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Starring; Alice Lyon, John Scott, Allen Laurel,
Eulabelle Moore, Marilyn Clark & Agustin Mayer
Rainbow Film Holdings, LLC
Dark Sky Films DVD's-1964 (www.darkskyfilms.com) & Streaming on 'Amazon-Prime'.
+Del Tenney Double Feature+
'The Curse Of The Living Corpse' 1963
Directed, Written & Produced By; Del Tenney
Starring; (A Very Young;) ROY SCHEIDER,
Helen Warren, Margot Hartman, Robert Milli,
Hugh Franklin & Candace Hilligoss
Rainbow Film Holdings, LLC. & Dark Sky Films * Also Streaming on 'Amazon-Prime'.
(Notice; 'CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE', DITA does a 'Mini' Review on as it is not my 'Theme' Focus.)

'Hello Again!'
Your Mistress of Monsters, 'SUMMER'-Horror Flicks and all things that go bump in the night!!!' Any-Boo, now DITA goes 'Back to the beach' for yet again with my Review of; 'THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH' for some sizzling 'Summer' Fright-Flick fun!!!

Derek; The Vampiric Announcer asks; 'Oooooh, should I bring my Beach Ball?'
DITA answers; 'Yes, BOTH of them! Uh, did I say that 'OUT' loud??? LOL!

Anyway, I just love Cheesy-Beach MONSTER Flicks shown like the ones shown eons ago at the Drive-In! The cheesier, the better! DITA also promises to bring you more of them as they land, digitally remastered on DVD!!! Now as I squeeze into my 'Black-Widow' 'Spider-Bite' Bathing Suit', and tie on it's 'Halloween-orange' swimming-suit 'wrap', complete with 'hand-cuff belt'. I slather myself with 'SUN-SCREAM', grab my little black sun glasses and the latest 'STEPHEN KING' Novel,. I hop in our car and head out to our 'Beach-House', in 'MALI-BOO', of course, to lay out by our 'Haunted-Pool Of Horror' tonight to catch some moon-light, since DITA's with a Vampire. 'B.J.' just abhors the sun, you know! LOL!

As I settle in my chase-lounge chair by the fog-covered pool-side, my sun glasses shoved tightly into my skull 'eye-sockets' and lifting my black-lace veil. DITA flips on the old' time movie projector, carefully shining it into the reflection of the 'Haunted Pool' as a make-shift 'DRIVE-IN' Screen. Watching the credits float eer-rily on top of the green-lit water, DITA grabs her big bowl of 'jiffy-pop', places her Vicious Chi-Waa-waa/Pug Mix Pup; 'Chilling-China' on her lap and begins to watch this week's 'Drive-In Favorite', 'THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH'!!!  Click Here to see the Trailer of ;'THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH' > http://youtu.be/tOS31j9dtoA 

This 'Beach-Monster' fright-flick is from infamous 'Cult-Schlockmeister' Director DEL TENNEY! This film is also considered by some, to be the first 'Horror/Monster Musical!'
It features music by 'THE DEL-AIRES' and one of DITA's favorite ditties, called 'THE ZOMBIE STOMP'! 'Love it!!! Download it, to your water-proof 'I-pod' tonight, my little Spider Bites!!!

This 'Del Tenney Double Feature' DVD also includes the 'UNCUT' Schlock Version of 'T.H.O.P.B." instead of the 'sliced-up' TV Version, which in DITA's humble opinion, is a major PLUS for fans of 'Schlock', such as myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other EXTRA's on this disc are as follows;
*An Extra 'Del Tenney' Horror Film Feature; 'THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE' w/the late Roy Scheider ('JAWS") & Candace Hilligoss ('CARNIVAL OF SOULS'),(Very Cool Film!)

Here is the Mini-Review by DITA as it is not my main-focus at the moment, Hon; The Story in a nutshell is about a family in 1892 New England, whose family patriarch Rufus Sinclair, a well known 'control-freak', passes away, expecting his family to follow the rules of his last will and testament to a T.! If they don't, he promises to come back from the dead and kill each one of them individually, from whatever they fear most! Is he really dead...............or alive??? Watch, to find out!!!

Great performance by a young Roy Scheider! DITA just wasn't pleased with the ending. Still, definitely worth a look!!! Watch for the cool scene with severed head literally on a platter!!!
Maybe DITA will try that dish at her next 'Summer B-B-Q'!!! 'LOL!'
(A Special Shout 'OUT' btw to sum of DITA's friends by the way, in the 'Show-Me' State, CHANDRA & DOUG DRINKARD (aka Dougie-Fresh),,Steph Salveter, DEB HONAKER (who moved to another state), CINDY & CO. and in the 'South', my old buddy & a long time 'THE CULT'- Fan, 'Billy-Ray' & his Love-ly Wife; 'LISA-LAMOUR!' 'Hi All!')

'Extra's Included as follows;
*Audio Commentary; from, 'T.C.O.T.L.C.' w/Del Tenney. ( Very informative, DITA says, 'worth a listen'!)
* Photo Gallery; from both Films, including cool 'vintage' movie poster art! ( DITA loves it when original movie poster art is included!) ( DITA is more partial to the schlocky-cool trailer from 'Horror Of Party Beach' and will be using it on her show in the future.)
* Interview With DEL TENNEY. (Loved it, Del retains his youthful candor throughout!)
*Audio Commentary; from, 'T.H.O.P.B.' (This is the kind of stuff fans like DITA love to listen to!)

'The Horror Of Party Beach' which of course DITA will be showing on her Show, 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' in the future as its supposed to be Public Domain. The film starts out with a 'DRAG-Race', 'Not' on 'LOGO.' LOL, Rupaul! ( www.logotv.com ) (DITA doesn't know anyone who does 'drag' or do I ?) with Bikers' and 'Hot-Rodders' that of course, end up at the afore mentioned 'PARTY BEACH'! Where did you think? A nude beach, perhaps? Hardly, my little 'Coffin-Creepers'. That would change the 'Rating' altogether, hon!

Next, as the plot 'wood' have it, a barrel of radio-active waste is dumped from a passing ship and splits open on a jagged rock at the bottom of the ocean, covering a human skull with 'black-ooze' that quickly creates a 'monster-man-zombie-giant-cat-fish-thingy' with large eyes and a even larger opened mouth filled with........................'HOT-DOGS'!!!  See 'that' 'DRIVE-IN' Ad here, Babe> https://youtu.be/JUhwTZ9XHfw )

Uh, I guess the teens from 'rock-n-roll party beach' had a giant 'WEENIE' Roast!!! 'Aaaah, DITA said 'weenie'!' 'WHAT???"  Everybody likes a good, uh, 'weenie'-Roast!' Right, Derek?

Uh, Derek? Hello? Okay? ' Um, maybe he went to 'JOIN' those crazy kids at the 'weenie' roast???' Hope he brought his own stick?

Any-who, the silly/cheesy looking Monster makes his first and most memorable attack in the movie on the 'bad-girl' of the beach who already flirted with danger by playing the 'sex-me-up' dance on the Beach with one of the lead biker 'bad-boys' before swimming out to group of rocks after a fight breaks out between the beach-guys & the 'bikers' over said 'bad-girl'. As the 'weenie-roast' Monster climbs the rocks and slowly approaches, they play some 'fun-cheesy-monster-attack music'!!! The music played during this scene, sounds like either a broken fog-horn or a tuba, jammed with..............weenies!  Okay, okay, I know, enough with the weenie-jokes! But DITA likes hers with lots of mustard! O-k-a-y, I'll stop!

The Monster then attacks her and sucks all her blood out. Camera shot of girl's leg dangling off of rocks into the water with blood/ketchup running down it! End scene! When her 'ketchup-covered-corpse', uh, oh, I mean blood-covered corpse reaches the beach, it sends the patrons of 'party beach' into hysterics and mayhem and....................... campy multiple killings ensue throughout the rest of the film!! Some of the killings take place at an 'all-girl' slumber party, complete with wild 60's dance moves and strategically announced records being played while the girls toss out, pre-meditated lines like; 'Hey Suzie, what's this one called???  Jaynie; 'I don't know, who ever is on this 'groovy' movie Soundtrack, silly!'  Wink, wink, to the record buying audience back then, thinks DITA!!!

The Monster now has multiply-ed for some strange reason..............and as the 'beach girls' say, they 'SMELL!!!' Eeeeeeew! 'Something smells like rotting fish, Peggy-Sue?
Yeah!  Something smells all-right, girls.  Maybe it's your acting and this movie?

Girls; 'What-e-v-e-r, DITA?'
DITA; Just kidding girls!

A-n-y who, groovy chicks get killed left & right, always with the fun/cheesy 'When-walking-stinky-fish-sticks Attack' music 'Cues' before every kill, until they figure out a way to out-smart the 'monster-zombies' as people refer to them in the film! Too much fun for this Glamour-ghoul, kiddies! Also watch for Director; Del Tenney's very way 'cool-ahead-of-their-time-artsy-close-up-shots' in the beginning of the film of car radios, car wheels, hub caps spinning, close-ups, etc.  These shots remind DITA of similar shots used in the 'cult' films of the late great Director and favorite of DITA's, Mr. RUSS MEYER!

DITA loves a good ole' Monster Film with bad acting, dated soundtracks and cool cheap-ass Monster Suits and last but not least a very high, all important 'CAMP' factor!!! Del Tenney's 'THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH' has it all! Oh, and uh..........'giant weenies'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't resist kids!

DITA gives this 'Del Tenney Double Feature' DVD, 3 Skulls Out of 3 for 'The Horror Of Party Beach' just cuz I like 'schlock & roll' horror flicks with a fun, camp-factor! Where else would you find a gem of a song like 'ZOMBIE-STOMP', I ask you?

For 'The Curse Of The Living Corpse' DITA gives it 2 1/2 Skulls Out Of 3. I took off for the ending that left this 'Bone-Bitch' Reviewer scratching her head, uh, um, I mean wig! 'Let's go 'WEB-SURFIN' now, everybody's learnin' how, come on and go 'web-surfin' with me in 'DITA's-DEN!'



As I dry off with my 'beach-towel' and put away my old' time movie projector until next week, I give you 'Vaccinated with a Booster 'CHAINSAW-KISSES!'

DITA ('Zombie-Stomp') DIRT NAP
(Click Here to see that Video of; 'ZOMBIE STOMP' > https://youtu.be/x4ReD0kKJUM )

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This Review Dedicated to DITA & Hubby


Directed By; Jeffrey Bloom
Starring; The Infamous; JOHN SAXON,
Marianna Hill, David Huffman, etc.
1981 DVD &Streaming on 'AMAZON-PRIME

Hi Kids, it’s me again, your Horror/Cult Beach-Babe; DITA DIRT NAP! Back in the Hot dog-days of Summer,, especially here in Hollyweird, bringing you another Beach-Themed Horror-Flick called; ’BLOOD BEACH’ from 1981. It stars the Man who’s being almost everything thru the years; JOHN SAXON!
He was in almost everything to 'ENTER THE DRAGON' to of The "NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Films as well as my Friend; RENFIELD's Favorite Flick; 'BLACK CHRISTMAS w/Margot Kidder and everything in between, Hon!  He is missed! "Happy-Existence' on the 'Other-Side', Dear John and thanks for sharing your talents in so many movies and TV shows, especially cop and detective shows! Click here to see a JOHN SAXON Tribute Video> https://youtu.be/tqx4ZFKbz1k

Now mind you, DITA, Is letting you know ahead of time that this so bad its funny fright flick falls into the ‘the guilty-pleasure’ category for most people of the beach/horror genre of this so bad its good or at least entertaining w/Mota, fright flick!  LOL, but true!

That being said, lets start w/the premise which is that a unknown mostly unseen Monster starts terrorizing said Blood-Beach by sneaking up on people and making them somewhat quickly ‘yank and pull’ its victims thru a hole it makes in the sand and eats them below the surface. Let’s see it’s victims include, lady w/wardrobe-malfunction on one boob, a poor helpless pooch, some teen beach-goer’s, more ladies, and old lady, some 'schlubby'-men and I believe a Detective, Played well by JON SAXON. He had been born to play Cops and/or Detectives), who’s investigating the murders/lunch-snacks. He gets eaten while interviewing the main eye-witness , an old bag-lady w/grocery cart.  There's some 'hub-bub' at a Beach-meeting about putting more man-power into the ongoing investigation, in which Sexy Lead Detective; JOHN SAXON tells her basically that they and she needs to cough up the dough to do just that.  Later she and the rest do fork-over the money needed.

They warn the mostly teen beach-goers to stay off the sandy bloody beaches, kind of like our millennials during our covid-crisis, but do you think the listen??? Of course not , therefore more victims continue to disappear thru the sands like an hourglass .  Of course some regular folk decide to go underground w/their unofficial investigation into an abandon underground dwelling under a boardwalk building/something or ‘nuther’, and wah-lah, they find not only the unseen hungry beach-monster but also other kin-folk of hers, and her newly laid beach-monster eggs!  Yikes, and its no where even close to Easter, my little sun-burned spider-bites!

Before DITA forgets, here is the fun/silly culty Trailer for Blood-Beach here> https://youtu.be/LaKYBzvScUc

Now , where was I? Oh, yes, after stumbling upon the Monsters Lair underground someone decides to go rogue, without the 'poe-poe' or any Detectives in the finale, blows-up the nest, of course and then its time for the wait till the credits role final-final scene where you see the sand moving around by some newly returned beach-bums/people, and then it…………..???
W-H-A-T?  As I have mentioned many times before, DITA never likes to tell the very, very end of the story!  Guess they were just possibly setting it up for a return to blood beach? Hmmm?

Guess my little Bloody-boils & ghoul-lettes will simply have to Click on the DVD-Icon’, next to dear old DITA’s Review to get your own Cult-Beach Horror Copy tonite or Stream it on 'Amazon-Prime'. One more last thing, kids.  The Monsters are shown briefly underground and in some spots in the film, kind of remind this 'Bone-Bitch' of the Aliens foes of Si-'gore'-ney Weaver or possibly the evil munster in Pumpkin-Head a bit!




Any-who, DITA gives this Culty, watchable fright-flick 2 Skulls OUT OF 3. 3 being my highest rating, Babe!
JOHN SAXON, Rest-In-Peace!

Until Next Week,
Vaccinate with a 'Boo'-ster', Chainsaw-Kisses,


(Click here to Listen to that exact Song from 'DITA-Fave'; BILLY IDOL ,perfect for the Summer-Heat; 'HOT IN THE CITY' > https://youtu.be/PinBVYKQGeM  )

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THIS REVIEW Dedicated To The Late, Great; JOHN SAXON!!! XOXO!


Directed By; Jon Hall
Produced By; Edward Janis
Starring; JON HALL, SUE CASEY, Kingsley-The Lion, etc.
Music By; Frank Sinatra Jr., etc.
Wade Williams Collection
Image Entertainment
DVD 1965 & Streaming on Amazon-Prime & 'Tubi-TV'

Hi Kids! It's me again, your 'Horror/Cult Surfer-Chick/Beach Babe', DITA DIRT NAP! This Weekend's 'SUMMER-REVIEW' is one of DITA's Faves called; 'THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTERS'!!!  So grab your 'SUN-SCREAM', your hip-est sun shades and the nearest 'Blood Beach'- Ball. While this 'BONE-BITCH IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI' grabs her surf board & 'water-proof', I-pod, take a 'Hysterical' look at DITA's Review-Movie from last Summer called; 'The Horror Of Party Beach' MONTAGE from 'M.S.T.K.' by clicking here, hon; www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKo6jV7kNNk

L-o-v-e it!!! Good thing that my 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN's not that far from this Beach, my 'Little Seagull-droppings'.

'Derek; 'The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts'; 'Which Beach is that, may I ask?'

'DITA' Responds; 'The one where 'THERE'S A MONSTER IN THE SURF', silly!!!' (A actual Song title in the Movie that DITA has on her 'water-proof' I-pod 'Play List', no foolin'!')

Let me start this Review of  'THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER' with how it's listed in my favorite Book, 'CULT FLICKS AND TRASH PICS', still available on Amazon.com that describes this fun 'horror-beach romp' flick;(loosely transcribed);

The DVD 'Tag-Line' reads; 'SURFER CHICKS AND SLIMY CHILLS!' To view exactly that, Click here for the 'Ultra-Campy' Trailer of 'T.B.G.A.T.M.'; https://youtu.be/8sARpmhkK80
See what I mean, Hon? 'Don't cha' just love it?' This 'horror/beach flick' has everything DITA loves, bad over-acting, bad songs, except for 'Monster In The Surf' bizarre manic beach dancing, badly performed death scenes, weird/strange close-ups, fun/cheesy monster suit and cool 'MONDO-Camera work!!!  Kudos to the Director JON HALL, for that!

Now for the fun/campy/culty Storyline; Oh, did I mention there's also lot's of 'heavy-petting' and making-out between these crazy-kids? wildly gyrating teens inhabit beach. Scary/cheesy Monster starts teenage 'claw-killings' on said beach. Teens get scared but still inhabit said beach. Hmmm? Police start investigating. (Where's 'Kelton-The-Cop' when you need him?) 'Monster-In-The-Surf' continues 'claw-killing' rampage. 'UH-DUH!!!' Sexy-'M.I.L.F.-y' Step-Mother gives Step-son hard time cuz she's shallow & has no shame. Bitchy Step-Mom gets 'come-uppance', but how? Hmmmm??? Murdering-Monster gets found out and gets quickly involved in police-car chase, YES, DITA said 'car-chase'. (Who knew they let 'Beach-Monsters' take the Written Driver's Test at the 'D.M.V.'???)

The rest of this 'BLEACH BLANKET BLOOD BATH' (An obscure Unfinished 'ED WOOD' Movie reference for ya'.) you'll have to view for yourself babe, by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear old' DITA's Review.

Before you do that here are 'DITA's Things-2-Look-4' List ' in this cool/campy, beach fright flick;
*Any and all dancing Scenes. Best described as 'mondo-manic' & culty/fun!  (Note; The famous 'at-the-time' 'WATUSI DANCING GIRLS' From L.A.'s 'WHISKEY A-GO-GO' are featured in the film. You know the place on the 'Sunset Strip' where I wuz murdered in my former life as 'Dancer/Street-Walker', 'ROX-ANNE REDLIGHT'! Just a bit of DITA Bio' Trivia, kids.)
* Any Murdering, Beach-Monster Scenes! Hilarious, but not meant to be! ('2-DIE-4' thinks DITA.)
*Make-Out Scenes. At one point 'Twin Guys' take turns smooching the same beach babe. (What.....a Puta! DITA wood know! Tee-hee.)
*Stock-footage in color of Surfers riding the waves. (DITA wood Edit them down. 'W-H-A-T?')
*Look for brunette beach girl sitting next to the guy with the guitar, she keeps shaking her 'bazooms' to the Song, ODDLY, I might add! (Love it anyway.)
* Beach scene with 'weird-limp' guy who gets blamed for a Beach-Monster Killing who knows later how to use a sharp object on said Monster.
* Fun scene where the Lion-Puppet, 'Kingsley' Introduces the song DITA likes most while teens sit around beach camp-fire, called 'THERE'S A MONSTER IN THE SURF'!!!
* DITA's favorite scene in the film done with 'mondo-weird/cool camera work' and 'Set-Up Shots'; where the 'M.I.L.F.-y' hot overtly, overly Sexy bitchy Step-Mom drunkenly makes her way down a hallway, choreographed sexy, stumbly steps Included, to only be attacked by her..........uh, by the......uh, oh, right, I n-e-v-e-r tell the near/ending of the movie, darlings!!! (Siento!)

Lastly & scares-ly, the Minuscule 'EXTRAS' on this 'bloody-beach towel' disc;
+Trailer (Thank goodness for small favors!)
+Scene Selection

Oh well, maybe 'Legend Films' will some day Colorize this culty little beach-horror gem and add more 'special features'. We can only hope. Also let me just say, if ED WOOD ever did a 'horror-themed beach flick', it wood probably look a lot like this one!

I, DITA DIRT NAP gives 'guilty-pleasure' beach monster flick '3 SKULLS OUT Of A 3 SKULLS' Score!!! 'SCARE-TAB-U-LUS!' Especially high Score for the 'Shades Of Ed Wood' Vibe, this picture has going for it! High marks in DITA's Book!!! I should Host this 'Monster Flick. Hmmmm???

Any-Boo, get it on DVD or Blu-Ray or simply Stream it on 'AMAZON-PRIME' or 'Tubi-TV!'




Well, as the Sun goes down on the culty, crashing waves at the Beach, why don't you head over to my 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' and take a look at these 'Horror-rific' 'DRIVE-IN PREVIEWS' (Of witch 'Horror Of Party Beach' from last Summer here in the 'DEN' is Included, just 4 u, by Clicking here; https://youtu.be/-4Sk-5Uv8pA

'HUNGRY?' Then get to that Concession stand, before that Line gets to long. DITA wood race you there, BUT as you know, it's hard to run in my 'O.P.' Flip-Flops!!!  Bet 'LADY-J.' could, though!
Next week 'another' Beach-Horror Flick called, what else? 'BLOOD BEACH!'

Till next week,
{To see that Big '80's' Music Video, 'Monster In My Pants' By FRED SCHNEIDER Of 'THE B-52'S'}, just click here; https://youtu.be/Jm6yEe439lw )

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p.s. DITA also wants you to know that the Movie-Poster for; ''THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER' is available on Amazon.com 11 x17 by Clicking on the 'Poster-Icon' next to Dear old DITA's Review!

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Directed By; DON WEIS
Starring; Tommy Kirk, Deborah Walley, Harvey Lembeck,
Nancy Sinatra (Love her!), Francis X. Bushman, Patsy Kelly,
Basil Rathbone, Susan Hart as the ;GHOST, and DITA-Fave; Boris Karloff!
'M-G-M' Presents; MIDNITE MOVIES- Double Feature,
although 'LADY- DIRT NAP' will only focus on;
'The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini'. 'Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow'-1959, is included as a 2nd Feature.
DVD 1966 Run time; 1 HR. 23 Minutes & Streaming on 'AMAZON-PRIME'.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!  Your 'Beach Bum-Babe' of Cult/Horror, DITA DIRT NAP!!!  As this Summer scorches on further into July, I do my yearly Beach-Themed Horror Flicks this time with the campy/culty Haunted House Bikini Horror/Comedy from 'A.I.P.' Films, 'THE GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI'.

To see the fun, campy Trailer, just Click here, Dear; https://youtu.be/Dw3KF3qeipg    

A guilty pleasure beach-horror rib-tickler, high on camp and even higher on an over-populated Storyline.  DITA is torn about this hybrid cult-comedy-horror flick as you will see when you read on. Let me start by saying that after viewing it years later after watching it on TV in the 70's countless times, that it would now best be served and aired as a 'Mini-Movie' heavily edited down, with some of the Musical Numbers stripped and better beach music added or replaced with modern day dance music added or perhaps the 'Dil-doe Lady's and Artist-Hubby, Andy's' Favorite modern-day lounge act Crooner, RICHARD CHEESE! Ah, 'Google him'! (You'll be glad u did, kids!) and Hosted and aired on my Show; 'HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN'!  W-H-A-T? I'm just sayin'!

The only good musical number is sang by DITA-Fave, 'NANCY SINATRA,' called 'GERONIMO!' The rest are even hard for this 'bikini-bone-babe' to stomach!  Yuck! The worst is the scene where the evil Bikini-Babe'/would-be killer loses her glasses and sings stupid/moronically to a suit of armor she's trying to poison for her evil Daddy.....an estatesmen/lawyer! PEE-YOU!!! 'Nails on a chalkboard, hon!!!'


The Storyline in a beach-nutshell is; Hiram (Boris Karloff) has just died and has been told by the 'Ghost In The Invisible Bikini', (more on her story in a minute, kids.) that he has 24 hours to do a good deed to get into heaven with his old flame, the bikini-clad ghost/vixen! His teenage heirs are on their way to the haunted mansion for the Reading of his will. Of course his evil Lawyer, played by Basil Rathbone and his dopey side-kick are out to stop them from inheriting any money by way of murder. Why, you may ask?  So they can collect the hidden treasure of money for their greedy, evil selves, silly!

They must all of course, as seen in most of these movies, spend the night in the creepy haunted house, to be able to collect their inheritance, ah-lah, 'House On Haunted Hill' which DITA Reviewed the colorized version of from 'LEGEND FILMS' along while back here in 'DITA'S DEN'! Now as to how the Ghost-Girl got stuck for all eternity wearing a see-thru bikini. She was an old Circus Star Performer, who wuz billed as the 'GIRL IN THE GLASS BIKINI' but tragically fell to her death, without a net, one night performing in said bikini! Love it!!!

In the start of the film she comes back to earth to help poor freshly dead Hiram defeat the bad guys and get his wings. This beginning Scene in the movie which takes place in a cool, gothic graveyard, complete with lightning and thunder as she walks thru the grave yard in a beautiful velvet hooded shroud is DITA'S Favorite Scene in this film and is done well with my 'kudos' to the 'Set-Dressers' who worked on this ultra-gothically cool scene! L-O-V-E IT!!! DITA admits to having a 'love/hate' obsession with this campy little cult comedy-beach flick! I'll try to put the 'pro's & con's' into words for you my little 'haunted-boogie boards!

Derek; 'The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts; 'Please do, you 'little horror/cult life preserver of laughter!'
DITA responds; No problem, babe! Here's my list;

PRO'S; The Cast is brilliant and to DITA's liking, especially Boris Karloff & Basil Rathbone, along with Elvis Co-star Chicks, Nancy Sinatra & Deborah Walley!
Also love Susan Hart as the Ghost!!!

Cons'; The length of the film, too many 'con-va-looted' Storylines and characters. I.E. Could have done without the 'RATTZ' Motorcycle Gang who try to get in on the treasure hunt in this 'Haunted-House Party'! Also could have done without the 3 characters with the traveling gorilla. Bad musical scenes as mentioned before except for Ms. Sinatra, who by the way in this film isn't given much to do!
What a waste of her screen time, thinks DITA!!!

PRO'S; Film starts to pick up again when the whole Cast gets in on the haunted house by the beach 'hi-jinks' by entering Boris's character's Hiram's 'Chamber Of Horrors' and becomes a fun-scare-filled slapstick flick until the treasure is found and the credits roll, complete with beach-watusi dancing in said haunted house!!! DITA like-y! This movie is filled with everything from bikini-clad guys and ghouls, green sea creature like monster chase/bed-time scenes, the gorilla run amok in afore mentioned haunted house, a mummy with Beatles hair', and of course our Star of this comedy-fright flick..........
'THE GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI' played 'adore-a-blee' by SUSAN HART, complete 60's bouffant hair and see-thru bikini!  DITA wants one!!! Hmmmmm? Wonder if they sell those at 'HOT TOPICS?" This film wood also fair well on 'Mystery Science Theater', back in their 'hey-day'!!! Love the groovy watusi beach dancing thru-out this film as well!

Now here are my Scenes to look for', which this time is quite short; (not that's a bad thing, mind you.)

* Scene where busty bikini babe is strapped to a saw-blade log, complete w/sexy nighty cover, legs akim-bow before she's almost rescued several times by beach boy dork, until he fights off the bad guys, monsters, mummy, gorilla, and what have you, to finally untie the ropes around her heaving, perky 'boz-zums!!!'

* The Ghost-gal pulls different tricks on the bad-guys thru-out this beach/horror haunted house comedy, almost-succeeded ROMP that DITA found entertaining for the most part! I mean, DITA has to give them 'props' for this 'hy-breeding' of beach horror and haunted house comedy with a lot of camp thrown in for good measure.

I, DITA DIRT NAP, give this beach/comedy horror flick for guilty-pleasure seekers only a 2 SKULLS Out of a 3 SKULLS Score!

The only 'EXTRAS' included on this disc are as follows;
+ Original Theatrical Trailer ( Love it!)
+ 16 x 19 Widescreen Format.
+ Subtitles in English, French & Spanish. ( Love it when they include these. Especially Espanol!)

So to own your very own Culty-Copy, simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to dear old DITA Review or Stream it on Amazon-Prime!

Last but not least, here is a 'fun-fact' on this film's many titles it came to be known as, which were;

DITA says about this film, 'TOTAL ESCAPISM'.............which isn't that what we need right now in the lazy, hazy days of SUMMER?  Remember, 'SOME LIKE IT HOT!' Especially Marilyn!!! (See Marilyn cooling off her Hot-ness in the nether regions after a Summer-viewing of; 'THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON' in with she states she felt Sorry for the Creature, By Clicking here, Babe > http://youtu.be/zGlu06VDCdU 

Next week, more Hot-Fun with "THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER'.
Until Then,
'Vaccinated Chainsaw-Kisses'
(To see that ' Big 80's Music Video by 'BLONDIE', Click here; https://youtu.be/FnP7ZaYBdqc)

'Scare-mail & inspirational comments' appreciated @  DDN1965@LIVE.COM  

To see a Culty Beach-Themed Trailer tonite hand-picked by DITA, Entitled, 'HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI' with another Dita-Fave, the late ANNETTE FUNICELLO Just click here; https://youtu.be/8q9ZYWkP4yw

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'Cheerleader Camp'
Directed By; John Quin
Producer; Jeff Prettyman
'Bloody Pom Poms Productions'
Starring; Betsy Russell, LEIF GARRET,
Lucinda Dickey, Lorie Griffin, George Flower,
Teri Weigel, Rebecca Ferratti, etc.
Anchor Bay DVD's
1988 DVD & Streaming on 'AMAZON-PRIME'

The Tagline on Tonight's Feature cheers;
'GIVE ME A............. 'K'
GIVE ME A ............. 'I'
GIVE ME A ............. 'L'
GIVE ME A ............. 'L' !'  It spells KILL, uh, for those of you who didn't graduate from 'Horror High', silly!!!

Greetings once again, my 'Little Blood-Bags', Tis I, DITA (SHISH, BOOM-BAH) DIRT NAP, bringing you a Summer-Camp Fright Flick, since we're till in our 'Summer- Season'. My own Cheer for this Evening's Totally 80's Fright-Flick at the 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' in 'DITA's DEN'!

'GIVE ME A ........D! 'GIVE ME AN ........I & a 'T' & 'A'! What's that spell???

'DEREK'; 'The Vamperic-Announcer' interrupts with; 'WHORE!!!" 'Go-o-o-o-o-o Team!

DITA responds; 'Very funny Derek. It spells; DITA! Now 'POOF', be gone!'

A-n-y 'Boo', tonight's 'Feature', perfect for the 'Drive-In' is the 1988 Horror-Comedy Spoof, shall I say entitled; 'BLOODY POM POMS!' Witch is what it wuz originally called before they later changed it to 'Cheerleader Camp'. Don't believe me, then just take a look at the Original Trailer on the Drive-In Screen by Clicking here, kids; https://youtu.be/W12BYOidmDs

See what I mean?  Now this film is definitely a 'Guilty-Please' with a Capitol; 'G'!!!  In fact, if the 80's could stick it's finger down it's throat and make itself barf.......................this film wood be the first thing Up-chucked!  LOL!

DITA just loves little 80's Horror Films like this one, back in my teenage years found and Rented w/glee w/my kid-brother, Danny DIRT NAP & I, at our local 'Hardware/Bait & Tackle/Grocery/Feed/Video Store' down the road a piece, from our Haunted House built on old Indian-Burial Graves and just a hop, skip and a scream from my back-then teen neighbor, who grew up to be the infamous Cult-Host; 'The Dil-doe Lady', who lived near a 'Devil-Worship' Altar, no foolin'!!! Ah, the good ole' days!

As DITA wuz trying to say before my 'A.D.D', off-track moment, that this film is best viewed either at a Drive-In or at a Party with plenty of buttery popcorn w/Dragon-fly Sprinkles and some of our hot, ooey, gooey, cheezy Pizza, straight from our Snack-Bar, here at my 'Horror/Cult Drive-In' which follows the six feet apart rule while in line and masks on, Hon! MMMMmmmmmmm, is your mouth watering yet?  Don't worry, if it's not, it will be after Clicking here, babe; https://youtu.be/eE8cIfjCmxI

Y-u-m-m-y! Oh before DITA gets started on the Storyline, I wanted to let you know again that there's a Cool-movie Poster for this film available now on Amazon. COM , just by Clicking on the 'POSTER-Icon' of 'Cheerleader Camp' aka 'BLOODY POM POMS' to the left of DITA'S Review! And 'NO', that's not me on the Poster in a Cheerleading Uniform w/under-boob-age hanging out! LMOL!




Also as well, this Film is Reviewed in 'DITA's' favorite Book; 'CULT FLICKS AND TRASH PICS', on Page;66, which is always available on Amazon. COM by Clicking on the 'Book-Icon' of it again the left of my Review, Dear!

The storyline is actually not much and is summed up almost completely in the Trailer of 'BLOODY POM POMS', but DITA will give a quick, run-down for you as you are a 'LUCKY-BITCH'! Mostly 'stereo-typed' Cheerleaders go to Camp to learn 'RAH-RAH 101' and to have fun & games. Along w/some overly horny Boys, the Phat-Guy, The Hot guy ( played to perfection by Teen Disco Singing Sensation', LEIF GARRETT! 'W-H-O you may ask??? Uh, he wuz before your time Dear, but Oh, does DITA remember those, ;'oh-so-tight' Disco pants he usually wore when Singing his big dance-hit entitled; 'I WAS MADE FOR DANCING'! (Too see 'THOSE' pants and LEIF, singing and squirm/dancing to that Song, simply Click here ghouls; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a794rvfJ_lw

Wuz that DITA-Fave Suzanne Sommers Hosting that Music Video?  L-o-v-e her in the Horror TV Movie; (See that Trailer by Clicking here from 1977.....Note Mizz Sommers is not in this Trailer but has a cool 'bed-scene' w/the 'ANTS'! ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMosqx9Sr9k )

To continue, Cheerleaders start being Murdered, and the cheezy-fun begins!  This film is packed w/everything 80's, including; bad very 80's Hair styles, bad 80's Clothes, and the worst 80's Background Music DITA's ever had to endure including 'The Boys', afore mentioned performing possibly the worst Rap-Song ever put on film/soundtrack in a Horror-Film, uh, or otherwise!  Don't get me wrong kids, DITA's saying these are good things, if you know my taste in Films like this! DITA gives kudos to this film for trying to be a 'hy-bred' sort of in the vein of 'Friday The 13th' Meets 'Porky's', which DITA likes and so might 'RENFIELD'.  Whether it succeeds or not is a matter of opinion. DITA says it does succeed if you look at it as a lower budget version of 'PORKY'S' MEETS 'FRIDAY THE 13TH'........................if say someone like 'MONOGRAM PICTURES' cranked this out, back in the day.

DITA will say it has almost every horror movie 'klee-shay' thru out the run of the film. Which by the way, would make a great 'Drinking-Game' at a Party-Viewing of this fright-flick. You know where everyone at your Party would take a drink whenever a Horror-Movie 'Qlee-Shay' appeared on screen in the film! WOW, you'd have to turn it into a 'Slumber-Party' cuz after the movie ended, all your guests wood be too drunk to drive home! Catch my drift, my little 'Coffin-Creepers'?

Let's see, theirs one horny guy who tapes everything, including the Camp Counselors 'doing-the-nasty', and later showing it to all the Campers at a Party w/the Counselors in attendance. There's a bitchy girl who gets killed first after flaunting her boobies, a full moon out of a van-window at the start of the film, a 'Miss Camp-Hurah Queen' Contest, surprised we don't have that here in West Hollyweird, thinks DITA!  There's the jealous Girlfriend (guess who plays 'her' boyfriend?), the smart sensible girl that plays the Team Mascot (a Crocodile) that befriends the 'Pretty-Girl' who keeps having weird, bad dreams about slashing people to death with her..........'bloody pom poms' & more, then there's the Bitchy 'Cheerleading-Counselor' who treats everyone like 'pee-ons' & dog-doo!

Any-who, who is the Killer??? Is it the Creepy Camp Cook or equally creepy janitor/handyman or is it the Hunk with a jealous girl friend, or is it someone trying to set someone up?????????
DITA says 10 to 1, it's that clepto-maniac, picnic basket stealing old bear and his 'domestic-partner'; Boo-Boo; alledgedly???  Hmmmmmm???

As you all know by now, DITA usually never likes to reveal the ending or the Killer in the Story , so instead I'll just give you my 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST' about the various way-cool, killing scenes, as follows;

* Scene with first killing made to look like a suicide of wrist-slitting. (Later this dead body is found in the Meat Locker Freezer , and falls to the floor almost on top of another Cheerleading chick.)
* Murder scene with girl walking thru woods, then gets it with a hedge-trimmer thru the back of the head and out the mouth! (Very creative, well-done make-up job done here! Kudos!)
* Murder Scene w/Bitchy Cheerleading 'Camp-Counselor' stumbling drunk thru the dark woods, then gets a hatchet to the back, uh, butt still manages to walk/drag herself into camp shed and up to one of the Camper-Girls before dying dramatic-ly on the floor! ( Love her performance!)
* Any scenes w/gore/horror princess; BETSY RUSSELL!
* Murder Scene of Phat/Horny Video Camera Buff, filming himself by accident getting his gut slashed out, right after he drained his lizard!
* Scene w/another Cheer-girl being killed in the dark woods by arrow to the back! (Bull's-eye, hon!)
* This ones not a Murder scene but funny of all Mascots having a 'Dance-Off'.

Now for the 'EXTRA'S' on this great DVD from 'Anchor Bay' as follows;

+ Commentary Track with Director; JOHN QUINN & Producer; JEFF PRETTYMAN. ( A Fun, Must-Hear!)
+Alternate Title Sequence (Check it out! It proves my point.)
+Trailers; witch include 'BLOODY POM POMS' Trailer #1 & #2 and 3 for 'Cheerleader Camp'.
+ Poster & Production Photos. ( Misleading about Poster photos. DITA didn't see one Poster. I'm just sayin'.)
+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos. (Interesting to look at.)

All in all , like DITA tried to convey earlier, that this Movie has 'guilty-pleasure' horror-comedy somewhat' written all over it, and that what I loved about watching again, this time Streaming on 'Amazon-Prime', wuz that I could just turn my 'zombie-fied' brain off for a while and DITA suggests you do the same when viewing this 'Big-80's' Fright-Film, although I did quite enjoy the 'gore-factor' in this one, albeit a self-professed 'horror spoof' of sorts.  DITA enjoyed this time-machine horror-film ride back-2-the 80's, with 'BLOODY POM POMS' and gives it 2 1/2 SKULLS Out of a 3 SKULLS Score.

So get to Clicking on that 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear Old' DITA's Review now to get your Vintage-Copy for your very Own Horror Collection that's 'totally-tubular' or Stream it on 'Amazon-Prime!!!'



Last butt not least, Please follow these simple rules when leaving the 'Drive-In' here tonight in the 'DEN', by Clicking on your Computer/Drive-In Screen' here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TwM4aRGsP4  )

Until Next Week,
(Too see that Big 80's 'Cheerleader-Inspired' Music Video Remix of 'HEY MICKEY' by ;TONI BASIL, Just Click here; https://youtu.be/I9apScQU1MI )

Contact me;

DITA almost forgot on the Scenes to look for list, just one more;
* Scene where Teens try to stop Murderer, who they think is coming in the door after them by pre-rigging a 'Booby-Trap' to it. He enters, it goes off shooting off a steel bear-trap right on the wrong guys face, leaving him dead, bloodied and almost unrecognizable. Case of 'Mistaken-Identity', perhaps???

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www.mymoviemonsters.com  ("Scary Monsters Magazine!')
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www.shoutfactory.com  (Surf their excellent Selection, kids!)
www.monsterclub.com  ( Dita's been a long-time fan for years and wuz once Interviewed by 'Monster News Magazine'!!!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (DITA LIKE-Y! Great summer Fun @ the 'Drive-In'.)
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