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Hi Kids,
I'm b-a-c-k! Yes, it's me, your Horror/Cult Hostess; DITA DIRT NAP, and I'm back from my Dead-Bed, umm, I mean 'Sick-Bed' w/Mini-Reviews of Drive-In Diva; CHERYL 'RAINBEAUX' SMITH's Movies that she had small parts in. These of course fall in the Horror & Cult genres. Mind u sum of these are going to be very Short but definitely worth a Look, Hon!

First I start w/'THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN' which is a fun Sci-Fi Monster Flick that has received the 'MSTK'-Treatment. This film is so bad it's good & fun! It's from MGM and has a Astronaut who gets zapped in space by the Sun somewhere very near the rings of Saturn and returns to Earth burned and escapes from the Hospital as he starts to Melt. U know like bloody ,gooey flesh just starts to drip slowly off of him. He has to feed on humans now of course and starts with a unsuspecting Fisherman down by a lake in the woods near the Hospital. Anywho, he continues to kill thru-out the Film until they ......??? As u know DITA never likes to tell the whole story. But I will tell you where Cheryl's small part comes in.

In those same woods, for some reason, Cheryl's Character is Modeling for an Outdoor Photo shoot. She looks great posing for the Camera, until the Photographer tells her to take her blouse off. She tells him she wasn't told that there would be Nudity involved on this particular Shoot in-the-woods. The Sleazy Photog' gets annoyed and just reaches over ,pulls down her High-Fashion Tube-top, to reveal her fun-bags. She protests and calls him a jerk or something, but he continues to grab and Click, grab and Click until Cheryl's Model character gets into a shoving, groping fight and backs up right into the Dead Fisherman's hand around her lovely ankle. She sees his headless, dead-body laying on the ground in the woods and does a great Horror-Movie Scream. To see Cheryl's scene of exactly that, Click here>( Cheryl's Scene starts around the 3;14 Mark.) http://youtu.be/l6Sqppzmopo

Now DITA likes this Movie and suggests it for viewing and gives it 3 Skulls, my perfect score. Also look for a fun horror-victim scene w/Melting-Man's Nurse trying to run away screaming bloody-murder all the way. DITA Like-y! To get your own Copy, simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN' to the Left of Dear old DITA's Review.

Next is 'PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE' ,which is a Cult Horror-Comedy about a Music-Mogul who under handily rips off a budding Singer/Song writer, then Maims him, then befriends him, tricks him into writing a Rock-Opera that he promises he will star in w/the Female Lead. What happens next, you may ask? Well, he quietly bricks up the door to the Studio he is working in, and leaves him to die, Silly!

The Phantom manages to escape out of the bricked-up studio and then plots to start planning various dangerous/deadly accidents and Stage problems start happening around the 'PARADISE' Theater thru-out the Production of his stolen Rock-Opera. Cheryl has a very small part in this Cult Horror-Comedy as one of the Mad Music-Mogul's Groupies that he Auditions for the afore mentioned production. Here's how the so-called Auditions are held. Actress's are lead into a large room with a rotating bed w/cameras everywhere and are told to make-out w/and play around w/each other, so he can get off via Big-Brother closed-circuit television. Long story short, this a another so bad it's good film that has garnered quite a Cult-following over the years. It Stars PAUL WILLIAMS, and wuz Directed by ;BRAIN DePALMA and has one hell of a Soundtrack! DITA gives it a score of 2 1/2 Skulls Out of 3. You can see the Trailer, by Clicking here> http://youtu.be/2n5qVJEg3qA
You can also get a Copy of this Culty-Horror Comedy by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' of it to your Left, Dear!

Then comes Cheryl in a High School Horror Flick called; 'MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH' aka 'BLACKBOARD MASSACRE' aka 'SEXY-JEANS'. This is where Cheryl's Character plays a School girl
who might be a Lesbian or a swinging Bisexual that almost gets raped by the Bullies w/her Girl friend but is saved by the rebellious new guy and later the Hero of the school ,only later to turn evil after the School-bullies knock over a buddies Car he wuz working on. Whew! Cheryl's Character who near the end of the film becomes handy w/dynamite and gets knocked-off ,right after her Nude scene going into a Tent for a three-some w/a girl and a boy fellow bombers. Good film, a little silly in parts but worth watching for the storyline of the New-Kids Revenge on the Bullies that once ran the school. Lots of killings but DITA assures you, not a single gun in sight or any shootings. DITA liked the story, Cast and pace and gives it 3 Skulls Out of 3 Skulls perfect score. Only gripe is the god-awful Soundtrack of unfitting to the Film 70's Music. Just doesn't fit the film , much like 'BLACKENSTEIN'S Musical score wuz a bad fit last week, my little Spider-Bites! To get your obscure Copy of this Film, just Click on the 'DVD-Icon' to the Left! Also Click here to see the Trailer> https://youtu.be/p2gib_0G7EU

Now on to Cheryl's Part in; 'FANTASM COMES AGAIN'. A straight up 70's Sex-Cult Comedy that has various & very sexual 'Vin-yettes'. One being a Woman who acts out her sexual-fantasy of going to confession, then confessing to who she thinks is a Priest, but turns out to be a hired painter for the Church, that took a nap in the confessional till she came in and tells her sordid sexual fantasy. Long story shorter , the Painter & Repair Man tells her to go into the back room, turn around, bend over and wait for him to come, as it were. While in the process, the real Priest walks in on them without them noticing and decides to stay and observe a truly religious experience. LMOL! A Girl after my own little Black-Heart, thinks DITA! That's not even the Storyline 'Vin-yet', w/Cheryl Smith's Character.

Cheryl's plays a girl who goes to DITA's Favorite place, the Drive-In , with her overly Horny Boyfriend and his buddy and his date in their Car at the afore mentioned Drive-In. His buddy and his Girl start some heavy-petting in the back-seat, which inspires Cheryl's Characters date to try and fool around w/her. She doesn't like it ,and likes the fact even less when her dates buddy & girlfriend start trying to feel both of them up from the back seat. Cherry's/Drive-In Girl, uh, who actually wants to watch the movie , gets annoyed and goes for Popcorn at the Concession-stand. She gets her Popcorn quickly and starts to head back to their Car but is suddenly grabbed by a way-overly horny guy at the Drive-In in a sleazy 70's Van. He pulls her in, popcorn and all , conversates aggressively w/her, she gets mad and he whips her clothes off and does her, legs up in the Van, without her consent. She then changes her mind quickly about being a prude earlier and jumps down on the floor of the Van for more, 'but' he throws her out, keeps her popcorn as she shakes it off and continues on back to her Boyfriend and Company back at the Car.

The other stories fair well too as they are being told to the Viewer by a Sex Column Boss and his Secretary, trying to pick out the best stories to print, uh, as they work late at the office and drink alcohol. Hmmm? One of the stories that DITA liked wuz about a Nerdy-man who gets stuck in an Elevator , w/2 horn-dog Ladies , that have never experienced a quickie with a Nerd before and decide they should try. Funny movie and very sexual. DITA gives it 2 and 1/2 Skulls, Out of 3 and loved Cheryl's scene the BEST! Get your own Culty-Sexy 70's Copy on DVD for your very own from 'Synapse-Films' by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' to the Left of this Groovy, steamy-review!

Now on to the Film Cheryl had another Small part in called; 'VICE SQUAD!' This is a Cult-Thriller if I ever saw one, Kids. Cheryl plays a funny-hooker with a heart of gold and has a great scene in this movie w/her friend that also is a Working-Girl, where they pick a Nerdy Guy together, they drive off w/him, park and have a very humorous convo' about what he's gonna get w/the 2 of them for his money. Cheryl's character's friend starts to unzip his pants to get things started but Nerdy guy is intent on knowing exactly how much and what that includes. Hmmm? They finally tell him, and he reveals he is a Under-Cover Cop. He gets them out of the car to read them their rights and slap on the Cuffs. They have other plans as they high-tail it as fast as their Hooker-heels can carry them, off , back into the night. Good-gritty movie thru-out, of life on the streets and the Cops that try to hold down the Ho's! LOL! Hmmm? Reminds of my former life on earth, before my unfortunate, un-dead incarnation u see now. This Cult-thriller with a little Comedy added, rates 3 Skulls Out of 3 w/this Former Lady-Of-The -Evening, Hon! To get your Own Copy ,Click on the 'DVD-Icon', to your Left, por favor. Then Click here to see the Trailer> https://youtu.be/WxEMHH0Ptek



Now on to another small part , but a good funny one in the Cult-Comedy; 'SLUMBER PARTY 57'. In this fun film, a group of Girls decide to share their Fantasy, some comical at a Slumber Party that's supposed to take place in 1957, but looks way-more like the Mid-70's ,right down to their Pajamas & Lingerie. Anywho, fun storyline w/this group of girls including Cheryl, even though their Sexy Slumber Party has the Cops stopping by and wanting to join them. Well okay, one of them. also includes a young DEBRA WINGER. Good Comedy that I , DITA DIRT NAP gives a Score of 3 Skulls-Perfect! DITA really enjoyed seeing Cheryl do what I feel she did best; COMEDY, w/Sexiness always included! Plus you know DITA's always up for a good Slumber Party Massacre, umm, oops , I mean a good, sexy Slumber-party where we braid each others hair, freeze our underwear and talk about Vampires, uh, boys that is. LMOL! Click here to see a fun Clip> https://youtu.be/DxSQTm7Rp1E

Then Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'SLUMBER PARTY 57', to get your very own Copy, to the Left of 'Mamma-DIRT NAP's Review.


Well, that's it for this week, my little Coffin-Creepers!
Until then, I wish you
(To hear that exact Song; 'SUPER-STAR' By MADONNA, that describes my Drive-In DIVA; RAINBEAUX SMITH, Click here> https://youtu.be/gOkxG0oLs_8 )

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1973 DVD

Well Hello Kids and Welcome to 2019 from your Horror/Cult Hostess w/the half-rotted mostest; DITA DIRT NAP! It is w/great excitement that I bring you another RAINBEAUX SMITH Film this week again from my Favorite Underground 'Horror/Cult DRIVE-IN DIVA's, Actress; 'CHERYL 'RAINBEAUX' SMITH! I start w/her Midnight Cult-Horror Flick which is known by various titles such as; 'LEMORA; 'THE LADY DRACULA' or 'LEMORA; 'A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL', etc.

DITA first discovered this wonderful Actress/Singer in the CULT-SEXPLOITATION FAIRY TALE MUSICAL; 'SIN-DERELLA' aka 'THE OTHER CINDERELLA' from 1977. After seeing her in that fun/Midnight Movie, DITA wuz hooked and hope you will be too, when you see the range of genre's she covered. With Horror, Cult and Sci-Fi ,and Sexploitation entries like; 'LASER-BLAST',' THE MELTING MAN', 'VIDEO VIXENS',  'PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE', 'CENTRAL HIGH MASSACRE', 'POM-POM GIRLS', 'CAGED-HEAT', 'DRUM' (Which inspired the Latest TARENTINO-Film; 'D'JANGO; UNCHAINED'.) and more, which a lot she Sings, including 'Lemora; The Lady Dracula'. Cheryl got her nickname; 'RAINBEAUX', from being a permanent fixture at the Sunset-Strip's; infamous; 'Rainbeaux' Room, as she loved to sing and wuz even a Band-memeber/Singer and Drummer for the old group; 'JOAN JETT AND THE RUNAWAYS!' So lets start w/her Film; 'LEMORA; A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL'.

Click here to see the Culty-Trailer for; 'LEMORA; THE LADY DRACULA'> http://youtu.be/yQNmu4Cw72s

Where do I start w/this Culty-lish-cious Low-budget Horror tale? This Film has developed a Cult-Following lately on the Net and Celebrates it's  46 Year Anniversary this year in 2019! DITA loves this unusual Horror-Flick for it's DAVID LYNCH-ish quirkiness, shooting style, Casting and Mondo-Storyline!

This Fright-Flick starts out w/the young pre-teen girl Character played to perfection by Actress/Singer; 'CHERYL 'RAINBEAUX' SMITH, living w/her Legal Guardian Preacher-Father after her own Gangster-Dad supposedly suddenly goes and guns down her Mother and allegedly goes on the Lamb. What really happened to him is that he is being held captive by the creepy Vampire-Lady; LEMORA!  Hmmm? Any-who LEMORA knows he has a young Daughter that has been living w/the Preacher-Man and even has her become a Local town star singer in his Church's Choir. So she sends a Letter telling Cheryl/Pre-teen that her real father is staying w/her and to sneak out/high-tail it, on a late-nite creepy Bus Trip to come see him and visit w/her ASAP! She does and that's when the eerie creepy stuff begins, Hon!

First she sneaks out to a bad part of town w/Hookers, town drunks and your every day run-of-the-mill pervs, who all try to come on to her even though she is clearly looking the part of Jail-Bait w/Swiss-miss Braids on the run. DITA thinks these people have no shame and need a 'AMBER-ALERT' System installed in the Perv-town POST-HASTE! Long story short, she gets on the weird, creepy short bus with an even weirder Driver and starts the late-nite bus trip into creepy/LEMORA Zombie-Vampire Town thru the dark woods, even. Yikes! Half way thru they start seeing strange people/zombie vampire creatures w/faces almost a shade of Kabboki-Blue along the road running in the dark woods following the Bus! BTW, LYLA/CHERYL is the only passenger on this bus to hell-town, Dear.

Then a afore mentioned creature/peep comes up to the Bus as it stalls along the roadside. The Vamp-Peep Creep waits till the Driver steps outside to try and fix the engine, leaving little Lyla inside alone. As u would guess, the Vamp Peep-creep attacks the Bus Driver and kills/bites him leaving little Lyla to fend for herself on the bus. This folks, is the creepy-est part of the film as the Vamp-Peep Creeps all begin to attack the Bus with a vamp-vengeance. BTW, kids the lighting, sets and all are very cool looking in this scene and very David Lynch Meets Tim Burton witch DITA loves!

Flash forward Little Lyla is shown locked away in a stone building w/jail windows located next to LEMORA's House and fed now and then by a weird looking way-old Vampire Lady Servant of LEMORA's until little Lyla gets wise and bashes her body w/the door when she comes in for her next 'bread & water' feeding and tries to hide underneath Lemora's scary old house. Of course as u would guess, she is caught by LEMORA herself and brought inside to later be bathed by Lemora and uh, brain-washed into thinking Lemora is just a misunderstood person/undead Lady-Mom. Where is Lyla's Father u may ask? Why, tied down to a bed w/straps in another room, Silly! He also is never really seen by Lyla as he suddenly breaks free from the straps and jumps out a bedroom window that he breaks to run out into the night, as he is now a raging vampire! Hmmm? Wonder how that happened???

Anywho, the Actress that plays LEMORA does a great job of being creepy by her appearance, voice, dress and demeanor, facial structure and great horror make up! She looks undead, pale and heavily medicated w/'row-ace-cha' of the face.  The rest of most of the film is spent unwinding the story of Lemora and her as she calls them adopted children, uh, who just happen to be Vamp-Jr's. Hint, Hint, LYLA!!! After a few attempts, complete w/vampire-ceremonies to get Lyla to come to the dark-side of everlasting, Vamp-life in the undead here after, Lyla escapes by hiding in LEMORA's Car which is being driven into town by the Old-ass Lady Vamp Servant.  Lyla hides in a Coffin which just happens to be lying in the back of this Hearst-Truck like vehicle in the meantime. When they get to their destination, a whole slew of Vamp-Zombie Creep Peeps start to unload the Coffin out of the back. It is then that little pre-teen Lyla pops out of the coffin and makes a run for it.

She hides various places on what looks to be a haunted Vampire-Farm and then faces the Lady-Vampire herself; LEMORA! END-Result; She goes back w/LEMORA unwillingly. Cut to LYLA/Cheryl, laying w/her Adoptive Preacher-Father played by Actor; RICHARD BLACKBURN. You see the townspeople and LEMORA always thought he wuz attracted to her in a repressed Woody Allen-ish way, so she kisses him and he tries half-heartedly to resist but he can't. So she bends down and slowly...............???  W-H-A-T? You know DITA never likes to tell the whole story, so I suggest adding this hexcellant Fang-biting DVD to your Horror-Collection by simply Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' of it next to Dear old DITA's Review tonight!

Their are far too-many cool scenes to list in my usual ;DITA's Things-2-Look-4-List; but other than the Cool-creepy Midnite Bus traveling scene thru the dark woods, DITA would say to watch for the Opening-Scene in the Church to hear the Beautiful singing voice of; CHERYL 'RAINBEAUX' SMITH singing a haunting church-tune! Also BTW, CHERYL wuz a Member/Drummer/Singer in the old great Group; 'JOAN JETT AND THE RUNAWAYS!'

Now DITA loved this eerie strange cult-horror flick and highly recommends it as it is one of my favorite Genres of either 'DRIVE-IN' Fare or 'MIDNIGHT-MOVIE' at a theater or on the Late, Late, Late Show and gives a perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out Of 3!!!

This Actress/Singer; CHERYL 'RAINBEAUX' SMITH who wuz a fixture at the Sunset-Strip's; 'RAINBOW-ROOM', which is how she gained her nickname; Rainbeaux, is lovely to look at and possesses a Monroe-ish quality about her and wuz filled w/charisma as well as a lumination that still shines thru in her Movies today, especially noticeable in her Cult-Film Musical Produced by the Future-Owner of the infamous Low-Budget Horror Film Company; 'FULL MOON PICTURES', Mr. Charles Band, which wuz called; 'SIN-DERELLA' aka 'THE OTHER CINDERELLA', from 1977 which DITA will be Showing a Version of that Fun/Culty Film I, sometimes Host; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN' this year.

Her good friend; 'THE DIL-DOE LADY' Hosted it and DITA introduced a CINDERELLA Burlesque-Short and possibly a Cartoon-Short w/BETTY BOOP called; 'POOR-CINDERELLA!' I, DITA DIRT NAP will also be doing a 'Online-Interview' w/Cheryl's Co-Star who played her Fairy-Godmutha & also starred in the Cult-Film; 'REPO MAN! His name is; SY RICHARDSON and DITA considers it an Honor to Interview him about his working w/CHERYL and his own work in Films.

Now for the 'EXTRA'S' on this DVD of 'LEMORA; A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL, witch are as follows;
* Commentary from the Director & Writer and Actor who plays the Preacher/Guardian of Lyla; RICHARD BLACKBURN & One of the Other Writers of the Film as well as the Actress who plays; LEMORA, LESLEY TAPLIN. (Too see an Interview w/the Director/Actor; RICHARD BLACKBURN, Click here, Dear> http://youtu.be/0o1fBXLxBmU  )
* Trailers for other 'SYNAPSE's DVD's, Including; 'LEMORA; A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL'.
* English. Spanish & French Subtitles.

Another F.Y.I. about this film is that it wuz Banned for 20 Years by the Catholic Film Board, and ending up not being released until 1983 in Theaters , even though it wuz made in 1973! WOW! The Tag-Line for this Film read; 'RUN LITTLE GIRL........................INNOCENCE IS IN PERIL TONIGHT!'

Next week, More of DITA's Tribute-Reviews to the Late, Great, Drive-In Diva; CHERYL 'RAINBEAUX' SMITH.
Until then, my Little 'Spider-Bites',
DITA ( 'Somewhere Over The 'RAINBEAUX' ) DIRT NAP

(Too see that Musical-Tribute to Cheryl 'Rainbeaux' Smith Click here> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH2hvco4gIE&list=PLtodvq3hl5FR4U4sd3cd2G7u4Jb0z-Aaehttp://youtu.be/t4MTImdL0u0 )
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To see Cheryl in another Horror-Film called;' MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH'(1976), Click here, Babe> http://youtu.be/qnhh0V4_c9A
Also for one of her Cult-Films, Click here to see a Scene from; 'CAGED-HEAT' from the Infamous; ROGER CORMAN > http://youtu.be/CJoNjCHryqU

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www.thenewbev.com  (DITA & RENFIELD'S Favorite Hollyweird-Haunt owned By Director; Quentin Tarentino! DITA-Likey!!!)
www.imdb.com  (Too look up all of Cheryl's Horror/Cult & Sci-Fi Films!!!)
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