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Directed by; Edward Bernds
A Normandy Production
Starring; Moe Howard, Larry Fine & Joe DeRita as Curly Joe.
Vicki Trickett, Schuyler Davis, George N. Neise,
Samson Burke as the real Hercules, and Quinn Redeker
as the Faux-Hercules, etc.

Hi Kids,
It's me again, your 'Horror/Cult Hostess & Movie-Reviewer'; DITA DIRT NAP, here in 'DITA's-DEN!'  This weekend as promised I bring you the 'CULT-Comedy' Starring our TRIBUTE-Comedy Team, once again of the THREE STOOGES!  The Trailer states that it's the 'Entertainment-Event of a LAFF-TIME!' This time Hon, they meet Greek-God; HERCULES! Now let DITA tell you this is another Fun Film that DITA watched growing up in the Mid-West also on late night TV in St. Louis on good ole' late night television called; 'SATURDAY NIGHT SHOCKER' on KPLR TV 11! Take a look at this Vintage Clip from the show DITA grew up watching in Misery, uh, umm, I mean in Missouri by Clicking here> https://youtu.be/WZ6lsSjOrT4 

Now this Stooges Flick was a 'mash-up' of 'Cult-Comedy' Meets Sword & Sandal Fantasy. so Click here to see this 'Cult-Comedy'-Trailer> https://youtu.be/Spk24OhxG3g 

The film starts out the Stooges working in a Drug Store/Malt Shop with a beautiful Employee played well by Actress Vicki Trickett. You see my little TV land spider-bites, the Boys store is located right next to a budding scientist apartment named Skylar who's constantly working on new, wacky inventions that usually end up making big boom-booms that 'shake & break' things in the Stooges drug store. Lately though Boy-Scientist; Skylar has been dating beautiful afore mentioned Female Employee while working on his exciting latest invention that's not quite finished yet aka needs the bugs worked out of it. Now what is it Professor Skylar working on ,you may ask? Why a Flying-Spin-Around 'TIME MACHINE', of course, Hon!

Any-Boo, the boys like Skylar and their Female-Employee DIANE and want to help him out a little so he can secure his future w/her. So they go over his place while he's out and fiddle w/the Time-Machine by switching things around, moving gadgets, adding Curly-Joe's 'calm-down-pills' to it along w/accidental fire-works added to the chaotic mix and cue the action ,Hon. Curtains start waving, blowing and flying , the time-machine starts to spin, Diane at the last minute comes racing into Skylar's Apartment along with a very confused but ready-to-go Professor Skylar and wah-lah, 'A-C-T-I-O-N', cue the spinning time-machine, everybody jumps on which includes; the 3 Stooges, Dian and Skylar and their off!

To view this exact exciting scene w/the Stooges 'Time-Machine' now souped up by them take-off, just Click here, my little 'blood-bags'> https://youtu.be/oO-ncJ3Awws

That scene is DITA's favorite in this fun, turn-off your brain cult-comedy flick! Now when the 'time-machine' decides to touch down it lands during and in a battle scene w/the real Hercules already at the scene. The King decides to have them come back to the castle cuz he thinks their 'gods-from-olympias' sent to help the King of Eithica, and even has Hercules secure their 'time-machine' from theft by laying huge un-liftable boulders on both sides of its floor-panel.

About the Actor Samson Burke who plays Hercules, DITA says; 'CRACKERS', He's Cute!

When the Stooges get there the King tells them they have to perform various tests of bravery after getting out of the punishment-gallows along w/Hunky-Nerdy Professor Skylar for trying help the rightful in history King escape from the jail the Bad King has put him in while they Stooges have been there in Eithica. While in the gallows they all four are chained up in a ship and are forced to row for months across the sea. Doing this strenuous rowing is in the meantime is Only helping to build up Nerdy Professor-Skylar's muscles , uh, like Hercules. The only thing is the Stooges notice that the rowing in the ship on the left side of the ship is only building up Skylar's left arm. The reason their having him get muscular is to fight Hercules and others that have kept them back in Eithica. DITA will tell you Skylar gets big enuff to impress the Next captain/King of the next ship and even fools him into thinking that he's the real Hercules and then offers Skylar's freedom along w/the Stooges if he agrees to over turn and defeat the 2-Headed Cyclops on an upcoming island. But first the Boys some how manage to take over the ship and put Skylar on the right side of the ship for rowing and building up his right arm/bicep. But what about Lovely DIANE , what happened to her you may ask? Well, the Slime-y Bad-Guy King decides to keep her captive for himself until the Boys get back.

How are the 3 Stooges gonna do that you might ask? Well to answer that DITA will now provide my infamous,  'DITA's-Things-2-Look-4' List as Follows;

*Scene where the Stooges disguise themselves as Female Bathing Servant Assistants to the women of Eithica and when discovered their really men, 'high-jinks & hilarity' ensue. Especially when they run out the door and all 3 do
funny-prat falls up against the wall. lol!

*All scenes where the Stooges show off their comedy-skills, with plenty of nyucks, nyucks, eye-pokes and face slaps and whoot, whoot, woohs to satisfy than their earlier flick; 'Three Stooges In Orbit'.

* scene where the Stooges and Skylar get offered by the Captain/King their freedom if he agrees to over turn and defeat the 2-Headed Cyclops on an upcoming island. Which they end up throwing Curly-Joe's calm-down pills , uh, the whole bottle down the Cyclops throat and quickly he falls asleep standing up. Then the Stooges wake up a knocked-out Skylar just before the Cyclops falls over from being asleep while standing up but first put a big huge club in his hand and they tell him to finish the job by throwing the giant billy-club at the Cyclops Monster knocking him over. Why? To make him think that he did it all by himself, to build up his confidence w/Diane when he sees her again to steal her back from the first King who is unjust and evil.

*By the way, Skylar also is assigned by the 2nd Good King of the 2nd Ship they were on to defeat a 3 headed-Hydra but this scene is not shown and only alluded too.

*Scene where the Hilarious Stooges have Skyler in his NEW More Muscular state Fight in the Arena the real Hercules and Skylar not only wins he also convinces the not so good at the time real Hercules into being a better person and living up to his great figure in Greek history in order to save Hercules life from being beaten to a pulp by New & Improved Sexy, More Muscular Skylar. Then Skylar and the Stooges grab DIANE back from the evil King who had planned to force her to marry him and they escape in a 'Chair-iot' w/the Evil King in hot pursuit. Where are they all headed you ask? Uh, back to the 'time-machine' of course. Silly!

Now to make a long story Shorter, they all make it back to the 'time-machine' , fill it w/Curly-Joe's calm-down pills, as it takes off back thru time, but the only catch is that 'King-Bad-Guy' jumps on the 'time-machine' and hangs on for dear life, so the Stooges decide to kick him off by stepping on his hands w/him falling off ''strati-gick-aly' in 'Custards Last Stand' w/Geronimo fast approaching him on horse back. LOL, DITA loves that part!  Then the whole gang lands safely back home, back in their own time-period, back in the drug store just in time for Skylar to threaten their old slime-y boss and win over Diane for finally standing up for himself witch is Diane really wanted him to do in the first place!

Now the last bit of the film shows the evil Slime-y Boss getting knocked into the 'time-machine' by the Now Hunky-Skylar and he quickly takes off back in time to the Pilgrim/Mayflower times and ends up coming right back from time-travel but back in the afore mentioned drug store in stockades for flirting w/Priscilla who he claims didn't know was married. Like-ly story, Bitch! LOL! 'END-SCENE!'

DITA also loved re-watching this hilarious 3 STOOGES Film again by streaming it on Amazon-Prime but thinks it makes a great addition to any 'comedy-teams' collectors DVD collection to have and own for your very own!  I, DITA DIRT NAP Loved this Funny 'CULT-Comedy' from the infamous 'Comedy-Team'; THE THREE STOOGES' and gives it my perfect score of 3 SKULLS OUT OF A 3 SKULLS SCORE!!!





Fun Fact about the original 'CURLEY'.  Did you know that he was not only a hysterically gifted, funny actor but a big dog-lover who constantly fostered many dogs during life long before the term 'fostering' was coined! In other words a sensitive kind old soul! Anyone who loves Dogs as much as CURLY did in his life is a higher-evolved human being!

By the way, DITA wants to give a 'Shout-Out' to her and 'Vamp-Hubby ''B.J.'s loving, sweetie pie Dog/Puppy-Daughter; 'CHILLING-CHINA' who recently turned 2 years old this month back on July 12th! Happy-Birthday still to our little 'CHINA-GIRL!' (A Snuck-In DAVID BOWIE Song reference for ya!) See her Pic below as we love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

(DITA's Puppy-Girl; China also laid by dear old DITA's Side tonight as I re-watched this fun Flick to keep me company and to receive her hugs & kisses thru-out the viewing of this particular 3 Stooges Film!)






Until week, when DITA comes back with a great 'cult/comedy/mystery' from the infamous 3 STOOGES, I bid you 'Vaccinated Chainsaw-Kisses',
(Click here to see that New Song from Singer; LISA STANSFIELD called; 'HERCULES' ,From her Album; 'DEEPER' https://youtu.be/dqKa8BuCqY0>




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Directed By; Edward Bernds
Starring; The 3 Stooges; Larry Fine, Moe Howard
& Joe DeRita as ;'Curly Joe, Carol Christensen
as Professor Danforth's Daughter, Emil Sitka
as Professor Danforth, etc.
A Columbia Pictures Release
A Normandy Production

Hello Again my little 'Blood Bags!'
Tis I, your Horror/Cult Hostest w/the mostest in all the right, rotted places; DITA DIRT NAP! As promised this week I continue my Tribute to one of my favorite Comedy Teams growing up 'THE THREE STOOGES' with one of my favorite movies of theirs called; 'THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT'. The Tag-Line Reads; 'EARTH-SHAKING MIRTH........WHEN STOOGES MEET MARTIANS!' (Guess Who Scares Who?)

Now DITA first watched this fun flick back in 1972 late at night on the weekend on our local station KPLR 11 when I was about 6 or 7 years old w/my cousins CHUCKY & JUDY DIRT NAP at our ages ago sleep-over that
included our parents supply-ing this 'sleep-over' w/three big bags full of 'WHITE CASTLE' and lots of COLA-ORANGE, no foolin!' This Flick with the 'Comedy-Trio' was the closest the Stooges ever got to Horror, Hon! Its mainly a sci-fi/comedy flick w/lots of spook-factor witch DITA loves! This film is the kind you want to watch late-nite w/lots of grub and mota! The film has Stooge called 'CURLY-JOE', not Curly, who does an okay mediocre job in his role w/the Stooges as perhaps the Original Curly wasn't available.  DITA thinks the Original Curly would have put More into it in this film if he had been in it.  Just my personal opinion my Dears.

The film is most definitely a sci-fi comedy romp and starts out w/the Stooges living in a Hotel while they are working on a Cooking-Show. The one Hotel Rule is 'NO COOKING' in the rooms. Well, to make a long story short, the Boys get caught cooking and quickly high-tail it out there and start looking for a new place to stay. They are told no but about a dozen hotels and motels and then Larry finds a 'WANT AD' that's looking for live-in assistants to help a Science Professor/Inventor w/his latest invention a super-galactic all terrain vehicle that can drive on land as a tank, go underwater as a submarine and fly in the air as well as go into outer space. BTW, home-cooked meals are provided!

Well the home-cooked meals part sells them on it and their quickly off to inquire. This leads them to a spooky old mansion/castle and the nutty professor that resides inside. First when they hear the nutty professors requirements he keeps mentioning Martians, so they think he's crazy. They stay their first night in the creepy old mansion and a scary alien looking monster-man w/large scary gnarled hands sneaks into the boys room to scare them. Quickly after the funny scares are had they find out its just the Butler dressed up in a monster costume.  Then Curly holds a rifle on him after they pull his mask off. The Butler gets a ray-gun and zaps the rifle making it disappear. We later find out that the Butler is really one of the Aliens from Mars disguised as a human to help/spy to the Head-Aliens in charge by reporting back to them via video-phone from the old mansion. Before DITA goes any further, please take a look at the fun, culty sci-fi romp Trailer by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/2JHDjt9MliM

First we find out that the Head-Aliens in charge want the Professors New Contraption to invade Earth, but then later in the movie decide to steal it instead after the Stooges accidentally replace the Flying-Machine/Contraption's distributor cap with a nuclear bomb-head unknowingly after they botch a test-drive/demonstration for the Air Force, I believe. Also DITA should mention after the Stooges get scared away the first time from the Professor creep old mansion by the alien/butler, the Nutty old Professor goes to the TV set of their show to try and bring them back. First he needs to offer them something big in exchange for continuing to help him w/his latest sought-after invention/flying machine.

You see at the TV-studio the head-honch/big-wig in charge at the station complains to the Tree Stooges that their other show, the THREE STOOGES CARTOON Show, uh, which was a real thing, kids, (Click here to see a Episode called; 'MUMMIES DUMMIES'>https://youtu.be/sil6q9Wf1vM ), but Now the Head TV-Honcho wants them to come up with a NEW more Modern Cartoon Show w/the Stooges. He tells them if they don't their TV contract will Not be Re-Newed along w/their 'Cooking-Show'. He also tells them that if they do come up with a better new more modern cartoon show that he will not only renew the TV contract but that they will have their salaries doubled and a new contract good for 10 years . So the Nutty Professor being there when all this is being discussed decides to help the boys do just that w/their animated show by using one of his other new inventions. The Boys go for the Professors offer in exchange for coming back to the creepy alien-infested old mansion to continue work on the wacky new flying machine invention that has to be readied for the Air Force to be demonstrated again.

The boys accidentally soup-up the professors ride/invention vehicle and now it can fly all the way into, wait for it, wait for it........ Orbit! Meanwhile the Aliens , who DITA tell you right here have very bad make-up and costume jobs on the cheap as DITA assumes it had to be a low-budget production back in 1962. They kind of resemble short some what flat-headed little Frankensteins w/capes and huge fore heads.  DITA BTW, wouldn't mind this fun flick being colorized by the infamous 'LEGEND FILMS' (www.legendfilms.com). Also when they Stooges are brought back to the old mansion ,they find the Professors Beautiful Daughter there just home for vacation from Europe.  She is dedicated to helping her father the nutty Professor and the Stooges pull this whole product/invention demonstration off for the Air Force.

The Air Force sends over their most handsome Officer and upon arriving at the gloomy/creepy old mansion is smitten by her. So after the Stooges soup-up by accident the professors flying contraption and go into space, after the evil aliens that were sent to replace the alien-butler, decide to try and steal it. The Stooges quickly try to stop them as the aliens/Martians take off w/the flying machine/invention w/the 3 Stooges clinging on to the outside of the flying submarine 'giz-moe'. This kids of course is where Hilarity ensues! The Stooges first trap the Aliens inside by blocking the escape door. Then they decide to after taking way the aliens ray-gun by slamming one of the alien paws in the ships metal door, they quickly decide to some how disable the machine, because you see my little 'spider-bites', the evil little aliens have attached a big ray-gun to the starboard of the flying ship that obliterates buildings, people or anything in its path on earth as it flies around the city.

The zany Stooges take the stolen alien ray gun and start to zap the top part of the craft to help break it apart from the bottom part. When they do the part w/the Aliens driving the Craft crashes into the ocean w/the afore mentioned nuclear bomb and blows up into a mushroom cloud seen from miles around. Now the Professors Gore-juss Daughter and the Handsome Air Force Officer are following the craft by car. They stop suddenly after the explosion as the hear on the car-radio that the entire ship/craft has blown up w/the Aliens aboard and the poor ,hapless Stooges, so they think.  You see when the Stooges cut apart the flying craft submarine all-terrain vehicle-thingy they held onto the bottom part and some how landed safely. Y-E-A-H, says DITA!

You see the landed alright, they landed right on time and right on top of the TV-Studio they were due at to sign their NEW afore-mentioned Contract for 10 tens and doubled-salaries. DITA left out the part where the TV Honch-Boss said that the Stooges had only 10 days to come up w/the new cartoon show and that they had to be on time to sign their New Contracts at the Studio or he would make the New Contract Null & Void, Hon! Any-Boo, the new animated process the nutty Professor came up with for the 3 Stooges to use was great. The Professor painted each Stooge w/some new paint/stage make-up and gave them kind of glow-in-the-dark costumes to wear while they danced the Twist. DITA liked the way it looked in the final stages which made the Stooges look animated but with a modern high-tech feel.

DITA loved watching this fun film now as an Adult almost as much as when I was just a little Ghoul-Gal and thinks although this film was far from perfect for the Stooges as far as their Movie Career went it does hold up over time, even though DITA herself will take off half a point in my score later ,only for a nit-pick reason of in this 'Bone-Bitches' opinion that there weren't enuff expected 3 Stooges eye-pokes, slap, and jabs for me in the films entirety. Like DITA said though, this is a very minor point and just my opinion, as we all know what they say about opinions being like ass holes and that every-bloody has one! LOL!

This Flick is one of DITA's faves as mentioned earlier because of it being as close as they ever got to a 3 Stooges Horror-Comedy Flick.  DITA will give you an example whether you want it or not, my little 'coffin-creepers' and sun-burned summer spider-bites. If you look at their other sci-fi comedy romp; 'HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL', theirs almost no spook factor , if none at all, as that film of theirs is strictly a sci-fi comedy adventure. Also DITA wanted to mentioned that in the earlier scenes when the Stooges are seeing the monster 'hi-jinks' being put on by the Alien-Butler, like coming into the Boys room thru a 'secret-passage' and scaring them as well as Curly-Joe running back and fourth to Head Stooge-In-Charge MOE's Room it reminded dera old DITA of the very similar scenes with the same thing happening in the ABBOTT & COSTELLO Flick; 'HOLD THAT GHOST', but w/Costello running back and fourth when spooky things happened in his creep old room to tell Abbott over and over.  DITA Like-y!!!

DITA loved re-watching this enjoyable Stooges Flick and gives it a Well-OVER 2 and Half SKULLS Score bordering on a Perfect 3 SKULLS Score! Some people may find a lot of fault w/this Stooges Film-effort but not this MADONNA OF THE MACABRE, NON-Karen! I LOVE IT and find it highly entertaining cuz DITA can just sit back, relax, in our black leather easy-chair, while my 'Vamp-Hubby'; B.J.' and our 'Puppy-Daughter; 'CHILLING-CHINA' were fast asleep in the other room sawing off 'ZZZZ's, as our now-grown Daughter; 'PAMELA-SCREAM' has started to head back to College at 'SPLATTER-UNIVERSITY' on a full 'SCREAM-SKILLS'S HOLLER-SHIP, uh, I mean Scholarship, and the house was eerily quiet, DITA turned her brain off for awhile and lovingly enjoyed this fun sci-fi comedy flick with a touch of 'spook-factor!'

To stream this fine 3 Stooges Film on Amazon Prime, simply Click on the 'Icon' next to Dear Old DITA's Review tonight!!!


Until Next Week when I bring you the Fun-Fine 'CULT-Comedy'; 'THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES!

Until then DITA Blows you 'VACCINATED' CHAIN SAW-KISSES', (If your still for some scary reason 'not' vaccinated, please do so ASAP cuz its your life that might just go missing; www.vacinateALL58.com )
(Too see that 'Companion-Cartoon' to this Review with the 3 Stooges called; 'OUT OF SPACE', simply Click Here> https://youtu.be/TVPH4L3g1XQ )

p.s. Contact DITA DIRT NAP @ DDN1965@LIVE.COM

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And Many More Mum!!!


DVD & Blu-Ray (1943, 48', 47'49',49', 47')
(Fright-Themed Shorts Collection)
Columbia Pictures
Directed By; Del Lord, Edward Bernds, Jules White
Produced By; Hugh McCollum & Del Lord & Jules White
Starring; Moe, Larry & Curly, etc. (The 3 Stooges)
DVD & Blu-Ray (1943, 48', 47', 49', 49', 47')

Hello again,
My Little Spider Bites! Yes, it's me, your Horror/Cult 'Summer-Time' Hostess with a New Tribute Reviews in Honor of one of DITA's Favorite 'Comedy-Teams' when I was growing up Kids that Aired on St. Louis's Own Late Nite TV Programming called; 'KPLR' TV-11! So DITA will be doing a Month-Long Tribute to the infamous DITA-Fave Comedy Team of the 'THREE STOOGES!'

This time DITA brings you a MUST HAVE Fright-Themed Shorts Collection on DVD & Blu-Ray from one of my favorite Comedy Teams the THREE STOOGES! This DVD & Blu-Ray includes 6 Comedic Fright-Themed Shorts which includes: 'SPOOK LOUDER', 'MUMMY'S DUMMIES', 'SHIVERING SHERLOCKS', 'THE GHOST TALKS', 'HOKUS POKUS' and 'FRIGHT NIGHT'!

Now the Special Features on this disc are as follows;

*Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
*Audio; English (Mono), Spanish, Portuguese
* Subtitles; English, Spanish, Portuguese (Which DITA loves!)
* Episode Selection

DITA's never been one to complain but some 3 Stooges Movie Trailers and possibly a short documentary would have been nice for big fans like myself! I'm just sayin'.

Anyone who's read my reviews before knows DITA likes a good STICK SLAP, ahhh, a-hem, I mean SLAP STICK and has a soft, molded spot in her little black heart for Horror-Comedy as well as famous Comedy Teams! Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges, oh how I love thee! All the Shorts included on this DVD or Blu Ray are frightfully wonderful and chocked full of all the signature eye pokes, rough face slaps, nose pulls, stomach punches, woo-woot-wit-woos and the beloved; 'Spread -Out!' we all loved watching on TV ,when we were just little ghouls! What? DITA was a little ghoul, once...........in a galaxy far, far away. Okay, okay so I looked like a Little, skeletal Orphan Annie on CRACK but I die-gress!

So DITA's comedy is a little rusty. What do you expect my little bat droppings. Oh, right, DITA forgot.......... it's not all about me, or BRITNEY's Conservatorship media coverage! Back to you Derek, uh, I mean let DITA get back to giving you MORE, MORE, gimme, gimme! Cuz it's not 'BRITNEY BITCH'.  DITA resides in Hollyweird too you know and I wear panties! Okay, so their crotch-less! Shut-up...........you liked it! LOL! Now back to the Shorts!

DITA loved all the Shorts included in this Collection but DITA's Favorite is the one entitled 'THE GHOST TALKS'!  It's a fun-filled Spook Romp with the Stooges when they are hired as Movers at the Smorgasbord Castle to remove a haunted suit of armor that doesn't want to leave. Why, you may ask? Well, my little rotting pumpkins because he's been waiting for the ghost of Lady Godiva returns to retrieve her soul-trapped-in-armor boyfriend.  Try as they might the Stooges including good ole' Shemp can't get the haunted tin man to vacate the premises til Lady Godiva comes riding in on her trusty stead at the Haunted Castle. When she does the boys try to sneak a peek out a window as she gallops off into the creepy night, only to be hit by a drive-by...........a drive-by-pie in the face that is! To see a Clip from this Short, Click here my little 'blood-bags'> https://youtu.be/CJWjf19dHcY

Here's a synopsis of the other 'spook-tackular' Shorts;

'Spook Louder' is the only short by the way to include the hysterical CURLY Howard. In this one the boys are Traveling Salesman hired on the spot by a Crazy Inventor to guard his creepy house while he's away for awhile. Click here to see a Clip from this Fun-filled Horror/Comedy Short> https://youtu.be/5lz4un-tEgQ

Well, of course 3 Spooky Spies (try sayin' that 3 times fast) show up dressed as a skeleton (another one of my second cousins, no doubt.), the devil and a; DITA-doesn't-know-what............with a hat! Huh!

They try to scare the Stooges, and well........hilarity ensues, and , Oh yes, Curly ends up threatening them with a bomb and accidentally lights it, throws it, and blows them up!  Too funny, I almost died laughing. Oh, right, I'm already dead, uh, any-hood, the only one not really spook-based unless you consider gangsters trying to get the Stooges to throw a fight scary, is aptly titled 'Fright Night', instead of 'Fight Night'. Very funny, never the less! The boys play Boxing Trainers at a place called 'Muscle Manor'. Hmmm, sounds like a good name for gay Reality Show. The boys have a well shot, funny chase scene in an old abandoned ware house that you should watch for. Larry ends up saving the day with a combination of mothballs and a handy hatchet! Don't ask! Note; Shemp's side-splitting physical movements in this one! 'Fright Night' was also the first short with Shemp as a member of the Stooges. Click here to see this comedic short> https://youtu.be/j_NsIz8cyv4

'Mummy's Dummies' the 3 Stooges run a Used Chariot Lot called The Smiling Egyptians. Long story-short they sell a hoop-dee (aka lemon) to the Chief of the Palace Guard and he in turn blows the whistle on them to the King.
Look for another funny chase and hide scene where the Stooges hide in a big woven box complete with spy-periscope thingy. Fun with a capitol F! Click here to see this Short> https://youtu.be/99vy-0XSg9Y

Next 'Shivering Sherlocks' has the boys winding up working in a Cafe, taking a very funny results, lie-detector test and run-ins with a blood thirsty robber and a hatchet man! Put the boys working in any restaurant premise and big comedy hijinks are bound to happen Darling!  Also the Short called 'Hokus Pokus' where a con artist Dame tricks the Stooges into being character references in an insurance scam. Of course they meet a magician, uh, I mean a famous hypnotist........sorry I was thinking of DITA's new crush on that Netflix show called; 'sex life', you know the guy w/the Big Kick-Stand in the shower! (CRACKERS, he's cute & hung!) The hypnotist puts them under a spell
and poof, their dancing on a flag pole. They accidentally uncover the shifty Broad's scam in front of her Insurance Man. Click here to see a Clip from this Short>  https://youtu.be/zBD-iQ969YM

DITA watched this fun-filled DVD or Blu Ray with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, a bag of 'Spider-Crunchies' and of course a 2-Litre of Diet-Choke-A-Cola! DITA suggests you turn down the lights, pull up your covers and do the same! DITA gives 'SPOOK LOUDER' Shorts Collection a perfect 3 SKULLS out of 3 Rating! A Perfectly Culty High Score, Hon!





Until Next Time when DITA Brings you one of my Favorite 3 Stooges Films , I blow you 'Vaccinated Chainsaw-Kisses',
(Click here to see that Fun-Video starring; CURLY of the 3 Stooges> https://youtu.be/zaVkA_cXqH0 )

https://youtu.be/1kqEJKjB3YI  ( 3 Stooges Break-dance Tribute Video! DITA-Like-y!!!) 
https://youtu.be/lyENyoGma2c (Some '3 Stooges' Movie-Trailer Clips!) 
http://youtu.be/hRElW-bT_cI   (DITA's Favorite '3 Stooges' Movie Trailer;'3 STOOGES IN ORBIT!!!")

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As usual here are some 'DITA-Suggested Sites to 'web-surf' @ your leisure as follows;
www.threestooges.com Official Website of The Three Stooges. Larry’s birthday is October 5th. He was born on Philadelphia in 1902. He began his career in vaudeville and his act included playing the violin.
www.cinespia.org  (Movies shown on the Mausoleum Wall Now Re-Opened @ The Hollywood Forever Cemetery as of 7 of 2021!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (DITA is a fan! PET FRIENDLY TOO!)
www.mymoviemonsters.com  ("Scary Monsters Magazine!)
www.halloweenalliance.com  ("Halloween-In-July', Hon!)
www.elvira.com  (Check out her NEW MERCH. this Summer for the latest in Unpleasant Dreams and More!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Tune in Every Friday Night ,Kids to DUG GRAVES RADIO-HORROR SHOW! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.MyMovieMonsters.com     Home of Scary Monsters Magazine


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