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From; Warner Brothers Animation &
Hanna Barberra.
Starring the Voice-Over Work of;'
Alan Smithee (yes, the infamous Director from Hollywood.),
Sorry but for some bad reason no Mindy Cohen as Velma.
DVD 2019

Hello my little Black & Orange Spider Bites! Tis I , your "Halloween-Diva', DITA DIRT NAP!

This October week I bring you a New Review of something New to DVD! Its was one of my Favorites as a little Ghoul-lette growing up of the Infamous Scooby-Gang. Its a New SCOOBY DOO Film called; 'SCOOBY DOO; RETURN TO ZOMBIE ISLAND" with.................wait for it! Wait for it...........w/none other than ELVIRA! I mean what would DITA's-DEN" be this Month of October without the 'QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN', Hon!

Now DITA wants you to know you don't have to have watched the first Film to enjoy this one but in case you missed it, Simply Click here for that; Trailer-"Scooby Doo On Zombie Island'> https://youtu.be/2zhjpqgWZiU

Anywho, this fun Sequel starts out with the Scooby Gang agreeing after decades of solving mysteries that it taken its toll on poor Shaggy and Scooby. So they rest of the gang promises them that are swearing off solving mysteries and instead all going on a vacation instead.  Well, Hon , as you may have figured out, that doesn't last long. Oh DITA almost forgot the important part of how they go on vacation, which is where ELVIRA comes in.

You see the Gang is at the very start on the film eating at a diner when Scooby & Shaggy shush the rest of the gang cuz its time for their favorite show to come on the Diners TV. What show is that you may ask? Well , 'ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE', of course. The Gang tunes in to see Elvira, the Hostess with Mostest, announcing the grand prize Winners of a Vacation to an Island Resort. She puts her hand in the prize barrel and of course pulls out Shaggys name as the Winner!

To see that exact scene with the Mistress Of The Dark, and the Trailer/TV Spot for this Film, Click here, Hon> https://youtu.be/ZDxXTVlxg2k

See what I mean, Kids! Doesn't Elvira look great Animated! She does thinks DITA! DITA will also say the colors and sharp animation really looks great on this film and really pops! So back to the story before Halloween get here.

The Gang finds out also that Fred for some crazy reason sells the 'Mystery-Machine', maybe part of the promise to Shaggy & Scooby not to pursue their Ghost-Chasing Careers any more. So when the Gang arrives by Ferry to the Island it starts to look familiar as does the Resort staff. The Resort Hotels name has been changed , uh, to make a long story short. The gang tries to ignore it and starts to try and relax and start enjoying the vacay-stay.  When the Zombie are once spotted again , first by Shaggy and Scooby, they try to tell the rest of the Gang (which by the way, Velma is annoyingly not played/voiced by the wonderful; MINDY COHEN. (In DITA's Humble opinion, they should on their next Film , pay Mindy whatever she was asking for as she has always done a Fang-fun-tastic job in the other Scooby-Films that now air on the Boomerang network. She worth the money, once you hear the new girl perform so poorly. As I said before, just DITA's opinion, dear!) that they just encountered Zombies while Scooby & Shaggy were trying to get massages. The scene with Scooby & Shaggy being massaged roughly and then violently by two Zombies is hysterical.

After they tell the Gang about the Zombies, they try to explain it all away because of the afore-mentioned promise. Later at one point the Zombies attack the hotel resort by coming out of the surrounding woods in masses.  The Hotel Director ask them to break their promise and quickly Scooby & Shaggy tell them its more than ok to break it and happily go back to solving mysteries asap! They fight the Zombies, pull off their masks and find out that they were all lured back to the same Island resort by the infamous real-life Director-Alan Smithee , as well as Elvira being in on it to get a cut of the movie. After a quick discussion the Scooby Gang decides to help the infamous Director go ahead and film his horror film w/them participating willingly in it.  They start filming and hilarity and mystery ensues.

First the 'Cat-People' from the first film are found to possibly be real and back to try and get a sacred cat-people 'am-you-lit' that's being worn around the Director Smithee's neck.  But why , you may ask? Cuz they later find out that the Cat-People are trying to find the secret buried treasure that's supposed to be in a cave below the resort. To make a long story short even shorter, hon, DITA will now let you know that usual fun-formula of these Scooby-Movies kicks into high gear.  Complete w/Musical chase scene that DITA has loved since they did them on the TV show back in the 70's, a snatch-off on more masks, this time off of the fake-cat people, give the fake cat-people criminals to the Authorities and last but not least; the classic-line of the bad guys saying that they would have gotten away with it to if it wasn't for these meddling........... wait for , wait for it...............................meddling whipper-snappers!

W-a-i-t a minute, I know, I know, they usually say; 'these meddling kids!" But hand to god, or dog spelled backwards the person who says it is the Old 'Cor-rodge-itty' Ferry Captain from the ferry the took to get to the Island w/swamp plant life and plastic Palm trees. Huh? Don't worry kids, its explained loosely in the storyline of this typical , but fun film. Now even after that , the film not quite over yet? Also DITA forgot to mention that when their filming the movie the Director had a bigger , better version of the 'Mystery-Machine' made , complete w/huge 'truck-rally' tires and more , to use in the film and actually has a big scene near the end jumping over the entire hotel-resort . So as DITA was saying, it not over just yet, my little rotting jack-o-lanterns.

The Director Alan Smithee when the actual real cats/kitties find the buried treasure by digging it up in the cave w/Scooby Doo's help. The Director takes all the loot and decides to retire after the making of this film from Hollywood for good.  So in a nutshell, the Scooby-Gang decides to keep solving mysteries as it is what they are born to do and mention that they'll have to somehow raise the money to get the original 'Mystery-Machine' back for their next movie, umm, I mean adventure. Then as the credits start to roll , ELVIRA comes back on the screen to do her "Horror-Host Outro. She says the Movie they filmed w/the Scooby Gang she's now Hosting now comes with title of; 'TEENAGERS ON ZOMBIE ISLAND' or something to that effect and gives her 'good-nights', as the then start to show animated bloopers witch are pretty funny in DITA's unhumble opinion. LOL!

DITA loved this fun film, of which I was never bored, got what I expected and loved from these films and hopes you will too this Halloween-Season that is flying by faster than my good friend "BILLY-RAY's Tesla!  Like a Rocket, Hon! How would DITA know how fast a Tesla goes, you may or may not ask? Cuz He gave me a ride around our old "Home-town' of St. Louie last year around Thanks-killing, umm , I mean Thanksgiving, Hon!

DITA also loved Elvira's appearance in this film of which she looked 'gore-juss' in animation and screaming-color and really hopes to see the 'Mistress Of The Dark'/"Queen Of Halloween' in More of the 'SCOOBY-Films' in the Future , uh , with maybe a much bigger part with her involved with helping the gang solve a Mystery! I'm just saying, my little stale 'candy-corns', that DITA can easily see Elvira being involved with one of the 'Scooby-Gang's infamous/Classic chase-scenes where Music is played during.

Here's another thought for Hanna-Barberra & Warner Brothers Animation, during the musical-chase scenes a they are known for, DITA thinks it should be maybe an ELVIRA-Song, possibly her old Hit; 'ZOMBIE STOMP", or 'TRICK OR TREAT', 'FULL MOON", "MONSTA RAP" or even her not -to-long-ago hit; 'GREAT BIG PUMPKINS'.  Just an idea, Kids! Or better yet, involve my Horror/Cult Hostess Persona/Dita Dirt Nap in a storyline w/ELVIRA, and COUNT GORE DE VOL!!!

W-h-a-t?  COUNT GORE, my Mentor/Boss was just mentioned in that 'terror-rific' Netflix Show; 'THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA'.  So it could happen.

Oh, i wish, my little 'trick or treaters!"  A "Face-Book' Campaign, perhaps? LOL!  DITA really enjoyed this film and a lot of their 'other-ones' as well, like when they met KISS or Don Knotts, Sonny & Cher, and The Addams Family, etc.

DITA gives this Scooby Doo Animated Feature Film a cool-ghoul score of 2 and Half Skulls Out of a 3 Skulls score. a Point was taken off for Elvira not being in it longer and for Mindy Cohen not performing the Voice of ; VELMA! next time guys, please w/Jack-O-Lantern sauce on top!

To get tonight's Film of ;'SCOOBY DOO: RETURN TO ZOMBIE ISLAND' w/Elvira, simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon', next to dear old decrepit DITA's Review! W-h-a-t? I'll be 54 next month. LOL, but true!

This Film a 'Collectors-Item' for sure w/Miss Peterson in the Cast this time, HON! Loved her delivery in this film , perfect as usual.


Before I forget , two things DITA wants to mention;
The First thing is I want to thank my good old Friends; "RENFIELD & "Jizwell', attending the "HALLOWEEN CARTOON CLUB' Screening last week at the New Beverly Cinema w/DITA incog-nito, of course , as we had a ball watching vintage episodes of Halloween-Themed Cartoons of the following;'
"BROOMSTICK BUNNY' w/BUGS BUNNY & HAZEL THE WITCH (Complete with her flying bobby-pins every time she exits a scene! DITA Like-y!)
"THE TELL TALE HEART' w/James Mason Narration.
"MICKEY MOUSE" in one DITA forget the name of but it was very Culty and loved that it strayed away from the typical Disney-formula. ( I think it was something w/Brainac in the title.)

It was great and had a Sold-Out Crowd. A True Side-Note about this Outing w/Cartoon Club; DITA went outside during the show to annoyingly pay our Parking Meter as to not get a ticket this close to Halloween, hon and when showing my Ticket Stub to re-enter the Theater, DITA kids you not , I saw 'FLY'/"BEETLE JUICE'-Star; Actor JEFF GOLDBLOOM, being turned away with his Wife and Kids as DITA mentioned before it was a "Sold-Out' show.  DITA heard him exclaim to his kids; 'Well kids, I guess its on to Karate Class for you guys instead. LOL, BUT TRUE!

Btw, DITA & RENFIELD will be attending next month's ;'CARTOON CLUB" as well that will be THANKSGIVING-Themed Cartoons as well as one coming in December that of course will be Christmas-themed! Can't wait as DITA is a Huge Fan of Cartoons!

The 2nd Thing is DITA just found out this earlier this week that ELVIRA has a NEW Fun Documentary about her Favorite 80's Horror Films that she says you can 'Only' get on her website and claims it won't ever be streamed or available again and is available Only until October 31rst, 2019. Just sayin if it does ever come on DVD ,Dear old DITA will Review it for you here in 'DITA's-DEN". So for Now take a Look at the Trailer here, Babe> https://youtu.be/NF8uxyxINrE

Next week on Pre-Halloween weekend, I bring you More 'HALLOWEEN', Jamie Lee Fun. Until then my little candied-apples w/candy corns, 'CHAINSAW-KISSES' & "JACK-O-LANTERN Soup-Breath'

(To see that exact Halloween-Themed Cartoon DITA mentioned seeing at 'THE CARTOON CLUB", Starring POPEYE, Click here> https://youtu.be/__RKftrev-E )

Contact DITA w/'Halloweenie'-Greetings at;

As usual here are 'DITA-Suggested' sites to web-surf this Merry, Scary Month of October;
www.sixflags.com  (Check out their ;'FRIGHT FEST", going on NOW! DITA may go next weekend w/either Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.' or 'Spanish-Dracula'.)
www.thenewbev.com  (Great Halloween Horror Flicks going on now like the Upcoming ;'JOAN CRAWFORD HORROR-FILMS TRIPLE FEATURE" witch includes; 'STRAIT JACKET", "BERZERK" & "TROG!" Also Coming in November; "CARTOON CLUB" w/Thanksgiving-Themed Cartoons!!! DITA recommends if your in the LA-area, Hon! DITA Like-y!)
www.cinespia.org  (Films shown on their Mausoleum-Wall in the infamous; 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery'.)
www.cinefamily.org  (Silent Movie Theater w/Horror & Cult Talkies for the Halloween-Season!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Downtown LA, CA.)
www.radiohalloween.com Radio Halloween plays best Halloween music and stories all day, all night, & all year! Choose top Halloween songs, scary stories, or old time radio horror.
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to his Upcoming Halloween Radio Show Episode Airing normally Every Friday Night but his Halloween-Special will Air On October 26th and Repeat Halloween Night on Oct.31rst,2019! DITA can't wait! Hope to be on the Xmas Show in December or next years Halloween Show for 2020! Call me Dug or Contact me on my Dita Face-Book Page, Hon!)

You can also stream this film on Amazon!


Written By; Ray Bradbury
Starring; Leonard Nimoy, etc.
1993 DVD

Greetings my Little ‘Trick Or Treaters’, Tis I, DITA DIRT NAP, your ‘Halloween-Host’.

To celebrate that I bring you one of my Favorite Animated Halloween-theme Movies of all written by the Late/Great Author; RAY BRADBURY an Starring as one of the Lead Characters; ’MR. MOUNDSHROUD’, the Late; LEONARD NIMOY! A Tribute of sorts to them both! First here is a Clip from this Cult-tastic origins of Halloween film; ‘THE HALLOWEEN TREE’ > https://youtu.be/mInv6t35GM4

Our film opens w/four kids dressed up and heading out to meet their very best friend; Pip to lead them out on their Halloween night adventure. Little do they know that their good friend Pip is serious trouble with a appendicitis, and quickly rushed off to the hospital. Therefore they realize that Pip won’t be joining or even leading them out for ‘tricks’ or ‘treats’ and might even die. This DITA must say is a great Ray Bradbury Story with a great message about the origins of Halloween as well as friendship and the sacrifices you might be willing to make save someone you love or give them the gift of more time!

Back to the story my little ‘bobbing-apples’ & candy-corn kids! They decide not to go out for Halloween trick or treating and go visit Pip there instead. Just as they start to leave they see Pips spirit running away down a scary path thru the dark woods. They realize that it is him but in spirit/ghost form and must be fading at the hospital. They quickly think they should follow him to see where he takes them.

DITA wants you to know that the scary old dude who is very Nosferatu-like in appearance is really a form of the Grim-Reaper and that's why PIP's spirit runs in there to try and lead the Gang into helping him stay alive during his serious appendicitis operation, hon.

Anywho, the kids meet mystical scary old Moundshroud and ask him to spare Pip. Before you can say; TRICK OR TREAT', PIP escapes Moundshroud by leaving his house and climbing up his magical 'HALLOWEEN TREE' outside his creaky old mansion and finds his jack-o-lantern that's carved to look like him and falls down the big huge tree to a big pile of autumn leaves below and escapes into the Halloween night w/his pumpkin that encases his soul away from Moundshroud who screeches that Pips time is up because of his illness. Or is it?

Thus begins the kids journey into the night of all-hallows eve. Also their journey back in time to the Halloweens of days of old, uh, like ancient! Anyway, they all go back in time by way of giant sized kite w/circus animal posters and all the gang hang onto each other as a human kite-tail of sorts, my little Halloweenies. Mr. Moundshoud wants them to learn about the origins of Halloween as well as the meaning behind each of their costumes they've chosen to go trick or treating in. They first fly back to ancient Egypt to learn about one of the gangs costume of a Mummy , then invited to a all hallows eve feast, but before u can snap your fingers, Pip high-tails it outta 'Egyptian-dodge' to the next ancient town back in time to learn about his friend Jenny's costume that happens to be a Witch. There they are taught to ride Witches-brooms. and fly off the next ancient town on Moundshroud's Halloween-nite agenda, witch happens to be Notre Dame, being that one of the boys costumes is that of a Hunchback. There they run after PIP again to the unfinished Notre Dame 'caa-theed-drul' and are told by Mr. Moundshroud/Leonard Nimoy that because it is Halloween night still that w/Halloween-magic they can finish building the cathedral by making stones fly into place by running on top of the stones.

They do and of course Pip runs away again and is turned into a gargoyle-water fountain statue, complete w/stone jack-o-lantern in hand.

The kids fly to his rescue on Gargoyles and then he magically ends up in Ancient Mexico to learn about DITA's Favorite tradition; the DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL aka DIA DE LOS MUERTOS.
U see in Mexico and most Latin countries, day-of-the-dead is to honor the dead relatives who have passed over to the 'other-side' and to remember and honor them, even right down to the way they died.
Plus, you can place their favorite earthly-things that they passionately enjoyed while on earth, like their Favorite soft drink or favorite food, maybe like the traditional day-of-the -dead bread, sugar skulls w/their name on it or placing skeletons ,fully dressed , maybe riding a bike or playing cards. Whatever that person like to do while alive. DITA loves this holiday by the way and even has a future un edited show I filmed once years ago at my former residence; Hollywood Forever Cemetery to be brought out, edited and aired sometime in the future!

Back to this DITA-Fave film. The gang/kids learn all about the skeletons as one of them is of course dressed as one. Then Mr. Moundshroud leads them to the grave yard in Mexico to the catacombs where he tells them Pip in ensnared in cobwebs/ghost-goo against a deep-down tunnel lined w/scary skeletons that walk and move. He tells the kids they have to rescue Pip if he is to live. So as you may have guessed it, they have to run thru w/no fear thru the assembled army of scary skeletons that fall on them as they run to Pip, still stuck in the ghoul-goo against a catacomb wall. They do but for some reason, Mondshroud tells them, Pip still has to die from the operation cuz he needs his Soul. It is there the smart and wise beyond their years Kids bargain w/Moundshroud telling him, what if they each give a year off their lives to him so that Pip can live and grow up w/them into Adulthood. He thinks this is quite a bargain for himself/Moundshroud agrees w/evil glee.

But he is very surprised that each of them think so highly of Pip and love him being in their lives that they would give a full year off their lives to save a mere mortal. Don't cha' just love it? My little blood-bags.
DITA loves this film as it was one of the first books I ever read in grade-school and have been a RAY BRADBURY-Fan ever since! I also loved his old TV show from the 90's called; 'RAY BRADBURY THEATER' that used to air on the old USA-Network, which you take a look at by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/-aDWjygN17Q

DITA is proud to bring this film to your attention if you don't know about it already, as it is recently on DVD. Well my little ghouls- and goblin-ettes, Did you know MR. SPOCK, himself, which DITA once used a clip of in one of her shows which aired on the Internet back 2009, witch is the Late Leonard Nimoy in more animation, from Norway even, of his old classic sci-fi TV show; Star Trek.

Well I'm off, my little spider-bites to a sure to be fun Pre-Halloween-Party tonight in my neck of the dark all-hallows eve woods in west hollyweird, So DITA bids you ado, and don't do anything DITA wouldn't do! LOL, Hon!



Next week, DITA bring you more Halloween Fun-Size-Reviews!

Until then,

(Click here to see that exact Video; 'THE HALLOWEEN TREE MUSIC-VIDEO, by Soiuxie (Suzy) & The Banshees,'> https://youtu.be/0NWIkxiptJ8 )

Contact DITA at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM
As usual here are DITA-Suggested sites to web-surf at your leisure, Hon;
www.cinespia.org  (For Movies in the Infamous Hollywood Forever Cemetery, shown on the 'Mazz-o-liam'-wall.)
www.sixflags.com  (Check out their Fright-Fest this Merry Month of October, Hon!)
www.elvira.com  (See what the 'Queen Of Halloween' is up to this Halloween!)
www.lempmansion.com  (Check out their Annual Halloween-Bash and their infamous Haunted-Tours and Haunted-Caverns located in DITA's Hometown of St. Louis, Mo.)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Tune in to Dug Graves Horror-Radio Show Every Friday Night and his Upcoming Halloween-Show, Kids!)
www.facebook.com/MistyBrew  (Check out Fellow Missouri Horror Host; MISTY BREW and what she's up to this Spooky Halloween Season, my little Black & Orange Spider-Bites!)

P.S. Click here to see the New Trailer for the 'ADDAMS FAMILY'-Animated Movie in 3-D here> https://youtu.be/c95edsw17QE
Click here to see the Full Halloween-Special w/the Original Cast from 1977 here> https://youtu.be/jlw2CFiSCgc
Also Click here to see an Original Episode of; "THE ADDAMS FAMILY' TV Show called; 'Halloween Addams Style' here> https://youtu.be/qpF_XJzcN34


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