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'Cheerleader Camp'
Directed By; John Quin
Producer; Jeff Prettyman
'Bloody Pom Poms Productions'
Starring; Betsy Russell, LEIF GARRET,
Lucinda Dickey, Lorie Griffin, George Flower,
Teri Weigel, Rebecca Ferratti,e tc.
Anchor Bay DVD's
1988 DVD

The Tagline on Tonight's Feature cheers;
'GIVE ME A............. 'K'
GIVE ME A ............. 'I'
GIVE ME A ............. 'L'
GIVE ME A ............. 'L' !'

It spells KILL...uh, for those of you who didn't graduate from 'Horror High', silly!!!

Greetings once again, my 'Little Blood-Bags', Tis I, DITA (SHISH, BOOM-BAH) DIRT NAP, bringing you a Summer-Camp Fright Flick, since we're till in our 'Summer- Season'. My own Cheer for this Evening's Totally 80's Fright-Flick at the 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' in 'DITA's DEN'!

'GIVE ME A ........D! 'GIVE ME AN ........I & a 'T' & 'A'! What's that spell???

'DEREK';' The Vamperic-Announcer' interrupts with; 'WHORE!!!" 'Go-o-o-o-o-o Team!

DITA responds; 'Very funny Derek. It spells; DITA! Now 'POOF', be gone!'

A-n-y who, tonight's 'Feature,' perfect for the 'Drive-In' is the 1988 Horror-Comedy Spoof, shall I say entitled; 'BLOODY POM POMS'! Witch is what it wuz originally called before they later changed it to 'Cheerleader Camp'. Don't believe me, then just take a look at the Original Trailer on the Drive-In Screen by Clicking here, kids; https://youtu.be/W12BYOidmDs

See what I mean?  Now this film is definitely a 'Guilty-Please' with a Capitol; 'G'!!!  In fact, if the 80's could stick it's finger down it's throat and make itself barf.......................this film wood be the first thing Up-chucked! LOL!

DITA just loves little 80's Horror Films like this one, back in my teenage years found and Rented w/glee w/my kid-brother, Danny DIRT NAP & I, at our local 'Hardware/Bait & Tackle/Grocery/Feed/Video Store' down the road a piece, from our Haunted House built on old Indian-Burial Graves and just a hop, skip and a scream from my back-then teen neighbor, who grew up to be the infamous Cult-Host; 'The Dil-doe Lady',
who lived near a 'Devil-Worship' Altar, no foolin'!!!  Ah, the good ole' days!

As DITA wuz trying to say before my 'A.D.D' , off-track moment, that this film is best viewed either at a Drive-In or at a Party with plenty of buttery popcorn w/Dragon-fly Sprinkles and some of our hot, gooey, gooey, cheesy Pizza, straight from our Snack-Bar, here at my 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' which follows the six feet apart rule while in line and masks on, Hon! MMMMmmmmmmm, is your mouth watering yet? Don't worry, if it's not, it will be after Clicking here, babe; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky0RnAx0pYI

Oh before DITA gets started on the Storyline, I wanted to let you know again that their's a Cool-movie Poster for this film available now on Amazon. COM , just by Clicking on the 'POSTER-Icon' of 'Cheerleader Camp' aka 'BLOODY POM POMS' to the left of DITA's Review! And 'NO', that's not me on the Poster in a Cheerleading Uniform w/under-boob-age hanging out! LMOL!





Also as well, this Film is Reviewed in 'Mamma-DIRT NAP's' favorite Book; 'CULT FLICKS AND TRASH PICS', on Page;66, which is always available on Amazon. COM by Clicking on the 'Book-Icon' of it again the left of my Review, Dear!




The storyline is actually not much and is summed up almost completely in the Trailer of 'BLOODY POM POMS', but DITA will give a quick, run-down for you as you are a 'LUCKY-BITCH'!  Mostly stereo-typed Cheerleaders go to Camp to learn 'RAH-RAH 101' and to have fun & games.  Along w/some overly horny Boys, the Phat-Guy, The Hot guy ( played to perfection by Teen Disco Singing Sensation', LEIF GARRETT! 'W-H-O you may ask??? Uh, he wuz before your time Dear, but Oh, does DITA remember those, ;'oh-so-tight' Disco pants he usually wore when Singing his big dance-hit entitled; 'I WAS MADE FOR DANCING'! ( Too see 'THOSE' pants and LEIF, singing and squirm/dancing to that Song, Simply Click here ghouls; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GVugJj7BUs&feature=youtu.be

Wuz that DITA-Fave Suzanne Sommers Hosting that Music Video?  L-o-v-e her in the Horror TV Movie; (See that Trailer by Clicking here from 1977.....Note Mizz Sommers is not in this Trailer but has a cool 'bed-scene' w/the 'ANTS'! ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMosqx9Sr9k  )

To continue, Cheerleaders start being Murdered, and the cheezy-fun begins!

This film is packed w/everything 80's, including; bad very 80's Hair styles, bad 80's Clothes, and the worst 80's Background Music DITA's ever had to endure including 'The Boys', afore mentioned performing possibly the worst Rap-Song ever put on film/soundtrack in a Horror-Film, uh, or otherwise!  Don't get me wrong kids, DITA's saying these are good things, if you know my taste in Films like this! DITA gives kudos to this film for trying to be a hy-bred sort of in the vein of 'Friday The 13th' Meets 'Porky's', which DITA likes and so might 'RENFIELD'.  Whether it succeeds or not is a matter of opinion. DITA says it does succeed if you look at it as a lower budget version of 'PORKY'S' MEETS 'FRIDAY THE 13TH'........................if say someone like 'MONOGRAM PICTURES' cranked this out, back in the day.

DITA will say it has almost every horror movie 'klee-shay' thru out the run of the film. Which by the way, would make a great 'Drinking-Game' at a Party-Viewing of this fright-flick. You know where everyone at your Party wood take a drink whenever a Horror-Movie 'Qlee-Shay' appeared on screen in the film! WOW, you'd have to turn it into a 'Slumber-Party' cuz after the movie ended, all your guests wood be too drunk to drive home! Catch my drift, my little 'Coffin-Creepers'?

Let's see, theirs one horny guy who tapes everything, including the Camp Counselors 'doing-the-nasty', and later showing it to all the Campers at a Party w/the Counselors in attendance. There's a bitchy girl who gets killed first after flaunting her boobies, a full moon out of a van-window at the start of the film, a 'Miss Camp-Hurah Queen' Contest, surprised we don't have that here in West Hollyweird, thinks DITA!  There's the jealous Girlfriend (guess who plays 'her' boyfriend?), the smart sensible girl that plays the Team Mascot (a Crocodile) that befriends the 'Pretty-Girl' who keeps having weird, bad dreams about slashing people to death with her..........'bloody pom poms' & more, then there's the Bitchy 'Cheerleading-Counselor' who treats everyone like pions & dog-doo! Any-who, who is the Killer???

Is it the Creepy Camp Cook or equally creepy janitor/handyman or is it the Hunk with a jealous girlfriend, or is it someone trying to set someone up????????? DITA says 10 to 1, it's that clepto-maniac, picnic basket stealing old bear and his 'domestic-partner'; Boo-Boo; allegedly??? Hmmmmmm??? As you all know by now, DITA usually never likes to reveal the ending or the Killer in the Story , so instead I'll just give you my 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST' about the various way-cool, killing scenes, as follows;

* Scene with first killing made to look like a suicide of wrist-slitting. (Later this dead body is found in the Meat Locker Freezer , and falls to the floor almost on top of another Cheerleading chick.)
* Murder scene with girl walking thru woods, then gets it with a hedge-trimmer thru the back of the head and out the mouth! (Very creative, well-done make-up job done here! Kudos!)
* Murder Scene w/Bitchy Cheerleading 'Camp-Counselor' stumbling drunk thru the dark woods, then gets a hatchet to the back,uh, butt still manages to walk/drag herself into camp shed and up to one of the Camper-Girls before dying dramatic-ly on the floor! ( Love her performance!)
* Any scenes w/gore/horror princess; BETSY RUSSELL!
* Murder Scene of Phat/Horny Video Camera Buff, filming himself by accident getting his gut slashed out, right after he drained his lizard!
* Scene w/another Cheer-girl being killed in the dark woods by arrow to the back! (Bulls eye, hon!)
* This ones not a Murder scene but funny of all Mascots having a 'Dance-Off'.

Now for the 'EXTRA'S' on this great DVD from 'Anchor Bay' as follows;

+ Commentary Track with Director; JOHN QUINN & Producer; JEFF PRETTYMAN. ( A Fun, Must-Hear!)
+Alternate Title Sequence (Check it out! It proves my point.)
+Trailers; witch include 'BLOODY POM POMS' Trailer #1 & #2 and 3 for 'Cheerleader Camp'.
+ Poster & Production Photos. ( Misleading about Poster photos. DITA didn't see one Poster. I'm just sayin'.)
+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos. (Interesting to look at.)

All in all , like DITA tried to convey earlier, that this Movie has 'guilty-pleasure' horror-comedy somewhat' written all over it, and that what I loved about watching again, this time on DVD, wuz that I could just turn my zombie-fied brain off for a while and DITA suggests you do the same when viewing this 'Big-80's' Fright-Film, although I did quite enjoy the 'gore-factor' in this one, albeit a self-professed 'horror spoof' of sorts.

DITA enjoyed this time-machine horror-film ride back-2-the 80's, with 'BLOODY POM POMS' and gives it 2 1/2 SKULLS Out of a 3 SKULLS Score.

So get to Clicking on that 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear Old' DITA's Review now to get your Vintage-Copy for your very Own Horror Collection that's 'totally-tubular'!!!


Last butt not least, Please follow these simple rules when leaving the 'Drive-In' here tonight in the 'DEN', by Clicking on your Computer/Drive-In Screen' here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TwM4aRGsP4  )

Until Next Week,
'Surgical-Mask KISSES',
(Too see that Big 80's 'Cheerleader-Inspired' Music Video Remix of 'HEY MICKEY' by; TONI BASIL, Just Click here; https://youtu.be/jaY5NIKXBhY  )

Contact me;

p.s. DITA wants you to know that tonight's movie; 'CHEERLEADER CAMP' AKA 'BLOODY POM-POMS' is available on Amazon. COM 11 x19 by Clicking on the 'Poster-Icon' of it next to DITA's Review!

DITA almost forgot on the Scenes to look for list, just one more;
* Scene where Teens try to stop Murderer, who they think is coming in the door after them by pre-rigging a 'Booby-Trap' to it. He enters, it goes off shooting off a steel bear-trap right on the wrong guys face, leaving him dead, bloodied and almost unrecognizable. Case of 'Mistaken-Identity', perhaps???

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THIS REVIEW DEAD-ICATED TO DITA's Soul-Sista; 'CHAILLE-BABY' in GA. Who agrees w/me about the Name of my Future BIO-Book Title to be called; 'DITA DIRT NAP-'THAT CAN'T BE GOOD.........................IT IS IF U SPREAD-UM!' ('Bottoms-Up, Chaille!!!') & to all DITA's Friends on Face-Book in St. Louis, MO, etc.


 Directed By; Jeffrey Bloom
 Starring; The Infamous; JOHN SAXON,
 Marianna Hill, David Huffman, etc.
 1981 DVD

Hi Kids, it’s me again, your Horror/Cult Beach-Babe; DITA DIRT NAP!  Back in the Hot dog-days of Summer, especially here in Hollyweird, where 'temps' are in the Double-Digits here entering August, Hon!   Bringing you one last Beach-Themed Horror-Flick called; ’BLOOD BEACH’ from 1981 and Starring the Man who’s being almost everything thru the years; JOHN SAXON!  DITA is doing this Review as a Tribute to the Late, Great Actor; 'JOHN SAXON'.

He was in almost everything to 'ENTER THE DRAGON' to The "NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET '-Films as well as my Friend; RENFIELD's Favorite Flick; 'BLACK CHRISTMAS w/Margot Kidder and everything in between, Hon! He will be missed!  "Happy-Existence' on the 'Other-Side', Dear John and thanks for sharing your talents in so many movies and TV shows, especially cop and detective shows!

Click here to see a JOHN SAXON Tribute Video: https://youtu.be/B6GXoZ_fq2I

Now mind you, DITA, Is letting you know ahead of time that this so bad its funny fright flick falls into the ‘the guilty-pleasure’ category for most people of the beach/horror genre of this so bad its good or at least entertaining w/Mota, fright flick! LOL, but true!  That being said, lets start w/the premise which is that a unknown mostly unseen Monster starts terrorizing said Blood-Beach by sneaking up on people and making them somewhat quickly ‘yank and pull’ its victims thru a hole it makes in the sand and eats them below the surface.

Let’s see it’s victims include, lady w/wardrobe-malfunction on one boob, a poor helpless pooch, some teen beach-goer’s, more ladies, and old lady, some 'schlubby'-men and I believe a Detective (Played well by JOHN SAXON. He had been born to play Cops and/or Detectives), who’s investigating the murders/lunch-snacks.  He gets eaten while interviewing the main eye-witness , an old bag-lady w/grocery cart.

There's some 'hub-bub' at a Beach-meeting about putting more man-power into the ongoing investigation, in which Sexy Lead Detective; JOHN SAXON tells her basically that they and she needs to cough up the dough to do just that.  Later she and the rest do fork-over the money needed.

They warn the mostly teen beach-goers to stay off the sandy bloody beaches, kind of like our millennials during our Covid-crisis, but do you think the listen???  Of course not , therefore more victims continue to disappear thru the sands like an hourglass .  Of course some regular folk decide to go underground w/their unofficial investigation into an abandon underground dwelling under a boardwalk building/something or ‘nuther’, and wah-lah, they find not only the unseen hungry beach-monster but also other kin-folk of hers, and her newly laid beach-monster eggs! Yikes, and its no where even close to Easter, my little sun-burned spider-bites!

Before DITA forgets, here is the fun/silly culty Trailer for Blood-Beach here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPg-PS8E-4Q&feature=youtu.be

Now , where was I? Oh, yes, after stumbling upon the Monsters Lair underground someone decides to go rogue, without the 'poe-poe' or any Detectives in the finale, blows-up the nest, of course and then its time for the wait till the credits role final-final scene where you see the sand moving around by some newly returned beach-bums/people, and then it…………..???


As I have mentioned many times before, DITA never likes to tell the very, very end of the story!  Guess they were just possibly setting it up for a return to blood beach? Hmmm?

Guess my little Bloody-boils & ghoul-lettes will simply have to Click on the DVD-Icon’ , next to dear old DITA’s Review to get your own Cult-Beach Horror Copy tonite, Dear! One more last thing, kids. The Monsters are shown briefly underground and in some spots in the film, kind of remind this Bone-Bitch of the Aliens foes of Si-'gore'-ney Weaver or possible the evil munster in Pumpkin-Head a bit!

Any-who, DITA gives this Culty, watchable fright-flick 2 Skulls OUT OF 3. 3 being my highest rating, Babe!

JOHN SAXON, Rest-In-Peace!

So as you-all get in your last month of 'Volly-Boo-Ball' at the Beach as Summer slowly comes to a close at the beginning of Septembers 'labor-day' next month, hurry up and romp-around showing off your Beach-Bods on zoom cuz most beaches are closed, Mrs. Blacula-Jr. says 'Taa-Tah' for this week, Hon!

Until next week, DITA wishes you all  ‘Surgical Mask-Kisses'

‘DITA (‘Summer-Of-Love’) DIRT NAP

(Click here to Listen to that exact Song from the Big-80’S Group and DITA-Fave; ‘THE B-52’s called, what else; ’SUMMER OF LOVE’:  https://youtu.be/guTY5Hu3vnk )

P.S. As usual, Please check out these DITA-Suggested sites as follows;
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to DUG GRAVES RADIO HORROR SHOW Every Friday Night, Kids!)

THIS REVIEW Dedicated To The Late, Great; JOHN SAXON!!! XOXO!


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