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‘TALES FROM THE CRYPT’ (British-Version)
‘An AMICUS Production’
RALPH RICHARDSON as the Crypt-Keeper, etc.
1972 DVD

Season-Greetings my Little Turkey-Monsters!
Tis I , your Horror/Cult Mistress Of Terror, for the rest of November, DITA DIRT NAP! This time I bring you; ’TALES FROM THE CRYPT’ from 1972. A British-version of our American TV-Series; ’TALES FROM THE CRYPT’, as well as the Comic. DITA suggests looking at the Culty-holiday cool Trailer for the Film by Clicking here, Dear>

DAME-JOAN COLLINS plays an evil Trophy-Wife who on Christmas-Eve decides to do-away w/her Husband.

First DITA must say, I hadn’t seen this Cult-Horror-Holiday Gem for about 5 years until this week when my good friend, who only lives a hop-,skip and a jump away from dear old DITA here in West Hollyweird, the ‘MAD DOCTOR D.’, had me over for a holiday-viewing get-together as we have done many times before.

We watched this flick w/anticipation and popcorn as well as ‘sweet-tea’ w/vulture-juice, and the faint-smell of our forever-friend; Mary-Jane in the air. Lol. Back the Film, first Joan/Trophy-Wife bashes poor unsuspecting Hubby over the with a fire-place poker, all while her radio spews out Christmas Music, and her small daughter upstairs ,tucked in bed while visions of Sugar-Plumbs danced in her head. (Keep that little fact in mind, Kids, as it is a clue near the end.) In fact this part was recently recreated recently last year on the TV show Joan was on this year called; AMERICAN HORROR STORY; APOCALYPSE, and re-titled in that show; 'A CHRISTMAS TO DISMEMBER', with Joan being chased once again by a Psycho-Santa but with a chainsaw this time. In that TV show the Santa starts having a cough-attack while trying to dismember Joan. She then calls out; 'C-U-T!  Then states; 'Can someone get Santa a cough-drop! LOL!

To see Joan in that TV show reenacting this very film, Click here, Dear> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22i6oKdXlNs

DITA wants back up a little bit as I forgot to mention that this story is just one of four stories that are told in various ‘vin-yettes’ in this culty-classic flick. In fact, the film opens w/Joan and other people taking what looks like a tour of ancient Catacombs with a Hooded Tour-Guide, that begins to detour them while on this alleged tour.

He starts w/DIVA Joan’s story first, then slowly thru-out the course of the film, tells each guests story of ill-gotten gain/behavior before coming of this faux-tour, my little ‘red & green’, blood-bags! That being said/explained, we now pick up where DITA left off w/Joan then hearing an important radio-bulletin announcing that a insane-asylum resident has recently escaped in her area and is disguised in a stolen Santa-Suit and is considered armed and dangerous.  The Radio also instructs nearby residents to lock their doors and windows .

As Joan is starting to start clean-up on dead-hubby lying lifeless on their living-room shag-carpet and totally 70’s décor home, she hears a loud knock at her door and then someone harshly shaking her door-knob and locks.  She looks outside her window and sees the afore-mentioned ‘sigh-koe’ Santa peering in her window as well as lunging at her w/his hands coming thru her open windows.

YIKES! DITA screams; ‘Call the Po-po, Joan!’

Oh right, she can’t as she still has her dead-hubby’s body lying lifeless on her floor right out in the open. She quickly locks all the doors and windows and shutters. She then proceeds to clean up her murder-mess, including washing blood off the fire place poker as well as her hands.  She then drags her dead-hubby’s body to the basement stairs and pushes it down the stairs where it falls in a heap , face-down on the basement floor.  Then the little 'devil-within-minks' goes back upstairs where she killed him, scoops up some of his blood in a champagne glass, brings it back downstairs and pours it next to his head-wound to make it look like a accident of him falling down the stairs and dying that way.

As she finishes this her daughter who is now awake, comes excitedly out of their foyer w/jingle-bells ringing in her wee hands and announces that SANTA is …………..??? That Santa is now…….???

As you all know by now, DITA never likes to tell the whole story but to find out where & what ‘SIGH-KOE'—Santa did, you can simply Click on the ‘DVD-Icon’, next to DITA’s Review to get your own Copy of; ’TALES FROM THE CRYPT’.

Plus DITA thinks the Movie-Poster makes a nice Christmas-Gift for your special ‘horror-lover’ on your Xmas-List, Hon.  To get the Culty-cool Poster from this fright-flick, just Click on the ‘Poster-Icon’ next to my review.

Now my little ‘misfit-toys’, that was only one of the 5 tales included in this horror-tale.

That one starring; JOAN was called; ’AND ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT’. The next one is called; ’REFLECTION OF DEATH’ and stars; IAN HENDRY. After Joan’s Tale the Crypt-Kreeper played by ; RALPH RICHARDSON turns to Ian’s character on the supposed Catacomb-Tour and recites his tale of Ian having been involved in a horrible Car-Crash w/his wife, where she is blinded in the accident and he goes around scaring the ‘bah-jesus’ outta everyone as he finally figures out, that he is horror ably disfigured from the accident and possibly one of the un-dead left to roam the earth. Hmmm?

To make a long story shorter, DITA will now speed-up the pace of the remaining tales, dear.

The next Crypt-Keeper tale is called; ’POETIC-JUSTICE’ and stars the iconic-horror star; ’PETER CUSHING!’ Peter plays a wonderfully kind old man who is living out his senior years as a widower who only wants to live out his golden years in the quaint little house and property he lived in w/his dear departed wife. He now only has his dogs to keep him company as well as refurbishing old toys to give the neighbor-children as well as spending his time w/them making them happy.  Long story short, one of his evil mean-spirited neighbors has it in for him and sets out to make quickly lose everything he has that’s left in his life that’s near and ear starting w/his precious dogs. Damn , that man says DITA!

Not man’s best-friend. Wow, he really is a evil neighbor.  Before the other things can be set into motion, by the despicable neighbor, the old-man/Peter Cushing has been keeping in touch w/his wife on the ‘other-side’ via ‘wee-gee'- board’.  She warns him by spelling out; ’d-a-n-g-e-r’. after she spells out the warning to her husband, the negativity-factor is amped way-up by the evil no-soul neighbor towards the kindly old man.  Next he makes the poor old guy lose his job. The only bright point is that at least one of his dogs escapes and finds his way back home to the man.

Then comes the worst on VALENTINES-DAY, the evil neighbor has towns-people and himself send the poor old man some very hateful negative valentines to him that sadly force the guy to put his own nail in his coffin by bringing about his own death as he figured he had nothing left. Then one year later exactly on Valentines-Day, the old-man/Peter Cushing rises slowly and literally from the grave and pulls himself up and out of his grave and 'walking-dead's' it back to the neighbor's home next his old house where he once lived and comes upon him at his desk and kills him. His friend comes in the next morning and
finds the man dead and covered in blood , head-down on his desk with only a bloody valentine note with a gothically-penned poem that ends w/something to the affect of 'ripping your heart out', complete with the man's 'corazon' lying at the end of the poem, as the undead old man had poetically ripped it out. End-scene.

The next tale was called; 'WISH YOU WERE HERE' and stars; RICHARD GREENE. Now DITA will tell you this story is based on the infamous; 'Monkey's-Paw' story about a couple getting 3-Wishes after they suddenly finding out they are in financial helter-skelter and have just had to sell all their art-work they have collected from all-around the world which of course includes a statuette the is inscribed, basically saying they get 3-Wishes.

Hmmmm.... Also let my stop here a sec to let you know that DITA has loved every 'AMICUS'-Film she has ever viewed as they always have great fascinating horror stories, great casting, great lighting and sets as well as usually start out w/the camera panning across some great gothic-grave yard, complete w/no skimping on garishness and gloom!  DITA just loves that. BTW, this film does also start out panning across a cool gothic graveyard, heavy on the garish but great decor final resting-place. That being said this film has garnered a huge cult-following over the years. Also you will find different DVD-companies that carry it and put it out ,that some have the original uncensored gore and some have the much censored gore as some of them deemed the gore too much.
Hmmm, who are they to judge?  DITA will take uncensored-gore over censored-gore any day, Hon!!! Any-who, back to the Crypt-Keeper's story of our next tour-guests of the alleged catacombs again

This tale as DITA mentioned before involved a couple with a statuette that grants them 3-Wishes. The first wish is quickly made by the wife for them to have their finances back to normal or even more wealthy than before. No sooner than she makes the wish the phone rings from their banker and tells the husband that they have come back into money again and to quickly drive over and see him about it. He does and of course has an accident in the car not before suffering a heart attack and dies. The wife finds out quickly about it from their banker and he comes over to try and comfort her. Before he can offer comfort she makes the 2nd Wish without thinking it through and horror ensues.

Then comes the 3rd and finally wish that DITA will just say involves, never being able to die and more horrific-circumstances that are unimaginable by the common human mind.  End-scene.

Now for the final Crypt-Keepers re-telling of the last tour-guests of the catacombs, if that's what they are, dear???  Hmmm?

Anyway, my little bloody Scrooges, this final tale is called; 'BLIND-ALLEYS' which stars; NIGEL PATRICK. This tale was the most horrific in DITA and 'MAD DOCTOR D.'s', humble opinion and we thought, very cringe-inducing as well as slowly but a great build-up to the fear-finale, kids. Nigel/New Home For The Blind-Boss, comes in to a men's home for the blind and immediately starts making cruel cuts in the budget for the place like cutting off the heat at night, serving slop for meals w/no meat even.  Anyway, the residents lose it in the end when one of their fellow residents gets sick in the middle of the night and the cruel new boss of their home-for-the-blind refuses to get a doctor for him (especially a shame since he could of at least called my good friend 'MAD DOCTOR D.' to the rescue as he would have made an exception and made a late-nite 'house-call, babe. I mean, really?).

After the poor-guy dies the residents take over the home/now asylum and apprehend the new evil scrooge-like boss and his faithful protective ,somewhat scary german-shepard. First they place food for the dog along the wall outside his evil-masters office and the lead the vicious dog away into a locked room and start to starve the 'kay-nine' , meanwhile they lock the evil new boss in another room, for days while the blind residents build a trap-corridor from the Evil Bosses locked-room all the way to his......???

W-ha-t? You know DITA as mentioned many times before never likes to tell the whole story but I will tell you the evil boss-man has to now make his way thru the newly built corridor the is narrow and lined with sharp razor-blades along the walls, and that he makes it thru once, w/'cuts-o-plenty', but has to run for his life a 2nd time as he suddenly finds a slowly opening door with a very hungry _ _ _ fill-in-the-blank, Hon at the end of the new corridor! End-scene and c-r-i-n-g-e, Hon, c-r-i-n-g-e!  Yikes!

Whew , yes, Kids it's finally over as the Crypt-keeper finally reveals why their all on the supposed tour by opening a large wall with long drop into a burning lake of_ _ _ _, fill-in-the-blank, as they are not on a catacomb tour but actually .....but are actually in ........??????  W-h-a-t? DITA wants you to get it for your self and find out the rest of this gothically-great holiday horror tale that entertains thru-out and considered by DITA some of Miss Collins best-work in a long list of horror, cult and sci-fi films in her scary but overtly sexy cache of a filmgraphy!

DITA loved this Cult-Horror Gem of a film and gives my perfect score of 3 Skulls Out of 3 Skulls score!

L-o-v-e it!  This Flick will help you get ready for our Upcoming Black Christmas Holiday with a little help from JOAN COLLINS!




The Movie Poster for this Culty Fright-Flick is available on amazon.com






Now let DITA give you a 'Mini-Cult/Horror Review' just for 'Thanksgiving' called; 'BLOOD FREAK' or as some call it; 'ATTACK OF THE TURKEY-MONSTER!' 'DING-DONG!' Ooooops, that must be our Thanksgiving Dinner Guests!  While DITA answers the door and 'B.J.' takes their coats. Why don't you take a look at the TRAILER of 'BLOOD FREAK' By Clicking here; https://youtu.be/46E7Q8Ns4GY

U can tell this 'Killer/Monster-Turkey' Movie is right up DITA's Alley, just by that Trailer alone! Make no mistake, this Turkey-Horror is so bad is good.......uh, and funny in a not meant to be way!

Here's the Storyline in quick 'Turkey-carcass Nutshell'; Hot Muscular Biker Dude offers a groovy-chick with a Flat tire a ride home. He then winds up at a 'Drug-Party', with/'her sister'. Then on to her Father's 'Turkey-Farm!' Her Father happens to be a 'Mad-Scientist', of course. Ooooooh, the plot thickens, my Little 'Mashed-Blood Potae-toes & Stuffing's!' The Mad Doc' turns the Biker-dude w/the beautiful biceps into a half-man, half turkey Monster. Why you may ask? To kill off those pesky drug dealers and druggies, silly! Long story short, the 'Turkey-Monster' goes around killing druggies 'animal-slaughter house style' cuz he needs the drug-infested blood to.........to..........Oh, I forget why!

Who cares, it's funny, butt definitely not meant to be, witch in turn makes it even more funny & more weird! Which is what you expect from one of DITA's Favorite Video Companies, 'SOMETHING WEIRD', 'Special Edition', with cool 'EXTRA's' included of course. ( www.somethingweird.com ) DITA liked this Movie perfect for a 'Something Weird' Thanksgiving , coming next week !

DITA gives it 2 1/2 SKULLS Out Of 3. 'F.Y.I.- DITA will Review this 'Guilty-pleasure Druggie Turkey-Monster' Fright Flick next Thanksgiving 2020 in full detail.  Why cuz it's just that much fun!

As my Thanksgiving Guests finish the nawing, gobbling & puncturing their Thanksgiving Feast, may I suggest you Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'BLOOD FREAK' to get your own Cult-Horror Copy 2-Nite, located next to DITA's Review.




Last but not 'least' , I have one more 'guilty-pleasure' DVD Suggestion for this November Holiday upcoming witch is 'THE REMASTER DELUXE EDITION' of 'A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING' on DVD. Click here 4 how 2 prepare a Thanksgiving-Feast, kids> http://youtu.be/7-fCt1nitmk

This one is a classic everyone knows, especially 'DITA ,who btw, is a Huge 'PEANUTS'-Fan, as I and my darling daughter; 'Pamela-Scream' and our New Pup; "CHILLING-CHINA' ,who's a Part Chi-Waa-Waa, part Pug Culty-Cutie, are also Fans of everything PEANUTS!

This one of course is about that pushy Bitch 'PEPPERMINT PATTY' rudely inviting herself and her friends over to Chuck's House for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Chuck, Snoopy, Woodstock & Linus muster up grub on short notice for the crew and hilarity ensues, and ends with grandma saving the day!

Here are the 'NEW' excellent 'EXTRA'S' included on this Deluxe Edition DVD as follows;

+ 'THE MAYFLOWER VOYAGES' ( An Extra Added Movie about the 'Peanuts' Gang landing on Plymouth Rock as Pilgrims. DITA says funny & Historical!)

+ All 'NEW' Featurette; 'POPCORN & JELLYBEANS'; MAKING A THANKSGIVING CLASSIC. ( Classic indeed thinks DITA. Just look at all the 'Homemade Tribute Videos' on 'you-tube' for it, hon! Done 'ADULT-Only Style', of course! DITA LIKE-Y!!!)


DITA wood like 2 Thank you all for Celebrating my own 'BLOODY-BIRTHDAY' once again here in 'DITA's DEN' last week and wishes you all a 'HAPPY HAUNTINGLY MEMORABLE THANKSGIVING' w/your own Family & Friends!

As 'B.J.' & I clear our now messy Dinning-Room Table, and say goodbye to our Dinner Guests, we were happy to give Thanks this year for everything and especially for having the pleasure and gift of having our beloved doggy; DOLLY for the short 8 years that we did as well as being better off for having the honor of loving her all these years. We are also thankful for our New addition to our Family , our New Puppy; "CHILLING-CHINA', the loveable, Culty "Punk-Rock Princess!  Happy Haunted Thanksgiving to all my little Well-done w/White Wine & Butter Sauce Spider-Bites w/Burnt Pumpkin Pie!

Until next week,
DITA ('Over the river & thru the Woods'') DIRT NAP.

(To see the exact song from the "A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING'-Soundtrack, Simply Click Here, Hon> https://youtu.be/-htM9V7ICDM)

As usual , here are some DITA-Suggested-sites as follows;
www.somethingweird.com  (Great Cult DVD's Selection says DITA!)
www.thenewbev.com  (Watch for their infamous Xmas Horror Double Feature of; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT' & 'BLACK CHRISTMAS' (The Original w/Margot Kidder coming in December-2019.)
www.cinefamily.org  (The infamous SILENT MOVIE THEATER in Hollyweird, which of course now shows talkies, cult & horror films and classic comedies as well! DITA likey!)
www.radiohalloween.com  (DITA will be on hopefully b4 Christmas!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen every Friday Night to DUG GRAVES HORROR RADIO SHOW, Hon!)

Columbia Pictures Presents;
A 'J. Lee Thompson' Film
Produced By; John Dunning & Andre' Link
Directed By' J. Lee Thompson
The Birthday Film Company Inc.
Starring; Melissa Sue Anderson
Glen Ford, Lawrence Dane Sharon Acker,
Francis Hyland, Tracy Bregman & Lisa Langlois.
1980 DVD

Hey Kids,
'Your invited to the bloodiest party of the year', .............uh, mine!!! Welcome to DITA DIRT NAP's, 'HORROR/CULT BIRTHDAY BASH', here in 'Dita's-Den!!!' Yes another year older (54), and yet another year none the wiser coming up on November 18th! LOL!

Thanks for attending dear old' DITA's Birthday Party here at CountGore.com I'm sure it'll be a 'SCREAM'! My Hubby; 'B.J.' knew I was coming......so he baked me a cake! A chocolate, 'devil's food', 'spider-bite' Cake with a Spider on top ,even!' Oh, you shouldn't have. DITA's glad he did though! Thank you Sweetie! Now to coincide with my special Birthday Celebration, DITA has chosen an old, cheesy, 80's Fright-Flick (Just like I like-em'!) to mark the occasion entitled, what else...............'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!' Starring, MELISSA SUE ANDERSON of 'LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE' Fame (now airing on 'TV LAND') and Glenn Ford.

Just Click here, my little Spider-Bites to see the Trailer for; 'Happy Birthday To Me'> https://youtu.be/OEalmOJsvM0


Also Soap Opera Star (at the time; 'The Young & The Restless') Tracy Bregman! DITA is assuming the year this movie was being made the Actress, Melissa Sue Anderson had probably taken this role in a campy Horror Flick to try and move away from her 'goody-goody prairie gal' image cultivated on television, playing Mary Ingalls.  I think you achieved your goal, hon!

Any-who, the storyline is cheesy-good and starts out with her character, Virginia surviving a freak car-accident, that kills her mother and leaves her with memory loss and traumatic black-outs. 'BLACK-OUTS', wasn't that the name of one of Britney Spears albums? Hmmmmmmm??? Sounds like Britney's 'come back' remake/vehicle has arrived in Horror Movie form. I'm just sayin'!!! Is this not the 'ONLY' Horror-Film, that hasn't been remade yet? DITA lives in Hollyweird, kids.......and I can tell you 'Original-Ideas' are not, shall we say............abundant!   Just my 2 cents cuz that's about what it's worth, my 'little demented party-hats'!!!

This is a fun little 80's Horror Film that albeit some-what slow paced, reminded DITA of what early slasher-flicks were like. It also made me long for those days again. To explain the rest of the storyline in a 'cake & ice cream' nutshell, if you will.  She struggles to resume a some-what normal life, suddenly her group of school friends, who like to 'hang' & 'chill' a lot are being murdered 'one by one'! Which includes a standard horror movie 'throat-slash' and DITA's favorite, 'death by shish-ka-bob' shoved to the back of the throat!' Can you say, ooooooouch!!!  Will 'Mary Ingalls', uh, I mean, Virgin-ia, be next.............or is she the killer???

By the way, is DITA the only one to notice that the first chunk of her characters name spells 'VIRGIN'??? Hmmmmmm??? This 'BIRTHDAY-HORROR Flick has most everything DITA loves, which includes cheesy 80's Music, a mandatory horror film shower-scene, a peeping Tom, cool death scenes, flash-backs, (a plus and crucial to the plots, notice I said plots, with an S.), a nice even cup of bad-acting, graveyard scenes and a teenage-girl with 'Daddy-Issues' and lastly a bad case of 'post traumatic stress'!!! Love it!!! Another thing that un-wraps (like a Birthday gift, hint, hint, 'B.J.'!) nicely in this film is towards the cool, fun, culty 'reveal scene' near the end.

Which of course includes different reveals leading you to believe one thing, and just as you do, the reveal the reveal! DITA will not reveal the surprise 'twists' that come well-paced at the end of the movie, cuz I highly recommend clicking on the 'DVD Icon' next to my special 'Birthday-Review' to find out for yourself, and because you know DITA hardly ever likes to tell the whole Story, especially in this case!

Kudos, to the Director for this impressive 'twist-reveal, twist, reveal' leaves you 'scratching-your-head' finale, that reveals e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!!

Now on a slightly sad note......... there are no 'cool extras' on this no frills disc but there definitely should have been! With a cool retro-80's Horror Film like this, it would have been nice! Perhaps on a future 2020-Anniversary Edition???

+Only Subtitles in English, Spanish & Japanese.
+ And some old 90's Horror Film Trailers maybe some from the Millennium.

Now as usual here are DITA's; 'Things To Look For' List;
* Watch for cool first foggy, graveyard scene, Set-dressed effectively. (I just love graveyards, which is to be expected considering I live in one, part of the year, summers in our Beach front Place in 'Mali-boo', dah-lings.)
*Shower-scene, complete with car-accident 'flash-backs'.
*Flash back scenes in general, which are liked by DITA in this movie and also help  to fill plot-lines but more importantly include great campy over-dramatic acting by 'Virgin-ia's' Mother to let you know that her mother was carrying the 'crazy' gene! (Loved it, love it, love it!)
* Scene they put in at the time to let you know that 'Mary Ingalls'  was all-grown up now, as follows; shower scene, taking blouse off in her bedroom to reveal her.......bra! You wouldn't have seen that in 'Walnut Grove, Hon!!! LOL!
* Last but not least her character supposedly stabbing a friend in the grave yard and allegedly wacking, slicing and bludgeoning everyone to death.  Oh, and uh, making out with another friends boyfriend by the cozy fire place!!!  They should have called the High School she went to 'SATAN SCHOOLS FOR SLUTS!'

'Derek; 'The Vamperic Announcer' Interrupts briefly; Isn't that where you went , 'Birthday-Girl'???
 DITA responds; 'NO COMMENT!'

* All scenes where she blacks out, you see hain-ous murders committed on her friends and such, she wakes up and can't remember anything, how convenient!!!
* Flash back scene where it is revealed that she and her mother died by trying to cross an electronic bridge that was opening as their car got stuck in the middle causing them to fall to the water below. Virginia escaped by swimming out the broken car window, like her mother told her to because her mother was pinned in around the column.
* Funny cheesy, dorky, dance moves at the school dance. (DITA has 2 words....no rhythm!!!)
* Last 'grue-some' birthday party scene at the end where there ends up being only one actual live friend attending, not to mention her 'shrink'. I said not to mention him, silly! Someone has propped up all of her recently murdered friends, along with her mother's dug-up corpse, insert clue word here; 'mistress', and comes in with a lit birthday cake for her morbid 18th Birthday Party!  You know to 'serve' to her dead guests!  DITA thinks Martha Stewart would consider it, only polite! Even daddy made good on his, 'PROMISES, PROMISES' (Mansfield ref.) to be there for his little girl's 'special day'???
*Last scene where 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME' is sang very creepily.........for the first time by the guest of honor? Last hint kids; 'PLAY IT AGAIN SAM!' Hmmmmm???

Wow! That's a lot of 'plot-twist'!!! Nice job!!! DITA gives this some-what forgotten holiday/birthday, fright-flick, now with a huge Cult-following, 2 and 1/2 Skulls ,almost a 3 Skulls score.

A point was taken off for pacing but REGARDLESS, DITA highly recommends for your next 'B-Day Party', or should I say 'D-Day Party', hopefully on a dark & stormy night, with lots of blood-red balloons and a........'KNIFE'!!! Ah, to cut the cake with! What else, SILLY!!!

DITA wants to thank all for coming to my 'HORROR/CULT BIRTHDAY-BASH', only here in 'DITA's- DEN' on 'Creature Feature'!!! 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear DITA............I look like a corpse..........and I smell like one too!!! 'TEE-HEE!'


DITA's only 'Birthday-Wish' is that you check out my favorite 'Birthday-Themed', Animated Short, Starring; DITA's FAVORITE 'CULT-TOON' Character, Mss. BETTY BOOP, in 'BETTY BOOP'S BIRTHDAY PARTY', now playing by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/nj5urVMsV8E

By the way, a big 'howdy' to my Special 'Dan-Fan' & as always my 'b.f.f.-in horror' 'RENFIELD!'

A Special 'Chainsaw Kisses' w/Birthday-Cake Frosting,
DITA ('Happy-Birthday' ) DIRT NAP
(To hear that Song; Happy-Birthday' Sung but Remixed by; Marilyn Monroe, Simply Click here, Babe> https://youtu.be/lrvMx2HGaOY )


Dita's Favorite Links; (This week!)
www.cinespa.org  (They'll be showing ;'GREMLINS' for the Merry Month Of December for Xmas, Hon! Check my DITA-Face Book Page for more details on that, My little B-DAY Spider-Bites! Click my Face-Book Site at the top of this page, Hon!)

THIS REVIEW DEDICATED TO OUR ANGEL-Doggy; 'DOLLY' today as she turns 8 years old Tonight 11/16/19 on 'The Other-Side'. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY,' DOLLY! From; MOM & DAD XOXO, We are Celebrating your Birthday tonight w/a Toast of Wine, a Birthday Cake w/all good thoughts and memories of you! The Birthday Cake will have your name and mommies as our Birthdays are so close together. Yours on Nov. 16th and Mommies on 11/18/19. Our sweet Dolly turns 8 tonite! Happy Birthday DOLLY! We love you forever!!! We miss you every day!

You can also stream this film on Amazon Prime!


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