Viewable on; www.vimeo.com  by Typing in; 'DITA'S MUSIC VIDEO!')

She even states that their ‘CHEAP’ just like her!

DITA loves her Hosting Skills in this Episode and especially her joke phone call to the police about the Sun Demon , interspliced w/clips from the film. She even asks for tickets to the ‘Policemans Ball’ and states that she just loves ‘POLICEMAN’S BALLS’!!! ME-TOO, hon!!! Tee-hee!!!

DITA also gives this film, ‘THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON’ from ELVIRA’S ‘Midnight Madness’ Collection, 3 SKULLS OUT Of 3!!! Perfect 4 u and Yours, 2 cool off too or heat up too, depending if your in the back seat of a car watching it

On this Hot Summer night at the ‘Drive-In’or not? LOL So get 2 clicking on the ‘VHS-Icon’ next to my Review to get your Campy, copy now!!! Also please check out ELVIRA and her gothically-ultra cool website for upcoming events and this ‘Midnight Madness Collection on VHS Autographed by her personally @ WWW.ELVIRA.COM




Till Next week Hon,


(Check out JANE WEIDLEN ('GO-GO's') & 'THE SPARKS' ,Breezy- Cool Music Video, perfect for Hot-Summer Nights, called; 'COOL PLACES' by Simply Clicking here> http://youtu.be/ijXxMoArMVc  )

Scare-Mail to; DDN1965@live.com

p.s. 'THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON' Movie-Poster is Available Now on AMAZON.COM  Clicking the Left of DITA's Review on the 'Movie-Poster Icon'. (11x17)





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Hello to DITA's Friend; 'Maze-Jones' in L.A. Special Thanks to; ‘RENFIELD’ for the use of his Copy of this Film!!!

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