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Directed By; William Crane
Produced By;
What ever Productions
Starring; The Late -BERNIE CASEY. ,
1974 DVD

Greetings my 'little Funk-A-Delick Spider-Bites', DITA DIRT NAP welcoming you again to my 'Salute To 'BLACK HISTORY' with; 'DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE on DVD. This film is a fun, campy but sturdy ride and one of the better 'Blacksploitation Horror Films' to come out of the 70's that holds up, storyline and all. To get a snippet of what DITA's talking about, simply Click here> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw8QMxVYzAM

See what I mean? Fun stuff, kids!

Well , this film DITA must say is an entertaining film from beginning to end. The storyline is of course borrowed loosely from the Original 'DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE' Story witch DITA loves. In fact, this film borrows nicely from the Original all while borrowing from Urban 70's Dwellings of the City. In the end a great blend of old and new atmosphere of the time period of witch it came. The storyline starts out w/DR. Pride working on finding a serum that can repair damaged tissues from diseased livers. Hmmmm? To make a long Story shorter , the good Dr. played excellently by Actor; BERNIE CASEY
('GARGOYLES', ETC,) is seen testing out a new serum on a elderly patient, witch has had all the bugs worked out and the patient turns from black to white, attacks a nurse, then dies. Then the DR. begins to experiment on himself, and all hell breaks loose.

You see ,during the Dr.'s youth his Mother had a liver problem and keel over while at home in front of her son, witch affects his obsession w/finding a cure-serum in his future. He takes the serum and of course turns into Dr. Hyde , complete w/white skin and hair. He then goes on a murderous rampage of hookers and such. He also begins to date one his Prostitute patients who he has been treating for hepatitis, purposely to ask her to be his 'next' human 'g-in-nee' pig for the serum. As mentioned earlier DITA will again attempt to make a long story still shorter. After more car chases and hooker killings the Police and his Prostitute-Date get wise to him and begin to try and stop him w/force. They end up chasing him up the infamous 'WATTS TOWERS' towards the end, and have dramatic results that end this fun, funky film that holds up over time.

Now for DITA's 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST' as follows, hon;
* Scene in bar w/'Pretty Woman Type hooker' telling an annoying Pimp that she has to go call her Mutha-F_ _ _ _ _ in' Mamma! LOL! (Love that!)
* All killing scenes w/MR. HYDE kills mostly Hookers by throwing them or breaking their necks or worse.
* Scene where one Hooker gets chased thru an Alley and camera hysterically pans down to just her feet walking quicker and quicker. LOL!
* Scene where Patient/Hooker/Dr.'s Date runs away from Mr. Hyde dramatically while she keeps looking back.
* Bar scenes interior design from the 70's in each scene, especially the wall paper and great funky 70's Music playing in background Scenes.
* End chase scene with Dr. Hyde getting chased up the 'WATT'S TOWER' for a dramatic ending.

This film has some very touching scenes too like Dr. Black showing his Date where his Mom worked before she died and from what.

Now for the 'EXTRA'S on this New DVD-Disc;
+Original Trailer
+ Actor & Director Bios
+ New Interviews w/Stars of the Film.
+ Director's Commentary
+ Other Blaxsploitation Trailers

DITA loved this film cuz it's very campy but entertains through-out the run of this Groovy, fun film that DITA can't suggest enough to add to your Collection and gives it a Perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out of 3! To get yours 2-Nite just Click on the 'DVD-Icon'
next to DITA's Review.




Until Next week,
(To see Scenes from that DITA-Fave 70's TV Series Pilot of the same name and hear the 'Theme-Song', Click here Dear> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqtO-exNrFQ

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Produced By; Sam Arkoff
An ‘A.I.P.’ Film
Starring; William Marshall ( Dita’s Father-In-Law???), Elisha Cook Jr.,
Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicholas, etc.
1972 DVD

Hello my little ‘Bleeding Valentine's Day Hearts!' Tis I, your VALENTINE'S DAY- Horror/Cult Hostess, DITA DIRT NAP!

As we draw nearer to my favorite 'Sweet-Black Hearts' Holiday of the Year, I bring you; 'BLACULA! Why 'BLACULA' for the most romantic day of the Year? Cuz he a Gruesome Romantic himself, Hon! See for yourself, By Clicking on the Trailer of; 'BLACULA'> http://youtu.be/vN2a5zGmBPI )

Who knew when DITA wood view this groovy-movie that it wood be on the ‘Big-Screen’ here in Hollyweird at the ‘New Beverly Cinema’s ‘GRINDHOUSE FESTIVAL’ along with the Director ‘LIVE’ in person , MR. WILLIAM CRAIN, who not only did a great ‘Q. & A.’ before the film, but gave my Producer/Agent; Darell Erazo an Autograph and a quick chat afterwards! DITA also thanked him for making this Iconic-‘Blacksploitation Horror Flick’ and remembered that her hubby’s initials ‘B.J’. stand for ‘Blacula Jr.’! It wuz quite an exciting night at mine & ‘Renfield’s’ favorite Theater in L.A. as it wuz a ‘Blacksploitation-Horror Double Feature’ of not only ‘BLACULA’ but also ‘J.D.’S REVENGE’ ( Possession/Horror Flick) w/the lead Actors in tow as well! You Can’t ask for more than that, kids! Love it!!!

This excellent film wuz from a great 35 mm Print that looked crisp and clean as the DVD. The lights went down and the groovy 70’s Soundtrack started to play! By the way, kids the excellent Soundtrack for ‘BLACULA’ is available by clicking on the ‘CD-Icon’ next to my Review!!! (3 Skulls Rating, hon!) DITA highly suggests this Cool, funky Soundtrack for Fans of this Film like me!!! As I wuz saying, the groovy Soundtrack started to play over the very cool/funky opening credits of the film, and DITA enjoyed the groovy graphics along with the credits & music and wood like you to see them by clicking here; www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEBqJaQtCsY

Now as I munched down on my popcorn, hot dog and jumbo soda, the story unfolded about ‘BLACULA’s reason for coming with his Queen from Africa, as he is a Prince there to visit the infamous Dracula. Why, did visit him you may ask?

Interesting question my little ‘spider-bites’. Prince Manuwalde came to ask him to think about stopping the ‘slave trade’! Yikes!!! Count Dracula disagrees and then to add insult to injury, offers William Marshall’s character money to sleep with his wife and tells him he should be flattered! Can you say; ‘ASS-HOLE’? Hmmm? Who knew Dracula wuz a racist? Not cool!!! Any-who, he then curses the Prince to be a Vampire and dramatically shouts; you shall be, ‘BLACULA’!!! Then seals him in a coffin with his wife weeping on top of the coffin. Uh, he also takes it one step further, Dracula that is and seals them in their new tomb. What a jerk! His wife dies eventually of starvation and several eon’s of decades go by until two ( stereo- types of gay men,) men, an interracial gay couple buy the castle and everything in it……Including the coffin, with Blacula still in it! Needless to say; Blacula finally awakens & is hungry for blood. The Caucasian gay guy cuts his arm on the coffin while opening it, and as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose! And the ‘Blacula’ saga begins! DITA loved seeing this fun campy fright film even though some things in it are now totally un-p.c. years later! My Agent cringed at the gay-extreme stereo-types and wuz not amused at the constant use of the word ,uh, sounds like maggot. Which is understandable. Let me stop here my little ‘coffin-creepers’ to show you the very vintage/groovy Trailer of ‘BLACULA’ that DITA used in my ‘Lost-Halloween Pilot'.

Also this film is included in several Books including my favorite one called ‘CULT FLICKS AND TRASH PICS’ on Page # 42 , which you can still get by clicking on the ‘Book-Icon’ of it next to DITA’s Review From Amazon.com

Derek; ’The Vamperic-Announcer’ interrupts; ‘Happy Early 29 Year Anniversary to you and Your Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.',

DITA, as well as yalls Wedding back on 12/31/13! ! Also a 'HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY' 2 u both! Great movie by the way, Cuz!

DITA responds; Thanks , my Little Flying-fiend!

Back to my Review; I must say that that couldn’t have picked a better Actor to play Blacula than, Mr. William Marshall, who by the way wuz a Shakespearean-trained Actor and Singer! In fact he also played a priest in another Horror film I Reviewed before, that performs an exorcism on demonically possessed lead character In the film ‘ABBEY’! Too see that groovy Trailer picked by my Vampire Hubby; ’B.J.’ of ‘ABBEY’simply click here; https://youtu.be/aLX6BnmtWS4

WOW! That witch is crazy & evil! ‘Double Yikes!!’

Also you may recognize William Marshall from when he played the ‘King Of Cartoons’ back in the day on ‘PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE’!  Please check his other films at www.imdb.com  ( Just type in William Marshall.)

Now instead of telling you the whole story I will say that Mr. Marshall’s presence & ‘swagger’ in this lovable action-packed horror flick is unmatched by any other actor around today, in DITA’s humble opinion! He just embodied coolness in this role and is quite the lover boy with his love interest in the film! Perfect for Valentine's Day!!! Hubba-hubba! Wish I wuz her, Uh, I mean, I’m a big Fan of Mr. Marshall’s work and the Director ;William Crain who couldn’t of been nicer to me. He also Directed another DITA-Fave ‘DR JEKYLL & MR. BLACK’ which 'Mamma-DIRT NAP' has Reviewed . This film has some great action scenes as well and DITA found herself caring for his character & his love interest in the infamous ‘police-chase’ scene where one of them ………where one of them……..???

No way am I giving away this scene as DITA has never been ‘MSS. SPOILER-ALERT', uh, yet. So instead here are my ‘DITA’S ;’THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST’ as follows;

Scene where BLACULA first dramatically & slowly rises from his coffin to wake up very hungry in the 1970’s. ( Love it!)
* Scene where ‘Blacula’ is hit by a funny, bitchy, lady cab-driver, then has a snack! ( Very funny scene, included in the trailer.)
* Scene where Lady Cab –Driver comes back to life as a Vampire in the morgue and runs wildly in ‘slo-mo’ down the hall to bite Elisha Cook Jr.’s character of the Mortician!
* Scene where people are dancing very funky-manically 70’s style!!! (Groovy-baby!)
* Scene with police chasing ‘BLACULA’ and his future Bride’ in a underground setting. ( Lot’s of action. & drama, baby!
* End-scene w/’Blacula’ walking out and up stairs cuz he’s……..and his wants to ………cuz she…. ….well you get the picture, butt you have to get your own Copy of this film to find out……and to add to your ‘Vampire Greats’ DVD Collection!!!

You can do that by clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of ‘BLACULA’ next to Dear old’ DITA’s Review and just in time to watch on 'VALENTINE'S DAY' after coming home from your upcoming ‘VALENTINE'S DAY' Party!!!’ Also DITA & 'B.J.' once again Celebrate their now '29 Year Anniversary' on this Valentine's Day as well, as usual! 29 Years and Counting, my 'Little 'Spider-Bites!'

This film DITA really feels capture on film the feel and look of the ‘groovy’ early 70’s perfectly frozen in time on celluloid along with Blacula’s ultra-cool afro, long side-burns and Pimp-cool look of a Vampire in general!!! Dita can dig it, shugga!!!

'DITA’s willing to bet, Rapper ‘SNOOP-DOGG’ loves this ‘oh-so-cool’

Ultimate Vampire Horror Flick, which DITA considers the ‘Pimp-Daddy’ of most Vampire Flicks, uh other than Bela Lugosi’s ‘DRACULA’, which they showed 2 years ag0, in L.A. at New Beverly’s ‘GRINDHOUSE FILM FEST’ along with ‘BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’ ( Love that!!!) as the 2nd Feature.!!!

As for ‘EXTRA’S’ on this disc;
+ Only the groovy Theatrical Trailer! ( You can’t win them all, hon!)

DITA also heard lot’s of laughter during the Screening of this retro-fright flick at the right places of course and even heard one male movie goer’ say; ‘Damn, man, that’s gonna be my Halloween Costume this year!’ No foolin’! Everybody likes ‘BLACULA’!!! Why u may ask? Cuz he epitomizes cool-ness and swagger, silly!

Rest in piece, Mr. Marshall, your job is done! ‘KUDOS to the great cast & Director, Mr. William Crain!!! As DITA told him after the movie, ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS MOVIE!’ I, DITA DIRT NAP, give ‘BLACULA’

A perfect Score of 3 SKULLS Out Of A 3 SKULLS Score!!!

Next week, DITA brings you the Original; 'MY BLOODY VALENTINE! Also check out one of; 'RENFIELD'S' Favorite Blacksploitation Film on DVD called ‘BLACK DYNAMITE’!!! Dita HIGHLY Suggests this Fun-tastic 'Cult-Comedy!' See the Groovy Trailer by clicking here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96Y24a0cyCE

(Click here to see that great Movie Trailer of the Original Film from;1981, by Clicking here, my Little Black-Hearts> http://youtu.be/awd9HMVF8pQ  )



To see that Music Video from; MADONNA, Click here, Cupid> http://youtu.be/cItHOl5LRWg )

Contact me at;

p.s. DITA wanted to let u know this Movie's Beautiful Poster(11 x 17) is available too by Clicking on the 'Poster-Icon' next to Dear Old' DITA's Review tonight, Dear!





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Paramount Studios
Directed By; George Mihalka.
Starring; Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, George Mihalka, Neil Affleck.
1981-DVD Special-Edition (Out on DVD IN 2010.)
Running time; 91 Minutes

Greetings my little Bloody boxes of Chocolates! Tis I, your sweet S. & M. Horror/Cult Cupid-Temptress of Terror, DITA DIRT NAP. Well, Hon, it's that time of year again....'VALENTINES DAY!' Also it is once again w/great pride that DITA announces the 29 Year Anniversary of DITA & 'B.J.'s, scare-rific romantic-pairing. This is the time of the year for star-crossed lovers such as Frankenstein and his infamous Bride, Dracula and his Multiple-Brides, King Kong and Faye Wray to express their heart-felt sentiments for each other w/Black-Roses and maggot-infested, heart-shaped boxes of candy. Aaah, sweet blood-red love. That brings me to my 'Valentines-Day'-inspired horror-flick of the month, straight from the 80's.......'MY BLOODY VALENTINE-1981!' To see the Trailer of this 80's Cult-horror flick, simply Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/awd9HMVF8pQ

Acard left for a victim reads;' ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, ONE IS DEAD.....AND SO ARE YOU!!! (Insert 'evil-laughter' here!)

The movie takes place in a town aptly titled; VALENTINE'S-BLUFF'. 20 Years before, a miner or two is left behind to work while their Bosses go to the Employee's 'Valentine's Day Dance. Then there's a cave-in, while said Bosses are away Celebrating. The men are left trapped in the dangerous mine for days. One is finally found alive eating the arm of his Co-Worker to keep from dying of starvation, of course. Mmmmm, got milk? He is later declared insane and locked away for 20 years.

Flash forward 20 years to the new generation of the town's teenagers are once again preparing for the upcoming towns 'Valentine-Day-Dance. Before DITA forgets. the opening of this film involves a beautiful blonde and her miner-boyfriend getting ready to copulate , down in the mine.

Alas , murder steps in with a pick-axe through her 'heart-tattoo'. What a shame, a newly purchased bra ruined.

Before the new dance gets kicked-off, the Killer from 20 years ago decides to pay his Hometown a visit, by starting at the local Laundromat, all decorated for the upcoming holiday. As she exits to the back, the Killer quietly leaves a box of valentines chocolates on the counter. When she sees it and opens it, she discovers the afore mentioned card, looks up and discovers the Killer lunging at her.......Before you can say; dark-chocolate, she is stuffed in a dryer and her heart removed. Not to mention , her body stuck on 'spin-dry'. She is later discovered 'extra-dry' and without a cling-free fabric sheet included, by the Local-Sherriff. Oh My!

The Valentine's Dance is quickly called-off due the Killer's recent bloody rampage, that is just getting started , my little dust-covered candy-hearts.

Now as you know, DITA never likes to tell the whole story, so I will go right to my infamous 'Things-2-Look-4-List' as follows;

A. Scene w/girl being axed in the stomach.

B. Scene w/guy climbing ladder in the abandoned mine, as an escape-route, but falls to a grue-some end , by be-heading, my little chocolate covered 'spider-bites'.

C. Scene w/nail-gun killing, shot w/two nails directly into the skull and face.

D. Best death-scene, in DITA's humble-opinion where a girl meets her fate by being slammed on a shower-spigot. Later, she is discovered by her horny-boyfriend w/spigot shooting water out of her mouth. (Love it! Love it! Love it!)

E. Creepy-character named Happy getting his come-uppance while setting a 'spook-trap' for said teens, and is attacked by the real killer by pick-axe to the eye, then pick-axe thru the jaw, and dragged on the ground.

F. Etc., etc., etc. Don't want to reveal too much, babe.

Lady-Dirt Nap loves this 80's Slasher Holiday-Fright Flick first and foremost for the simple reason that it was Original, and done well....uh, the first time in 1981!

DITA must say that the last time I reviewed this fun fright flick was on VHS. My vhs-copy at the time was very murky, dirty and blurry.....NOT-fun! Flash forward to 2019, of this 'Special-Edition' DVD ,released in 2010 on DVD of the Original; 'MY BLOODY VALENTINE'; where the digital-transfer is most excellent, clear, crisp. As opposed to the inferior VHS copy I had. In fact the colors just pop off the screen , while I watched on our HD Smart TV this time, Hon!

Now on the 'Extra's' on this Special Edition DVD from 2010, DITA must say, there are 'Extra' O' Plenty, which I love and know this is how DITA wishes were how all DVD's should come equipped but the One that is sweet as chocolate is the one on the allows you to place in the 'alternate'-ending into the film as you watch it. Kind of like 'Magic-Editing 101', my little chocolate covered/heart-shaped spider-bites! DITA highly suggests watching this feature. Of course there is a Trailer included and other great Extras as well. In fact DITA highly suggests purchasing this Fan-friendly 2010 Special-Edition for your Special/Creep-tastic Valentine as a Valentines Gift this season as it is perfect for any 'heart-felt' Horror-Fan that shares your weird love! My Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.' , got it for me. along w/other 'love-aparatisis's' and I love it as I have always been intrigued by the storyline and the plain old-fashioned slasher flick appeal that is no longer included in today's Holiday-Horror, Hon! DITA loves this fright-flick from 1981 and will tell you it is one film that has held up nicely over the years and is actually, wait for it, wait for it............................................. G-O-O-D!

DITA lovingly gives this scary/romantic slasher love flick a perfect score of 3 Skulls Out of a 3 Skulls Score!!! To get yours for your Special-Someone, uh, whatever they are, Simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear old sweet black-heart DITA Review tonight as Valentines Day isn't until Feb. 14th, my little black-bouquet of roses and box of chocolate covered maggots! Aww, just think DITA and her special African-American Vampire-Hubby; B.J. aka my 'Blood-lovin' Valentine', will in 1 year be Celebrating their 30 Year Anniversary coming up quickly in 2020! So if we can make it and Celebrate on our aptly dated anniversary of Feb.14th every year, then so can you and your special someone. Ah, just remember to un-chain them more often. LOL! 'Strange-Love' is what we have again and again as we retain it, as one of our favorite 80's Groups; DEPECHE MODE', once sang!


So until next week , when I'm back with a great 70's 'Blacksploitation-Film', I wish you all a Happy/Bloody Valentines Day!

DITA ('Strange-Love') DIRT NAP

(To hear that great Big-80's Song ;'STRANGE LOVE', by the Now On-Tour Thru 2019 Group; 'DEPECHE MODE', Simply Click here, my little bloody-cupids> https://youtu.be/mkZ-kTdFtYo  )

Write DITA at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

P.S. A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY FIEND 'BILLY-RAY'S Daughter; 'D.J. CULTY-KYRA', with her great College Radio Show featuring 80's-Music called ;'CARELESS-MEMORIES' in Washington D.C. DITA says ;CONGRATS, Hon!

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