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Starring; DAVID BOWIE, Susan Sarandon,

 Catherine Deneuve, etc.

DVD 1982

Greetings my little ‘Blood-Bags!’ 

Tis I, DITA DIRT NAP, your ‘Cyber Sex-Bomb’.  This week, I bring you a  ‘Tribute-Review’ w/the Late ‘Music-Icon’, DAVID BOWIE!

Now on to tonight’s vampire fright flick of Cult-Horror from 1982 entitled; 'THE HUNGER’. To see the ultra-cool Trailer, Click here > https://youtu.be/7a6YFwC2zKA

L-o-v-e it! 


This film DITA first saw as a young punk, back in the 80’s shown at various punk-rock parties I attended thru-out my youth. This very stylish film is shot beautifully as well as very artistically. In fact, DITA thinks it has the look and feel of a long-form music-video of sorts.  Plus the very beginning of the film, is kind of a music-video with super-80’s Band; ’BAUHAUS’, performing the ‘monster-hit’; ’BELA LUGOSI’S DEAD’ at a punk-club that Vamps; BOWIE & DENEUVE are dancing/hanging out at to find food at interspliced w/the Band playing the full song! DITA has always loved this song and even used a remix of it in an old show of mine called; ’THE DITA/CAMPIRA PROJECT’. 

This flick is about David Bowie & Katherine Deneuve playing ‘vampire-lovers’ living thru different time periods. This one taking place in the highly stylized early 1980’s.  A very young Susan Sarandon comes into their world as a ‘Sleep-Therapist’ who has just written a book on the subject. Now for some reason that never became crystal-clear to dear Old DITA, as to why this 'Vamp-Couple' are starting to separate but only by the fact that David’s highly-stylized character is slowly dying from old-age ,even though looks to be around 30. 


Now as mentioned , DITA couldn’t figure out the reason he was now age-ing rapidly, as I did see the reason offered up in the film. Hmmmmm? 


Anywho, he goes to see the ‘Sleep-therapist’ played by Susan to see if she can help, but she thinks he is nutty and leaves him to sit waiting for her in her waiting room for hours. As he sits waiting, he literally starts aging, to looking quickly looking like an old man up in his senior years. Now it was Lady-Vamp Katherine’s idea for him to see her in the first place after seeing Dr. Susan in a TV-interview that she begins her new ‘girl-on-girl’ attraction to the good, nubile Dr. Lady to which she wants to replace her now dying boyfriend/Bowie with. Now Bowie’s character even feeds on a young-girl to try and reverse the aging-process now heavily in affect. 


As you know my spider-bites, from vampire folk-lore that they feed to stay young-looking and to live undead eternally. Not in his case, Hon. The reason escapes this film and me. Any-Boo, there are great love-scenes after Bowie’s character dies and is put into a coffin in a underground room full of Vamp-Katherine’s many various male & female lovers coffins from the many different decades, between Katherine’s character and Susan’s character.  As DITA mentioned their characters start a torrid-affair until Vamp-Katherine bites and turns her.  Turns her into what, you may ask??? A Vampire, Silly! What else?


Any-way, Vamp-Katherine even tells Sarandon’s character in one scene where they fight and Susan cuts Vamp-Katherine’s face. Katherine then tells her as Susan storms out; ’You’ll be back and will need my help to feed. Later Sarandon is seen against her will coming back for just that and of course some more ‘sapphic-love’, Dear. L-o-v-e it!  DITA must say that Catherine Deneuve is simply perfectly cast as this glamorous Vamp-Diva and has never looked better, with the exception of; 'BELLE DU JOUR’. 

In fact , it has been said/rumored that LADY GA-GA's character in a past season of ;’AMERICAN HORROR STORY; HOTEL,’ was heavily based on Katherine’s character in this very film. If your watch this film, it becomes very clear that is probably true, ah, in DITA’s humble opinion. DITA even saw some of the same décor/chandeliers in the TV show, afore-mentioned and this fight-flick, as well as very similar wardrobe, Babe! Again, DITA thinks this film is highly-stylized, cult-classic and great cult-horror film effort for BOWIE to leave behind for his legions of clamoring fans all over the world! The whole cast is great in this film as well, which btw, ends w/Sarandon’s Dr. character some how surviving a kill-attempt by Catherine-Lady Vamp in the final scene, where all her former lovers come back to life one last time from their coffins, looking heavily corroded and crypt-keeper-ish to come and clobber Lady Vamp-Katherine to her final end, all while shaking her know quickly aging-head to the left and the right w/long-flowing blonde, now gray hair, over and over till she dies and is covered in corroding dead-vamp lovers who are literally falling apart on and around her from all her centuries of tricking, uh, of centuries of tricking uh , them.

This film is a ‘must-see’ kind of ‘sleeper-hit vamp flick that w/now live forever, uh, like a vampire, uh, literally. The fact that DAVID BOWIE is excellent, handsome, stylishly dressed and looking like a live-action sexy 80’s Music-Video Man doesn’t hurt , kids! Much love to DAVID BOWIE and a happy pain-free/cancer-free existence on the other-side! DITA wants to thank MR. BOWIE for his long/great body-of-work in the music and film world as well as a brilliant poet and culty, game-changer w/his strictly individualistic-style! Know my little ‘coffin-creepers’ that will never be another on like him on this ‘earth-plane ever again! Thanks to BOWIE for sharing his talent w/the world all these years! Before I forget though, the last part of the film shows Sarandon's Dr. getting all Vamp-Katherine’s money and opening up a ‘sleep-study’ clinic of her own, and still being on of the living undead.

DITA highly recommends this film to all ‘BOWIE-Lovers’ and Vampire-Film Lovers alike and highly suggests getting your own Culty-Vamperific Copy on DVD , for yourself or also makes a great gift for your favorite ‘Bowie-Fan of horror-film lovers in general. Simply Click on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of; ’THE HUNGER’, next to DITA’s Review tonight, Babe! DITA loves this film and has for many years and gives it a perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out Of A 3 Skulls score! 

Love Vamp; Katherine & David’s ultra-cool early 1980’s Sunglasses they wear in the films opening-club scene too! DITA would also like to dedicate this Review to DAVID BOWIE, himself as well as his Fans, like myself and two dear-friends of mine; THE DIL-DOE LADY & HER ARTIST-HUBBY ANDY, as well as ‘Hell-ish-Holly’and her Hubby; ’Vampire-Craig’ ,’Shirley-Pimple’ and ‘Lady-Chandra’ as well as long-time friend over 30 years; ’BILLY-RAY!’  Also take a look at a ‘TRIBUTE-VIDEO’ in Honor of the One & Only;’ DAVID BOWIE> https://youtu.be/KYJgK13Wong


Until then, as always ,I blow you ‘CHAINSAW-KISSES,

 DITA (Day In, Day Out’) DIRT NAP

(Too see and hear that Iconic Song from DAVID BOWIE called; just Click here, Hon>  https://youtu.be/eK4MyREDv1M

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Leslie Nielson, etc.

Greetings once again my little ‘Spider-Bites!’ Tis I, your Horror/Cult Prom-Date, DITA DIRT NAP!

Tonight I bring you, in Honor of 'Prom-Season,' JAMIE LEE CURTIS's, film; ’PROM NIGHT!’ Take a look first at the old-school Trailer by Clicking here, Dear> https://youtu.be/oPq9sgKDE8w

Any-who, this fright-flick starts out w/some ‘sigh-cot-tic’ kids playing a deadly game of; ’THE KILLERS ARE COMING’ when they take it too far when one of the boys is hiding from the other kids and a girl not associated w/these nut-bag kids, stumbles upon him and accidentally uncovers his hiding-spot from the others and they find him.  He quickly gets the other nutty-kids to turn on the innocent girl and chase her thru an abandon catholic school and force/scare to fall out a window to her premature death below.

They of course, quickly decide to keep this a lifelong secret, a split before the 'poe-poe' arrives. The girl by the way was Jamie Lee’s characters sister as well as having a younger brother.  Flash-forward to their ‘Prom-Night’, when they are all teens now about to attend the big night.

Btw, DITA just wants to let you know that all these people are supposed to be around 17 or 18 years old but most look about 30 or 35 instead. In fact the Bitchy-'Mean-Girl' character looks possibly almost 40 in DITA’s humble opinion.  Back to the story, Hon!

Each one is going to prom and of course Jamie Curtis’s character is selected to be ‘PROM-QUEEN,’ and one of the killer-kids is going to be her ‘PROM-KING,’ ironically. This film leads you to believe that the killer may be a ‘special-needs’ school grounds-keeper. Hmmm? So long story short, the prom night comes , and they are all called, one by one by the killer, before they go to the big dance as he is crossing them off his list.

So the first to be slashed is one of the nutty-kids who now is debating giving up her virginity. On this special night. as you would expect in a slasher-film, as soon as they start to start to have sex, the killer comes around.  Now DITA thinks this girl is a prude because after getting half-naked w/her date somewhere that night on school grounds, complete w/dress down around her waist and boobies exposed, she changes her mind .  Well Hon, let me tell you, her date is none to happy about that and quickly leaves her there mid-nude w/boobies flapping in the wind and tells her as he leaves, that there’s lots of girls who will put-out and he’s basically gonna quickly go find one to take care of his blue-balls and even tosses the ‘core-sazzh’ she gave him for prom back in the room w/her as she cries and starts to get dressed.

Well this is when the killer decides to strike, Babe! DITA , says she should have at least went ahead and lost her virginity since now she’s dead. Hmmmm?

Next evil-kid all grown up is also a girl/now a horny teen on prom night, who has already left the prom w/her date who drives a sleazy van. They have sex for the first time in his afore mentioned van and pull out some 420 to smoke and relax before they 'do-the-deed' again. Suddenly the back van-doors open letting the girls head fall backwards out of the van as the killer stabs her in the throat over and over.  She’s dead, but of course the killer has to chase the boyfriend/prom date around in the guys van, gets inside , fights w/him and jumps out and the teen drives it accidentally over a steep cliff and ka-boom, Hon!

The next one to get it is Bitchy Mean Girl who looks almost 40, she’s trying a to re-apply her mascara in the bathroom, before her deadly-night begins at the high school.  Btw, did DITA tell you this mean-girl is jealous of Jamie Lee character being crowned prom queen , and the mean-girl was going out w/Prom-King but he broke it off before prom cuz she was nuts and bitchy, as well as picking the school-bully as her last minute prom date, and had arranged for him and his delinquent-goons to hurt Jamie & the Prom-King out of jealousy. Ok, good, I did.

Any-way, back to bitchy mean-girl , leaving the school bathroom cuz the killer had just suddenly turned off the lights on her and it is then that she begins her Horror-Movie Handbook being chased by a killer-run that are mandatory in most horror films w/slasher teen fare.  She runs thru the school looking all of her 40 years , umm, ahem, I mean looking like a frightened young-girl teen student!  Eventually while she's hiding once again from the killer, her friends body falls down by her w/her throat slashed and bloody. You know the one that wouldn’t put out earlier and died a virgin.  Any-who, her friends body falling down by her makes her scream-out and run out the door straight into the face of the killer, waiting patiently with an axe and chop. End scene there.

Next, it’s time for the Prom Queen & King to make their grand entrance, but before they can walk out w/their crowns, by the way, no one, not even police detectives, the principal (who is Jamie Lee characters father in the film played by the late Leslie Nielsen,) teacher prom chaperones have noticed any of the murders going on at the school this night. Hmmm?

So as DITA was saying, they take their places back stage , the Prom-King & Queen but it is then that those goons and dead-mean girls prom date grab the Prom-King and knock him out, tie him up and the 'Goon-Bully' guy takes his place and his Crown. The killer is back stage too and thinks that the replaced Prom-King is still the guy who helped kill Jamie Lee characters Sister, so the killer kills the wrong switch-at-last-minute guy by slicing off her head complete w/crown clean off and it rolls onto the stage for all the other teens at prom to see.

Well hon, as you could imagine they all freak-out and start running away helter-skelter as one of the Teachers tells them ‘not-to-panic’. LOL!

At this moment the Prom-Queen Jamie runs backstage and finds tied up real prom-king and un-ties him and they finally run out taking their supposed-to-be place on stage right in front of the killer who is dressed in all-black with a ski-mask and a big sharp axe! And their off!

Theirs a big fight scene where the killer is trying hard w/the axe to kill the real prom-king who is partly responsible for Jaime's sister’s death years before.  Jamie's character tries to hit the killer and chases the axe which was knocked out of his bloody hands and slid underneath a prom-night table.  Prom-Queen Jamie runs and grabs the axe and tries to hit the killer as he wrestles w/real prom king guy. She finally hits him w/the back of the axe and he runs outside in front of the police/'poe-poe' .

At this moment ‘Prom-Queen Jamie’ realizes that the killer is only her…….only her own….??? W-H-A-T?

You know DITA never likes to tell the whole story, so get to Clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of PROM-NIGHT’, next to my review tonight, Dear to find out for yourself who the killer really was and why?

DITA found this Jamie Lee vehicle entertaining for its time period. Found the Music annoying, and the big ‘disco-dance’ show down dance between Jamie & Prom-King hysterical and a must-see scene!  The movie keeps a good pace thru-out and led to some culty-sequels later and of course a bad-remake years later.

DITA liked this fright-flick w/one of the ‘O.G’s’ of ‘Scream-Queens; JAMIE LEE CURTIS pretty good slasher-fare and gives it a score of 2 and half Skulls Out Of a Three Skulls Score!

Click here Kids to see a TRIBUTE-Video in honor of Miss JAMIE LEE CURTIS> https://youtu.be/dMNjTjCXDic




Remember next week my little ‘coffin-creepers’, I bring you all a Tribute-Review of the Late, Great , Forever Iconic Singer/Actor/Poet/Visionary, MR. DAVID BOWIE’s ,Cult-tastic/Fang-tastic Vampire Flick w/Susan Sarandon called; ’THE HUNGER!’

Until next week,

(Too see that Video of David Bowie's song called; ’FAME’ ,by Clicking here> https://youtu.be/_Up1s8z7jH8  )

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